10 Amazing Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

The wave is one of those tattoo subjects that will immortalize some special moments in your life. Talking about the imagery of the wave, it is the expression of capturing the moment and actually freezing the perfect moment when a wave crashes in. It means that you are longing to sweet memories and a life full of highlights and endless possibilities. The wave is also about catching the current at the right time and riding out to freedom. Traditionally, wave tattoo designs have been predominantly masculine since they adapt nicely to the male body curves. Other than that, wave tattoos can be highly expressive and extremely good looking.

Every wave tattoo is like an opportunity to surf and may also be a past story in expression of art. It is the meaningful part that makes the piece significant and worthwhile. You could be a surfer, swimmer, sailor or general watersport and beach enthusiast or not. The beauty of wave tattoos is the ability to capture a specific moment in a person’s life or a special place that must never be forgotten and then put it down on skin.

Each person with a wave tattoo probably have their own reasons and meaning to the piece. Other important choices include the sizing and placement of your wave. Te only limitation to wave placement is any existing ink as well as health and aesthetic concerns. You can have them big, small and medium on pretty much any ordinary placement.

Inking waves is much easier than it seems as compared to other popular traditional ink styles. Regardless of size and color of your chose art, a wave tattoo always inspires a fantastic feeling for you and those you meet. Black and blue are perfect color combinations for wave tattoos but it’s a personal choice. We have here a list of ten best wave tattoos for beginners and pros alike. You can still customize these waves with borders and such effects.

Often, the simplest of wave tattoos such as single line strokes are the most impactful and meaningful pieces that make aesthetic transformation to skin.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Ribs Monochrome Wave Tattoo

First up we have this great wave tattoo that fits to perfection on the side like that with crisp black lines and a special striping pattern. There is no confusion in our minds what this is and the placement is a pleasant surprise. You can easily achieve the same if not better views with this same tattoo on the chest above the heart or by utilizing a border shape.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

2. Geometric Wave Tattoo

The mathematical approach to analyzing your wave morphology is a complex process. This is ‘always a fun approach to any shape for a tattoo and increases art form’s aesthetic value by a tremendous amount. All the curves are gone and you are left with sharp and clear regular shapes with neat straight lines. Despite taking great limps in construction, the wave is eye-catching and puts the same old tattoo under a different lens.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

3. On-Shore Waves

This next piece is a uniquely simplistic progression of waves towards the shore or beach. The beauty in this design is the choice of line and simplicity. The tattoo has been intentionally made frothy and thick to emphasize the splash. It also has a book style feel to it so that you feel like it belongs to a cover page on some book. You can tweak this tattoo however you want by having your artist make use of different border shape and line thickness.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

4. Wave On Heel

This heel tattoo is an amazing piece with lines drawn thicker and then thinner. The wave patterns is realist and beautifully done. Proportionality is always important and this sizing for a heel tattoo is impeccably good. In another light, the black waves are really intimidation and unfriendly just as the uncertainties and struggles of life. Hopefully this tattoo can help you walk through any rough patches and emerge better and stronger than ever.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

5. Wave And Sun One Line Tattoo Combo

This is arguably the simplest sun and wave tattoo combination that is possible without sacrificing recognition. For first timers of sticklers for light and minimal detail, this is a must have tattoo. It is ideally small and not too visible buts still crisp black. This makes a good pick for beginners as well and almost any artist can get this right. If you are out here looking for simplicity and perfection then this is the wave tattoo with the least room for error.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

6. Simple Wave Tattoo For Wrist

This simple and free flowing one line wave tattoo goes tiny and looks fantastic in keeping your surf up lifestyle in supply wherever you go. Small is always better when you want to scrawl a large message on your skin. This wrist placement is ideal for maximal views and reminding yourself of your passion and to always to catch the right wave and drift through life. For minimalistic one line tattoo, this is definitely one kickass tattoo that is open ended so that you are not constrained by ink or time.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

7. Wave And Mountain Range Arm Tattoo

Wave and mountain tattoo are such a powerful combination in meaning and super cool looks especially when masterfully executed in black. The wave stands for self-control and facing the trials and tribulations of life head on and the mountain on its part is suggesting a higher perspective and morality. The high altitude of mountains places you in a elevated point to view things from a loftier point of view. A simplistic approach will reveal your love for nature and travel from the highlands to the coast.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

8. Wave And Sun Leg Tattoo

The sun is a great idea for a beach lover’s tattoo but so are crashing waves. This piece captures the moment when the sun is rising against the crashing waves. The sun itself is a cross cultural symbol with many positive meanings such as happiness, vitality, energy, life-giving, inner strength among many others. This tattoo mostly inspires renewal and vitality and my look good with placement on the shoulder, the chest above the heart among a couple of other placements.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

9. Ocean Blue Tattoo Waves

Wow, this band tattoo is really clever, and easy to the eye. The artist chooses a distinct sequence of alternating ink colors to create a gorgeous wave band for the ankles. They also employ striping technique in a way they deliver quite the unique piece. The final piece is crisp and clean looking with high quality vivid blue ink and well finished detailing. The wave is likely to outlast many common ankle tattoos despite the use of color.

Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

10. Small Foot Ankle Wave Tattoo For Men

If you are looking to step into a wave of ink then this is the best wave tattoo design for foot. Its mono-color does not make it any less realistic thanks to the intricate detailing. This tattoo is a discreet as it is dapper and will show off your modernity and sensibility as a man. Taking on the current is a man’s best way to face reality and risk being swept away but be rewarded for their courage and determination. This tiny wave will remind you of that.

May 16, 2021