10 Beautiful Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

attoo Lettering Design Ideas

Are you in the market for some awesome and sensible lettering ink? Writings have a special authenticity as for some reason people tend to believe everything that is neatly printed in a concise font. Lettering tattoos should offer you the richest category of meaningful and customizable tattoos that give meaning to your personal situation. It is therefore difficult if not impossible to deliver on the promise to get you all the best wordy tats out there. What we can give you is a jumpstart for inspiration so that you can land the best set of characters that will forever change your life.

Lettering can also be complex contrary to popular thought. For instance, some people choose calligraphy while other would prefer typewriter fonts. Yet others choose monochrome and it is still possible to go with a full spectrum of colors. In this list, we highlight only a varied sample of the possibilities and leave it to you to draw inspiration for your next transformative ink. Luckily for you lettering inks have endless possibilities.

Lettering tattoos look better on the spots like legs, arms and chest. If you are going for maximal view then you can consider a flashy font an appropriate sizing. The size should always be proportional to the area you are looking to impact unless of course you want to achieve the disproportionate look that keeps viewers on the edge.

We have traversed the web and tattoo underworld to bring you socially acceptable cool letter tattoos and phrases you might want to add your philosophies going forward. We have blocky fonts, banner style word art and so much more. The methods of ink delivery may change but there will always room for traditional lettering and a wisdom packed message etched into skin.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

1. King and Queen Couples Matching Tattoo

Couples often wear matching hoodies and t-shirts for king and queen with a little crown. Well, why not make it permanent in ink seeing as you love each other too much to ever stop liking. It just says king and Queen so when alone it doesn’t take a social scientist to know that there is a king or queen somewhere. This message of king and queen is kind of cliché but that’s just the whole point in getting a matching tattoo people can easily recognize.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

2. Initials and Year

How about some initials and a date that you want to remember forever? This piece is personal so that even onlookers know to mind their own business and only close and intimate friends would know what it means. For the ladies, this placement works wonders as they spend more time in front of the mirror than their male counterparts. It could be a loved one, it could be her own initials and birthday. You get the picture.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

3. Ambition Behind Ear Tattoo

Are you an ambitious person and you knowing it? Well, what’s more ambitions than getting and a ambitious neck tattoo inscribing the ambition behind your ear? This gorgeous piece is rather straightforward in meaning as it shows ambition at the very best. You can probably already visualize ten other placements where this would look good.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

4. Blessed Inner Forearm

Blessings are a good thing even for those of us who are skeptical about existence of the supernatural. There is nothing to lose by being blessed and hell to pay for a curse. If you feel blessed beyond cursing then you ought to reaffirm it with a tattoo. Just another sleeve tattoo but with good enough meaning so that you do not feel like scraping it off the second week of having it. You also get to use red ink which is rare for masculine tattoos and looks good in contrast to other black ink you may have.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

5. Only God Can Judge Tattoo

Have you been feeling judged and prejudiced lately? If this happens like all the time and you feel like people never get you then you can remind everyone in the room and yourself that only God can judge. You don’t really have to be a staunch catholic or Muslim to believe in God and the Day of Judgment. It makes good pick for secular tattoo and is also very good in terms of the visuals. Calligraphy always looks good on a man’s back. A bit more of skin commitment but nothing you can’t easily manage.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

6. Nicole Name and Flower

Nicole must love to see her name on her shoulder forming the stem part of a flower tattoo every time she looks in the mirror. A name tattoo is all about self-love and pulling for number one, you. You too can have a custom tattoo with your name so you don’t have people think that you are a Nicole. It’s plain and simple but has an excellent first impression and most importantly you may never grow tired of seeing your own name and want to have it removed.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

7. The Cast Bread

Here we have inspiration for another amazingly simple and impactful quote lettering tattoo on the leg. With the current placement you could flaunt or hide your ink whenever you like. The cast bread is some quote about being charitable and the good deeds will find you in your future. Cast thy bread on the waters and your will find it after many days, the quote goes. The trick being getting a cute lettering tattoo is to go for the really simple font such as this handwritten one.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

8. Remember Why You Started

There comes time in life when we feel weary even though we know the path we must take to pursue happiness and fulfillment. This huge back tattoo is not only beautiful but also bears a simple reminder to remember the origin. If you remember why you started then you will have the courage and strength to soldier on. This makes a good choice for a concealable huge back tattoo with meaning. What it means depends on the wearer obviously.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

9. Dulcinea

Dulcinea is the name that one Don Quixote gave to the peasant girl he fell in love with. A fictional character, Dulcine del Toboso is featured in the two part picaresque novel Don Quixote. The girl is a sturdy but incredibly beautiful peasant girl that the crazed knight just can’t resist. It is therefore easy to see why this tattoo looks good on her and the meaning of the same.

Tattoo Lettering Design Ideas

10. Beautiful Mind

A beautiful mind aids a beautiful life in good health. There is not one tattoo that reminds of the need to keep mental health than this quote tattoo with the words beautiful and mind. Whether you are looking to remind yourself of the need to keep your mind clean or you are celebrating a recent milestone in tweaking your brain power and cognition, this tattoo will never let you forget to care for your brain. It’s the addition of the flowering that makes this quote lettering tattoo to stand out a little.

May 16, 2021