10 Classic Witch Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you are looking to rock this next Halloween party with a classic costume and character and east or west you still find your mind revolving around a witch, then you have come to the right college. Halloween is not Halloween without a well-done classic. We have the inspiration you need to turn yourself into a sexy, gory, evil witch in minutes.

Witches are not always about fear factor and ghoul. As you will see below, there are beautiful irresistible witches. The following looks will leave you and your friends enchanted for weeks maybe months to come. We bound these looks with a special charm to make them seriously spellbinding.

This Halloween, make yourself into the witch you desire be it wicked, mystical or downright beautiful. The type of costume and regalia you choose will depend how spooky you want to get.

1. Sorceress

First up we have this glam looking sorceress with magical spells written on her face from top to bottom. They blue smokiness going around her eyes and the glossy black lips are surely creepy but you can feel that it is still sexy to be this for a witch. You cannot fail to notice the blackened fingertips with black veins showing perhaps an indication of all the evil and dark forces that are in her grip. You can keep your beauty and still be a sorceress and it’s a great variance of the witch character to have this Halloween.

Witch Halloween Makeup

2. Enchanting Witch

Like the previous years, you might be wondering what kind of Halloween costume to use this year. Well, we hope you love this enchanting witch look that is both creepy and attractive. This one will require that you get an oversized hoodie or a witches’ costume from the store nearby and it really only look authentic with the magical spells book in hand like that. As far as the makeup is concerned, she is looking beautiful with a pale blue hue that speaks of deceit.

Witch Halloween Makeup

3. Blue Witch

Wow. Check out this next blue witch with electrifying blue tang yellow and black makeup. When you are feeling like channeling out the dark energy in your inner being but still want to celebrate your colorful personality, this is the look that you might find ideal. Her bright pops of blue and green eyeshadow, this colorful witch look is what Halloween is all about. You will need dazed blue lip paint for your lips and the crescent moon on the forehead as well. The hat and hair color come in hand to complement the look even though a black hoodie would have pretty much the same effect.

Witch Halloween Makeup

4. Mystical Moon Witch Makeup

If you are looking for a mystical witch makeup that is easy to wear and remove then this idea is best suited for you. This witch features glam eyes and extremely dark lips and a magical moon looms on her forehead. If that’s not witchy enough, we have no idea what is. But perhaps the best part is that you get to recreate the same enchanting look at home with only black face paint and eyeliner. This look shouldn’t take long if you accept help from an extra pair of hands and it can be suitable for a last-minute Halloween look.

Witch Halloween Makeup

5. Goth-Chic Witch

For Goth enthusiasts, it doesn’t have to be Halloween for them to find an excuse to look spooky and rocking aesthetically. This gothic-chic look is ideal for a witch costume for Halloween with the accessories and stuff. A ton of work obviously goes to the face but you cannot fail to notice the golden eyeshadow and the golden tear on the cheek. You too can get this sultry yet edgy look for cheap if you are into gothic themes and already own most of the jewelry. Her upper and lower lashes look really long and strong. Everything about this look is intense!

Witch Halloween Makeup

6. Celestial Witch

If you are looking for some witch makeup that is more trick-or-treater friendly this Halloween then we hope you fall in love with this celestial inkspired witch look by a known YouTube vlogger. You can tell there is evil in her eyes but she still looks pretty, it like you can resist to like her even though you have a bad feeling about her. Either way, be sure to include all the dots and shades as they are all strategic and add to the shimmer and celestial glow of this pretty witch look.

Witch Halloween Makeup

7. Third Eye Witch Makeup

We all know witches to be mystical and magical and this here is a witch taking it to a whole ‘mother level with a third eye on the forehead. The dark black lips and eye makeup spells darkness and pure evil but it also makes her look irresistibly beautiful. The entire look can be accomplished within one solid color which makes it super easy and beautiful even when done last minute. This Halloween you can go wrong with a third eye and this design is really easy so there is no reason why this is not your next freaky look.

Witch Halloween Makeup

8. Purple Evil Witch

Scary and hauntingly beautiful is her gaze and that’s what we all desire for Halloween. This look might be your cup of tea measured against your artistic skills or you might want to get help from a friend. We love the gothic vibe going on there with her metal clips or rings things on the lower lip like that. The eyes could receive a better treatment with exaggerated wavelike eyebrows and smoky dark purple eye shadow. Even without trying hard with the accessories this witchy look still appears to be the real deal. It is certainly one of the boldest and most beautiful witch makeup looks for Halloween we have seen.

Witch Halloween Makeup

9. Half Witch Makeup Idea

Illusion are some of the most fascinating Halloween makeup looks you can choose to have. They are so popular that half-face everything is some of the most searched looks and ideas on Google. While you can choose to behalf of a lot of things this special look allows you to be half a green witch and spider queen. Very few looks will measure up to the creepiness of spiders combined with magic of witches. It would appear that this witch has half a green face that is also dripping. Even the good eyes has a tattoo like black web making a beautiful patch for that eye. Apart from the green paint and wax for the illusion, you might have to invest in a spooky contact lenses.

Witch Halloween Makeup

10. Glam Witch

What better way to conclude our list of top ten trending and all-time witch Halloween looks than with this impeccably beautiful makeup? We love and hope you will too that this is super easy especially with the hat and no one will mistake you for anything else wearing that bold black lipstick like that. This is for you who is going for a simply beautiful look with no complications and for last-minute easy to put on makeup.

Witch Halloween Makeup

Witch Halloween Makeup Ideas

March 14, 2020