15 Awesome Disney Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is commonly known as the freakiest holiday of all time and a time for introspection as well as praying for the departed among many other practices. A central idea of the festivity is, however, the costumes and makeup. For Disney fans, this is the only other time of year when the magic of the favorite movies take on real-life outside of their enchanting theme parks.

Perhaps one of the best places to draw your inspiration for Halloween makeup and costume this year is no further from your TV screen, your favorite Disney star, sidekick, villain or princess. No matter what kind of Disney fan you are, we have some interesting looks that will leave you and your friends enchanted long after Halloween.

Disney princesses are arguably the most preferred movie-inspired costumes with each year bringing a new reincarnation of some of the favorite Disney characters of all time. This year, you have made the right choice sourcing some inspiration from the internet for some of the coolest Disney Halloween looks yet. Whether it’s the hairdo or where to source the costume to go with your look, we have the details in one place so you don’t have to stress over anything.

1. Stitched Doll

The first among our 15 days of Disney inspired Halloween makeup is this scary pale stitched up face. She looks like straight from a horror movie and everyone at your party will be terrified if that’s the effect you want. This makeup is obviously inspired by a horror movie. She doesn’t need an exceptional costume to look scary. You might need an awful lot of blue makeup wax but this look is totally worth the hassle.

Disney Halloween Makeup

2. Tiger Halloween Makeup

Check out our beautiful half-face wild tiger makeup. We know she looks absolutely stunning but it’s not as complicated as it seems. This is one of the few cat-inspired face painting designs but really loved and that is also Disney-inspired. We think this is from princess Jasmine and the tiger and if you loved the movie then you will appreciate the beauty of this look. It’s another classic princess Halloween make a difference. On one half of the face, cat claws are clearly visible while the other is covered with tiger stripes.

Disney Halloween Makeup

3. Jack and Sally Halloween Makeup

The special look features Sally and Jack makeup from the nightmare before Christmas you guessed it also a Disney hit! Bring back the scare of the movie and its trailer by recreating a good costume and Halloween creepy makeup by Sally. While everyone else buries themselves in princes and princesses you can bring back the scary spirit of Halloween with this twisted makeover of Sally and Jack.

Disney Halloween Makeup

4. Day of the Dead Makeup

Next, we have this juicy dear makeup and costume for Halloween. This blue-hued is wearing some sort of ceremony or garment and a crown of flowers. Overdoing the blue makes her Iris look smaller and eyes larger. How about this random blue pride full day of the Dead makeup? She looks stunningly beautiful and will keep turning heads all evening.

Disney Halloween Makeup

5. Disney Magic Inspired Makeup

Are you in love with some Disney magic inspired Halloween themes? We all marvel at the extent to which Disney stretches out our imagination. Now, Disney is more than just a sweet movie experience as the magic has since intermarried with Halloweens dark and creepy powers. You too can tap into the magical world of dreamy costumes, makeup looks, sidekicks, villains and princesses and transform your Halloween look into the most talked about for months to come. This piece takes after Buzz Light-year lime green eyes and eye shadow that will take your Halloween makeup to a whole ‘another level. Whether you are a Diehard Disney fan or you know quite a few, this cool and magical Disney makeup will enchant them long after Halloween.

Disney Halloween Makeup

6. Celebrity Halloween Makeup

On a night when almost anything goes, this celebrity Halloween makeup look will have you looking glamorous and at least you will be making eye contact with everyone in the room. This is the true definition of all eyes on you it taken a bit too literally. You will like it this look is girly makes you look jungle regardless of your age. It’s also pretty and cute at the same time so that people both hate and love you at your party. Even though details it is a last-minute Halloween makeup so don’t let shortage of time stop you from enjoying your favorite Halloween tradition.

Disney Halloween Makeup

7. Minnie Mouse Makeup for Halloween

And finally here comes the Minnie-mouse look you always desired. It’s always considered cute and funny to be a Minnie mouse ever since childhood period to date. Minnie mouse dialogues can still be their favorite character with this mature look. Who said Minnie mouse looks are just for kids? As an adult, you too can enjoy you and bring back some nostalgic memories to your earliest Halloween parties when you used to be a mouse.

Disney Halloween Makeup

8. Queen of Hearts

You can now be the hottest queen in the room or the deck if you like by choosing this queen of hearts Halloween makeup. Deep down we all want to be Queens and Kings and with Halloween around the corner, it’s time to make your fantasy come true. Her costume is dreaming and the makeup magical. Also, it’s not difficult to become this queen of hearts Alice in wonderland Disney.

Disney Halloween Makeup

9. Maleficent Halloween Makeup

If classics are a thing of the Museums for you then you might want to follow in the footsteps of Jolie as Maleficent this next Halloween. Try at your local retailer and you just might be surprised to find similar prosthetics which are a must-have for the look. A focal point of the shot is the chiseled cheekbones and they are undeniably a product of masterstrokes. If you are into this evil-inspired Halloween look then you should consider getting some expert help and access to the wearable prosthetics collection.

Disney Halloween Makeup

10. Scary Bunny Face Paint

Want to be a bunny face Halloween? Why be someone’s meat when you can be a scary bunny? Let the hunter be the haunted this Halloween with this creepy rabbit face paint that will have hearts racing in fright an admiration. The evil bunny features evil eyes outlined with black mascara and exaggerated eyelashes in conjunction with long black nails. The tick also don’t help as people will be striving to get out of your way.

Disney Halloween Makeup

11. Evil Snow White

This Halloween could also be the time to give your favorite Disney princess a brutal makeover. This disturbing image of Snow White shows her massive burn on the face from the Evil Queen’s poisoned apple. This Halloween this will serve as a reminder of what jealousy and constant struggle to be the most beautiful in the room can do.

Disney Halloween Makeup

12. Disney Villain Inspired Makeup

You love a good Disney princess, actually, they rock! If the villains however that are always on top of their makeup game with interesting twists that align with Halloween makeup requirements. From Sharp contouring to red lips and arched brows what’s not to love about well-done Disney-villain-inspired Halloween look? This is your opportunity to pull your brightest eyeshadows and some of that reflective highlighter but you never seem to use from your makeup kit.

Disney Halloween Makeup

13. Cruella DeVil

There are only a few options wicked than trying to kill puppies. Despite her depraved nature, Cruella DeVille always looks glam. The blend of black Smokey eyes and bronze contouring lipstick makeup a classy look. Her red lips are sexy not forgetting the black and white hair. You can use colored hairspray to make one half of your hair white and the other black. With this look on you will be ready to throw on your Dalmatian coat and make them hide their animals.

Disney Halloween Makeup

14. Cruella DeVille Cute

We figured you might want to recreate this popular Halloween look as cute and sexy without all the evil from 101 Dalmatians. This one will take a skilled hand with makeup application not only because it’s an iconic look also because of the amount of data that goes into it. Even though evil she never disappoints as she always looks chick. It’s her depraved character that makes her scary. Try this look and begin to appreciate what it is like being in the spotlight.

Disney Halloween Makeup

15. Disney Clown Makeup

What a way to end this list of beautiful Disney themed Halloween looks. This rendition of Disney clown is in tears. Who needs more killer clowns when you can pull this unexpected Halloween makeup idea and run away with it. This will leave everyone at your party slack-jawed and the best part is it’s not that difficult to achieve.

Disney Halloween Makeup

Disney Halloween Makeup Ideas

February 23, 2020