If you are looking to rock this next Halloween party with a classic costume and character and east or west you still find your mind revolving around a witch, then you have come to the right college. Halloween is not Halloween without a well-done classic. We have the inspiration you need to turn yourself into a sexy, gory, evil witch in minutes. Witches are not always about fear factor and ghoul. As you will see below, there are beautiful irresistible witches. The following looks will leave you and your friends enchanted for weeks maybe months to come. We bound these looks with a special charm to make them seriously spellbinding. This Halloween, make yourself into the witch you desire be it wicked, mystical or downright beautiful. The type of costume and regalia you choose will depend how spooky you want to get.

1. Sorceress

First up we have this glam looking sorceress with magical spells written on her face from top to bottom. They blue smokiness going around her eyes and the glossy black lips are surely creepy but you can feel that it is still sexy to be this for a witch. You cannot fail to notice the blackened fingertips with black veins showing perhaps an indication of all the evil and dark forces that are in her grip. You can keep your beauty and still be a sorceress and it’s a great variance of the witch character to have this Halloween. Witch Halloween Makeup

2. Enchanting Witch

Like the previous years, you might be wondering what kind of Halloween costume to use this year. Well, we hope you love this enchanting witch look that is both creepy and attractive. This one will require that you get an oversized hoodie or a witches’ costume from the store nearby and it really only look authentic with the magical spells book in hand like that. As far as the makeup is concerned, she is looking beautiful with a pale blue hue that speaks of deceit. Witch Halloween Makeup

3. Blue Witch

Wow. Check out this next blue witch with electrifying blue tang yellow and black makeup. When you are feeling like channeling out the dark energy in your inner being but still want to celebrate your colorful personality, this is the look that you might find ideal. Her bright pops of blue and green eyeshadow, this colorful witch look is what Halloween is all about. You will need dazed blue lip paint for your lips and the crescent moon on the forehead as well. The hat and hair color come in hand to complement the look even though a black hoodie would have pretty much the same effect. Witch Halloween Makeup

4. Mystical Moon Witch Makeup

If you are looking for a mystical witch makeup that is easy to wear and remove then this idea is best suited for you. This witch features glam eyes and extremely dark lips and a magical moon looms on her forehead. If that’s not witchy enough, we have no idea what is. But perhaps the best part is that you get to recreate the same enchanting look at home with only black face paint and eyeliner. This look shouldn’t take long if you accept help from an extra pair of hands and it can be suitable for a last-minute Halloween look. Witch Halloween Makeup

5. Goth-Chic Witch

For Goth enthusiasts, it doesn’t have to be Halloween for them to find an excuse to look spooky and rocking aesthetically. This gothic-chic look is ideal for a witch costume for Halloween with the accessories and stuff. A ton of work obviously goes to the face but you cannot fail to notice the golden eyeshadow and the golden tear on the cheek. You too can get this sultry yet edgy look for cheap if you are into gothic themes and already own most of the jewelry. Her upper and lower lashes look really long and strong. Everything about this look is intense! Witch Halloween Makeup

6. Celestial Witch

If you are looking for some witch makeup that is more trick-or-treater friendly this Halloween then we hope you fall in love with this celestial inkspired witch look by a known YouTube vlogger. You can tell there is evil in her eyes but she still looks pretty, it like you can resist to like her even though you have a bad feeling about her. Either way, be sure to include all the dots and shades as they are all strategic and add to the shimmer and celestial glow of this pretty witch look. Witch Halloween Makeup

7. Third Eye Witch Makeup

We all know witches to be mystical and magical and this here is a witch taking it to a whole ‘mother level with a third eye on the forehead. The dark black lips and eye makeup spells darkness and pure evil but it also makes her look irresistibly beautiful. The entire look can be accomplished within one solid color which makes it super easy and beautiful even when done last minute. This Halloween you can go wrong with a third eye and this design is really easy so there is no reason why this is not your next freaky look. Witch Halloween Makeup

8. Purple Evil Witch

Scary and hauntingly beautiful is her gaze and that’s what we all desire for Halloween. This look might be your cup of tea measured against your artistic skills or you might want to get help from a friend. We love the gothic vibe going on there with her metal clips or rings things on the lower lip like that. The eyes could receive a better treatment with exaggerated wavelike eyebrows and smoky dark purple eye shadow. Even without trying hard with the accessories this witchy look still appears to be the real deal. It is certainly one of the boldest and most beautiful witch makeup looks for Halloween we have seen. Witch Halloween Makeup

9. Half Witch Makeup Idea

Illusion are some of the most fascinating Halloween makeup looks you can choose to have. They are so popular that half-face everything is some of the most searched looks and ideas on Google. While you can choose to behalf of a lot of things this special look allows you to be half a green witch and spider queen. Very few looks will measure up to the creepiness of spiders combined with magic of witches. It would appear that this witch has half a green face that is also dripping. Even the good eyes has a tattoo like black web making a beautiful patch for that eye. Apart from the green paint and wax for the illusion, you might have to invest in a spooky contact lenses. Witch Halloween Makeup

10. Glam Witch

What better way to conclude our list of top ten trending and all-time witch Halloween looks than with this impeccably beautiful makeup? We love and hope you will too that this is super easy especially with the hat and no one will mistake you for anything else wearing that bold black lipstick like that. This is for you who is going for a simply beautiful look with no complications and for last-minute easy to put on makeup. Witch Halloween Makeup Witch Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Unique Halloween Makeup

It’s time to dust off that cape and cauldron because it’s almost Halloween again! That or you can default to sheer creativity because it is that time of the year when it is permissive to adorn yourself with extreme ghoulish and sometimes glamorous.

Easy and original Halloween looks

With your schedule overflowing with work and family activities it is not unlikely that you will find yourself having only minutes or hours to come up with something or Halloween is ruined for you and your loved ones. Luckily for you, we have some unique suggestion for you that should not take you forever so that you can avoid attending as a cat person for the thirteenth time in a row. Some people want gory and creepy and take the fear factor of their subjects to great lengths. Others want to look cute and fetching. So which one are you? Regardless, you will be pleased to know that we have done the legwork for you so you don’t have to strain for inspiration. So be ready to steal the show at your high-end or low-key party and carnival. These are some of the most distinguished looks to ever set foot in a Halloween gathering. Of course you can add your own twist to any look just to sign it as your own one of a kind phenomenon.

1. Cute Broken Doll

Don’t you just love this pink doll, it’s rather unfortunate that someone dropped an axe on its cheek but that’s just about the twist we needed to make it a Halloween doll. Jokes aside, this is one fun look that you can experiment with your friends as your build up to this year’s event. The doll makeup might be the easy part but getting the realistic cracks there with crisp black will be the real challenge. But Hey, its creative Halloween so why not, this should be fun to try and replicate! Unique Halloween Makeup

2. Fun Poetic Color

Why choose a color palette for your Halloween makeup this year when you have the entire rainbow spectrum at your disposal? Try this fun and creative explosion of poetic colors makeup look for Halloween. This is ideal for creative persons with a liking for art because it might not be as easy as it seems. It’s definitely abstract so that you are sure that no one in the world will be going to Halloween looking like you. And when others are stocking on black face paint you might want to carry the whole shelve. Unique Halloween Makeup

3. Half Face Pumpkin

Where is the fun in Halloween without a little spookiness? If you are not yet sure what you want to be this year, set a pumpkin look as your default theme. This half- face pumpkin look will exceed your expectation for a fun and creepy look that will also showcase your creativity. If you are participating in a Halloween costume contest then you know that a simple recognizable look will serve you better. Unique Halloween Makeup

4. Sugar Skull Glitter

This beautiful sugar skull is a blend of beauty and horror in equal proportions. The opulence of golden glitter meets the skull look of death and making this a formidable Halloween look like no other. This is a simple Halloween makeup look that draws its inspiration from Mexico carnival styled skull makeups. Try this pretty and dead skeleton makeup today and let us know how it fairs at your upcoming carnival. Unique Halloween Makeup

5. Easy Scary Clown

In honor of one of the creepiest Halloween looks we cannot refuse to feature an easy and aloof clown look. It’s a fun way to practice your Halloween looks for the evening because this clown look takes only a couple of touches and it still scares people stiff. With this look you are the master of your own look because with you can go scary or soft by changing the expression on your face. Go as a clown and you will not be trusted by any adult in the room. They will be watching out for you all evening. Unique Halloween Makeup

6. Pretty Broken Doll

Next we have yet another beautiful doll that had an unfortunate crash into a wall and now reveals the inner person. The 3D effect creates the illusion that the inner real person has a smaller face than the outer doll and we all fall for it. This kind of rendering is not easy as it may seem. Ghost stories are pretty scary but the broken doll one is frightening. This doll is your ticket to explore your creativity and three dimensional thinking. If you love a good doll makeup challenge this holiday, go for it! The fun is in trying out as many looks as you can and then settling on the perfect one. Unique Halloween Makeup

7. Pumpkin Half- Face

Nothing says Halloween than a jack-o-lantern. Pumpkin spiced lattes are the merry introduction to the creepiest holiday of the year. Being a pumpkin this year calls for creativity not to be the cliche it has always been. This half-face pumpkin makeup will surely throw them off balance as stunning and creepy as well. Show up at your low-key Halloween gathering or carnival and give them that creepy Jack-o-lantern grin and you will definitely cause some people’s hair to stand up. Unique Halloween Makeup

8. Pretty Zombie Makeup

This year you can skip out on all the ghost and bloody makeup tutorials and choose to attend the party from the world of the dead as this pretty zombie. This colorfully fearful zombie is such as delight to recreate and will inspire even more twist along the way to make it sexier or even scarier if you are going for gore. This pretty zombie is the boundary between cute ad fun and horror makeup. The decay and the pools of color like that make the hairs at the back of our heads stand up but for what it’s worth she still looks pretty. Unique Halloween Makeup

9. Crying Egg Yolks

Wow check out this cool Halloween look that you can have with only orange and yellow face paint to spare. It would appear that this beautiful lady is shedding tears of egg yolks flowing down her eyes. The look is simple, easy to replicate and glam without losing the Halloween allure. A touch of the magic also went to the eye area with the blend of yellow and red eyeshadow that is some of the most unique attention grabbing eye makeup we have seen so far. Unique Halloween Makeup

10. Pantomime Makeup

Do you have kids coming to your Halloween party? If so, you may choose to go as a pantomime, kids love them and adults will sure love to bring back those nostalgic memories. Besides, everyone appreciates a good laugh even on the freaky night of the dead. The pantomime idea is perfect for a modern carnival too because creepy clown makeup is always in short supply. Try this and entertain your friends and loved ones at your party this year, happiness is short supply and being a mime artist will be fantastic on Halloween night. Unique Halloween Makeup Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Halloween is not that far off and sometimes sourcing the best costume for your man can be a needle in haystack situation. If your man has fashion sense then it becomes like finding a particular needle in a stack of needles. From werewolves to mummies, there is a world of choices when it comes to men’s Halloween makeup too. Well, it may not be as populated as the universe of women’s makeup ideas but it’s still much given that most men just don’t care for makeup. Halloween is an intense time and it’s time for every man to step up and amp their costume with a matching makeup.

Makeup And Men Don’t Mix?

Most guys will not wear makeup every other day and it is no wonder that a good number of men’s Halloween looks do not include makeup. We always strive to make your life easier when it comes to all matters style and life in general and today is no exception. We have the best inspiration for arguably the most clueless section of the demographic.

Masks Vs Makeup For Halloween

Some men prefer to get masks rather than using makeup but masks too though easy to wear have their problems. It’s hard to be yourself and breather inside some masks not to mention that sweaty stickiness that could ruin everything on a perfect Halloween eve.

Deciding On A Halloween Look

A man there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you find yourself not entirely sold on attempting your own Halloween makeup. We promise we have picked only the most stylish and doable looks that make you look good costing less in money and time. We hope you like one of the following.

1. Male Skeleton

Being a skeleton is a popular men’s Halloween makeup look for a reason. Many reasons actually, but the easiest to comprehend is that it does not require any special artist skills and makeup items to replicate. It is super-duper easy makeup ideal for men who hardly have the time to get their Halloween face on. All you need to do with this look is still your wife’s/ sister’s pencil and you are all set to look chic this Halloween. Tracing your large teeth following the jawline is what makes this look authentic. How’s this for a funny and scary makeup this Halloween? it’s up to you! Halloween Makeup For Men

2. Day Of The Dead

Check out this stunningly cute Calaveras (Spanish for human skull) that is inspired by day of the dead and that has many customizable options. These Spanish makeup themes are growing popular by the day every Halloween and could be a way to set your man aside as a man of style this Halloween. This makeup look can be plain and down to earth or downright sophisticated depending on the amount of layers you can manage to put on him. We like that this look allows men too to explore the full limits of their imaginations with intricate patterns on the face, something that is permissible only once a year. Halloween Makeup For Men

3. Gorgeous Sugar Skull Makeup

This intricate sugar skull makeup reminds us of the Halloween spirit and fire that burns in every man. It is not an everyday thing but this is a look that every guy is going to want to try this Halloween. It’s one super easy yet creepy look that will look good alongside your lady’s Calaveras makeup forming the most compatible pair in the room. We hope that you find this makeup easy enough and acceptable for your man because gentlemen will not likely go for something that is too complicated. Halloween Makeup For Men

4. Easy Mime Halloween

There is something that is really blood-chilling about the mime and clown looks which ironically resonate with children’s likes. Such characters are easy to create and provide a lure for your audience with a mysterious appeal that they find themselves unable not to pay attention even though they know you cannot be trusted. This is simple Halloween makeup even though it will require a level of skill and patience to achieve the same fading shades. But yes, it is among the easier group of makeups looks for men. Halloween Makeup For Men

5. Clown

Like mimes, it is hard to tell why clowns are some for the most blood-chilling characters on Halloween’s eve. We all know these are characters meant to entertain but on this particular night, they are definitely up to no good and are not to be trusted. Clown is pretty popular character for both children and adults and so this year you should take it to the next level of scary with this vengeful look. This is deceivingly simple look but might require some elaborate Halloween makeup kits to achieve and of course the costume. It turns out you have to wear the same red curly wig and outfit to be legit. Halloween Makeup For Men

6. Werewolf

Of late, horror movies have been the greatest source of inspiration for Halloween looks and characters, especially for men. To specifics and most people will find werewolves sultry and mystical enough to remind them its Halloween. The werewolf is a good theme for the creepy holiday when beasts and ghost are permitted to terrorize the living. During the day, they are ordinary men while at night they transform into powerful and vengeful beasts. Halloween Makeup For Men

7. Easy Spider

Check out this next easy spider makeup that adds a spider and tight stitches to your mouth. The dark eyeshadows speak gore and yet there is a certain light that makes the pale chin and spider forehead irresistible for the opposite gender. This is legit one of the sexiest looks a man can get this Halloween Halloween Makeup For Men

8. Vampire

Vampire are a big deal with male Halloween looks and of late it has been typical of men to be many unique vampire and not just Count Dracula. As for which look of vampire characters is more masculine is up to you but this one seems manly enough. And convincing too thanks to the regalia. If you want to look good then this is your vampire look of choice but you can always revert to the default, Dracula. Halloween Makeup For Men

9. Cool Men’s Halloween

Do you want to sport a really cool Halloween look that not everyone can quite name a character for? This one is surely a conversation starter and a focal point for the photo ops. It will require some moderate makeup artist skills to pull off the illusion but this look is totally worth the hassle. Halloween Makeup For Men

10. Clown With Mechanical Hat

There is no shame in walking into the part as the third clown if you do it right. It’s all about the level of makeup skill and the costume too. This clown is the plain illustration of what and a convincing clown makeup and costume can do to transform a character we all loved last year into a wonder and something that will leave us all enchanted for weeks and months after Halloween. Halloween Makeup For Men Stylish Halloween Makeup For Men

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Halloween Makeup for Kids

Halloween is always fast approaching and perhaps faster than we want to comprehend and so it’s never too early or too late to start puzzling over costumes and makeup. If you have kids, the best gift you can give them is a memorable a joyful holiday and costumes and makeup is a gigantic chunk of your success. Often the best decision is to let your children pick out the costumes that they love and then help them with the details. If you are like most parents you have limited superpowers and therefore you want them to pick something that is practicable. Hence you are here, and no need for drama, we will help you nail this look. Some beautiful themes for kids Halloween kids makeup include animals, popular movie characters like Disney princesses, and classics like unicorns, witches and pumpkin faces. Other ideas for little boys and girls include sugar skulls, dead dolls, clowns, vampires, ballerinas, and some other insane looks. Here goes our top picks!

1. Dead Doll

If you want to treat your audience this Halloween to some horror then a doll should be creepy enough, just be sure to make it a dead one. Not that dolls are ever alive or are they? If this doll appears dead with stitched up mouth like that then it certainly was at some time breathing and it looks it died and went to a creepy place. Even with her lifeless appearance, there is some element of cuteness and glitter to the makeup that we simply cannot ignore. It is like this doll lures her victims to thinking she is dead and helpless before scaring them stiff. Halloween Makeup for Kids

2. Half Face Pumpkin

It’s always fun to have a unicorn attending the party but it’s not really Halloween without a jack-o-lantern grin with evil written all over it, is it? This black pumpkin looks contented for now and one side actually looks glam and happy. This one of the easier face paint jobs that is suitable for the boy child who may have neither the patience nor time for long makeovers. you can choose to go all out an sacrifice your good eye to the fruit if that’s what you prefer but it look scary as it is. Halloween Makeup for Kids

3. Panda

Wow look at this show-stealing panda and tell us that if you were to be an animal you still want to be anything else. The panda look is a beautiful choice with sharp black and white contrast and a symbol of peace and positive lazy thoughts. Enter into power-saving mode wit this contented panda look this Halloween and emphasize the uniqueness of you and your kid and the need for the world to recognize and respect your presence in the room. Halloween Makeup for Kids

4. Sad Baby Clown

Next, we present to you the creepy clown makeup for young ones. The bald head and red-haired wig make this young one look even scarier. Add an evil grin to this look and it will send shivers down the backs of the bravest adults present. Clown makeup is perfect for kids who want to scare and creep out both adults and other kids. This is a simple look to recreate although adults might have to give a hand for their kids to mask the eyebrows and red strikes to give the look its final fear factor. Halloween Makeup for Kids

5. Rein Deer

Halloween is coming and so everyone is pondering over what costume to choose. Little girls will love this creative look for Halloween. This should be the best Halloween makeup present ever with a Christmas themed look. She looks cute and chick with the white freckles and the glassy reindeer harms. The flower headband is also a attention-grabbing thing of beauty. Overall, you can replicate this look for cheap and within just minutes. The best part is that you get to use your regular makeup in a creative way to achieve the deer look, easy. Halloween Makeup for Kids

6. Girl Wicked Witch

Next up, we have this green wicked witch makeup for the little ones. She looks evil in that green hue and has her face painted in green and the rest of the makeup is in light shades of black. Add the conspicuous witch hat and voila, you have your formidable witch look. Makeup for witches is really easy to put on and is perfect for Halloween for kids. We all know of the mystical magic and evil that this makeup draws its inspiration from, that why this is perfect for a unique and magical Halloween look. Halloween Makeup for Kids

7. Easy Kids Skull

Skeletons and skull are some of the attractive looks that kids want to go for every Halloween. This subtle skull makeup will make the kids look mildly scary and also cute. Many children would rather not be Disney princesses and mermaids but sugar skulls and skeletons. After all its Halloween, he creepiest time of the year and there is magic and evil in the air. Whether your kid wants to look cute or scary, this simple monster look will be a show stealer at this year’s carnival. The items used for this makeup and most kids makeup are easily bendable, safe and can be easily substituted for other makeup items you already have. Halloween Makeup for Kids

8. Little Frankenstein’s

One of the gory makeup ideas for kids that is pretty savage is the Frankenstein’s monster inspired stitches and scars makeup. If you already let the kids watch the horror movie then you might have no option but to let them recreate their worst nightmare, the Frankenstein’s monster. For this makeup, the kids will need help with the realistic scars and delicate brushwork that goes into replicating this look. There are a number of techniques to reproduce an easy and realistic scar but you must ensure that all materials used are safe and come off easily. Halloween Makeup for Kids

9. Cute Bunny

Wow, this cute little girl look glam and party-ready as far as Halloween costume and makeup is concerned. Make this pretty Halloween look nice and easy for your youngest and add a suitable costume for them as well. It is never really too early to start planning out your young one’s Halloween costume. Its early memories of the Halloween spirit that will hold well into adulthood. This baby is now ready for their trick or treat run and has a knocking outfit to match even without having tried too much congratulations. Halloween Makeup for Kids

10. Spider Witch

Last and certainly not the least attractive or gory, we have this non-basic witch makeup that includes spiders and web face paint. It’s not a complete witch makeup without the matching hat and costume and dying the hair green. Her face has a lighter green hue with purple eye shadows which speak evil. Spider climb from the witch’s eyes and a web with more spiders is hooked to the other eye. This look is as beautiful as it is horrifying and it will be an equally matched challenge for the older kids to do on their own and with the help of their friends. Halloween Makeup for Kids Halloween Makeup for Kids

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Deer Halloween Makeup

Yeah yeah, blah blah it's summer and too early to be considering Halloween costumes. That’s what last-minute- ers be like every passing year. Not surprisingly, you find some of the same guys showing up as a cat thing for the umpteenth time in a row. So be wise and while everyone is busy shopping for sunscreen in the heat of summer, plan on how to scare them stiff this Halloween. If for you Halloween is not all about gore and blood then this is the list that best brings out the meek vibes that you are a cool and beautiful soul.

Hello, My Deer!

So you finally decided to be a Bambi this Halloween my deer? Well, we have some of the most impressive deer looks lined up for you below. We routinely picked out the best of the best super easy and interesting makeup looks of all damn time. You will be glad that you chose the deer theme this Halloween.

Accessorizing for Deer Halloween Looks

The best part about deer makeup tutorials is that you only need to improvise with the antlers because no special makeup items are actually required. Just the same, you might want to have the look professionally done if you really want to pop. Teaming up with your guru makeup artist friend or hiring an expert is necessary for most looks because they are squarely in the DIY wheelhouse. Here goes deer looks!

1. Easy Deer

Halloween is always here too soon and you may find that you need a costume last minute even with months of procrastination. Don’t panic though, you may not have the luxury of time to sew through an entire ensemble but it’s never too late to get yourself animated and get with the Halloween program. This deer happens to be one of the easiest looks you can replicate in just a few minutes for an authentic look and feel. It will seem as though you have been practising! Deer Halloween Makeup

2. Simple Deer Makeup Halloween

By definition all deer makeup looks for Halloween are relatively easy compared to say a movie character or a classic such as witch or clown. Even so, you are less likely to encounter another deer than a predator this Halloween and therefore you will be the sole center of attraction. There is absolutely no shame in walking in as the third or fourth deer so long as you do it right. A good deer is one that is beautiful and this one is above par. Deer Halloween Makeup

3. Reindeer

Wow. There are a ton of animal makeup looks you can choose from but this one is the real deal with the antlers and all. Still, it all comes together to enhance her beauty and she is all over the Halloween theme. The intricate dotting and shades on the cheeks and forehead are realistic deer colors and the nose is also legit deer. You cannot fail to notice the bouquet on her head and that is perhaps making it easy to conceal the roots of these hue antlers. Deer Halloween Makeup

4. Cute Deer Makeup

A cute deer costume is never complete without an equally attractive facial makeup that say deer in capital letters. So if you are inevitably going to be a scared little grazer on the run this Halloween you better be a cute one while you are at it. The special effects with white dotting cannot go unappreciated and the work extends to the neck and shoulders. Her nose is realistic and she, sure enough, has the appearance of meek. Deer Halloween Makeup

5. Deer Snapchat Filter

Looks picture perfect, doesn’t it? This deer look is realistic but much unlike to be a real-life deer makeup. Don’t be intimidated by how good it looks because powerful processing power and connectivity was used. Yes, you guessed it right from the name, this is a Snapchat filter themed deer makeup for Halloween. It’s a good one to use as your profile display photo to get your followers in the mood for Halloween. Yes, keep them guessing until you reveal your next big costume and makeup. Deer Halloween Makeup

6. Simple Elegant

For some Halloween is all about candy and scaring people but it’s also about channeling out the animal side of you. In your case, that would be the meek deer and that doesn’t exempt any glamourous looks. This deer is simple to achieve and still elegant as they come. You can get away with casual wear without a matching costume because none of it is that intense. You will enjoy having this deer come alive in just moments without any help and take it off just as easily. Deer Halloween Makeup

7. Creative Reindeer Headpiece

Check out this unique deer look for Halloween that features a realistic reindeer antlers headpiece and an array of flowers. The deer ears are very noticeable and blend in nicely to make the look seem complete and balanced. Additional creases of skin below the eyes are unique to this makeup and nose too looks different. If you love art and craft too then this is the deer look you want to go for to get a worthwhile challenge. It should not be the easiest to put together last minute but that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Deer Halloween Makeup

8. Deer Face Paint Idea

Next, we have this beautiful and fearful face paint that depicts a deer keenly looking on. It’s the eyes that really steal the scene with this one and a big hand to the artist for the realistic touches on the cheeks. This is that excuse you have always wanted to put sticks on your head like a crazy person and not have your loved ones worried sick. How is that for a last-minute look and one that goes with a variety of casual blouses too. Deer Halloween Makeup

9. Bambi Halloween Makeup

If you are searching for Bambi makeup tutorials online then my ‘deer’, you are like many people who somehow find themselves scrambling to get a last-minute fix for Halloween costume. Fortunately for you, we are all about that and we do not mind hooking you up with a hot look too. This deer will be the talk of the town and for weeks to come too. Why go for horror movie-inspired characters and do badly at it while you can be this sexy deer within minutes and at no extra cost? How much a pair of antlers can like that cost really? Deer Halloween Makeup

10. Cool Deer

Wow! That’s one opulent deer looking chic and party-ready. The antlers are a work of art in their own rite. There is no shortage of super-duper easy Halloween makeup looks but this Bambi is not one of them. Neither do we desire it to be, this is supposed to be the one creative deer look that will save Halloween and create some lasting memories. As you start from a warm foundation and then work your way up shade after shade, you might want to set your foundation with a light dusting powder so that the upper layers pop. Deer Halloween Makeup Deer Halloween Makeup Ideas

by EAL Care
Creative Halloween Makeup

It’s always time to choose your Halloween costume yet surprisingly we always end up panicking towards the last days. This year, break the cycle of cat woman and being the seventh animated character to walk into the room or carnival dressed as a witch, or cat woman superhero. This year, you can take things to a whole ‘nother level with these customizable looks that creative and interesting to practice. You can always add your own personal taste to any look so you don’t end up with a textbook look for Halloween. Who knows maybe next year we will be featuring your look in our list of top ten most creative Halloween looks.

Why Ditch The Classics?

It is very tempting to show up with the classic witch look and there is nothing wrong with it but where is the fun and exploration that comes riding on the Halloween spirit? If you are lucky to have the time you should craft your costume yourself and try some tricky makeup options because in life it is these little things that add up to happiness. It is not uncommon for adults to find themselves so absorbed in planning for the freaky commercial holiday and forgetting what it is all about that’s family and community as well as ample time to look inside of ourselves.

Gore Meets Creative

These looks we picked for most creative and didn’t especially go for more teeth so to speak. You can take yours to another level of gore depending on how far you want to go. As you probably already know, the Halloween costume complements the makeup. Without one, the other struggles but luckily, with good enough makeup you can get away with a casual costume.

Inspiration For Halloween Makeup

Our creative Halloween makeup ideas list and images are meant to inspire makeup artists, Halloween mystery enthusiasts, and pretty much anyone in need of a Halloween look that stands out at their upcoming Halloween carnival. Each piece requires a different level of makeup skills and so do not be quick to judge a look by first glance. That said, none of the following is extremely difficult and some you can even whip up last minute with a high degree of success. Enjoy;

1. Gangster Clown

If you are inevitably going to be clown for Halloween then you might want to consider this gangster clown. She is creative adding that waveform just below the eyes that makes appear as if she has another level to her face. It cannot be a clown makeup without the conspicuous dot on the nose and while typically red, there is no reason why you can use black colors for your clown makeup. Creative Halloween Makeup

2. Three-Eyed Doll

In second place is this beautiful green monster in the form of a doll with a weir mouth makeup. Her face looks like real plastic and those tiny pupils are equally unnatural. The jawbones are emphasized by a sharp boundary of color shades. The focal point of this creative look is, of course, the giant eye. The band of fluorescent colors on the neck make this doll an interesting sight to eyeball in the dark and when you shine a light on it. Creative Halloween Makeup

3. Pumpkin Half Face

This pumpkin inspired makeup is not like anything you’ve likely ever seen done with a similar themed makeup. Checkout the melting look that spells creepiness and fright with the metal clips holding up the skin like that. The illusion looks realistic and it doesn’t seem like it’s an easy one to pull off, but that is exactly what qualified the look for this list of creative Halloween looks. Creative Halloween Makeup

4. Melting Face

We are all excited about the fall and especially Halloween but the first thing that comes to mind when we think Halloween makeup might not be a melting face. The truth is this is a very simple yet tricky look to achieve. It combines a black pumpkin look on the right side of the face with a melting face dripping downwards in a realistic melt. The melt is as easy as mixing a gel wit matted loose powder to create a sticky mixture that can emulate the drips. Creative Halloween Makeup

5. Pretty Cracked Doll

If you want to be a doll this Halloween, then why not add an interesting twist to the look with these gorgeous cracks. When you are going with this plastic look then you must ensure that everyone know how fragile you are. She looks very beautiful and perfect except that a bad kid decided to kick in her face. These cracks are what capture the attention to this look and are truly a work of art. This Freak Night, embrace your flaws because they are what make you truly beautiful and worthwhile. Creative Halloween Makeup

6. Half Face Mask

Next, we have this creative map-like mask that covers large parts of the left side of the face as if to reveal underlying layers of skin. Images on the patch clearly match the design printed on her dress. We reckon you could have anything printed on there too. For a camera trick, you would like to paint the area where you want your images green and the boundaries in red for blood. Then you will proceed to use green screen tech to impose an image over the green area. One cannot fail to notice the white eye, one of the freakiest phenomena in Halloween makeup. Creative Halloween Makeup

7. Christmas Elf Halloween

Wow, for the love of Christmas! This is the best creative Christmas themed Halloween makeup we’ve seen. It features green eyelids, rosy cheeks, and shiny foundation. some of the best Christmas looks ae bewildering and that’s exactly the effect you want with your next creative Halloween look. Many interesting and magical things happen here but you cannot fail to notice the third eye element and the lights. Talk about creepy and cute all blended into one delicious Halloween look that makes the air taste like the merriest time of year, Christmas. Creative Halloween Makeup

8. Twisted Witch

Check out this unique twisted face witch makeup that is simply scary. With the weird eyes and misplaced lips. The cartoon character themed face paint has an allure to it though and it’s not all gory and everything. The rotated cartoon face seems more menacing than the real face and it seems like much fun to play around with people’s mind. When you are looking for low key yet unsettling look that will have no match at your party, this is one that no one else might have thought about. Creative Halloween Makeup

9. Blond Skull

Wow. She looks trendy in her lower face skull paint and glam eye makeup. The subtle way to look half dead and half gorgeous is the most confusing for our brains to process correctly. You cannot fail to notice the matching hand accessories painted in the same black and white scheme. Might be you want to wear blond hair if you desire the exact same look as in picture. You will have the excuse to wear your casual dress to the party because the whole point in this look is to be glamorous. Creative Halloween Makeup

10. Awesome Skull

This is what might happen if the dead took their time behind the mirror to put on some makeup before coming back to haunt the living on All Hallows night. We present for your consideration this awesome skull makeup that is different from what you have seen before. The eyes receive a subtle makeup yet she is still dead as a dodo. Of course, this makeup makes it permissible for you to use your black leather jacket as your Halloween costume. If you are choosing to be a skull, become a stylish one. Creative Halloween Makeup Creative Halloween Makeup

by EAL Care
Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Mermaids are some beautiful, feminine and mystical beings and while their existence is debatable they elicit the same sensual and magical touch as is best suited for Halloween. They feature upper body woman and lower body fish and are known to be irresistibly beautiful undersea animals.

Are Mermaids Even Real?

It’s amazing how there is commonality in the description of a being that no one alive can prove that they have seen even though they probably don’t exist. But if it looks like a mermaid then for the sake of Halloween then it’s a mermaid. Perhaps it's the love for things that glitter and mystical being that lures us to fall in love with these lovely creations. Whichever the case being a mermaid for Halloween never gets old.

Features Every Mermaid Must Have

Because mermaids are such glam and perfect creatures, there is no room for error when recreating the unmistakable looks. The mermaid makeup frenzy has been going on for what seems to have been forever but there are basics that don’t change. For instance, all mermaids have scales that glitter. At the same time, it does not limit your freedom as an artist to explore the color palette you love the most. You can also choose to add some pearls and shells among other features to customize your mermaid look. These are the two feature of mermaid makeup that set them aside from other Halloween looks in the carnival. Incidentally, you need fishnets of a smaller size to create the scales pattern on the body. By covering the skin with the net and applying successive layers of makeup and glitter, you leave out the areas masked by the net material creating a scale pattern. Here are some cool mermaids’ looks to inspire your next awesome submarine look.

1. Pretty Mermaid

We couldn’t think of a better way to start this list of explosive mermaid looks that will makeup everyone slightly or extremely jealous this Halloween depending on how much they love or dislike you. This look combines beauty and magic with the blend of scales and pearls. The beautiful purple eyes and scales make this a gorgeous pick for a mermaid makeup look you can accessorize with starfish in addition to the pearls if you like. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

2. Half Mermaid Illusion

Illusions have been the real deal when it comes to creating impressionable Halloween looks and artists have developed all sorts of them because they are simply lovely or they are good at playing tricks on our minds. This particular half-face Mermaid Halloween makeup will have all minds twisted because it looks like there are mermaid scales under her skin. The ripped-off skin should add to the fear factor of the whole thing and blood is in line with the expectations of Halloween makeup. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

3. Neon Dragon Mermaid

We are not saying it is difficult but this is perhaps the most radiant glow in the dark mermaid makeup that will turn you into a disco ball by night. It is simple mermazing makeup that does not require much of the pearls and other sea-themed accessories to make you the focal point in the room. This pattern was most likely created using the net technique and it should consume at least a ton of glitter. You may vary the color scheme to your liking obviously. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

4. Pretty Ad Magical Mermaid

If you are in here for a cute irresistible mermaid makeup idea then you should love this. it is simple as they come but does have a sophistication of sorts. The artist decided to keep the scales and hues at the sides and minimal for the sake of preserving inherent beauty and finished off the look with clear diamond accessories. The final look is priceless. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

5. Ripped Skin Mermaid

Next up we have one more mermaid trick up our sleeves with this gory and cute makeup featuring a ripped skin scar revealing mermaid inside. For some reason, scars are sexy perhaps because they symbolize the fight spirit and defensiveness. When you want to look cute and sexy but also don’t want to forget the first rule of mermaid makeup (don’t forget the scales) then this is the look you go for. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

6. Pink Mermaid

Next, absorb this stunning beauty of Halloween mermaid makeup that simply perfects the art. Here we have a flawless full face and neck pattern of scales and forehead accessories neatly done in pink. If you totally love girly pink then this is the mermaid look you are going to find irresistible. The additional diamond crest on her eyes and lip make this an extremely beautiful look to go with and we know what color of hairband to go with. Also, an excellent excuse to paint your eyebrows pin as you have always wanted. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

7. Unique Mermaid

Just when you think you have seen them all, we dazzle you with this amazingly or should we say “mermazing” look. A big part of this look involves the additional accessories for the ear and forehead. The work with green glitter also stands out from the usual scales drawn with netting. The seashells are a huge plus but that also means you will need a ton of cosmetic glue and stay wary of touching your face to keep the makeup intact. Not so trick-or-treat friendly but still a glamorous way to make an entrance. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

8. Starfish Mermaid

Think of this look as when mermaid befriends a starfish. Nailing this look will require a mermaid makeup kit and the starfish, obviously. A well-pigmented eye shadow and netting technique of drawing scales is not optional either. It looks like some put in their quality minutes in doing this one right. On top of looking fishy, this look also gives her a sultry feminine glow that is hard to resist. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

9. Galactic Mermaid

This alien mermaid makeup takes up the grown-up version of Lisa Frank. Of course, the key to unlocking your next level of mermaid makeup is in embracing the glitter and learning to live in the limelight at least for the better part of the Halloween night. To be a cosmic accepted mermaid then you have to be starry-eyed and use a handful of extra-pigmented products and most importantly, more glitter. And when you want to look really out of this earth, then it if in order to add bright golden starfish and moons on the cheeks and forehead. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

10. Misty Mermaid Makeup And Costume

This last idea is best suited for you when you need ideas for both makeup and costume relating to mermaids. For this look, the artist chose a detailed and integrated makeup and costume look. Again if you are not going for easy this year this is a worthy challenge that will reward you with your most attractive Halloween look yet. You want to keep the scales to an irreducible minimum this time and instead focus on making your hair an ecosystem of reeds and sea creatures. Mermaid Halloween Makeup Mermaid Halloween Makeup Ideas

by EAL Care

Let’s face it, we are all animals! Deep down in our DNA is that basic animal instinct also buried deeply in our subconscious? Even with the Uber comforts of modern lifestyle, we have no forgotten the bazillion years we spent in the wild having to fend of predators and fight for our food. It is no wonder we find animal Halloween makeup so fascinating. It channels out the animal in us and resonates with our very core.

Are animal Halloween looks difficult?

Evolution aside, animal Halloween looks are some of the simplest and scary costumes you can choose to prowl this Halloween carnival with ferocity or be a ready meal for the predators. Most people will instinctively go for animal looks when they are out of time because with just a few stitched animal ears and scanty makeup you can be some animal and keep us guessing.

How to achieve realistic animal makeup

This year, join us to do things a little differently with these realistic more than basic animal looks that will drop jaws at any part or festival. Rather than procrastinate, examine some of these top animal looks you can have for Halloween and start putting together the look piece by piece item by item. We hope you find the inspiration you are looking for. Feel free to combine looks or modify something and do let us know how it goes. With any luck it is you we will be featuring next!

1. Half Face Tiger

You may no longer be in middle school but you can bring back the nostalgia with this Halloween by indulging in the whimsical color drenched art of animal inspired half-face makeup. This tiger makeup look is the inspiration you need to find the perfect feline makeup that you will need to prowl your carnival this fall. A tiger is ferocious unforgiving top of the food chain predator but also a beautiful animal to behold. There are only so many feline themed Halloween makeups you can choose from and this tiger makeup beats them hands down. Animal Halloween Makeup

2. Giraffe

If you are looking to jumble things up a little this year so you are not a monotonous cat woman every year, this giraffe is the idea you are looking for. There are enough reasons why you should be the smartest most informed animal in the bush this Halloween. Firstly his giraffe look is definitely cooler than a lot of other cliche looks and for the photo session you will likely be the focal point. Second and the best part is that you do not need any extra-ordinary makeup items to accomplish the easy look or to take it off. Animal Halloween Makeup

3. Deer

Deer is one of those Halloween costumes that do not get old. Although incredible easy if you want it to be, deer makeup can also carry a ton of intricate details on the face and costume as well. This Halloween run with this deer makeup and make sure that you’re the damn cutest one ever. At least the food chain will be complete with all the gory predators surely coming to your party. The meek deer makeup is most attractive and easier than all the gory predator people do every time. Animal Halloween Makeup

4. Easy Deer Makeup

Because there are so many options we wanted to feature more than one on our list of insanely cute animal inspired Halloween makeup. This deer makeup we chose for the ease with which you can get it. With only a pale beige pencil for the freckles, black eyeliner and white eyeshadow you already own most of what is required for the look. There are only a handful of Halloween makeup looks that can look good without a complimentary costume and the deer makeup happens to be one of them. Animal Halloween Makeup

5. Cute Lion

This easy and cute lion face paint Halloween look can take your cat person Halloween appearance to the next level this year. Quirky cat costumes are always a pleasant sight to behold at every carnival. Because of the bazillion years we spent in the savannah in the course of evolution human beings have a basic instinct to respect predators like lion and the other large cats. This lion look doesn’t take too much time and is suitable for all ages, that’s what makes it an even more suitable candidate for this list of the best animal Halloween makeups. Animal Halloween Makeup

6. Cheetah

When you want to prowl the Halloween carnival lurking in the shadows savannah style, there is no choice that can match the fastest animal on land. The cheetah is a fascinating animal with an interesting dot work that is deceivingly attractive. Because you need some inspiration for cheetah makeup this Halloween, this lady looks glam and ferocious too and that is enough reason to get cat makeover. Animal Halloween Makeup

7. Fox Face Makeup

When you are looking for cunning look this Halloween that your loved ones will be genuinely surprised to see you wear then the fox is such an idea. You will have fun with friends putting this creative look together and a fox costume shouldn’t be hard to find at a store near you even though it’s not absolutely necessary. If you are feeling like creating a simple imitation of a costume you can just whip up some felt ears and wear them of your head and you will pass for a real fox. Animal Halloween Makeup

8. Elegant Giraffe

There is something about this giraffe that channels the inner sense of fashion and beauty. There are enough rabbits, foxes, deer and lions at your party already then this is excellent choice for a browser. How about being the tallest animal in the room and let them know of your foresight and vision. This beautiful and clever giraffe will outsmart every other animal in the jungle because you can see trouble from a far. Giraffes are cute all but they also have a powerful kick and stride when it comes down to self-defense. Animal Halloween Makeup

9. Mermaid Makeup

Everyone wants to be a mermaid someday but what about a fish? Try this submarine look and amaze yourself with your own creativity. This fish look is done so well that no one has doubt what she is supposed to be. Do not be surprised if you are the only fish swimming in the giant pond that is your party or carnival. And while everyone is busy becoming the most ferocious animal in the room, you will likely stand out when you show up as a fish. Animal Halloween Makeup

10. Cute Fox

If you are going to be a cunning fox then you will also need to be an irresistibly cute one to accomplish your heinous missions. If you have made up your mind that you don’t want to be the seventh feline animal to enter the party then the fox is a cunning idea. Despite the super star look, this fox makeup idea shouldn’t be so difficult for you and your makeup aides! With only basic makeup items and a couple of trials on, you should be able to surpass the beauty of this sample. Animal Halloween Makeup Animal Halloween Makeup Ideas

by EAL Care
Black Halloween Makeup

With Halloween always creeping on us, it’s neither too early nor too late to start contemplating your next gory, cute, fashionable or downright ghoulish makeup and costume for this upcoming Freak night. We planned ahead this year and knew that you probably would be freaking out as you are now. So don’t fret, we have your six as always!

Last Minute Halloween Looks

If you are like majority of the people in today’s economies, you do not want anything that over complicates life and requires a slew of expensive makeup items. Another consideration we had to make when picking the best black Halloween looks for this year’s carnival is that your social and professional calendar is probably overflowing with things to do. These semi-last-minute black looks will make life easy for you this Halloween. Most of the looks are easy and will not require professional makeup. Additionally we chose looks that can go with a casual dress and do not necessarily require costume.

1. Black And White Half-Face Makeup

First up we have this amazing half-face black and white makeup that is unique in that shading in contrasting white and black that emphasizes the cheek bone and the eye cavity. The majority white paint runs right down the middle of the face so that you have symmetry of some sort. This unsettling makeup is a good option when you want to retain half of your beauty even on the eve of freak night and showcase the two sides of you. Plus it’s really easy to come up with and looks glam and freaky too. Black Halloween Makeup

2. Simple Skull Black

It’s never a convincing skull makeup without the void eye and nasal cavities and some cracks. This look is an example of how easy one can achieve that effect. Honestly she makes it look easy because it actually is. You do not have to go for a super pale foundation unless you want to step up your fear factor. The use of black paint only is amazing and allows for you to improvise with a lot of the stuff you already own. Black Halloween Makeup

3. Easy Scary Makeup

Our third look is yet another easy to follow yet scary Halloween look that needs no special effects or costume to stand out. This is for you when you are choosing to go scary or sultry with an elaborate look that will have no equal at you carnival this year. This spooky makeup require minimal additional items and can be achieved within a shorter time that it may appear. You will love that this is creepy yet stunning and allows you to do with your eyes what you please. Black Halloween Makeup

4. Greyscale Photography

This is a two part look that goes for a scary pale skin complexion mixed with a dark hair color and black costume. With this minimal effort you should look like some witch from the ancient worlds. Every feature of the face is made deliberately pale and the greyscale which make her look like a model on the cover of some twentieth century magazine. Her silver Smokey eyes make this black and white photography look complete. The upside of this look is the uniqueness of the idea and ease of selection of costume according to color! Black Halloween Makeup

5. Black Panther Face Makeup

Check out this insanely gorgeous Princess Shuri dotted face paint look you can have for cheap this Halloween. If you loved the Wakanda hit movie then you will love this Black Panther inspired makeup for Halloween. Yes, the movie was some years back but that’s the whole point of Halloween, to bring back the favorite characters from the deepest corners of our brains. She looks incredible beautiful and it doesn’t look like she tried too hard. Time to bring it back with this Oscar winning film and take over the party wherever it is happening Wakanda style! Black Halloween Makeup

6. Easy Clown

It’s never a full house at a Halloween party without the clown. It is one of the most popular creep looks to have and this one has a unique twist to it without being too complicated. You can have this face on in minutes and also take it off just as easily. The pointy eye makeup will effectively scare stiff the little ones and the adults will also steer clear of you ways. This Halloween it’s your time to be aloof with this sensational clown look. Black Halloween Makeup

7. Black Eyes

Wow. Check out this stunningly beautiful Halloween queen that has evil spelt in her eyes. You can miss that “eight ball” eye or the glitter that emphasizes the dark power that shines from her eyes like that. The bold black lips also boost the Gothic vibes but the focal point of this piece is in knowing how to reproduce the black eye. She is lacking an iris and eye white and that could turn out to be an easier trick than you think. Black Halloween Makeup

8. Gothic Witch

A witch costume for Halloween never gets old. You can choose from so many variants from good witches that are gorgeous to downright wretched ones. Or, you can be a gothic witch giving off some dark vibes yet sexy as a witch can be. This witch Halloween idea is classier and will be a cool way to bring out the dark beauty that dwells inside you. And the best part is how easy you will have it replicating this sexy look off of stuff you already own in your makeup kit. Black Halloween Makeup

9. Black Mouth Demo

Eew! That is one disgusting demon look that has come to torment the living on the one night when it is permissible to do so. Sexy eyes yet a disgusting black mouth with giant lips. Honestly this is one of the creepiest Halloween makeup ideas you can have and it needs no introduction for fear factor. The goth on the lips is enough to make an adult run even without throwing in a multiplier called a Demon costume. Black Halloween Makeup

10. Black Domino Mask

Be a superhero this Halloween with this sexy and easy women’s domino mask makeup. Nothing says superhero than an appropriate recognizable costume complete with mask. This convincing mask can be achieved with black eyeliner and gold eye shadow which makes it look era-descent. After this makeover you might want to restock on black eye powder if you really use it that often. Superhero with mask is one of the sexiest Halloween looks of all damn time and one that qualifies to be your preferred pick for the upcoming creeps’ holiday. Black Halloween Makeup

11. Sugar Skull

This reincarnation of the sugar skull Halloween look in purely in black and white and also borrows from popular clown looks. It is mighty easy to repeat and will give everyone at you party a much welcome scare on freak night. Notice the black sputter dissecting the eyes like that and the exaggerated white lips with black stiches. This goes nicely with the pointy wretched witches’ nails and will make you look good among devils. Black Halloween Makeup

12. Ghost Halloween

When you were a kid, playing ghost on Halloween might have been no more than just making two holes for your eyes on garment and throwing it over your heads. Sure, that never gets old but why not be a real terrifying ghost this year? As you can tell this is a masterpiece that will require some practice. The best part is that the dirtier the mistakes the better. Just have like a ton and half of black pain or glossy eyeliner to spill. The pale white contact lenses you have to get from the store because the alternative might be irreversible. Black Halloween Makeup

13. Pretty And Easy

Check out this insane yet pretty Halloween look with only stuff you already have in your makeup kit. If you are not going for extremely gory looks this year, this pretty clown makeup should be on your radar. This is one of the easy and lovable looks that make you look glam at any low-key Halloween gathering. We love this look because it can go with a variety of outfits and is simple and regular so that you are not seen to be trying too hard. Black Halloween Makeup

14. Black Eyeshadow

Halloween is the perfect excuse to experiment with a range of creative makeup looks but with this stunning sexy eyeshadow look you may have found what you are looking for. It’s hard to miss the stiches and unusual lipstick but it is the devil’s eye with horn that makes the center of attention for this entire look. You love how sexy this makeup looks and feels and how easily it blends in with a casual black dress. But perhaps the best part is that you don’t have to spend no more than 5 minutes. Black Halloween Makeup

15. Sorceress Halloween

The next idea you can consider this Halloween is the glam sorceress look. This sorceress is magical to say the least and looks a bit scary too with all that text on her face. It features brightly colored blue eyeshadows which enhances the effect of the odd contact lenses. The black lipstick and cool spook incomprehensible text complete the look perfectly. This won’t be the easiest makeup idea and neither can you pull this off with your own two hands but what friends are for? This should be fun. Black Halloween Makeup

16. Creepy Doll

Dolls are known for their inherent creepiness and they are often perceived as mystical creations in adult minds. Maybe they cast a spell on us and it’s no wonder that we love them so much as kids. This doll makeup is dark with all black lipstick and eye makeup and ugly stitches on the mouth. The dot work above her eyebrows makes this look rather unnatural with the intended creepy effect. Black Halloween Makeup

17. Gothic Tears

Shed off some black energy from within this Halloween with this Gothic look that features pointy black tears flowing down each cheek. You need to go for a pale foundation and then bring out the contrast with black everything else on the eyes and lips. It looks even sexier with silver adornments around the face. The eyebrows are also thick and exaggerated in bold black. You will find this look moderate and easy to achieve even when time and money are not on your side. Black Halloween Makeup

18. Ying Yang

Our world is governed by a fundamental principal of duality that we cannot undermine. This complex relational concept has been evident in science just confirming what ancient Chinese thinkers had known all along. So to celebrate the other being that is your dual, one who complements your then you should get this makeup for Halloween. This black and white look is really easy to apply but you might what a hand with it just to ensure that your figures are absolutely matching and eyes are placed in the exactly the same location. Black Halloween Makeup

19. White Face Paint

Among the creepiest Halloween costume ideas you can have this year is this black and white makeup. Don’t let the spirit of the spookiest holiday of the year pass you by. This year you too can go all out to become something that makes everyone want to flash their light then immediately regret that decision. Just the same, it doesn’t call for you to be complicated with layers upon layers of complicated makeup to stand out. We like this simplistic white face paint because it is easy and awaken the inner monster. Black Halloween Makeup

20. Crying Ghost

Finally, we have this gory look featuring a ghost that seem to be shedding black tears from the white eyes. This look is relatively easy when you already have the white contact lenses from last Halloween and lots of black eyeliner. You can add on some fake eyelashes and throw on that hoodie over your head to make it even more fearful. Black Halloween Makeup Black Halloween Makeup Ideas

by EAL Care

Halloween is commonly known as the freakiest holiday of all time and a time for introspection as well as praying for the departed among many other practices. A central idea of the festivity is, however, the costumes and makeup. For Disney fans, this is the only other time of year when the magic of the favorite movies take on real-life outside of their enchanting theme parks. Perhaps one of the best places to draw your inspiration for Halloween makeup and costume this year is no further from your TV screen, your favorite Disney star, sidekick, villain or princess. No matter what kind of Disney fan you are, we have some interesting looks that will leave you and your friends enchanted long after Halloween. Disney princesses are arguably the most preferred movie-inspired costumes with each year bringing a new reincarnation of some of the favorite Disney characters of all time. This year, you have made the right choice sourcing some inspiration from the internet for some of the coolest Disney Halloween looks yet. Whether it’s the hairdo or where to source the costume to go with your look, we have the details in one place so you don’t have to stress over anything.

1. Stitched Doll

The first among our 15 days of Disney inspired Halloween makeup is this scary pale stitched up face. She looks like straight from a horror movie and everyone at your party will be terrified if that's the effect you want. This makeup is obviously inspired by a horror movie. She doesn't need an exceptional costume to look scary. You might need an awful lot of blue makeup wax but this look is totally worth the hassle. Disney Halloween Makeup

2. Tiger Halloween Makeup

Check out our beautiful half-face wild tiger makeup. We know she looks absolutely stunning but it's not as complicated as it seems. This is one of the few cat-inspired face painting designs but really loved and that is also Disney-inspired. We think this is from princess Jasmine and the tiger and if you loved the movie then you will appreciate the beauty of this look. It's another classic princess Halloween make a difference. On one half of the face, cat claws are clearly visible while the other is covered with tiger stripes. Disney Halloween Makeup

3. Jack and Sally Halloween Makeup

The special look features Sally and Jack makeup from the nightmare before Christmas you guessed it also a Disney hit! Bring back the scare of the movie and its trailer by recreating a good costume and Halloween creepy makeup by Sally. While everyone else buries themselves in princes and princesses you can bring back the scary spirit of Halloween with this twisted makeover of Sally and Jack. Disney Halloween Makeup

4. Day of the Dead Makeup

Next, we have this juicy dear makeup and costume for Halloween. This blue-hued is wearing some sort of ceremony or garment and a crown of flowers. Overdoing the blue makes her Iris look smaller and eyes larger. How about this random blue pride full day of the Dead makeup? She looks stunningly beautiful and will keep turning heads all evening. Disney Halloween Makeup

5. Disney Magic Inspired Makeup

Are you in love with some Disney magic inspired Halloween themes? We all marvel at the extent to which Disney stretches out our imagination. Now, Disney is more than just a sweet movie experience as the magic has since intermarried with Halloweens dark and creepy powers. You too can tap into the magical world of dreamy costumes, makeup looks, sidekicks, villains and princesses and transform your Halloween look into the most talked about for months to come. This piece takes after Buzz Light-year lime green eyes and eye shadow that will take your Halloween makeup to a whole ‘another level. Whether you are a Diehard Disney fan or you know quite a few, this cool and magical Disney makeup will enchant them long after Halloween. Disney Halloween Makeup

6. Celebrity Halloween Makeup

On a night when almost anything goes, this celebrity Halloween makeup look will have you looking glamorous and at least you will be making eye contact with everyone in the room. This is the true definition of all eyes on you it taken a bit too literally. You will like it this look is girly makes you look jungle regardless of your age. It's also pretty and cute at the same time so that people both hate and love you at your party. Even though details it is a last-minute Halloween makeup so don't let shortage of time stop you from enjoying your favorite Halloween tradition. Disney Halloween Makeup

7. Minnie Mouse Makeup for Halloween

And finally here comes the Minnie-mouse look you always desired. It’s always considered cute and funny to be a Minnie mouse ever since childhood period to date. Minnie mouse dialogues can still be their favorite character with this mature look. Who said Minnie mouse looks are just for kids? As an adult, you too can enjoy you and bring back some nostalgic memories to your earliest Halloween parties when you used to be a mouse. Disney Halloween Makeup

8. Queen of Hearts

You can now be the hottest queen in the room or the deck if you like by choosing this queen of hearts Halloween makeup. Deep down we all want to be Queens and Kings and with Halloween around the corner, it's time to make your fantasy come true. Her costume is dreaming and the makeup magical. Also, it's not difficult to become this queen of hearts Alice in wonderland Disney. Disney Halloween Makeup

9. Maleficent Halloween Makeup

If classics are a thing of the Museums for you then you might want to follow in the footsteps of Jolie as Maleficent this next Halloween. Try at your local retailer and you just might be surprised to find similar prosthetics which are a must-have for the look. A focal point of the shot is the chiseled cheekbones and they are undeniably a product of masterstrokes. If you are into this evil-inspired Halloween look then you should consider getting some expert help and access to the wearable prosthetics collection. Disney Halloween Makeup

10. Scary Bunny Face Paint

Want to be a bunny face Halloween? Why be someone's meat when you can be a scary bunny? Let the hunter be the haunted this Halloween with this creepy rabbit face paint that will have hearts racing in fright an admiration. The evil bunny features evil eyes outlined with black mascara and exaggerated eyelashes in conjunction with long black nails. The tick also don't help as people will be striving to get out of your way. Disney Halloween Makeup

11. Evil Snow White

This Halloween could also be the time to give your favorite Disney princess a brutal makeover. This disturbing image of Snow White shows her massive burn on the face from the Evil Queen's poisoned apple. This Halloween this will serve as a reminder of what jealousy and constant struggle to be the most beautiful in the room can do. Disney Halloween Makeup

12. Disney Villain Inspired Makeup

You love a good Disney princess, actually, they rock! If the villains however that are always on top of their makeup game with interesting twists that align with Halloween makeup requirements. From Sharp contouring to red lips and arched brows what's not to love about well-done Disney-villain-inspired Halloween look? This is your opportunity to pull your brightest eyeshadows and some of that reflective highlighter but you never seem to use from your makeup kit. Disney Halloween Makeup

13. Cruella DeVil

There are only a few options wicked than trying to kill puppies. Despite her depraved nature, Cruella DeVille always looks glam. The blend of black Smokey eyes and bronze contouring lipstick makeup a classy look. Her red lips are sexy not forgetting the black and white hair. You can use colored hairspray to make one half of your hair white and the other black. With this look on you will be ready to throw on your Dalmatian coat and make them hide their animals. Disney Halloween Makeup

14. Cruella DeVille Cute

We figured you might want to recreate this popular Halloween look as cute and sexy without all the evil from 101 Dalmatians. This one will take a skilled hand with makeup application not only because it's an iconic look also because of the amount of data that goes into it. Even though evil she never disappoints as she always looks chick. It's her depraved character that makes her scary. Try this look and begin to appreciate what it is like being in the spotlight. Disney Halloween Makeup

15. Disney Clown Makeup

What a way to end this list of beautiful Disney themed Halloween looks. This rendition of Disney clown is in tears. Who needs more killer clowns when you can pull this unexpected Halloween makeup idea and run away with it. This will leave everyone at your party slack-jawed and the best part is it's not that difficult to achieve. Disney Halloween Makeup Disney Halloween Makeup Ideas

Cute Halloween Makeup

If you are looking for adorable that are also spooky? Then you are home and dry for the best Halloween makeup this year. Who said Halloween Makeup has to be ghoulish at all times? You can now use these quick cute Halloween makeup ideas that will present you a reasonable engagement and fun recreating and won’t have you looking too creepy.

1. Glamorous Halloween Makeup

Halloween is about making the unexpected twists to everyday makeup. Check out this cute and easy Halloween makeup option that you can accomplish in minutes. If you like it should be your ticket to looking glamorous at no extra cost this Halloween. You know what that means: it's time to grab your makeup brushes wish your face and get down to it. Cute Halloween Makeup

2. Pretty Clown Makeup

My second pick for pretty Halloween looks disable red marking across the face and eyes. Clowns are always creepy and that's why they are the perfect character for Halloween. It is no wonder that it and pennywise was such a success. Clown makeup will be trending again this Halloween and the good news is that it's really easy to achieve. Throw us off-balance with this easy and pretty clown makeup that will have us confused and slightly terrified but also intrigued because you will look truly mesmerizing. Cute Halloween Makeup

3. Halloween Cat Face Paint

Next week check out this Halloween cat face paint that has the ability to keep turning heads all evening. This is our great Halloween look that is fit for kids and adults and is a great idea if you're choosing to go with a cat costume this Halloween. Whether you choose to be a cat or a cat woman, this is one makeup look but we love you giving off the right feline vibes. I thought there's a lot of visually similar that inspired makeup at your party or carnival everyone will be wowed by the amount of detail that went into yours. Cute Halloween Makeup

4. Sugar Skull Makeup

We also have this easy sugar skull makeup that goes with a large red flower crown. The flowers you would have to get but the rest of the makeup you can easily achieve with your makeup kit. This example uses metallic silver purple and black liquid eyeliners. This is for those of us that don't have the time or patience to craft the entire sugar skull from scratch. My house when you can work on some of that Rosemount magic that makes the sugar skull complete. We hope you love how easy it is to achieve this look without spending much time and money. Cute Halloween Makeup

5. Half Skull Glam Makeup

Check out this easy half skull glam makeup that is quite easy to achieve but difficult to carry around. It takes some guts to want to look like that because it is cops lips inspired face paint. It resembles the Dead doll gothic Halloween makeup. This look is arguably oh so cute because of the special effects around the eye. This might be the final piece to your Halloween costume that will present us easy and sexy. Cute Halloween Makeup

6. Wonder Woman Face Paint

Halloween is fine around the corner and it's the perfect excuse to leave out your dream of being The Wonder woman. Most people think that face painting is only for kids well that's not the case as you can see clearly that this look goes well with their adult Halloween eye makeup look Wonder woman. Superhero makeup and body painting for Halloween is not for everyone but if you love to get glittery with face art and this is your chance. You will need glittery makeup palette, face paint and eyeliner to recreate this look at home. You might also want to get a comic book proper costume. Cute Halloween Makeup

7. Kitty Cat Halloween Makeup

Halloween is just around the corner and there's nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty and unique at your carnival. Check out this girly feminine animated look that we leave everyone admiring your character for weeks. We love that this makeup is easy and cheap it's so feminine and sexy. The chocolate feel is a nice twist 2 the typical black smokey cat eye and the bold lips are the focal point of the whole piece! All You need is to accessorize or improvise with a cat ears and you're good to meow! Cute Halloween Makeup

8. Simple Scarecrow

Do you own or know where to borrow a straw hut and plaid button-down shirt? If so then with only your makeup kit this Halloween will be incredibly easy. There is no shortage of gory looks you can go for this Halloween but this one is cute and that's reason enough to be a scarecrow and that is also admirable. You will love that you already on the makeup and much of the other stuff required for this look. Cute Halloween Makeup

9. Angel Versus Devil

Do you want to bring out the two conflicting sides since the dawn of time? Halloween is the perfect time to wage the everlasting war between Good and evil devils and Angels. This makeup involves drawing a devil sign on one eye and an angelic wing and radiant circle or halo on the other. On the one hand, the devil sign with horns and the purple down pointed arrow needs no introduction while the angel wing on the left eye with a nimbus represents spiritual character through the symbolism of light. Cute Halloween Makeup

10. Creature from the Black Lagoon

If you are intrigued about becoming a monster this Halloween then you better consider one of beauty. Who would have ever thought a monster could make such a stunning beauty of Halloween makeup look? This is certainly not one of the easiest makeups this Halloween but within a few trials, you will have a perfect replica. You might have to get help with the eyes otherwise the hand is pretty easy. It is equally easy to get the same lock even without the same hair color unless of course, you can get a wig. Cute Halloween Makeup

11. Clown Makeup

If you want to be a bit creepy but still cute then you might want to consider clown makeup. This particular clown look features a colorful almost play for clown crying rainbows. The rainbow tears clown makeup for Halloween is not a particularly easy one but it is worth every effort and every brush because we believe everyone will love it. What are way too entice them and then freak them out. Cute Halloween Makeup

12. Skull Makeup

This opulent skull makeup for Halloween as previously uncharted territory. To sharpen their color matches with the gold feel of the skull and in contrast with the black. You could improvise with black eyeliner but the gold face paint you have to get. Skulls a fascinating in fashion and body art and particularly when it comes to Halloween makeup and costume. You are very likely to be approached and photographed in this all evening at any Halloween carnivals. Cute Halloween Makeup

13. Purge Mask

Purge election year candy girl costume fans will love this easy and recognizable Halloween look. This is terrifying and kind of cute look is the ultimate test for your contouring kit. It features a mask illusion and not the real thing. It’ll be hard to convince people that you're not wearing a mask at all that evening. This is a last-minute Halloween makeup which allows you to go out and where nearly any outfit that you feel comfortable in. The best part is you do not have to add any intricate special effects or any of that sort of thing to achieve this terrifying yet awesome look for the evening. Cute Halloween Makeup

14. Spider Makeup

Makeup artists all over the world have each year painted more realistic and frightening spiders for Halloween makeup. Sure spiders are creepy and the thought of them chills are spines but this is an awesome place to fetch some inspiration for Halloween costumes and makeup just as long as there are no real spiders involved. This spider looks like it has made its web around the right eye and it's about to crawl into the eye. Cute Halloween Makeup

15. Stitched Face Makeup

Last but not least we have this incredibly gorgeous stitched face Halloween look weak blood bruising from the mouth and scars. Get the pics are blonde with a huge scar 13 across the face over the nose and another one on the forehead. Blood hoses from the hairline the cheeks and nose. What is a terrifying look, at first sight, is also incredibly gorgeous upon closer inspection. This is an easy one for you looking for a last-minute fix for Halloween when you do not have a costume. Cute Halloween Makeup Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Do you feel like screaming when you think of how choosing Halloween dress and makeup can be stressful at times? If so, you are not alone. You are probably praying it all passes and you go back to your normal routine because no matter how many times you try to research and end up procrastinating your just can seem to settle on perfect look. Even for makeup and body art lovers, the pressure is ever-increasing to outdo last year’s makeup and dress which can really drive you nuts! If you are feeling disheartened and going to the party as a “sexy cat‘’ for the fifth year in a row, don’t be because we have a quick round-up of inspiration packed looks you can go for. We focused on looks that can save you time so you do not have to sacrifice your work or family bonding time to achieve your pleasant or shocking. If you are like most Halloween enthusiasts you feel the urge to come up with a fresh idea for something glittery, bedazzled, painted, lined and simply gorgeous or scary for this year’s event. There is no problem with running online for a quick dose of inspiration except there is a bazillion of results for every google search and you end up wasting the very time you were trying to save. Thankfully, we have compiled the top easy looks you can pull off in five minutes and look like you have been practising. Here are 15 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, take a look.

Black Halloween

We are never really ready for Halloween until it's finally here. Now all the sudden you have office parties and friends gatherings and the first thing that comes to mind is that you did not have a costume. This black Halloween makeup could save your day or evening cuz it's last minute and uses only black liquid eyeliner mostly. You can improvise with gel liquid or call pencil. For this, you just need to highlight the skeleton and an elaborate mask. We encourage you use whatever liner formula that you're comfortable with. Easy Halloween Makeup

Billy The Puppet

Recreate this is the look for the love of the Saw movie franchise! The series is now revived and there couldn't be a better time to try this out. As with other movie-inspired Halloween, makeup looks this is simple and easily recognizable among fans. You will not require any items outside your makeup kit and that's always great. All you need is a tricycle and you're good to go for any Halloween carnival happening near you. Easy Halloween Makeup

Marble Stone Face

Check out this ghoulish glam marble stone face that you can have for Halloween this year. Makeup can make or break a costume and this here can not disappoint. It's not that easy to turn your face into a 'marble' but it’s not rocket science either. This look will eliminate the need for a costume because of a how immersive it feels. So yes it's worth all the time you spend on it. Easy Halloween Makeup

Black and White

Black and white makeup is some of the most convincing ghoul ever! For this look, you're going to need water tell this makeup is easy to put on and remove. You will not need any help to put the finishing touches to your spookiness. You will also have your kid with this look some of the products used I meant for adults use only. A creamy eyeliner will do just fine for the spots on the cheeks. Easy Halloween Makeup

Maquillage Halloween Moitie Visage

This is French for half-face Halloween makeup. It is a beautiful young woman has perfect makeup on one half of the face and black stitches on the other. One cannot fail to notice the flower crown or the symmetrical features of the makeup. Surprisingly a beautiful woman's face painted as a corpse can be more frightening then crossbones and skulls. Easy Halloween Makeup

Easy Clown Makeup

Here's another last-minute clown makeup for you to try. Once you get the foundation done then you can easily craft the rest of this look in a few sweeps two compliments any simple DIY clown Halloween costume. Again this last-minute Halloween look you have to thank because you can whip up with makeup you already own without having to spend an extra dime. Deep down we all know clowns are evil but this one as an extra special evil glare to her. Easy Halloween Makeup

Spider-Mouth Halloween Makeup

Spiders are a great way to spread the Halloween fright. Most people are terrified of spiders and this realistic spider makeup will leave hearts racing. It features a beautiful white web on each eye and the giant spider crawling out of the mouth. Other than the spider she looks absolutely gorgeous. This is also in the DIY wheelhouse and you can achieve with products you already own. Easy Halloween Makeup

Evil Clown

This redheaded clown has an evil glare to her eyes. The red lips and nose only had to the depraved look. This is on clown but you will not want to mess around with and fright night. Peace Luke will complete your clown Halloween look without looking too friendly. This is the perfect look to go for if you are in need of a quick Halloween costume and makeup without having to spend a lot of money. Easy Halloween Makeup

Crazy Spider Legs

Is spiders really creep you out and you're looking for the perfect idea for Halloween makeup then you just found the perfect look. This spectacular look is perfect because it not only looks Halloween ready but also leaves the rest of your makeup intact and reasonably glam. Try this crazy look and stay ahead of the game this Halloween with all the scary attributes I like red contact lenses and fake spooky spider legs. Easy Halloween Makeup

Spiders On Eye

If you're still in need of a spider Makeup With Halloween and you haven't quite found the perfect match yet the search is over for you. Check out this makeup base that lets you enjoy Halloween or still looking beautiful and scary at the same time. With this look, you can choose to be as subtle as you like or downright ghoulish. You've got to admire the artist skills used to draw the web and the spiders climbing from the eye like that. Easy Halloween Makeup

David Bowie for Halloween

Halloween Jack is that David Bowie character created in 1974 for the diamond dogs’ album and tour. For the David Bowie look, you're either go all the way in or nothing. This looks the same as stardust and Aladdin Sane. For this look, the devil is in the details and although they are different interpretations and incarnations they all require great precision. She is a convincing David Bowie because of the signature hairstyle, you cannot be Bowie and lack it! Easy Halloween Makeup

Creepy Doll Easy

This creepy doll face makeup there's another piece that will leave your face lit up in every sense of the word. You'll have to make your lower eyelashes disappear and play some fake ones that are drooping. You are looking for a fun doll makeup this one will elevate your doll costumes for less hassle and time. Easy Halloween Makeup

Leopard Makeup

What is a sure-fire way get your Halloween costume together and for less? This leopard makeup is ridiculously low effort and you already have all the items and products you need to nail the skirt look before Halloween. So you find on Halloween's night without a proper costume even though you started planning months in advance. Don't worry you have as to thank for the quickest fixes such as this one. Now level up your look with this super-duper easy leopard makeup you ready for the gym go-ahead. Easy Halloween Makeup

3D Eye Makeup

3D eye if you have a knack for painting then there's three-dimensional eye effect will a worthy challenge for you. If you have a steady hand and a good talent for painting then this makeup will attract more attention than any other. The 3D face makeup draws attention to the makeup artist and shades that render it. Easy Halloween Makeup

Creepy Clown Makeup

To end our list of easy Halloween makeups which is this clown which reminds us that all clowns are creepy. This simple scary clown idea does not require a lot of makeup but will be a hit for you this Halloween. You can improvise on your own look with black paint or eyeliner and black lipstick. Easy Halloween Makeup Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas