10 Beautiful Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

When people think about getting their first tattoo they think the chest, for men, the shoulder, back and arms but rarely about leg placement. It is understandable because we have traditionally have had more ink flowing over these flat surfaces and as social animals its monkey see monkey do. But a small group of enthusiasts take their chances with leg tattoos and are rewarded for it.

While we are at it, human anatomy will reassure you that the legs have a much wider surface area compared to other parts even though it is not obvious. The leg has the thigh, knees, calf and the shin. Some people even have a tat traversing the leg and the ankle. Contemporary tattoo enthusiasts and artists have been finding more use for leg canvas thanks to the discovery that they are some of the sexiest inks ever.

The thighs are the more spacious of the leg anatomy and it extends up to the pelvis. Tattoos that go here are usually more intimate and private and mostly only girls will have these. They may offer more canvas but they have low visibility to them as well. There is less of hip movement compared to the lower parts of the leg which means that even if you wear shot pants, your ink does not catch more eyes.

In the mid-section you have the knee which is incredibly painful thanks to skin stretched out thin over the knee caps not to mention the recovery process is such a pain. If you are not a pain enthusiast, one of those “the pain makes me feel alive” kinds of people, we do not recommend that you get drilled on the front, sides or back of knees.

On the lower parts you have the calf and the heel. The calf is the optimal space to express your art with ample space and the least agony. We are not suggesting that everyone should get a calf tattoo. Everyone is different under the needle but it is nice to test your pain levels before you know what you can bear. In the end of the recovery process, it is the design you choose that will make you proud not the amount of pain you had to endure, that fades quickly.  Here are some designs you might love!

1. Tree Tattoo On Leg

The tree is the universal symbol of immortality, eternity, knowledge and wisdom. Other themes surrounding tree symbolism are protection, abundance and growth. Heck trees are a symbol of forgiveness, family and salvation. This tree tattoo has roots, stem branches and leaves and all that can be a symbol on their own merit. What is important is that this tattoo looks extremely gorgeous on this location and can look just as good on the back or chest.

Leg Tattoo Designs

2. Filipino Calf Tattoo

In second place we have this stunningly intricate tribal Philippine tattoo with the most bold and beautiful design you have ever seen. The design is ergonomic to the leg curves and seems unreal or angelic if you may. The intense detailing makes it a sophisticated piece to pursue and only the bravest of enthusiast will take this much needle for the motherland. It is one of those cute tattoos that looks really great on the calf but could also work wonders on the arm.

Leg Tattoo Designs

3. Sunflower Tattoo Watercolor Tattoo

The sunflower tattoo is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and general wellness. The warm and inviting nature of the flower does not need an explanation as it inspires an uplifting mood all the time. The yellow in the flower is associated with vitality and intelligence according to the Chinese and other cultures around the world. It is also thought to bring good luck and prolong life for the wearer.

Leg Tattoo Designs

4. Goggles

This is a simplistic less eye-catching glasses design for men in a more private placement. The lightning bolt sign forms what would be the nose if it were a tattoo of a face. Glasses are a quiet private message and reminder of the time when you began to see things more clearly or in under a different light. This may not be the most glamorous pair of glasses to ink but they carry the more important message.

Leg Tattoo Designs

5. Cycling Tour De France Tattoo

If you are feeling ready for the tour de France tattoo then you are no doubt a cyclist, a fan of the sport and general enthusiast. This is one unique and emotionally charged ink which acts as your permanent banner for the event that you enjoy the most. There is no secret that cycling tattoos are growing in popularity thanks to the growing interest in the sport among guys. Girls too can get this cute tattoo on the leg or other placement.

Leg Tattoo Designs

6. Skeleton Calf Tattoo For Men

Check out this simple skull sketch tattoo for men with bony structure and covering the calf and heel. It pushes the boundary for what a sketch tattoo on leg can be. The many strokes used to sketch this are a pain to bear but surely this also makes it that much more of an art. It enhances the muscular form of the leg from the calf to shin and quadriceps.

Leg Tattoo Designs

7. Floral Leg Tattoo For Women

Leg tattoos draw attention to, well, the legs! When they do, you want to make sure that you audience enjoy what they are seeing. This colorful floral design is enviable in all aspects. The use of colors is subtly seductive and also bold. It accents her skin color and adds to the beauty in her leg. This placement is slightly more private than other placements as it is still concealable with some dress modes.

Leg Tattoo Designs

8. Tiny Crown Tattoo No Leg

This tiny crown tattoo is one fun way to say king or queen without having to write it down on skin. This branding tattoo makes more fashion sense and looks way cooler than with text. Talk about minimalism and driving the message home effortlessly in a stylish tattoo. Tiny as it may be it gets the job done and to perfection for that matter. If you love this tiny tattoo then you are not alone, you can accept it for its aesthetic value.

Leg Tattoo Designs

9. Half Joker Half Wizard Leg Tattoo Design

What if the joker character also turned half- wizard? This tattoo is an interesting twist to the joker tattoo series with an evil grin and a split face. This is one is frankly more about fear factor and making the hairs at the back of their heads stand up. If you are looking for a surprise tattoo that is outside the ordinary and slightly gory then this is the best pick for a calf tattoo on this list.

Leg Tattoo Designs

10. Dog and Owner Tattoo

If you love dogs or one particular dog so much so that you would like a tattoo with him then you realize you have to get both on your skin not his. This might as well be the most beautiful dog tattoo ever created. A dog’s love and loyalty to its owner is a lifetime affair and the permanence of a tattoo is a worthy representation of this fact. This dog tattoo is minimalistic and not as colorful as other tattoos out there but it is equally impactful and even more durable.

Leg Tattoo Designs

July 4, 2020