10 Unique and Beautiful Sun Tattoo Designs

Sun Tattoo Designs

The sun is the primary source of energy for our planet and from a whopping 92.6 million miles away, it is still the mother of all life on earth and possibly the plane itself. Since the dawn of time, we have pondered as a species over the cosmos. There was a time we thought for selfish reasons that the earth was the center of the universe. Today, we understand full well that the sun is only one of hundred thousand million stars in our Milky Way galaxy alone and there are millions and millions of galaxies out there. In that respect our sun is a tiny insignificant dot on the matrix and our earth is virtually nothing.

The sun shines through your blinders like clockwork every morning setting your biological clock rocking. So why not wear a sun tattoo that you can have in the darkest of caves and the eleventh hours when you need some source of light.
Think of how fast 300 000 kilometers per second sounds yet it takes light from the sun more than 8 minutes to reach your blinders here on earth. It takes millions of years for energy from the sun’s core to reach its blazing surface. Its mind boggling yes but that’s just about the size of it and we will shine some light (pun intended) on the styles revolving around the sun as a tattoo.

The sun has been revered as a symbol of life itself here on earth. Going back to Greek Mythology, The sun is the eye of the god Zeus. Ancient Egyptians called it the symbol of Horus, The Rising Sun’s Ra The sun’s zenith and Osiris for the setting sun. Oriental societies were not left behind as they believed the sun was a cosmic eye in the sky. Native Americans also paid homage to the sun as a healing force and guardian of the day.

So now that you finally understand what all the fuss about the sun tattoo is about then you might want to consider some inspirational pieces to whip up your own unique sun ink. If that is the case then you will love our collection of our cloud and abstract sun tattoos that stand out. So you might want to take off you sun glasses and let these brilliant ideas etch at the back of your brain.

1. Geometric Sun Tattoo Design

Sun Tattoo Designs

We start our list of top ten best sun tattoos with meaning with this cute geometric design. This is a rather unusual perspective of the sun tattoo that does not take the many forms of depiction of the sun. First off the rays coming from the circle are stylized to look more sharpened. The feminine face in the sun is also not that of any gods and what not and there are two smaller circles on the cheeks which is a curious addition. You can enjoy this tattoo for the art that it is.

2. Apollo Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs

If you are genuinely looking to get a sun tattoo with meaning then you should know about the Apollo sun tattoo. Apollo is the god of the sun who is also the Greek god of music, light, poetry and medicine. He is one of the 12 Olympian gods who live in Mount Olympus. You can tell the tattoo apart by the face in the center of the sun.

3. Orange Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs

Check out this orange sun tattoo that takes after a fireball or sunflower at the lower limit. If you were going for brighter coloring and fiery tattoo then this is the one you pick for that luminosity. It is the luminous version of the Apollo sun tattoo and is guaranteed to last longer in the sun with the crisp black lines that demarcate it.

4. Half Sun Half-Moon Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs

If you are down for a classic tattoo then this is the sun tattoo you want to pick. Sun and moon tattoos are a classic example of meaningful tattoos that are also simple and cute. This one is eye catching and attractive design with tons of meanings. It depicts the sun and half-moon in one circle as smileys which has a great bearing on our intuitions and emotions. If you are a person with lunar traits and dating someone with solar traits then you can have this as a matching tattoo for couples.

5. Cute Sun Back Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs

Here goes for a sun tattoo on the upper back. It is simple as they come but still manages unique allure and sophistication. This sun reminds of fertility and providence seeing as the sun is the mother of all life on earth. All our juice in terms of energy comes from the sun which is what helps power life itself on our planet. This is a simple tattoo that will not take that long at a shop.

6. Sun Tattoo On Female Side

Sun Tattoo Designs

This next piece is what they call a female side sun tattoo on her side like that. It would make a great couples tattoo and present nicely with a range of other placements. This clever design uses only a few ink strokes to makeover the chest completely. If you want a simply gorgeous and stunning sun tattoo then this is the simplest it will get.

7. Sun Mandala Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs

The sun is a circle, which is also the primary shape in mandala designs. It symbolizes the centered nature of the universe and the cyclic nature of life. Mandalas are all about culture and origin so it’s a way to celebrate your cultural background. In any case, mandalas are gorgeous and accent to your natural features with ease. This floral design would look good on either gender.

8. Ankle Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs

Ankle placement makes almost any tiny tattoo look that much better. It’s no exception for this tiny sun tattoo with rays radiating outwards. This sun is made unique by the glorious look of the radiation lights. The sun is as much a star as any other on the night sky and this artist was sure to capture that in their design. Simple tattoos have the greatest visual impact and often tend to be the most meaningful as well.

9. Accessory Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo Designs

This beautiful sun tattoo is a little different from the ordinary as it has these hanging accessories to add to its inherently simple beauty. The curious additions include what appear to be cardinal points and some lace designs. The dotting hanging the jewelry from the main shape makes the tattoo that much more attractive in contrast with the light shading in the rays of the sun. If you are looking for a unique and customizable sun tattoo then you are in luck.

10. Half-Moon And Sun Design

Sun Tattoo Designs

This last piece is perhaps the easiest meaningful and plainly simple sun tattoo on our list. It consists of a double line drawing of a sun mandala design with a crescent moon in its center. It looks great on her inner arm like that and would work with a dozen other placements just as well. The significance of a sun tattoo is much more than just the aesthetics but the look has also has everything to do with the choice of correct tattoo.

July 21, 2020