Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

The wave is one of those tattoo subjects that will immortalize some special moments in your life. Talking about the imagery of the wave, it is the expression of capturing the moment and actually freezing the perfect moment when a wave crashes in. It means that you are longing to sweet memories and a life full of highlights and endless possibilities. The wave is also about catching the current at the right time and riding out to freedom. Traditionally, wave tattoo designs have been predominantly masculine since they adapt nicely to the male body curves. Other than that, wave tattoos can be highly expressive and extremely good looking.

Every wave tattoo is like an opportunity to surf and may also be a past story in expression of art. It is the meaningful part that makes the piece significant and worthwhile. You could be a surfer, swimmer, sailor or general watersport and beach enthusiast or not. The beauty of wave tattoos is the ability to capture a specific moment in a person’s life or a special place that must never be forgotten and then put it down on skin.

Each person with a wave tattoo probably have their own reasons and meaning to the piece. Other important choices include the sizing and placement of your wave. Te only limitation to wave placement is any existing ink as well as health and aesthetic concerns. You can have them big, small and medium on pretty much any ordinary placement.

Inking waves is much easier than it seems as compared to other popular traditional ink styles. Regardless of size and color of your chose art, a wave tattoo always inspires a fantastic feeling for you and those you meet. Black and blue are perfect color combinations for wave tattoos but it’s a personal choice. We have here a list of ten best wave tattoos for beginners and pros alike. You can still customize these waves with borders and such effects.

Often, the simplest of wave tattoos such as single line strokes are the most impactful and meaningful pieces that make aesthetic transformation to skin.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Ribs Monochrome Wave Tattoo

First up we have this great wave tattoo that fits to perfection on the side like that with crisp black lines and a special striping pattern. There is no confusion in our minds what this is and the placement is a pleasant surprise. You can easily achieve the same if not better views with this same tattoo on the chest above the heart or by utilizing a border shape.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

2. Geometric Wave Tattoo

The mathematical approach to analyzing your wave morphology is a complex process. This is ‘always a fun approach to any shape for a tattoo and increases art form’s aesthetic value by a tremendous amount. All the curves are gone and you are left with sharp and clear regular shapes with neat straight lines. Despite taking great limps in construction, the wave is eye-catching and puts the same old tattoo under a different lens.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

3. On-Shore Waves

This next piece is a uniquely simplistic progression of waves towards the shore or beach. The beauty in this design is the choice of line and simplicity. The tattoo has been intentionally made frothy and thick to emphasize the splash. It also has a book style feel to it so that you feel like it belongs to a cover page on some book. You can tweak this tattoo however you want by having your artist make use of different border shape and line thickness.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

4. Wave On Heel

This heel tattoo is an amazing piece with lines drawn thicker and then thinner. The wave patterns is realist and beautifully done. Proportionality is always important and this sizing for a heel tattoo is impeccably good. In another light, the black waves are really intimidation and unfriendly just as the uncertainties and struggles of life. Hopefully this tattoo can help you walk through any rough patches and emerge better and stronger than ever.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

5. Wave And Sun One Line Tattoo Combo

This is arguably the simplest sun and wave tattoo combination that is possible without sacrificing recognition. For first timers of sticklers for light and minimal detail, this is a must have tattoo. It is ideally small and not too visible buts still crisp black. This makes a good pick for beginners as well and almost any artist can get this right. If you are out here looking for simplicity and perfection then this is the wave tattoo with the least room for error.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

6. Simple Wave Tattoo For Wrist

This simple and free flowing one line wave tattoo goes tiny and looks fantastic in keeping your surf up lifestyle in supply wherever you go. Small is always better when you want to scrawl a large message on your skin. This wrist placement is ideal for maximal views and reminding yourself of your passion and to always to catch the right wave and drift through life. For minimalistic one line tattoo, this is definitely one kickass tattoo that is open ended so that you are not constrained by ink or time.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

7. Wave And Mountain Range Arm Tattoo

Wave and mountain tattoo are such a powerful combination in meaning and super cool looks especially when masterfully executed in black. The wave stands for self-control and facing the trials and tribulations of life head on and the mountain on its part is suggesting a higher perspective and morality. The high altitude of mountains places you in a elevated point to view things from a loftier point of view. A simplistic approach will reveal your love for nature and travel from the highlands to the coast.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

8. Wave And Sun Leg Tattoo

The sun is a great idea for a beach lover’s tattoo but so are crashing waves. This piece captures the moment when the sun is rising against the crashing waves. The sun itself is a cross cultural symbol with many positive meanings such as happiness, vitality, energy, life-giving, inner strength among many others. This tattoo mostly inspires renewal and vitality and my look good with placement on the shoulder, the chest above the heart among a couple of other placements.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

9. Ocean Blue Tattoo Waves

Wow, this band tattoo is really clever, and easy to the eye. The artist chooses a distinct sequence of alternating ink colors to create a gorgeous wave band for the ankles. They also employ striping technique in a way they deliver quite the unique piece. The final piece is crisp and clean looking with high quality vivid blue ink and well finished detailing. The wave is likely to outlast many common ankle tattoos despite the use of color.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

10. Small Foot Ankle Wave Tattoo For Men

If you are looking to step into a wave of ink then this is the best wave tattoo design for foot. Its mono-color does not make it any less realistic thanks to the intricate detailing. This tattoo is a discreet as it is dapper and will show off your modernity and sensibility as a man. Taking on the current is a man’s best way to face reality and risk being swept away but be rewarded for their courage and determination. This tiny wave will remind you of that.

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attoo Lettering Design Ideas

Are you in the market for some awesome and sensible lettering ink? Writings have a special authenticity as for some reason people tend to believe everything that is neatly printed in a concise font. Lettering tattoos should offer you the richest category of meaningful and customizable tattoos that give meaning to your personal situation. It is therefore difficult if not impossible to deliver on the promise to get you all the best wordy tats out there. What we can give you is a jumpstart for inspiration so that you can land the best set of characters that will forever change your life.

Lettering can also be complex contrary to popular thought. For instance, some people choose calligraphy while other would prefer typewriter fonts. Yet others choose monochrome and it is still possible to go with a full spectrum of colors. In this list, we highlight only a varied sample of the possibilities and leave it to you to draw inspiration for your next transformative ink. Luckily for you lettering inks have endless possibilities.

Lettering tattoos look better on the spots like legs, arms and chest. If you are going for maximal view then you can consider a flashy font an appropriate sizing. The size should always be proportional to the area you are looking to impact unless of course you want to achieve the disproportionate look that keeps viewers on the edge.

We have traversed the web and tattoo underworld to bring you socially acceptable cool letter tattoos and phrases you might want to add your philosophies going forward. We have blocky fonts, banner style word art and so much more. The methods of ink delivery may change but there will always room for traditional lettering and a wisdom packed message etched into skin.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

1. King and Queen Couples Matching Tattoo

Couples often wear matching hoodies and t-shirts for king and queen with a little crown. Well, why not make it permanent in ink seeing as you love each other too much to ever stop liking. It just says king and Queen so when alone it doesn’t take a social scientist to know that there is a king or queen somewhere. This message of king and queen is kind of cliché but that’s just the whole point in getting a matching tattoo people can easily recognize.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

2. Initials and Year

How about some initials and a date that you want to remember forever? This piece is personal so that even onlookers know to mind their own business and only close and intimate friends would know what it means. For the ladies, this placement works wonders as they spend more time in front of the mirror than their male counterparts. It could be a loved one, it could be her own initials and birthday. You get the picture.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

3. Ambition Behind Ear Tattoo

Are you an ambitious person and you knowing it? Well, what’s more ambitions than getting and a ambitious neck tattoo inscribing the ambition behind your ear? This gorgeous piece is rather straightforward in meaning as it shows ambition at the very best. You can probably already visualize ten other placements where this would look good.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

4. Blessed Inner Forearm

Blessings are a good thing even for those of us who are skeptical about existence of the supernatural. There is nothing to lose by being blessed and hell to pay for a curse. If you feel blessed beyond cursing then you ought to reaffirm it with a tattoo. Just another sleeve tattoo but with good enough meaning so that you do not feel like scraping it off the second week of having it. You also get to use red ink which is rare for masculine tattoos and looks good in contrast to other black ink you may have.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

5. Only God Can Judge Tattoo

Have you been feeling judged and prejudiced lately? If this happens like all the time and you feel like people never get you then you can remind everyone in the room and yourself that only God can judge. You don’t really have to be a staunch catholic or Muslim to believe in God and the Day of Judgment. It makes good pick for secular tattoo and is also very good in terms of the visuals. Calligraphy always looks good on a man’s back. A bit more of skin commitment but nothing you can’t easily manage.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

6. Nicole Name and Flower

Nicole must love to see her name on her shoulder forming the stem part of a flower tattoo every time she looks in the mirror. A name tattoo is all about self-love and pulling for number one, you. You too can have a custom tattoo with your name so you don’t have people think that you are a Nicole. It’s plain and simple but has an excellent first impression and most importantly you may never grow tired of seeing your own name and want to have it removed.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

7. The Cast Bread

Here we have inspiration for another amazingly simple and impactful quote lettering tattoo on the leg. With the current placement you could flaunt or hide your ink whenever you like. The cast bread is some quote about being charitable and the good deeds will find you in your future. Cast thy bread on the waters and your will find it after many days, the quote goes. The trick being getting a cute lettering tattoo is to go for the really simple font such as this handwritten one.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

8. Remember Why You Started

There comes time in life when we feel weary even though we know the path we must take to pursue happiness and fulfillment. This huge back tattoo is not only beautiful but also bears a simple reminder to remember the origin. If you remember why you started then you will have the courage and strength to soldier on. This makes a good choice for a concealable huge back tattoo with meaning. What it means depends on the wearer obviously.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

9. Dulcinea

Dulcinea is the name that one Don Quixote gave to the peasant girl he fell in love with. A fictional character, Dulcine del Toboso is featured in the two part picaresque novel Don Quixote. The girl is a sturdy but incredibly beautiful peasant girl that the crazed knight just can’t resist. It is therefore easy to see why this tattoo looks good on her and the meaning of the same.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

10. Beautiful Mind

A beautiful mind aids a beautiful life in good health. There is not one tattoo that reminds of the need to keep mental health than this quote tattoo with the words beautiful and mind. Whether you are looking to remind yourself of the need to keep your mind clean or you are celebrating a recent milestone in tweaking your brain power and cognition, this tattoo will never let you forget to care for your brain. It’s the addition of the flowering that makes this quote lettering tattoo to stand out a little.

by EAL Care
Sun Tattoo Designs

The sun is the primary source of energy for our planet and from a whopping 92.6 million miles away, it is still the mother of all life on earth and possibly the plane itself. Since the dawn of time, we have pondered as a species over the cosmos. There was a time we thought for selfish reasons that the earth was the center of the universe. Today, we understand full well that the sun is only one of hundred thousand million stars in our Milky Way galaxy alone and there are millions and millions of galaxies out there. In that respect our sun is a tiny insignificant dot on the matrix and our earth is virtually nothing. The sun shines through your blinders like clockwork every morning setting your biological clock rocking. So why not wear a sun tattoo that you can have in the darkest of caves and the eleventh hours when you need some source of light. Think of how fast 300 000 kilometers per second sounds yet it takes light from the sun more than 8 minutes to reach your blinders here on earth. It takes millions of years for energy from the sun’s core to reach its blazing surface. Its mind boggling yes but that’s just about the size of it and we will shine some light (pun intended) on the styles revolving around the sun as a tattoo. The sun has been revered as a symbol of life itself here on earth. Going back to Greek Mythology, The sun is the eye of the god Zeus. Ancient Egyptians called it the symbol of Horus, The Rising Sun’s Ra The sun’s zenith and Osiris for the setting sun. Oriental societies were not left behind as they believed the sun was a cosmic eye in the sky. Native Americans also paid homage to the sun as a healing force and guardian of the day. So now that you finally understand what all the fuss about the sun tattoo is about then you might want to consider some inspirational pieces to whip up your own unique sun ink. If that is the case then you will love our collection of our cloud and abstract sun tattoos that stand out. So you might want to take off you sun glasses and let these brilliant ideas etch at the back of your brain.

1. Geometric Sun Tattoo Design

Sun Tattoo Designs We start our list of top ten best sun tattoos with meaning with this cute geometric design. This is a rather unusual perspective of the sun tattoo that does not take the many forms of depiction of the sun. First off the rays coming from the circle are stylized to look more sharpened. The feminine face in the sun is also not that of any gods and what not and there are two smaller circles on the cheeks which is a curious addition. You can enjoy this tattoo for the art that it is.

2. Apollo Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs If you are genuinely looking to get a sun tattoo with meaning then you should know about the Apollo sun tattoo. Apollo is the god of the sun who is also the Greek god of music, light, poetry and medicine. He is one of the 12 Olympian gods who live in Mount Olympus. You can tell the tattoo apart by the face in the center of the sun.

3. Orange Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs Check out this orange sun tattoo that takes after a fireball or sunflower at the lower limit. If you were going for brighter coloring and fiery tattoo then this is the one you pick for that luminosity. It is the luminous version of the Apollo sun tattoo and is guaranteed to last longer in the sun with the crisp black lines that demarcate it.

4. Half Sun Half-Moon Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs If you are down for a classic tattoo then this is the sun tattoo you want to pick. Sun and moon tattoos are a classic example of meaningful tattoos that are also simple and cute. This one is eye catching and attractive design with tons of meanings. It depicts the sun and half-moon in one circle as smileys which has a great bearing on our intuitions and emotions. If you are a person with lunar traits and dating someone with solar traits then you can have this as a matching tattoo for couples.

5. Cute Sun Back Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs Here goes for a sun tattoo on the upper back. It is simple as they come but still manages unique allure and sophistication. This sun reminds of fertility and providence seeing as the sun is the mother of all life on earth. All our juice in terms of energy comes from the sun which is what helps power life itself on our planet. This is a simple tattoo that will not take that long at a shop.

6. Sun Tattoo On Female Side

Sun Tattoo Designs This next piece is what they call a female side sun tattoo on her side like that. It would make a great couples tattoo and present nicely with a range of other placements. This clever design uses only a few ink strokes to makeover the chest completely. If you want a simply gorgeous and stunning sun tattoo then this is the simplest it will get.

7. Sun Mandala Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs The sun is a circle, which is also the primary shape in mandala designs. It symbolizes the centered nature of the universe and the cyclic nature of life. Mandalas are all about culture and origin so it’s a way to celebrate your cultural background. In any case, mandalas are gorgeous and accent to your natural features with ease. This floral design would look good on either gender.

8. Ankle Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs Ankle placement makes almost any tiny tattoo look that much better. It’s no exception for this tiny sun tattoo with rays radiating outwards. This sun is made unique by the glorious look of the radiation lights. The sun is as much a star as any other on the night sky and this artist was sure to capture that in their design. Simple tattoos have the greatest visual impact and often tend to be the most meaningful as well.

9. Accessory Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs This beautiful sun tattoo is a little different from the ordinary as it has these hanging accessories to add to its inherently simple beauty. The curious additions include what appear to be cardinal points and some lace designs. The dotting hanging the jewelry from the main shape makes the tattoo that much more attractive in contrast with the light shading in the rays of the sun. If you are looking for a unique and customizable sun tattoo then you are in luck.

10. Half-Moon And Sun Design

Sun Tattoo Designs This last piece is perhaps the easiest meaningful and plainly simple sun tattoo on our list. It consists of a double line drawing of a sun mandala design with a crescent moon in its center. It looks great on her inner arm like that and would work with a dozen other placements just as well. The significance of a sun tattoo is much more than just the aesthetics but the look has also has everything to do with the choice of correct tattoo.

by EAL Care

A scorpion is a rare tattoo that has been catching on due to the masculine look of the insect and the unique attributes that express the personality of the wearer. It is often associated with danger and death or defensiveness in general. It is no wonder that many people who get scorpion tattoo then get them as a warning to predators. This little creature has evolved and adapted to the environment in the desert areas for millions of years and was here so long before we first walked the face of the earth. It has mastered its defense and survival and is one of the worst known venomous creatures. The poison of scorpions is a symbol for the protective and defensive nature of the wearer and that they can cause harm if attacked or threatened. The creature is also best known for its back-off stance of control and power. It looks very intimidating to its enemies and hopefully never gets to use the stinger. This tattoo will let your enemies know that when push comes to shove you will defend your fort and those you love. We dare say a scorpion tattoo is more intimidating than say a lion or snake tattoo. Skull tattoos are a common ink today and frankly they hardly scare anyone anymore. The scorpion is an unexpected move and will help you send the correct message. Scorpions are for the powerful and dominant persons and people who want to say they have deadly power. The stance and behavior of the animal also associates closely with male arousal and sexuality. It is for the ability to control and protect you. Here are some examples of scorpion tattoos that make a big difference to your appearance and self-esteem.

1. Black Scorpion On Leg

As with most other tattoos, the scorpion tattoo looks even better with ankle placement. If you are on this list of tattoos then it must be because you don’t mind letting others suspect that you are strong, defensive and can potentially be dangerous. This tattoo is not always visible with formal dress but when you do let it show it will deliver a simple message that you are not to mess around with.

2. Scorpius and Half Moon

As aforementioned, scorpion tattoos can represent male sexuality apart from being a curious and attractive symbol. People also prefer to pair the tattoo with some other symbols and images to alter the meaning. The half-moon is equally meaningful as a tattoo. This constellation Scorpius inspires awe in cosmos enthusiasts and is adventurous apart from being a zodiac sign. Scorpius is the Latin name for scorpion and there are many Greek mythologies to show to the thousands of years it has been known to exist in the sky.

3. Colored Tattoo Design For Men

This fiery masculine tattoo is our first example of a colored scorpion tattoo. The chest placement works well because the tattoo is also make to look masculine and strong. The red with shades of black produces a lifelike rendering of the image with clarity. It is for you if you are here for a bold and manly scorpion tattoo that you can choose to either show or conceal as per the occasion. If done right, you should enjoy this piece for many decades to come.

4. Simple Scorpion Tattoo

What an attractive forearm tattoo! As a rule of thumbs, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and it is no exception with scorpion tattoos. This same tattoo would look good on the shoulder or even the chest but the inner forearm placement is perfect. Simple clear lines and yet the tattoo still makes sense as only one animal. This tattoo will earn you respect among your peers and strangers sending the crystal clear message to stay away as you can be dangerous.

5. Scorpion In Space

In interstellar scorpion is a pretty amazing idea for a tattoo. It looks cute and carries the same heavy meaning and symbolism of scorpions. Stars are other space objects are always a sweet addition to any dream tattoo. It is an oxymoron the beauty and meaning of this scorpion tattoo. It is also sized for the limb placement covering more than 95% of the area on that section which gives a good impression. Just be sure to find an artist who can pull this off without changing a detail.

6. Hand Scorpion Tattoo

Then we have this bold and beautiful black scorpion tattoo on hand. It must look good on both sexes and on a horde of other placement too. The artist puts the image into perspective where the muscular components of its body are emphasized. The intricate shading throughout the body of the insect also contributes to the final sensual look of the tattoo. The hand naturally flaunts this tattoo because it moves about ordinarily grabbing attention.

7. Ankle Scorpion Tattoo

Here is another inspiration for a scorpion tattoo crawling up a leg. It looks down right sexy on the woman and also somewhat provocative. The bold black is trendy and the way the artist articulates this image with clear delimitations is an art itself. This scorpion could be for you if you are looking for an alone lifestyle scorpion tattoo and you just happen to love them on your ankle as well. Other than the placement and delivery, this tattoo is also on the upper margin of smaller scorpion tattoos making it a precious little gem.

8. Red Scorpion On Heel

The heel placement goes well for most tiny tattoos. The scorpion tattoo is no exception to this rule with its neat lines and distinctive recognizable features. This fades a little into the skin with red ink but that should be expected. Also, people have raised concerns over the longevity of a piece done in red but that usually depends on the after inking care and the choice of ink among other things. With a seldom retouch, this can last well into old age.

9. Tiny Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Fortunately, sizing down a scorpion tattoo also makes it look that much more crisp and gorgeous. It reduces the fear factor but retains the same intense meaning and symbolism. This simple hand tattoo enjoys maximum show time and is not recommendable for those whose line of work prohibits such. Many tattoo artists can achieve this look without breaking a sweat or your bank account. You can already visualize a dozen other placement for this tiny tattoo and it would still look pretty, wouldn’t it?

10. Large Upper Back Scorpion Tattoo Girl

As a girl, you too can get a bold and beautiful scorpion tattoo in the size and shade that you like. This large and impactful scorpion tattoo is unusual and a mixed surprise to find behind her which is the whole point in exploring scorpion tattoos for girls. A girl getting a scorpion tattoo is pretty common nowadays. It is not exactly floral but it is beautiful in its own way, it stands for the animal inside of her and attracts many inking enthusiasts.

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Medusa Tattoo Design Ideas

Medusa is the great monster and goddess in Ancient Greece mythology who is party to the Gorgon sisterhood and is remarkable for the head full of snakes in place of her hair. She is also revered for her ability to turn any man into stone by just looking at them. She was not always like this though, she was a golden haired maiden who was turned into a sour creature because she forgot her vows and dealt a bad punishment. Her blood shot glazing eyes and sinister look are enough to make the hairs at the back of any man stand up. Traditionally, men only would have this remarkable monster goddess tattoo. Nowadays it has become so popular and even adapted for a more sensational look so that it looks appealing on women enthusiasts as well. As a matter of fact, the Medusa tattoo is not as popular as it used to be even though there are a great many styles and designs built around the story. A lot revolves around the appearance of the Medusa but also about what happens in the story after Son of Zeus succeeds to behead her. The legend of Zeus is also a popular idea that makes the Medusa tattoo all the more popular. He is the heroic son of Zeus who was willing to take his chances at beheading her. He succeeded. The medusa head is a trophy tattoo for most men who wear it. It represents the courage and heroism of Perseus for slaying the monster. In this light the gory tattoo can even be seen as a symbol of protection.  The other two sisters of the Gordon Trio would have dealt him a bad blow but he escaped thanks to his helm of darkness and so the Medusa tattoo is often combined with this. The head of medusa is also a weapon that the hero Perseus uses to turn the King of Mauretania who had refused to offer him hospitality at an earlier date into stone. The tattoo is a warning that anyone who dares to insult you, the insult will not be taken lightly at all. That the maiden lost her prospects in marriage, had her hair turned into snakes and her head was severed could also stand for lost dreams and hopes. Here are some top picks for this tattoo.

1. Belly Medusa Tattoo

Wow, even if you thought medusa tattoos are awful then you change your perception. This makes a seductively beautiful belly tattoo that is all over femininity and perfection. The artist must have had fun working on ample and smooth canvas but for those worried about not having the perfect flat tummy then this can easily be trans-located to the back. The black work is gorgeous and will guarantee a longer carefree lifespan. Medusa Tattoo Designs

2. Medusa Pencil Sketch Tattoo

A pencil sketched adds originality to any design and makes it simple and beautiful without having to endure the pain of shading. You end up with a clear tattoo that is also likely to age well just like this medusa tattoo on the bicep. The patterns on the snakes are made to look like extra eyes and her entire head is covered in them. If you like clear contrasting tattoos then this is your best pick for a medusa piece. Medusa Tattoo Designs

3. Medusa Pencil Sketch Tattoo

A pencil sketched adds originality to any design and makes it simple and beautiful without having to endure the pain of shading. You end up with a clear tattoo that is also likely to age well just like this medusa tattoo on the bicep. The patterns on the snakes are made to look like extra eyes and her entire head is covered in them. If you like clear contrasting tattoos then this is your best pick for a medusa piece. Medusa Tattoo Designs

4. Baby-Faced Medusa Tattoo Design For Thigh

How about a cute baby face medusa tattoo? Here is another take on the medusa tattoo that you might like to consider. The serpents are even more ferocious and evil looking but the face is innocent and seems angelic. This contrast will spin minds and people who dislike snake will be torn between the beauty and gore of snakes. It is strongly feminine and deserves the intimate thigh placement as shown. Medusa Tattoo Designs

5. Cute Hand Medusa Tattoo Design

This variant of the medusa tattoo idea makes use of delicate shading and contrast to create a beautiful hand medusa with twisted snakes. The hand placement is for maximum showing due to location and the natural hand movements. The medusa face here is also calm looking but we know better than to provoke her. This tattoo will likely give you and extra pair of eyes so people won’t stare or dare talk about you behind your field of view. Medusa Tattoo Designs

6. Zombie Medusa Tattoo On Thigh

This angry looking zombie medusa is gory and fear factor seems to be the main element pursued in this design. For those who seek fearful designs then this is the medusa to ink on the thigh or back. Even with her cracked face and slithery snakes there are those who would sympathize with her fate, the medusa. The serpents seem angrier and more ferocious than with most medusa drawings. Medusa Tattoo Designs

7. Sleeping Medusa Hand

If she were to take naps then this is what the powerful medusa would look like in that docile state. We know better than to wake her and face her wrath. Even the snakes seem calmer and you do not want to stir trouble. This medusa tattoo design makes a good unisex pick for the best medusa tattoo to ink on hand. The shading is beautiful and renders the images in a 3D fashion. Medusa Tattoo Designs

8. Hand Medusa Tattoo For Men

This is a darer version of the medusa tattoo with a serious level of shading giving it a heavier presence on the hand and a masculine allure. Though medusa tattoos are predominantly feminine tattoos, this shows how the same designs can be adopted for the male audience. The picture perfect image takes a maestro to pull off so there is that or you could use a temporary sticker. Medusa Tattoo Designs

9. Upper Sleeve Medusa

The face for that medusa is calm but the snakes seem very angry. Perhaps this is reminiscent of the fighting and ferocious nature of the inner person of the wearer. This is a warning for people who like to stir trouble to stay away from this individual. The simple color scheme with intricate shading gives this tattoo awesome details and beauty. Medusa Tattoo Designs

10. Medusa Sleeve Tattoo Design For Women

This legend with snakes for hair is surely gorgeous and has this feminine vibe to her that makes this an appropriate tattoo for women enthusiasts. The snakes are a symbol of rebirth and fertility and also carry that feminine theme as well. The sleeve design is picture perfect and even adds a twist of color for the eyes. It’s a beautiful and badass tattoo depending on who you ask. Her cold stare is something no one wants to maintain eye contact with. Medusa Tattoo Designs

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Meaningful Tattoo Designs

We all need inspiration and motivation as we move along down the path life has laid out for us. Whether or not you believe in karma, there seems to be days when everything seems haywire and those are the ones when you need someone or something that reassures. There are days when you just want to give in to the pressure and forget the course. When you understand that this happens to everyone and not just you then you will channel all your energy to positive vibes and self-motivation towards your success. A meaningful tattoo is also a daily and permanent reminder of where you have been or where you would like to be. You have it on during your most reflective moments and when you are alone all by yourself. Such ink could help you get through the worst of days and even restrain you when you having a blast. It’s all a balancing act rather than sheer force and might. If you seriously doubt the ability of a tattoo to change your life forever then you should check out the semicolon project. It is responsible for impacting millions of lives and a billion more indirectly all because a bunch of people believed in the power of ink on skin. A meaningful tattoo is one that focuses on your personality and runs deeper than the surface aesthetics and first impression. If you are an extrovert then you might want to get a flashy colorful tattoo while some introverts prefer something subtle and private. The most important part is what the tattoo reminds you of and what it means for you. In this age of wonder when tattoos are more tolerable in work places including the army, it is prudent for every person looking for a totem subject to consider something that makes then want to self-improve. If you are an overly explicit person then you will love meaningful tattoos. We hope you understand the space constraints in this post because in the end you will choose a tattoo that relates to you or some event in your life. Just the same, we exist to guide you in the right direction. Here is our list of top meaningful tattoos just for you.

1. Minimal Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus flower had to top the list of meaningful tattoo seeing as it is one of them of the most revered symbolic flower s after roses. A simple line and some constructions for the petals in neat lines match the perfection of the lotus flower. Despite growing in muddy waters the flower is the most spotless and perfect you have ever seen. The Flower even submerges into the pond water for the night only to re-emerge the following morning looking glorious. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

2. Aries Arrow Tattoo

In second place we have this amazing arrow tattoo incorporating the Aries sign, a heart and some leaves. The Aries is the V-shaped symbol with curled tips like the two horns of a ram. If this is your Zodiac sign then you should get this arrow to help you find love and happiness by bringing focus into your life. Astrological signs make the most accepted meaningful tattoos for both men and women. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

3. Quote Tattoo On Heel

This typewritten quote on ankle says “I don’t care”. It is a simple quote but can have an overbearing meaning about one’s choices and lifestyle. If this is how you feel about a lot of things surrounding you then it makes sense to bear this message. If you are planning on getting this permanently then you need to be sure you want to have this for a long time to come in case you change your attitude. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

4. Tiny Inner Arm Tattoo For Women

When you are just getting started with your tattoo then the best approach is to choose something small and meaningful to you. It is prudent to bear in mind how difficult a removal can be. Fortunately you have this cute and small women tattoo that you are not likely to regret having at all. You also have an endless choice of placement and the calligraphy can always be customized to your needs. IN this piece you find a fun and meaningful small tattoo and that is priceless. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

5. Unique Construction Tattoo

This piece is quite unusual in its construction and outlook. It comprises of simple geometric shapes. A unique piece like this one is quite the mouthful to decipher for anyone who does not have a master’s degree in tattoo meanings. Just the same, it is easy to see why everyone looking at this image gets curious about the beautiful design and the work that went into it. If you are thinking about leg placement then you should totally consider it as well. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

6. Small Beach Sunset Tattoo Design

Beach sunsets and sunrises are awesome for those of us who enjoy coastal living. This simple illustration reminds of the rising or setting sun as perceived from the beach. It’s rather simple but still manages to deliver quite the punch in impressions and meaning. Surprisingly it has depth and can be understood pretty easily for a tattoo that is done by only a few short lines and shading. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

7. Small Virgo Tattoo Design

Anyone into astrology will love this small and chic minimalistic tattoo comprising a bold Virgo sign and a tiny heart. The Virgo sign has been derived from ancient Greek mythologies where it stood for innocence and purity. Some people prefer to include this sign in other tattoos but it does pretty well as a standalone as evident here. The tiny heart does add the word love to the tattoo design making it about pure or innocent love. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

8. Dad Plus Mom Tattoo

Wondering what tattoo to get and not get mom or dad to kill you? Well, here you have a solution to the mom and dad problem. If you add mom to dad you should arrive at a Monday and Tuesday. You probably need to check with them first if you are not of legal age but this should be easy and laughable tattoo to have for always. At least it can have your own personalized solution and meaning and it is obviously non-gang related so mom and dad won’t be losing any sleep over it. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

9. Peace Emoji Tattoo

Whether you want signify a new era of peace or you want to stay positive and find solace even where there is none, we have you covered for tiny wrist ink. This common symbol denotes peace. Other than the universal meaning the tattoo is a good candidate for tiny tattoos with meaning and the wrist placement gives it that much more viewership. The fingers on this hand tattoo are pointy which signifies a witches’ hand and adds an interesting twist to the piece. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

10. Two Ghosts In A Photo Cool Tattoo Idea

What are the odds of capturing two ghosts in one shot? Well, here you have a chance to do so with this cool and elaborate tattoo idea for men. It is thoughtful and sexy with the pointy fingernails and intense black shading. The dot work is also on a high level of precision and detailing. Ghosts are supposed to have no feet or something. Get this piece done if you are really out here for something out of the ordinary but still meaningful. Meaningful Tattoos Designs

by EAL Care
Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

When people think about getting their first tattoo they think the chest, for men, the shoulder, back and arms but rarely about leg placement. It is understandable because we have traditionally have had more ink flowing over these flat surfaces and as social animals its monkey see monkey do. But a small group of enthusiasts take their chances with leg tattoos and are rewarded for it. While we are at it, human anatomy will reassure you that the legs have a much wider surface area compared to other parts even though it is not obvious. The leg has the thigh, knees, calf and the shin. Some people even have a tat traversing the leg and the ankle. Contemporary tattoo enthusiasts and artists have been finding more use for leg canvas thanks to the discovery that they are some of the sexiest inks ever. The thighs are the more spacious of the leg anatomy and it extends up to the pelvis. Tattoos that go here are usually more intimate and private and mostly only girls will have these. They may offer more canvas but they have low visibility to them as well. There is less of hip movement compared to the lower parts of the leg which means that even if you wear shot pants, your ink does not catch more eyes. In the mid-section you have the knee which is incredibly painful thanks to skin stretched out thin over the knee caps not to mention the recovery process is such a pain. If you are not a pain enthusiast, one of those “the pain makes me feel alive” kinds of people, we do not recommend that you get drilled on the front, sides or back of knees. On the lower parts you have the calf and the heel. The calf is the optimal space to express your art with ample space and the least agony. We are not suggesting that everyone should get a calf tattoo. Everyone is different under the needle but it is nice to test your pain levels before you know what you can bear. In the end of the recovery process, it is the design you choose that will make you proud not the amount of pain you had to endure, that fades quickly.  Here are some designs you might love!

1. Tree Tattoo On Leg

The tree is the universal symbol of immortality, eternity, knowledge and wisdom. Other themes surrounding tree symbolism are protection, abundance and growth. Heck trees are a symbol of forgiveness, family and salvation. This tree tattoo has roots, stem branches and leaves and all that can be a symbol on their own merit. What is important is that this tattoo looks extremely gorgeous on this location and can look just as good on the back or chest. Leg Tattoo Designs

2. Filipino Calf Tattoo

In second place we have this stunningly intricate tribal Philippine tattoo with the most bold and beautiful design you have ever seen. The design is ergonomic to the leg curves and seems unreal or angelic if you may. The intense detailing makes it a sophisticated piece to pursue and only the bravest of enthusiast will take this much needle for the motherland. It is one of those cute tattoos that looks really great on the calf but could also work wonders on the arm. Leg Tattoo Designs

3. Sunflower Tattoo Watercolor Tattoo

The sunflower tattoo is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and general wellness. The warm and inviting nature of the flower does not need an explanation as it inspires an uplifting mood all the time. The yellow in the flower is associated with vitality and intelligence according to the Chinese and other cultures around the world. It is also thought to bring good luck and prolong life for the wearer. Leg Tattoo Designs

4. Goggles

This is a simplistic less eye-catching glasses design for men in a more private placement. The lightning bolt sign forms what would be the nose if it were a tattoo of a face. Glasses are a quiet private message and reminder of the time when you began to see things more clearly or in under a different light. This may not be the most glamorous pair of glasses to ink but they carry the more important message. Leg Tattoo Designs

5. Cycling Tour De France Tattoo

If you are feeling ready for the tour de France tattoo then you are no doubt a cyclist, a fan of the sport and general enthusiast. This is one unique and emotionally charged ink which acts as your permanent banner for the event that you enjoy the most. There is no secret that cycling tattoos are growing in popularity thanks to the growing interest in the sport among guys. Girls too can get this cute tattoo on the leg or other placement. Leg Tattoo Designs

6. Skeleton Calf Tattoo For Men

Check out this simple skull sketch tattoo for men with bony structure and covering the calf and heel. It pushes the boundary for what a sketch tattoo on leg can be. The many strokes used to sketch this are a pain to bear but surely this also makes it that much more of an art. It enhances the muscular form of the leg from the calf to shin and quadriceps. Leg Tattoo Designs

7. Floral Leg Tattoo For Women

Leg tattoos draw attention to, well, the legs! When they do, you want to make sure that you audience enjoy what they are seeing. This colorful floral design is enviable in all aspects. The use of colors is subtly seductive and also bold. It accents her skin color and adds to the beauty in her leg. This placement is slightly more private than other placements as it is still concealable with some dress modes. Leg Tattoo Designs

8. Tiny Crown Tattoo No Leg

This tiny crown tattoo is one fun way to say king or queen without having to write it down on skin. This branding tattoo makes more fashion sense and looks way cooler than with text. Talk about minimalism and driving the message home effortlessly in a stylish tattoo. Tiny as it may be it gets the job done and to perfection for that matter. If you love this tiny tattoo then you are not alone, you can accept it for its aesthetic value. Leg Tattoo Designs

9. Half Joker Half Wizard Leg Tattoo Design

What if the joker character also turned half- wizard? This tattoo is an interesting twist to the joker tattoo series with an evil grin and a split face. This is one is frankly more about fear factor and making the hairs at the back of their heads stand up. If you are looking for a surprise tattoo that is outside the ordinary and slightly gory then this is the best pick for a calf tattoo on this list. Leg Tattoo Designs

10. Dog and Owner Tattoo

If you love dogs or one particular dog so much so that you would like a tattoo with him then you realize you have to get both on your skin not his. This might as well be the most beautiful dog tattoo ever created. A dog’s love and loyalty to its owner is a lifetime affair and the permanence of a tattoo is a worthy representation of this fact. This dog tattoo is minimalistic and not as colorful as other tattoos out there but it is equally impactful and even more durable. Leg Tattoo Designs

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Joker Tattoo Designs

The joker character is perhaps the most iconic villain in the world of comic films and it is no wonder that the image is carried on by the tattoo art world. Some joker tattoos are quite provocative and bring on that Halloween mood instantly. But further than just the villain lifestyle, there are perhaps slight positive aspects of joker tattoo you didn’t even consider before. There are also actual people behind the character who have played the role on screen and their fans tend to prefer joker tattoos. One of them is Heath Ledger even though the Mark Hamill’s interpretation of the animated DC universe is also one of the well-known instances of joker. Joker is almost synonymous with that painted clown like face especially in the tattoo world. People who feel like having this tattoo tend to go for the more creative pieces that also include a message or combination with other message tattoos. For the most part the joker image creates a rebellious nature and sinister thoughts and actions. We all know better than to trust someone with that sinister look. He is the symbol for anarchy and chaos in all its forms. But you don’t have to be an outright anarchist to enjoy a joker tattoo. On the plus side, the joker character is a liberal and cannot be controlled by anyone. Many people want to make their own rules and serve their interest. It therefore makes sense why one would want to get this iconic tattoo. Thanks to the hype around the series of film, a culture of crazed fans have erupted making a joker tattoo the next cool tattoo. The deeper cult praised Joker as heroes of some sort like say Avengers or batman. Placement for joker tattoo is a hot subject of debate. Most people have them on the arms as full and half sleeves. Arm placements are ample for the sizing of the face tattoo and also offer the most visibility for the ink thanks to natural movements. Joker tattoos can also be had on nearly every surface just as long as your artist is actually up to it. If you too want to immortalize the sinister character there is no better way to do so than with a comically charged ink of the famous face. You can choose from a range of faces with some having spectacular green hair and pale clown face. In this post we show you some 10 joker tattoos you should consider for your next ink.

1. Pencil Sketch Joker Tattoo On Forearm

Our first item on the joker tattoo list has great impact for the first time visuals and also looks pretty good to keep for like forever. It is simple sketch of the joker face just as if someone gave the description for a police investigation. There is that mischievous smile and the folds on his face and the expression that he has some evil trick up his sleeve. Joker Tattoo Designs

2. Half-Joker Face With Bats

This watercolor piece features also some interesting black work with bats completing the joker tattoo. The grin is almost infectious but again you know that the joker is up to no good and so you won’t let him fool you. This tattoo has those eyes on your back effect so people remain wary of staring or talking behind your back and specifically your bare back. Bats are a further step into the creepiness and help complete the deliberately incomplete face. Joker Tattoo Designs

3. Sketchy Joker Tattoo

This Joker is yet another pencil sketch with neat features and a lesser grin but no eyes. This piece makes a good back tattoo for the ladies and can be suited for men as well. You know better than to let the coat and tie fool you because this sinister killer is always up to no good. This is a conversation piece that will start much conversation as long as you want it to. Joker Tattoo Designs

4. Monochromatic Forearm Tattoo Design

This black work is a smaller version of the joker sketch this time on woman’s forearm. This time the image is done by print with dotting online and the not so funny quote. Anyone wearing a long face will feel uneasy whenever you walk in the room flaunting this tattoo. Negative images rely on contrast between the crisp black ink and Caucasian skin. If you like this design you have to commit time and put up with the intense heat of the shading. Joker Tattoo Designs

5. Laughing Joker Chest Tattoo For Men

The famous joker laugh is perhaps as important to capture in a joker tattoo as is the day job with cards. This tattoo is literary on fire with cards and the joker face and some mad lettering for the laughter. If this does not break the fear factor meter then it is unlikely that you will be sacred by any other tattoos. It’s a chest tattoo and the artist makes good effects to fade off the intense ink so that the image looks natural. Joker Tattoo Designs

6. Detailed Joker Tattoo On The Ribs

How about getting a joker tattoo on the side? This tattoo features the joker character wearing hits clown face and looking somewhat bored. We all know that this spells trouble when the joker is bored. The detailing on this piece is quite interesting and especially the shading and articulation of the colors. This image actually looks quite realistic and will require a truly skilled artist to pull it off. Joker Tattoo Designs

7. Lower Sleeve

Next we have another scary joker face on the lower sleeve of a man’s arm. There is also a batman tattoo in there somewhere but we are focusing on the joker for now. That said, this is a great combination of fictional characters for a sleeve tattoo. The face of the joker is elongated and that make it even scarier. The pointy nose and weird eyebrows are pretty convincing. Joker Tattoo Designs

8. Calf Joker Tattoo

The calf is one awesome placement for a joker tattoo. You can flaunt your tattoo whenever you like and also conceal it without breaking a sweat or dress code. The clown on the other leg makes a good crime partner for your joker leg and you can tell they are both in on it. A joker tattoo with this placement is fashionable and adds to aesthetics for certain occasions. Joker Tattoo Designs

9. Awesome Joker On Thigh Tattoo

Knock knock! Who’s there? Joker! Joker who? Here is another graffiti joker tattoo with majority black work and shading and splashes of color. The eyes are excellent for this design and the dangling cigarette is also an original idea. Point a gun to his head with his right hand looks becoming for the joker character. Thigh placement is excellent for this tattoo as it makes it that much more intimate. Joker Tattoo Designs

10. Watercolor Joker Tattoo

If you want a watercolor tattoo for your joker face then this joker with city background is the best inspiration for your ink. The smoke and tears are the unique twist to this tat other than the upside down city background. Watercolor designs are deliberately fuzzy and dreamy which goes well with the theme of this fictional character. Joker Tattoo Designs

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Japanese Tattoo Designs

When we touch on Japanese tattoos we have to recognize that it is perhaps the most famous oriental tattoo cultures the world. In Japanese the tattoo culture is called as Irezumi and has roots from back in 10000 BCX. Over the millennia, the place of tattoos in the oriental nation has been varying and most recently on the downturn due to adoption of tattoo styles by gangs and organized criminal cells. Unfortunately the most gifted artist has gone underground tattooing for the black-market thanks to the pressure from the government. Getting some tattoos will require huge risks as, they are not mainstream and people who specialize in them have to be secretive about it. Fortunately there is a large array of tattoos to select from without having to interact with dangerous gang members. There are tattoo artists based in western cities like New York and LA who can deliver the same awe inspiring and emotionally charged ink for less hassle. Flowers and dragons are some of the most famous elements of Japanese ink culture. Flowers can stand in for so many themes ranging from good fortune and happiness to the sad acceptance of loss through death. Dragons too are mythical creatures which can take on the form and characteristics of their environment and can be good or evil. Now you are able to appreciate how solid the tradition of motivational and spiritual ink has been for the Japanese. You might want to check out these inspirations mythical, floral and other forms of artistic expression that you can use to look glam. The imagery ranges from abstract and somewhat strange monsters to vivid true to life floral designs. This style will be easy to spot in the future once you take a look at our full spectrum of the different kinds. Enjoy!

1. Koi Fish Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo Designs We kick off with one of the most popular Japanese totem ideas, the Koi fish. The fish is known to possess strength, prosperity and determination. It is also a symbol of independence and good fortunes. The fish itself is small and humble, but the Japanese people revere the creature because of its perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. It is also one of the most romantic and intricately patterned colorful tattoos you can choose from Japanese cultures.

2. Daruma Doll Tattoo Design

Japanese Tattoo Designs A Daruma doll is a sacred object in Buddhism that comprises of a hollow rounded doll that is made to look like one Bodhidharma the founder of the Zen tradition of Buddhism. The dolls may vary in color and other details due to artist and from region to region but they always depict the likeness of a bearded man, Bodhidharma. The dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good fortune. They are therefore giving out as gifts for encouragement and best wishes. It is all the more reason to get the doll inked as a good luck charm and to bring success. The one eye suggests that a breakthrough is yet imminent.

3. Sleeve Japanese Flora Tattoo Design

Japanese Tattoo Designs Another aspect to love about Japanese traditional tattooing is the use of floral designs. Lotus and peonies are some of the motivational flowers adapted for these sleeve designs. Artists vary the flowers from abstract pieces to true to life designs. When you are after intense body modifications then Japanese is the right category to look for some horticulture and landscaping. Carnations, chrysanthemum and cherry blossoms are some of the most popular flowers used in this style to create some impressive artistic depth.

4. Hour-Glass Floral Design

Japanese Tattoo Designs If you are looking for a universally meaningful tattoo with a touch of oriental Japanese ink the hourglass is the perfect hit. A clock and hour glass universally mean time and the passage it. This in turn alludes to the impermanence of life and the passage of the same. Our time here on earth is perhaps the most important thing we have and the most valuable commodity we own. The way we spend our hours is the difference between success and failure.

5. Geisha Girl With Sword

Japanese Tattoo Designs In Kyoto and other regions of japan there is an old tradition for women entertainers who are highly trained in music, art, dance and plays to entertain guest. The geishas are supposed to be refined, beautiful and confident in a way that makes then seem attractive and unattainable. The Geisha tattoo with sword therefore stands for intriguing feminine power and mystery. She is refined and hidden from society making her untouchable and unattainable. She is the living embodiment of aspirations, desire and ambitions.

6. Dragon Sleeve Irezumi

Japanese Tattoo Designs The Japanese dragon also known as Ryu is the most recognized creature in Japanese iconography and as far as tattoo go. The creatures are revered as a symbol of blessing, wisdom and profound strength. The dragon is able to manipulate the elements to the benefit of believers and the same should go for tattoo enthusiasts. Dragons are a popular totem because they can take on many characteristics of various creatures. The true nature of a dragon, whether good or bad, depends on the animals that it encounters along the way.

7. Japanese Succubus Demon Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo Designs In truth, many Japanese tattoos are about good and evil and some are downright demonic. On the other hand this two layer mask tattoo is supposed to protect from the humanoid demon. The succubus demons are supposed to be seductive and enchantress so that they interfere with good health and mental wellness. Luckily, this charming ink will guard against their evil tricks.

8. Japanese Traditional Colorful Monster, Fujin

Japanese Tattoo Designs His mythological world of irezumi is one of the most interesting creative tattoo cultures around the world. Not notably is the use of those bright colors and illustration of gorgeous, terrifying and always mystifying creatures. This demon like creature is known as Fujin and is the Japanese deity of the wing. The deity has powers to alter air currents and his skin glows blue. People who dislike Fujin will love his rival brother Raijin who the god of lightning and thunder.

9. Traditional Warrior Toad Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo Designs In traditional Japanese beliefs there are those who believed that the frog is the all-powerful god of rainfall and ensurer of good harvest. As such the toad with a sword was heralded as the holder of good fortune, prosperity and lifelong abundance. This makes a frog tattoo the perfect totem animal for people looking to have a bumper harvest. Regardless of your trade, it makes sense if you crave a warrior frog with magical powers to make your super rich.

10. Daruma Doll Tattoo Sleeve

Japanese Tattoo Designs The daruma doll is an interesting object in real life and more so as a tattoo subject. Found tucked in many Japanese homes the red dolls with one eye stare down fiercely and with determination. Two or one of the eyes are intentionally left blank by the creators to allow the user to personally draw in the pupils and irises. The process entails having a dream or goal, purchasing a Darum doll and painting in one eye and then later painting in the second eye if and only if the goal was achieved. Clearly, this person is still working on their dream.

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Family Tattoo Designs

Family really is everything that matters in all of our lives. It is they that are the closest to you in your earliest days and the moments before you leave this earth. No one wants to be alone during these landmark events their lives. If you are looking for an acceptable and meaningful family tattoo images then you have come to the right blog. These ten top family tattoos are packed with emotion and love for the deeper connection that you have with your skin. So if family always comes first for you, then you should consider having one of these stunning works of art. You can choose them for their aesthetics but you should also remember that they will be judged for their meaning. It is not enough to get an awesome looking tattoo but to get it with someone who is family to you. Save your “I love you” for another occasion, right now could be the time to etch permanently on skin that you are family, because family is forever. Family is real, and so tattoos representing the family tend to be packed with realism. It is seldom a lettering tattoo and totem animals are frequently used. A herd of elephants with two adults and calves is a typical example of a good family tattoo. The meaning of family themed tattoo styles is pretty obvious but it could be a biological family or another association. The interpretation could also vary depending on the person wearing it and their relationship with their family. It signifies closeness with both the living and the dead and only people that are considered family. Men also have the chance to show their softer side with family tattoo though it used to be a predominantly female tattoo genre.

1. Elephant Family

Family Tattoo Designs This back tattoo is the sketch of the elephant family in the wild. There are three siblings and two parents. The two adults stand on both side and the calves in the middle perhaps to ward off any imminent danger. This elephant family is a model for the ideal human family and has deeper meaning for the wearer. If you feel like your family deserves a bigger canvas than a wrist tattoo or something, this should suffice.

2. Love Quadrant

Family Tattoo Designs If you are feeling like revisiting some phasor diagrams or the unit circle in math then you can get this matching tattoo for couples with your loved one. It has the axis and one initial per quadrant then the fourth quadrant is always a heart. This is also a good pick for a family tattoo for those with two or three siblings. This is a discreet tattoo whose meaning is only the reserve of the wearer.

3. Elephant Procession

Family Tattoo Designs This forearm or leg tattoo shows a procession of elephants lead by the female and a chain of calves then at the back a giant male. Incidentally elephant’s only have one calf at a time and twins are rare making this tattoo concept slightly erratic. However, Elephants are the ideal social animal after humans. They live in large families and look after the little ones and the elderly as a team. The ability of an elder female to guide the herd to safety and pasture is amazing. These giants roam the forests and never forget a path they once took.

4. Child With Balloons

Family Tattoo Designs The formative age of a child’s life is the most influential on their character as adults. This image is a watercolor tattoo with a burst of color and depicting a little girl tagging along her balloons and butterfly kites. A closer look reveals that the girl also has a rose on the other hand and is wearing her mom’s shoes which are a bit too big for her. This signifies how a daughter has to be like her mom and those are surely big shoes to fill.

5. Mother With Daughters

Family Tattoo Designs This next piece shows a mother, two daughters and a little dog sitting on an imaginary bench made of lettering. Nothing compares to the delicate relationship a mother’s has with her daughters. It is one of friendship, love and understanding but also not always the ideal case scenario. To celebrate your mom or daughters, it would make her proud to get this for a matching tattoo. A little change to include or exclude one sister would be nice too.

6. Family Chest Photo

Family Tattoo Designs This majestic huge chest tattoo is a picture of a family at the beach. Birds’ are flying the horizon and the evening sun shines. It has such realistic allures that you cease to think of it as a tattoo for a moment. The real task is finding an artist who can pull this off for real without having to use the stickers for fake tattoos. The shading is very delicate and considerate of the body contour making the image rest naturally against the man’s chest.

7. Family and Home

Family Tattoo Designs Mom and Dad are the pillars of the family and shield the children from the hazards of the world around then while providing for them. This shadow image shows a man, woman figures with hands stretched out in a clever way to make a roof over two smaller figures presumably a little girl and her elder brother. This symbolizes the way parents provide shelter and protection for their children. This is more than just a tattoo but also a photography idea you can borrow for your next photo op. but if you do decide to etch on your skin then it’s even more awesome as a tattoo.

8. Family With Birds Tattoo

Family Tattoo Designs This tattoo is family with four birds flying off. It says what it is all about and then adds a symbol as old as time, birds signifying freedom and pursuit of something greater and better. Birds fly at high potential and are envied by all creatures without capability for flight. These creatures represent the pursuit of happiness and walking the walk to reach freedom and independence. If your family is your wings to fly then this is the appropriate family tattoo that says just that.

9. Mom and Dad Beach Tattoo

Family Tattoo Designs If you have early memories of mom and dad on days out on the beach then you should not let that perfect memory fade away just like that. Get it inked in permanent ink so you will not allow it to slip away from you what a wonderful childhood your parent afforded you. The goal is to pay it forward to your children because there is nothing that can measure the love you have for your offspring than actual time spent with them.

10. Mama Bear Tattoo

Family Tattoo Designs What’s more endearing than a mother’s love? Toddlers can feel the love of a mother from the first embrace after birth. It must be so throughout the animal kingdom as this mama bear seems to curdle her little one. This tattoo says it all that family is the most important thing and the only thing after all. Further, a mother’s love is the best and unwavering for they comforted you when you were most vulnerable and afraid.


Family Tattoo Design Ideas

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Arrows are a significant weapon of choice and also a symbolic item for tattoos that is both admirable and meaningful.  Rookies and die-hard tattoo enthusiasts alike continue to crave the sharp focus of an arrow tattoo. Arrows are a mathematical symbol for force and direction and vector quantities and that does impact some arrow design options as well as possible interpretations. Much else of, the meanings that can be derived from arrow tattoos owes to the warrior cultures around the world back in a time when the arrow was the fastest projectile flying across battle fields.

Others consider arrows hunting weapons and a symbol of the hunting and gathering heritage. The reason the arrow is so popular in mainstream logos around the globe is that a single arrow could stand for protection. A bundle of arrows shows the strength in a group so long as they are all oriented the same direction. Crossing arrows indicate togetherness while pointing against each other could be an indication of conflict.

Arrows with diamond or going through diamonds represent a person’s will and determination to go through hardship. These arrows are a true expression of personal refinement and determination. To be precise, there is a number of symbolic meanings that can be derived for each type of arrow design and an individual interpretation for each wearer.

The simple sophistication of an arrow design and the fact that they have been in use for thousands of years makes then as dear as a tattoo idea. They make very meaningful and distinguished choices for a first time tattoo and the tenth ink as well. The beauty of getting an arrow is the clarity of the image and it does not take that long on average to complete an arrow tattoo.

Elements to tweak about the arrow tattoo are the feathers behind, the body and the arrowheads. This offers styling choices which can have an impact on the looks and meaning of the arrows. Another styling option is to use arrows as background piece of a design.

The best arrow tattoo for you really depends on you and your preferences. Here we have collected some of the awe inspiring arrow ideas that will free your spirit and focus your energy on your goals.

1. Arrow Fingers

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Each and every finger on this hand has a different arrow design. Way to go for the love of arrow tattoo designs. Many people feel that arrows represent love, power, strength and a good sense of direction. Your fingers will always reminding you not have a reverse gear and to always keep moving forward just like an arrow. Just like no hunter would take just one arrow, you too can make use of your entire arsenal to better your life and circumstances.

2. Feathered Arrow Design

Arrow Tattoo Designs

While arrows are a sign of force, direction and conveyance of movement, they are also a spiritual object according to ancient tradition. A left pointing arrow meant to keep evil at bay while an arrow pointing down meant peace. This particular arrow tattoo points down in the upright position and therefore is meant to find peace. The feather tail of the arrow makes it a stronger spiritual relic and lighter.

3. Parallel Arrows On Leg

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Arrow tattoos are often a traditional relic and great cultural significance among the peoples of the world. Today we have might gun powder but arrows are still the same if not a bigger symbol of strength and determination to find your way. Arrows are also used to mark personal achievements and accomplishments in the pursuit of one’s freedom and happiness. Arrow tattoos therefore make sense on the leg as it is the stronger part of the body that also carries us where we want to go.

4. Outer Forearm Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo Designs

At fourth place and not that we are ranking is the unique dark arrow design that has a mathematical articulation to it. Every bit of the tattoo feels calculated and useful in the efficacy of the instrument or weapon to be precise. There are some unusual features of the arrow that take after mathematical symbols but nothing that is out of agreement with an arrow’s design.

5. Beautiful Compass Arrow Design For Girls

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This arrow design is distinctive and gorgeous from a distance seeing as it is large and skillfully executed. The piece is a compass and arrow combinations and has somewhat of symmetry to it with only slight imbalances. It is like this ornamental arrow design that is supposed to be decorative rather than the weapon you fire first. This piece could look just as good on a man’s arm.

6. Gorgeous Colored Bow And Arrow Designs

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Check out this gorgeous matching arrow and bow tattoo ideas with half-moons as target. The tattoos are colorful and beautiful making them girly. The specific inks used for this piece are oriental and some of the latest and most vibrant entrants of the mainstream tattoo scene. When properly done this could easily last a lifetime without the need for a retouch.

7. Simple Arrow Pair Designs

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This next piece is a curious selection of two parallel arrows one larger than the other and bulky while the other is smaller lighter and faster. Perhaps this is an indication of how we slow down when we let the troubles and burdens of this life bug us down. The smaller faster arrow could be the spirit while the lagging arrow could be the body and this is yet another case of the spirit wills but the body refuses.

8. Forearm Compass And Arrow Design For Men

Arrow Tattoo Designs

A compass and arrow tattoo is like underlining the same message, focus and direction towards your goals and aspirations. While a compass find true north the arrow is the precision device that takes your fight the enemies doorstep and also a tattoo that makes you never forget who you are and where your from and even more importantly where you are going. Defense and guidance, that’s the meaning of a compass and arrow tattoo such as this.

9. Watercolor Tribal Arrow Designs

Arrow Tattoo Designs

For a watercolor arrow tattoo you have this awesome tribal inspiration for an arrow design with glamorous features. From the feathers to the whiskers and bead work near the front of the thing, you feel the touch of ancient magic and divination on this arrow. Here is an arrow that can point you in the direction of home and your traditional root. Are you going to take it or let is swoop by? That’s up to you.

10. Parallel Arrows Design

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This last one is a collection of different arrow designs like they all assembled for a group photo. Each arrow is different and this could be a representation of the different goals and ambitions one might have in this life. We are allowed to have many goals and still be considered as being focused right? So instead of having only one arrow why not have the entourage effect of having a pack of them.

by EAL Care

Ankle tattoos have been here forever and are growing ever more popular than ever thanks to the silent awakening to their beauty and noticeable presence. The placement and natural walking motion give life to each ankle tattoo not to mention the smaller sizing of the mainstream tattoos looks way cooler than the larger more detailed pieces. Ankles are a graceful way to show or conceal your precious inks and more so for the female enthusiasts. Ladies have a wider choice of ankle and leg tattoos compared to their male counterparts. There has been a recent trend where celebrities and some of the most influential women to have ankle tattoos. This has been the major push behind the social change towards acceptance of tattoos. If you are going with an ankle tattoo for your first or next ink then it is also inevitable that you will want to choose your art wisely. Luckily the ankle tattoo gives a whole new world of color and an array of important meanings. Many ankle tattoos are typical by design and style but their true meaning is special to the individuals who choose to have them. As far as looks go, the following ankle tattoos will give you the sexy edge that many women want in a tattoo today. It is no longer a women affair to have ankle tattoo. Man caves are also increasingly popularizing discreet and small symbolic ankle tattoos showing off sensibility and masculinity in the modern man. For men wear, the ankle tattoos are more private and easier to conceal for work related purposes. On some occasions, for the modern man to show off some ankle ink is considered fashionable unlike before. You just have to get rid of the stuffy socks and pants that go all the way down. You can now get a bold ankle tattoo that you can show off to all your friends and acquaintances. The beauty of it is that it is somewhat unexpected and the small images pack quite the visual punch. Here are some ideas you want to run with.

1. Floral Ankle Tattoo

How about an aesthetic floral ankle tattoo as an accessory on your skin for the rest of your life? Are you in or out? This Floral tattoo is that much more than just beautiful. It speaks to fertility, fruitfulness and growth. This design is particular about the dotting and other details making it unique and priceless for the artist. They used only pure black ink but so many design options. This design is feminine as are most ankle tattoos. Ankle Tattoo Designs

2. Mountain Tattoo Design

Travellers and globe trotters and maybe if you love mountain climbing can get this nature tattoo of a volcanic mountain with several peaks. Mountain ranges are attractive and thoughtful though somewhat unusual tattoo subject. Perhaps then the element of surprise is the best thing about this ankle tattoo. The universal meaning of mountain tattoos is the love for nature and travel. There are many placements for mountain range tattoos but for this size of the piece the ankle makes the most sense. Ankle Tattoo Designs

3. Vines Ankle Bracelet

If you totally love vines as tattoos and you want it on your ankle then you should double down and get this ankle bracelet tattoo. You are thinking cute, tiny and floral and that is what you get with this popular trend. The Hibiscus flower tattoo is that beautiful and has deep meanings such as glory and fame. Flowers are youthful and delicate and have lives comparable to those of humans and women in particular. Ankle Tattoo Designs

4. Snake Tattoo

Here is a cute red snake tattoo with a floral design. Snakes are meaningful and symbolic tattoo animals and when combined with flowers they inspire awe and passion in snake tattoo enthusiasts. This ankle tattoo is suitable for women and although it does not impact a large skin area, it looks good. It is a great design because you can customize it to your liking and it will still look great and effortless. Ankle Tattoo Designs

5. Simple Branch

For a better aesthetic value on ankle tattoos, you need to choose a simpler design. This tiny vine with leaves is an example of that. It represents fertility and self-providence as well as growth. Most importantly it looks like perfection on that ankle and draws the most attention only when you want it to. Yes, the cutest ankle tattoos for women are also the simple ones and ones that may cost less. The important thing is that you get something you like inked. Ankle Tattoo Designs

6. Small Black Snake

Snake tattoos are some of the most controversial but also most provocative animal tattoos ever. For some, snakes are a special animal symbolizing transformation and rebirth because a snake that cannot shed its skin will die. For others though, the reptile is a symbol of evil and the devil. Notwithstanding, this particular ankle tattoo is gorgeous thanks to the simple design and crisp black lines. It is slightly higher making it somewhat concealable. Ankle Tattoo Designs

7. Simple Design For Ankle Tattoo

This here is a simple pine cone design for your ankle tattoo. You can even come up with your own ankle tattoo design and this piece is a good example of that. You must already love the way this design gracefully fits this ankle and creates a unique visual impression. It is just a socially acceptable DIY design that may not have a whole horde of meanings construed to it but is indisputably gorgeous. Ankle Tattoo Designs

8. Sun And Half-Moon Smiley Tattoo

This tiny smiley tattoos is a three in one piece with a smile, the sun and moon. Small and meaningful tattoos such as this are the most effective for visual impact especially with ankle placement. People only glance once or twice at your ankle tattoos and keeping its simple stupid makes a good impression. It is another good pick for beginners because it involves tiny amounts of ink and impacts even less skin area. Ankle Tattoo Designs

9. Feather Tattoo For Ankle

Feathers are light and dreamy making them the perfect tattoo subject for those of us who dare to dream. Birds have wings to carry them to freedom while we have our feet. A feather tattoo represents lightness of heart and spirit or free-spiritedness. It often alludes to celestial beings and generally represents higher thinking and greater potential. IF you want your guardian angel or wings to fly to your dreams then this feather tattoo will do it for your motivation. Ankle Tattoo Designs

10. Flower Wrap Anklet

Women love their flower tattoos but not many designs come nearly as beautiful as this anklet. For a black only piece, is masterfully executed to give the best visual impression and priceless beauty. The interchange of flower petals and leaves which are shaded boldly creates a sharp contrast with the skin making the visual appeal. This tattoo will likely enjoy good healing and last longer than the average floral tattoo thanks to the all-black work. Ankle Tattoo Designs


Ankle Tattoo Design Ideas

by EAL Care
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