10 Most Stylish Halloween Makeup For Men

Halloween is not that far off and sometimes sourcing the best costume for your man can be a needle in haystack situation. If your man has fashion sense then it becomes like finding a particular needle in a stack of needles.

From werewolves to mummies, there is a world of choices when it comes to men’s Halloween makeup too. Well, it may not be as populated as the universe of women’s makeup ideas but it’s still much given that most men just don’t care for makeup. Halloween is an intense time and it’s time for every man to step up and amp their costume with a matching makeup.

Makeup And Men Don’t Mix?

Most guys will not wear makeup every other day and it is no wonder that a good number of men’s Halloween looks do not include makeup. We always strive to make your life easier when it comes to all matters style and life in general and today is no exception. We have the best inspiration for arguably the most clueless section of the demographic.

Masks Vs Makeup For Halloween

Some men prefer to get masks rather than using makeup but masks too though easy to wear have their problems. It’s hard to be yourself and breather inside some masks not to mention that sweaty stickiness that could ruin everything on a perfect Halloween eve.

Deciding On A Halloween Look

A man there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you find yourself not entirely sold on attempting your own Halloween makeup. We promise we have picked only the most stylish and doable looks that make you look good costing less in money and time. We hope you like one of the following.

1. Male Skeleton

Being a skeleton is a popular men’s Halloween makeup look for a reason. Many reasons actually, but the easiest to comprehend is that it does not require any special artist skills and makeup items to replicate. It is super-duper easy makeup ideal for men who hardly have the time to get their Halloween face on. All you need to do with this look is still your wife’s/ sister’s pencil and you are all set to look chic this Halloween. Tracing your large teeth following the jawline is what makes this look authentic. How’s this for a funny and scary makeup this Halloween? it’s up to you!

Halloween Makeup For Men

2. Day Of The Dead

Check out this stunningly cute Calaveras (Spanish for human skull) that is inspired by day of the dead and that has many customizable options. These Spanish makeup themes are growing popular by the day every Halloween and could be a way to set your man aside as a man of style this Halloween. This makeup look can be plain and down to earth or downright sophisticated depending on the amount of layers you can manage to put on him. We like that this look allows men too to explore the full limits of their imaginations with intricate patterns on the face, something that is permissible only once a year.

Halloween Makeup For Men

3. Gorgeous Sugar Skull Makeup

This intricate sugar skull makeup reminds us of the Halloween spirit and fire that burns in every man. It is not an everyday thing but this is a look that every guy is going to want to try this Halloween. It’s one super easy yet creepy look that will look good alongside your lady’s Calaveras makeup forming the most compatible pair in the room. We hope that you find this makeup easy enough and acceptable for your man because gentlemen will not likely go for something that is too complicated.

Halloween Makeup For Men

4. Easy Mime Halloween

There is something that is really blood-chilling about the mime and clown looks which ironically resonate with children’s likes. Such characters are easy to create and provide a lure for your audience with a mysterious appeal that they find themselves unable not to pay attention even though they know you cannot be trusted. This is simple Halloween makeup even though it will require a level of skill and patience to achieve the same fading shades. But yes, it is among the easier group of makeups looks for men.

Halloween Makeup For Men

5. Clown

Like mimes, it is hard to tell why clowns are some for the most blood-chilling characters on Halloween’s eve. We all know these are characters meant to entertain but on this particular night, they are definitely up to no good and are not to be trusted. Clown is pretty popular character for both children and adults and so this year you should take it to the next level of scary with this vengeful look. This is deceivingly simple look but might require some elaborate Halloween makeup kits to achieve and of course the costume. It turns out you have to wear the same red curly wig and outfit to be legit.

Halloween Makeup For Men

6. Werewolf

Of late, horror movies have been the greatest source of inspiration for Halloween looks and characters, especially for men. To specifics and most people will find werewolves sultry and mystical enough to remind them its Halloween. The werewolf is a good theme for the creepy holiday when beasts and ghost are permitted to terrorize the living. During the day, they are ordinary men while at night they transform into powerful and vengeful beasts.

Halloween Makeup For Men

7. Easy Spider

Check out this next easy spider makeup that adds a spider and tight stitches to your mouth. The dark eyeshadows speak gore and yet there is a certain light that makes the pale chin and spider forehead irresistible for the opposite gender. This is legit one of the sexiest looks a man can get this Halloween

Halloween Makeup For Men

8. Vampire

Vampire are a big deal with male Halloween looks and of late it has been typical of men to be many unique vampire and not just Count Dracula. As for which look of vampire characters is more masculine is up to you but this one seems manly enough. And convincing too thanks to the regalia. If you want to look good then this is your vampire look of choice but you can always revert to the default, Dracula.

Halloween Makeup For Men

9. Cool Men’s Halloween

Do you want to sport a really cool Halloween look that not everyone can quite name a character for? This one is surely a conversation starter and a focal point for the photo ops. It will require some moderate makeup artist skills to pull off the illusion but this look is totally worth the hassle.

Halloween Makeup For Men

10. Clown With Mechanical Hat

There is no shame in walking into the part as the third clown if you do it right. It’s all about the level of makeup skill and the costume too. This clown is the plain illustration of what and a convincing clown makeup and costume can do to transform a character we all loved last year into a wonder and something that will leave us all enchanted for weeks and months after Halloween.

Halloween Makeup For Men

Stylish Halloween Makeup For Men

March 9, 2020