15 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Do you feel like screaming when you think of how choosing Halloween dress and makeup can be stressful at times? If so, you are not alone. You are probably praying it all passes and you go back to your normal routine because no matter how many times you try to research and end up procrastinating your just can seem to settle on perfect look. Even for makeup and body art lovers, the pressure is ever-increasing to outdo last year’s makeup and dress which can really drive you nuts!

If you are feeling disheartened and going to the party as a “sexy cat‘’ for the fifth year in a row, don’t be because we have a quick round-up of inspiration packed looks you can go for. We focused on looks that can save you time so you do not have to sacrifice your work or family bonding time to achieve your pleasant or shocking.

If you are like most Halloween enthusiasts you feel the urge to come up with a fresh idea for something glittery, bedazzled, painted, lined and simply gorgeous or scary for this year’s event. There is no problem with running online for a quick dose of inspiration except there is a bazillion of results for every google search and you end up wasting the very time you were trying to save.

Thankfully, we have compiled the top easy looks you can pull off in five minutes and look like you have been practising. Here are 15 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, take a look.

Black Halloween

We are never really ready for Halloween until it’s finally here. Now all the sudden you have office parties and friends gatherings and the first thing that comes to mind is that you did not have a costume. This black Halloween makeup could save your day or evening cuz it’s last minute and uses only black liquid eyeliner mostly. You can improvise with gel liquid or call pencil. For this, you just need to highlight the skeleton and an elaborate mask. We encourage you use whatever liner formula that you’re comfortable with.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Billy The Puppet

Recreate this is the look for the love of the Saw movie franchise! The series is now revived and there couldn’t be a better time to try this out. As with other movie-inspired Halloween, makeup looks this is simple and easily recognizable among fans. You will not require any items outside your makeup kit and that’s always great. All you need is a tricycle and you’re good to go for any Halloween carnival happening near you.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Marble Stone Face

Check out this ghoulish glam marble stone face that you can have for Halloween this year. Makeup can make or break a costume and this here can not disappoint. It’s not that easy to turn your face into a ‘marble’ but it’s not rocket science either. This look will eliminate the need for a costume because of a how immersive it feels. So yes it’s worth all the time you spend on it.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Black and White

Black and white makeup is some of the most convincing ghoul ever! For this look, you’re going to need water tell this makeup is easy to put on and remove. You will not need any help to put the finishing touches to your spookiness. You will also have your kid with this look some of the products used I meant for adults use only. A creamy eyeliner will do just fine for the spots on the cheeks.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Maquillage Halloween Moitie Visage

This is French for half-face Halloween makeup. It is a beautiful young woman has perfect makeup on one half of the face and black stitches on the other. One cannot fail to notice the flower crown or the symmetrical features of the makeup. Surprisingly a beautiful woman’s face painted as a corpse can be more frightening then crossbones and skulls.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Easy Clown Makeup

Here’s another last-minute clown makeup for you to try. Once you get the foundation done then you can easily craft the rest of this look in a few sweeps two compliments any simple DIY clown Halloween costume. Again this last-minute Halloween look you have to thank because you can whip up with makeup you already own without having to spend an extra dime. Deep down we all know clowns are evil but this one as an extra special evil glare to her.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Spider-Mouth Halloween Makeup

Spiders are a great way to spread the Halloween fright. Most people are terrified of spiders and this realistic spider makeup will leave hearts racing. It features a beautiful white web on each eye and the giant spider crawling out of the mouth. Other than the spider she looks absolutely gorgeous. This is also in the DIY wheelhouse and you can achieve with products you already own.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Evil Clown

This redheaded clown has an evil glare to her eyes. The red lips and nose only had to the depraved look. This is on clown but you will not want to mess around with and fright night. Peace Luke will complete your clown Halloween look without looking too friendly. This is the perfect look to go for if you are in need of a quick Halloween costume and makeup without having to spend a lot of money.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Crazy Spider Legs

Is spiders really creep you out and you’re looking for the perfect idea for Halloween makeup then you just found the perfect look. This spectacular look is perfect because it not only looks Halloween ready but also leaves the rest of your makeup intact and reasonably glam. Try this crazy look and stay ahead of the game this Halloween with all the scary attributes I like red contact lenses and fake spooky spider legs.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Spiders On Eye

If you’re still in need of a spider Makeup With Halloween and you haven’t quite found the perfect match yet the search is over for you. Check out this makeup base that lets you enjoy Halloween or still looking beautiful and scary at the same time. With this look, you can choose to be as subtle as you like or downright ghoulish. You’ve got to admire the artist skills used to draw the web and the spiders climbing from the eye like that.

Easy Halloween Makeup

David Bowie for Halloween

Halloween Jack is that David Bowie character created in 1974 for the diamond dogs’ album and tour. For the David Bowie look, you’re either go all the way in or nothing. This looks the same as stardust and Aladdin Sane. For this look, the devil is in the details and although they are different interpretations and incarnations they all require great precision. She is a convincing David Bowie because of the signature hairstyle, you cannot be Bowie and lack it!

Easy Halloween Makeup

Creepy Doll Easy

This creepy doll face makeup there’s another piece that will leave your face lit up in every sense of the word. You’ll have to make your lower eyelashes disappear and play some fake ones that are drooping. You are looking for a fun doll makeup this one will elevate your doll costumes for less hassle and time.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Leopard Makeup

What is a sure-fire way get your Halloween costume together and for less? This leopard makeup is ridiculously low effort and you already have all the items and products you need to nail the skirt look before Halloween. So you find on Halloween’s night without a proper costume even though you started planning months in advance. Don’t worry you have as to thank for the quickest fixes such as this one. Now level up your look with this super-duper easy leopard makeup you ready for the gym go-ahead.

Easy Halloween Makeup

3D Eye Makeup

3D eye if you have a knack for painting then there’s three-dimensional eye effect will a worthy challenge for you. If you have a steady hand and a good talent for painting then this makeup will attract more attention than any other. The 3D face makeup draws attention to the makeup artist and shades that render it.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Creepy Clown Makeup

To end our list of easy Halloween makeups which is this clown which reminds us that all clowns are creepy. This simple scary clown idea does not require a lot of makeup but will be a hit for you this Halloween. You can improvise on your own look with black paint or eyeliner and black lipstick.

Easy Halloween Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

February 21, 2020