10 Attractive Scorpion Tattoo Design Ideas

A scorpion is a rare tattoo that has been catching on due to the masculine look of the insect and the unique attributes that express the personality of the wearer. It is often associated with danger and death or defensiveness in general. It is no wonder that many people who get scorpion tattoo then get them as a warning to predators. This little creature has evolved and adapted to the environment in the desert areas for millions of years and was here so long before we first walked the face of the earth. It has mastered its defense and survival and is one of the worst known venomous creatures.

The poison of scorpions is a symbol for the protective and defensive nature of the wearer and that they can cause harm if attacked or threatened. The creature is also best known for its back-off stance of control and power. It looks very intimidating to its enemies and hopefully never gets to use the stinger. This tattoo will let your enemies know that when push comes to shove you will defend your fort and those you love. We dare say a scorpion tattoo is more intimidating than say a lion or snake tattoo. Skull tattoos are a common ink today and frankly they hardly scare anyone anymore. The scorpion is an unexpected move and will help you send the correct message.

Scorpions are for the powerful and dominant persons and people who want to say they have deadly power. The stance and behavior of the animal also associates closely with male arousal and sexuality. It is for the ability to control and protect you. Here are some examples of scorpion tattoos that make a big difference to your appearance and self-esteem.

1. Black Scorpion On Leg

As with most other tattoos, the scorpion tattoo looks even better with ankle placement. If you are on this list of tattoos then it must be because you don’t mind letting others suspect that you are strong, defensive and can potentially be dangerous. This tattoo is not always visible with formal dress but when you do let it show it will deliver a simple message that you are not to mess around with.

2. Scorpius and Half Moon

As aforementioned, scorpion tattoos can represent male sexuality apart from being a curious and attractive symbol. People also prefer to pair the tattoo with some other symbols and images to alter the meaning. The half-moon is equally meaningful as a tattoo. This constellation Scorpius inspires awe in cosmos enthusiasts and is adventurous apart from being a zodiac sign. Scorpius is the Latin name for scorpion and there are many Greek mythologies to show to the thousands of years it has been known to exist in the sky.

3. Colored Tattoo Design For Men

This fiery masculine tattoo is our first example of a colored scorpion tattoo. The chest placement works well because the tattoo is also make to look masculine and strong. The red with shades of black produces a lifelike rendering of the image with clarity. It is for you if you are here for a bold and manly scorpion tattoo that you can choose to either show or conceal as per the occasion. If done right, you should enjoy this piece for many decades to come.

4. Simple Scorpion Tattoo

What an attractive forearm tattoo! As a rule of thumbs, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and it is no exception with scorpion tattoos. This same tattoo would look good on the shoulder or even the chest but the inner forearm placement is perfect. Simple clear lines and yet the tattoo still makes sense as only one animal. This tattoo will earn you respect among your peers and strangers sending the crystal clear message to stay away as you can be dangerous.

5. Scorpion In Space

In interstellar scorpion is a pretty amazing idea for a tattoo. It looks cute and carries the same heavy meaning and symbolism of scorpions. Stars are other space objects are always a sweet addition to any dream tattoo. It is an oxymoron the beauty and meaning of this scorpion tattoo. It is also sized for the limb placement covering more than 95% of the area on that section which gives a good impression. Just be sure to find an artist who can pull this off without changing a detail.

6. Hand Scorpion Tattoo

Then we have this bold and beautiful black scorpion tattoo on hand. It must look good on both sexes and on a horde of other placement too. The artist puts the image into perspective where the muscular components of its body are emphasized. The intricate shading throughout the body of the insect also contributes to the final sensual look of the tattoo. The hand naturally flaunts this tattoo because it moves about ordinarily grabbing attention.

7. Ankle Scorpion Tattoo

Here is another inspiration for a scorpion tattoo crawling up a leg. It looks down right sexy on the woman and also somewhat provocative. The bold black is trendy and the way the artist articulates this image with clear delimitations is an art itself. This scorpion could be for you if you are looking for an alone lifestyle scorpion tattoo and you just happen to love them on your ankle as well. Other than the placement and delivery, this tattoo is also on the upper margin of smaller scorpion tattoos making it a precious little gem.

8. Red Scorpion On Heel

The heel placement goes well for most tiny tattoos. The scorpion tattoo is no exception to this rule with its neat lines and distinctive recognizable features. This fades a little into the skin with red ink but that should be expected. Also, people have raised concerns over the longevity of a piece done in red but that usually depends on the after inking care and the choice of ink among other things. With a seldom retouch, this can last well into old age.

9. Tiny Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Fortunately, sizing down a scorpion tattoo also makes it look that much more crisp and gorgeous. It reduces the fear factor but retains the same intense meaning and symbolism. This simple hand tattoo enjoys maximum show time and is not recommendable for those whose line of work prohibits such. Many tattoo artists can achieve this look without breaking a sweat or your bank account. You can already visualize a dozen other placement for this tiny tattoo and it would still look pretty, wouldn’t it?

10. Large Upper Back Scorpion Tattoo Girl

As a girl, you too can get a bold and beautiful scorpion tattoo in the size and shade that you like. This large and impactful scorpion tattoo is unusual and a mixed surprise to find behind her which is the whole point in exploring scorpion tattoos for girls. A girl getting a scorpion tattoo is pretty common nowadays. It is not exactly floral but it is beautiful in its own way, it stands for the animal inside of her and attracts many inking enthusiasts.

July 12, 2020