The Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight speed dryer is a cool new release by Bio Ionic that has been doing rounds on online shopping platforms with much hype for its exclusive features and immense power that guarantees dry and hydrated hair for every hair type. It gives hair a conditioning and shine that can hardly be paralleled using the best dryers out there. A likeable feature of the dryer is the Eco drive motor that gets the job done in a couple of minutes and still saves energy.

The device comes with an impressive compact design that speaks of fashion and still looks very comfortable to hold typical of Bio Ionic products. As can be expected, the volcanic inspired speed dryer comes with dark themed color and eye-catching packaging you just don’t want to throw away.

For those who are sensitive about their carbon footprint then all the more reason to love this dryer and we set out to investigate the zero emissions claim by the manufacturer on this device. This our honest assessment of the 10X pro as was shipped to us and according to feedback from experts who tested this on clients for us.

Fernando Romero created Bio Ionic to stand out among the beauty and hair industry tool makers and their previous hair tools have been a good testimony of that. This hair dryer uses a complex Nanolonic mineral to break down water molecule which speeds up the drying process and helps keep hair hydrated and healthy.

Lasts longer than many hair dryers.

Patented mineral infusion technology.

Quieter motor and blades.

Faster drying under 10 minutes.

Micro-hydration removes the need for further styling with flat irons.

Extremely lightweight at 500 grams or 1.1 pounds.
Common heat and air speed control dials.


Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review

This dryer has a unique EcoDrive motor which is patented by Bio Ionic that provides immense power with a minimal weight. This makes the machine very light and easy to maneuver without straining the wrist. When transitioning from a heavier dryer like the T3, it may take some time to get used to the light weight operation of the 10X Pro.

Natural volcanic minerals are used in the dryer to provide a complex infusion of goodness for your hair. The minerals equip the dryer with negative ions that split water molecules dispersing them faster and also forcing them into hair strands for maximum hydration. This feature, the makers claim enables faster styling and longevity of results even on humid days.

Micro-hydration is a benefit of the mineral infusion that fosters ultimate shine and condition even without the need for flat iron styling. Unlike most hair tools, you do not have to sacrifice volume for greater shine with the powerful stream of the 10X Pro.

It also features an ample 9ft cord which swivels to allow easy styling with no tangling. It weighs less that pound and produces a more powerful jet than heavier motors. You can expect this to have quite some recoil when hitting your head and that takes some time to get accustomed to.

When you are concerned for your planet then Zero emissions is a priority when buying your gadgets. This tool saves the planet by consuming up to 75% less energy than traditional hair dryers but also does not emit ozone, carbon micro-particles or EMF.


Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review

The famed Bio Ionic heaters using natural rock and minerals and other proprietary innovations simple change how the industry perceived heat treatments. If you feel that you have to change how you approach your hair routine then you know it is perhaps time you invested in a high end toy for your hair from this world renowned brand. People who required at least 20 minutes to do their hair now take under 7 minutes for a perfect blowout. Additionally, you do not always have to use your straightener as you can apply some natural conditioner right away after your shampoo.


Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review

We did take the Bio Ionic 10X Pro for a spin and examined the results versus what the nice influencer lady said on YouTube. We always strive to capture actual reactions from users as they are conveyed to us and find the median sentiment.

Firstly, the 10X Pro is a serious piece of equipment with some intense user experience to be enjoyed. It leaves hair looking smooth and healthy because it does not cause dry and flaky results. More importantly, it protects your scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Not having to blow hot air over your scalp for 20 minutes can make a world of a difference.

The effect of the volcanic mineral infusion is clearly visible in better shine and volume leaving hair looking healthier than with other devices. There are a good range of products on the market claiming the same effect and carry an onboard ion generator but the 10X Pro uses natural rock to produce the negative ions.

We could not ascertain claims that negative ions boost your daytime energy. It goes something like negative ions are good for your body entering your bloodstream from the air streams of this dryer and boost your serotonin levels giving your positive vibes and thereby boosting your mood and energy levels.


Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review

The beauty of choosing to go with an expensive yet reliable maker and Brand like Bio Ionic is the peace of mind you have when trying this out for the first week on your hair. When you see your hair stylist next, usually you will not say a thing waiting to see if they note the difference and sure enough they complement and say you must have changed something. You are probably skeptical about the Ion powered heating technology bits because it sound like sales gibberish but you may simply buy for the trustworthy brand and discover that it works as advertised much to your amusement.


In short, the Bio Ionic 10X Pro is better than advertised. It helps drying hair and micro-hydration. If you want the next level of power and still not scald your scalp then this is the go to technology for amazing results blissfully. It is more powerful than any previous models and gets work done faster saving energy and time. With zero emissions, you can enjoy cleaner indoor air quality during and after your hair routine. This is a perfect gift for a friend who just had a baby and wants to child proof the house because it is also quieter than anything else out there. It is not the cheapest hair dryer out here not even by a long shot but it is one that will outlast three or four dryers and there is an impressive 10 year warranty on the motor to back up the claims.

What is the Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review?

This is a high end professional hair dryer with a lightweight design and record drying time thanks to the volcanic mineral infusion of negative ions, a patented technology by Bio Ionic.

Who is this hair dryer best for?

This is certainly an exclusive deal because it is quite expensive. But the stellar performance and 10 year warranty make this a good deal for anyone willing to part with $220 and get perfect hair and healthy scalp in return.

Does 10X Pro work on thick curly and frizzy hair?

If you have the above kinds of hair then you are likely struggling to get your hair dry after shampoo if you have a cheap dryer. The 10X will be perfect for you and will cut down on strain and time when you need to blow dry your hair.

What is the volcanic part of the Bio Ionic 10X Pro?

The makers of this dryer used the Volcanic MX, a proprietary formula of volcanic rock minerals to enhance hair treatment with sealing of cuticle and superior styling to shine.

Does the 10X Pro use a brushless motor drive? What is the advantage?

Yes, because of the brushless motor design used for this dryer, about 75% less energy is required to drive the same output compared to ordinary brushed motors. It is more sophisticated and with less wearing of parts hence the longevity of motor.

Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer

by EAL Care

If you're looking for a hair dryer that is engineered for extreme air conditions and protecting her from extreme heat damage then the Dyson supersonic is your go to dryer to reduce scream and fly away by up to 61% while increasing shine and smoothness.

We will be the first to admit that the $400 price tag on a hair dryer runs pretty gamut even for Dyson. You might wonder why you would like to invest such a hefty amount of money except the dryer appears to work just fine. You may have learnt about the Dyson hair dryer from your hairstylist or favorite celebrity and gotten intrigued. Fast forward today and you're here to find out the truth about Dyson supersonic because you need as much information to help you make the right purchase decision. This is you then don't worry because we've got your back. If you are just in the market for a new hair dryer and came across the Dyson supersonic with all its hype and glory in online forums then you will love this post. We present to you are honest review of the Dyson hair dryer including pros and cons our experience of its performance out in the streets outside of lab conditions and we also answer frequently asked questions regarding the Dyson supersonic at the end of this post.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

Dyson created a fast drying small yet powerful digital motor and combined it with the famous air multiplier technology to produce a high velocity jet of precisely controlled air for optimum fast drying and precision styling.

It includes a range of attachments that are designed for the effective styling of different hair types and style preferences. Hair professionals particularly love this product because of its versatility of use as well as comfort while handling several clients. It features a lightweight design that is also well balanced turning convention on its head by putting the motor in the handle which offsets the balance in the dryer’s weight and shape.

The design incorporates magnetic attachments that help users to quickly and easily adjust

Unlike many cheap hair dryers in the market today. We wanted to see if the new magnetic attachment edition was a big plus for the consumer or it will take away from the Dyson experience.

Further, if you are looking for a dryer that will not make too much noise or drive you crazy then the Dyson supersonic doesn't sound like it. However despite the name Dyson has this hair dryer acoustically tuned so that it produces inaudible frequencies of sound so that your hair drying session does not leave you with ringing ears.

The Dyson supersonic also features negative ion technology which reduces static and frizz in hair. Negative ions push water molecules into the hair strands keeping it not only dry but also internally hydrated and moisturized. This prevents excessive drying of hair which can lead to breakage.

There is no doubt that Dyson went the extra mile while designing this hair dryer. We were keen to examine some of its key features including the heating elements and its performance out in the Streets. All this and more insights coming up next so don't go anywhere.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

The Dyson supersonic has precise and speed heating settings delivering a fast drying and styling effect whether you prefer regular drying or gentle drying with a constant flow of cool consistent air streams.

Dyson's heat-shield technology is featured for this hair dryer which ensures that all surfaces and attachments for the hair tool remain cool even when used for a long time. This is especially useful for professional hair stylists and generally anybody looking for close-up styling.

Dyson uses extreme heat damage prevention in the form of intelligent heat controls that measures the air temperature exiting the tool over 40 times every second. If you want to prevent your hair from extreme heat damage then Dyson promises to be the go-to tools manufacturer for your makeup bag.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

This Dyson hair dryer consists of a styling concentrator which creates a thin high velocity blade of air that is perfect for close-up styling and smoothing with surgical precision. It concentrates the heat and drying effect of the machine getting small sections of hair done faster and soon covering the whole head.

Dyson also uses a diffuser for the dispersion of air around your curls and to simulate natural drying which is frizz free. A lot of the cheap hair dryers feel unnatural and uncomfortable for you and your hair but not the Dyson supersonic.

Hair smoothing nozzle feature is also engineered for streamlined and controlled airflow which helps create a natural and healthy finish.

If your hair styling expertise is moderate and you put yourself somewhere between beginner and expert then this hair dryer is for you because it helps you rethink blow drying and the need for visiting a salon for that.

We found that the Dyson hair dryer dries hair incredibly fast compared to ordinary hair dryers and took a total of 12 minutes compared to the 20-minute average for most other dryers we have tried in this category. It is a favorite among the team and also for professionals who checked it for us.

With this dryer you can choose to use an attachment like the styling nozzle for close-up styling or use the dryer without an attachment for rough dry when your hair is wet and just out of the shower.

This hair tool is super lightweight so your makeup bag is not weighing you down for your flights and so that your arm does not get tired while drying. It helps that it is super silent so that you can hold a conversation with your mate while drying or getting ready for some occasion.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

We felt that the Dyson is properly designed with clever and intelligent features to protect all hair types. So you if you want a classy hair dryer for your salon that you can use for several clients this is the go-to brand for best value for money equipment.

Patron safety is the number one priority for every hair salon entice enhancer to you in a beautiful package. It comes recommended for high safety standards and design consideration of ergonomics in many of their tools and this dryer is no exception.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

The Dyson supersonic does not come with an internal cell and will work only with plug in mode. However if you are looking for salon grad equipment and working on many clients consecutively or your blowout takes twice as long as that of your friends then you will appreciate the lightweight design with a perfect power cord length.


If ever there was a hair dryer that was worth $400 but still worth it, it is the Dyson Supersonic. Majority of our reviewers said they would buy this again absolutely and anytime someone asks for a recommendation for a top notch quick dryer that is easy to use, the supersonic one comes up. It is much quieter and more efficient that most other dryers we have tested previously and motor placement changes the ease of handling making it virtually weightless.

Why should I buy the Dyson hair Dryer?

Almost anyone can be a good candidate for this dryer because it is made for versatility of use. Many people will only opt to use one or two attachment for their preferred style and no attachment for a general dry. We recommend this product if you are already facing challenges when drying your hair.

Where to find the Dyson hair Dryer?

Ulta carries the genuine product with all official offers run by the company for the best price. You can also consider EBay for pristine condition when looking for refurbished Dyson hair dryers.

Is this a good hair dryer for curly hair?

Dyson has all sorts of attachments for your dryer which adapt it for different hair types. The gentle air dryer makes easy getting a natural dry on curly hair. Other attachments for curly hair are the diffuser and wide tooth comb specifically designed for curly hair.

Can I use it abroad?

This hair dryer is not universal voltage adaptive and you might have to use power converter against recommendations of the manufacturer. You can technically use the machine in countries with similar power supplies to the one where you bought it but this voids your warranty.

Does it work on fine thin hair?

If you have thin and sensitive hair then the power of the Dyson motor might sound scary. For those with fine but lots of hair, you can use the lowest speed to keep your curls. It is really sensitive to changes in output temperature and has better safety than ordinary hair dryers.

CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

CHI G2 and CHI Lava have been locked in a sibling rivalry that we would love to iron out once and for all.

We all have had our fair share of disappointments with hair care products and especially heating tools. Some of us have had a greater price to pay than others and luckily for the rest of us we can learn from their mistakes thanks to the far pervading reach of the web.

And the old wisdom dictates to stick to the tested and tried flat irons in order to be sure of good results without tremendous loss of income and hair. It is such logic that has lead us to comparing two best sellers from CHI family which is a reputable global leader for curling and straightening flat irons.

In a battle of two equally capable flat irons only hair would suffer and so we decided to have different people test these for us. There may therefore be some discontinuities in findings but nothing that we could not round off to the nearest decimal without losing accuracy.

While users today are looking for a way to shorten their hair routine time the CHI family has the most answers and continues to innovate. We love the gentleness and tender touch of CHI ionic flat irons even for people with no prior experience with flat irons. Don’t get it twisted, flat irons can be pretty damaging when used the wrong way. Our comparison today touches on two of the most lenient flat irons to buy for beginners and yet powerful enough for commercial salon business.

CHI Lava Flat IronCHI G2 Flat Iron
Volcanic mineral infusion for healthier heat and hair shine.
Lower and higher temperature settings with fine tuning 200-4500F.
Temperature lock feature.
60 minutes auto-shut feature.
Rapid heat up.
Lightweight feature rich design.
Ergonomic cord and body.
4” extended plates for faster styling.
Reputable brand, buy with confidence.
Titanium Infused plating.
Mode button for presets.
Color coded temperature settings.
Quick 40 second heat up.
2 year warranty.
Dual voltage operation.
Professional grad swivel cord.
Not cheap.
Made in China, if you dislike.
Not cordless.
Takes longer to heat up.
Weighs 2.2 pounds which is a little on the heavy side.

CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The CHI Lava is naturally at home in the CHI family because of their reputation for using innovation and borrowing from Mother Nature’s bounty to revitalize hair and produce exceptionally shiny and healthy results. It is not the first time that a flat iron has been named after some volcanic rock or activity but it might as well be the very first flat iron in the market to look and act the part. Lava is one of the hottest compounds you can find on the face of the earth and it is simply nerve wracking to take that kind of heat to your hair.

Well, we don’t think CHI had to dig that deep into the earth’s belly to get their hot new Lava but the same volcanic goodness can be infused into hair for desired effects. They claim that the mineral infusions of Lava creates smoother plates and hair results without the damaging effects of hot points on metal plates.

Key among the selling points of the Chi Lava is the ability to glide effortlessly through hair of all types and lower temperature styling without compromise on quality of locked in styles. The cocktail of minerals used on the plates of the Lava is a top secret formula which gives hair the silky smoothness and shine retaining and increasing volume.


CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The second generation CHI is the next big thing in hair and beauty and has been making a roar ever since it was released into the market. It has since evolved into a staple for hair stylists and enthusiasts with a dynamic and reliable upgraded performance. The enhanced design is attractive to both salon owners and privateers looking to achieve salon grade results at home. You know it’s a CHI right from the box thanks to the simple elegance in the black finish.

A key notable feature of the styler is the LCD display which follows a color code for the temperatures so you are always able to tell where the heat is at. There is a blue zone which the friendliest, a green zone for intermediate heat and a red zone for the highest heat band up to 425F.

The Chi G2 comes with the improved ceramic plating now infused with platinum for better heat and corrosion resistance and smoother glide over hair. The longer plates enable users to get larger sections of hair done at a time. The dynamic design of the G2 guarantees users of all hair types with smooth and protected hair with styles locking in for longer through any weather.


CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The G2 is a straightening and curling iron that is made for all kinds of kinky and curly hair but is also gentle enough for the most sensitive hair types. The versatility of use of use of this tool makes it ideal for salon equipment where you can adjust according to patron’s hair type.

The CHI Lava features a lightweight design with a plate length for easy styling and with quality salon results. The mineral infusion is supposed to strengthen your hair and produces ions hat stimulate better hydration for a healthier and shinier look. We were curious to prove this lower heat styling claim because not everything it says on the box is actually going to happen in real life as we have come to accept.


CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The BaByliss Porcelain has premium industrial grad porcelain in deposited in the plates and that is its special styling feature. The material is proven to produce far infrared heat which reduces the actual styling temperature required to produce good results.

The cool thing to love about the healthy heat of this CHI is the small increments of 10 degrees from a lowly 200 to a furious 450F for those with type one hair and sisal extensions, no kidding they do exist somewhere!


Most of our users would agree that the CHI Lava Ceramic is a gentle styler that gives you’re the opportunity to style without harming your hair. It would be very irresponsible to your hair on such a sophisticated device that takes every opportunity to save your precious strands. It is precisely the moment you complete your first section of hair that you appreciate the high-quality straightener that actually straightens and with no burnt smells or tugging on your hair.

Equally, the Chi G2 is a well thought out design which is a joy to have and will change your hair routine for better in many ways. If you have owned a cheaper brand flat iron for the longest time you can remember, then getting this will be a tremendous upgrade for your liking.


Even though we had a huge crush on the brand CHI from the start, our anonymous testers confirmed our hypothesis that the CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron achieves great results for minimal hassle and little to no hair damage. You will love the fact that you can fine tune your temperature in baby steps until you get the desired results. If you are like the people who tried this for us, you will get your hair shiny and frizz-free even if you usually can’t get even your edges straight with your regular iron. For first time buyers and if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for her birthday, the CHI Lava is fantastic!

The CHI G2 straightener is a worthy adversary for the Lava when you consider the styling time and gentleness on your hair. In just 20 minutes you can get your hair done regardless of length and severity of locks. You can use this on dyed hair and all types of hair because there is a preset for everyone.

Whichever you choose to take home, the CHI family guarantees you high quality and durability in genuine products. You get ample warranty coverage and are assured of tons of support.

CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

We have all been in that tight spot where you are getting late for something because of a bad hair tool or someone else is having a bad hair day so that they are frantically running up and down the hallway instead of actually getting ready. If you are a hair loving human being, then glooming your hair each morning takes up a huge chunk of your time so that you barely have any time left to thoughtfully plan for the day ahead. Getting rid of locks each morning can seem like a fantasy rather than reality if you have not the right hair styling companion. We have done the legwork for you in pursuit of the ultimate hair machine for your hair type and if it ever come down to the CHI G2 or BaBylissPRO Pro Flat Iron then you know we have you covered for facts.

The CHI and BaBylissPRO brands are top shelf items for premium results and to achieve red-carpet worthy hair results every morning. We have done the difficult bit for you so that you get the facts as they are on the ground and make informed choice to buy or not to buy.

While CHI continues their foray into the flat iron market in direct competition with top tier brands like GHD, their Chi G2 iron is no exception to the perfection rule. It is their ceramic flat iron for gentle styling and giving you stronger and longer lasting results for hair. The iron can take a beating if you may and gives clean instant shiny and silky frizz free hair. The iron feels well balanced on the hand and comfortable for the hand and will give you smoother and faster straightening results.

We also have the new BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramics in the building and want to take it for a spin for tis best ceramic technology claims. BaByliss has released some high end commercial grade porcelain ceramic on flat irons before and we are hoping that this is no exception especially given the hyped name.

Both of these items are powerful stylers with exciting features for ease of use and lasting results. The two are from powerhouses in the hair and beauty industry and we expect nothing short of excellence from two handpicked best sellers in each range of products.

CHI G2BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic
CHI G2BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic
Professional grade flat iron with premium styling features.

Titanium infused ceramic plates for smoother glide.

Added durability.

Digital temperature reading and color code display.

Works on a variety of hair types.

Adjustable temperature settings.
Far infrared emitting ceramic plates.

Rheostat temperature dial.

Top temperature at 450 F.

High heat ceramic heater.

Longer plates for faster styling.

Negative ion boosting plates.
Premium pricing.

Has the potential to burn hair when misused.

Longer 40 second heat up time.
Does not have auto shut feature.

Single voltage iron.

CHI G2 Styling Iron

CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The G2 is a remarkable top tier product with ceramic heating and designed for comfort while using to deliver silky smooth results with lasting shine. It will be gentle on soft and sensitive hair and also includes heat settings for adjusting to your specific hair type. One of the most notable features on the G2 is the easy to read heat settings so that you can tell what temperature you are exposing your hair to with every use.

This iron is a unique upgrade with a few bursting additions to bring instant shine and volume to your hair without frizz. The upgraded titanium-infused ceramic plate design offers more durability for the plates and better heat distribution to deliver even heating across hair sections. You will love that the CHI is designed for comfort preventing the barrel from overheating while the plates get sufficiently hot to style hair.

The buttons are located far enough to prevent inadvertent pressing and actually add convenience to the use of the iron as compared to say a GHD.  This medium sized flat iron we found to be faster and easier to maneuver than larger models and yet delivered lasting results with the first touch. The plates are super smooth and do not snag at all even though it does cause a little static

The temperatures are not only visible but also color coded so that it becomes extremely easy to catch a quick glimpse of the working temperature range. Safety is paramount for premium hair tools and the designers at CHI did a commendable job with this model.

The color codes on the temperature scale for Chi G2 are incredibly easy to master with blue for thin and sensitive hair, green for medium wavy hair and the hottest band being red recommended for the toughest hair type for people with coarse and resistant hair.

The BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic

CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The fines commercial grad porcelain is what BaByliss uses for their heating of tools such as their high end dryers and flat irons. The material is acclaimed for its numerous benefits to rapid heating, heat retention and far infrared heat which reduces the optimal temperature for styling considerably. Among its many advantages over conventional heating is the ability to style at lower temperatures which is obviously less damaging to hair.

The Porcelain ceramic flat iron has been praised for its superior negative ion therapy delivery which reduces static, creates better hydration for hair leaving you with longer lasting results full of shine and volume. The ceramic heating eliminates the hot spot problem of metal plates and creates evenly distributed heating across the plates which reduces heat damage.

Negative ions on the styler are also supposed to break water molecules apart which should considerably reduce your styling time even for damp hair.


CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The Chi G2 is a dynamic professional flat iron with a sleek body and tons of upgraded tech that make hair results stand out of the crowd. It is smoother on the glide and gets sufficiently hot to get the job done from the sensitive hair types to the coarse and tough unruly hair.

The G2 sports ceramic plates infused with titanium to boost their durability and ease of gliding through hair even when slightly damp and locked. The ceramic lags slightly for heat up producing a 40 second heat up time which is not too bad given it can reach the full 425 F a few moments later.

Idling the flat iron for one hour will cause it to auto-shut which makes it last way past the warranty period of 24 months.

On the other hand, the BaByliss Porcelain flat iron was made for salons and does not come with an auto-shut feature. It is also not the best for travel because it comes with only a single voltage requiring an adapter to use abroad where the power outlets are different. That notwithstanding, the BaByliss porcelain ceramic is a handy tool that has a generous 3 year warranty which indicates that it is likely to outlive the fire spitting CHI G2.

Styling Features

CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The G2 is made to style premium hair styles and as the name suggests it is the second iteration of the CHI ceramic which includes a number of upgrades to boost shine and volume for the same smoother hair result after each use. The ceramic plates in the previous model were infused with titanium for tht effect as well as to prolong their life. The flat iron has no pull on hair and creates lasting results thanks to this innovative addition.

The BaByliss Porcelain is not made for use with we hair but will handle slightly damp hair so that you don’t have to spend too much time on the dryer after towel drying your hair. It is a gentle flat iron that is ceramic and ionic with heat controls so that you can find your preset for every kind of hair application. You can’t get it wrong with a total of 6 heating levels between 235 and 450F.

Additional Features

The G2 has color coded temperature presets which makes it easier for you to safeguard your hair from excessive heat damage. It comes with a digital LCD screen which is legible and also shows the colors so that you understand which range of presets you are using on your hair.

For the BaByliss, we have the pleasant 1” plates which makes it very well adapted for working on short hair. It allows you to get down closer to the roots without burning your scalp or fingers in the process. it is really ergonomic and feels light on the hand.


The CHI G2 is a remarkable piece of equipment that deliver on the promise of ease of use and stunning results with every hair type. It simplifies tracking of temperatures and has super accurate feedback control circuit for digital temperature control and reporting.  You can set low and medium heat for thin and sensitive hair or red for tougher species of hair.

The BaByliss Pro Porcelain is an equally capable flat iron with in salon properties and features. It has many benefits for hair and is especially suited for sensitive hair.

The bottom-line being that either of these is a powerful flat iron that can also work with every hair type.

GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron

If you are wondering what is the difference between GHD and Cloud Nine then you are not alone, despite the two companies being named so differently they may are locked in a battle for the ultimate bestselling styling tools and there is an interesting story to it as well. even though the Cloud Nine platform was founded by a breakaway CEO from GHD and seems to be primarily geared towards competing with the wonderful class and status of GHDs, they must have done something right because the sheer number of buyers out there who are willing to put down their childhood GHDs for Cloud Nines is astounding. If you are looking to purchase the ultimate hair tool for all your heat styling needs then this post is for you. It is highly likely that you have two candidates from each brand in mind but we believe that once you read this you will get the bigger picture and be able to compare apples for apples when it comes to GHD vs Cloud Nine. We are here because of you and we always love to keep things easy for you. The devil is always in the details but we already went to every length to get you the facts are they are so that yours is to make a sound and measure decision to buy from a point of information. First off, these two brands are premium salon grade tools no questions asked. Each brand has its own strengths and even though we know that a GHD insider founded the company Cloud Nine over some sort of disagreement, we are not the type to fuel the fire or speculate on its causes. All we know is that we ended up with better variety for quality heat tools and that each brand is unique and has a different range of benefits for its users. If you know your hair type well then we will help you decide if Cloud Nines or GHDs are better for your next buy.

The Back Story

GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron Good Hair Day, yes that’s what it stands for, made their debut in 2001 with the original hair straightener and they have never looked down since. It has been hit after hit with these guys and just when you thought they could not get any pricier they go right ahead and surprise you with an even fancier flat iron with some magical features. It has since grown into a household name in the UK and is taking root around the world. Hair and beauty may be a dynamic market but GHD has been adaptable and made it through thick and thin. Innovation is at the forefront of their success with their unique and savvy designs driving sales like crazy. They are loved for their simplicity and functionality with fewer dials and an elegance to the craft. Cloud Nine is a Robert Powls nurtured Baby Company that has since outgrown its projections into a mega factory for premium high value flat irons for use by celebrities and top salons around the globe. Robert was a founder at GHD and fell out with the company some time ago then came up with this incredible brand and started from the top. They have been at it for more than a decade and have never disappointed releasing elegant straighteners in a neat row. Cloud Nine has fueled the competition for top spot in the flat iron high end category and given users a whole new spectrum of devices and tech to choose from. There is clearly an underlying connection between the two brands but for the purposes of providing you an easier choice, we will focus on the differences so that you grasp what you might be missing by choosing one and not the other.

Heating Process

GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron GHD styler are typically heated to 175 and 185 degree Celsius (450 to 465F) which are proven to be the optimal heating temperatures for all hair types. Above this temperature and you risk burning your hair depending on how tough it is and below this temperature compromises on the performance of the iron. Many of these straighteners are equipped with aluminum plates that are now coated with a ultra-thin layer of the premium material. Ceramic is the material of choices for most irons. GHDs are excellent for heat up time averaging 30 to 40 seconds which makes them convenient for daily use. In the time that it takes to section half of your head, the device will be ready for use which is pretty impressive. For their heat protection and hibernation, GHD are the obvious choices for ease of use and child safety. Cloud Nine flat Irons on the other hand offer greater flexibility for heat settings. This new freedom now comes with greater share of responsibility on the part of the user not to scorch their hair. They can get fairly hot up to 15 degrees higher than the GHDs and offer better performance for extremes of hair. Cloud Nine uses the MiCOM heating system which is computer run feedback control for the temperature which makes their temperature more accurate for less damage and breakage.


GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron The outlook of each of the stylers from the maker are often the largest factor that the user consider when buying. The beauty of each flat iron has everything to do with the number of copies sold and manufacturers know this much. We try to look beyond the aesthetics to give you a proper comparison of every combination of stylers. Both GHD and Cloud Nine offer beautiful stylers and limited edition remakes of their best sellers to give users a distinctive offer of the same quality product. It’s all in the business of making products fell exclusive and premium as he brands target luxury buyers. One distinction that sets the GHD family from the Could Nine counterparts is the copper colored plates and mostly sleek black body design. Cloud Nine have a matte black finish and black plates and feature the similar sleek design as the GHD minus the wishbone hinge. The stylers have similar weights across the ranges even though the Cloud Nines are easier to carry compared to the GHD family which is not universal voltage ready.

Styling Features

GHD Platinum vs Cloud Nine Flat Iron Ceramic flat irons from GHD are ideal for thin and sensitive hair as they are gentle compared to the ordinary metal plates. They also get even heat distribution and greater retention compared to bare metal which has hot points and could easily scorch parts of hair. The Cloud Nine technology is powered ceramic heaters and the plates are coated with proprietary minerals as opposed to titanium and other precious metals. Their special blend of natural minerals are supposed to leave hair more conditioned and softer after every session. They are also pretty impressive for heat up time and have this accurate thermal sensor that makes rapid tests to auto regulate the heat across the plates.

Best Sellers

GHD is a company that has been releasing hit after hit for hair tools and their best performing products are evenly spread across all categories of heat tools. Their all-time favorite remains the GHD Original Professional styler. Others include the Gold and platinum Plus models if you are talking standard sized models and the gold max gold mini styler for shorter hair maneuvers. Cloud Nine started from the top as they had the quality of innovation and connections to market to top salons in the UK and the world. It has been praised for their innovative new tech such as MiCOM heating system and the instant heat roller system featured in the Could Nine Original Iron and the revolutionary Cloud Nine Micro Iron.


When you are shopping around for a flat iron you may be considering costs including shipping and getting additional kits to go with your choice of flat iron. The GHD platform will allow you to enter at a more pocket friendly rate with the original professional styler retailing at just under $200 compared to the $350 for the Cloud Nine Original. As you move to the fancier new GHDs like the Platinum Plus, you will not notice any price difference between the two luxury brands and as to whether quality of output linearly increase with price we remain skeptical. Cloud Nines offer a softer cushion to fall back on for your hefty investment with 3 years of warranty coverage compared to the 2 years for GHDs.

Our Verdict: Cloud Nine or GHD?

Both of these brands have amazing products and offer premium products for similar pricing. They both target high end salons and luxury buyers and offer the best protection for hair. They represent the best of hair care innovation technology and summarize what a high end flat iron should look and feel like. In the end, you can choose the better brand based on your hair type and preferences. If you like the freedom that comes with the Cloud Nine platform then you probably won’t mind the higher prices. ON the other hand, you have GHD offering simplicity and to protect your hair from you while giving you the same premium hair experience.

GHD Gold Vs GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

Good Hair Day, since its foray into the hairstyling industry in the year 2001, has released styler after styler and each styler released has been an improvement of the other. It is easy to differentiate among the stylers because it has a numeral based simple naming system. Their stylers justify their mission of ‘good hair day, everyday’ as they give a beautiful professional finished look.

The two stylers are from one brand and it can be really challenging to pick one styler from other styles of the same brand but we are going to try our best to discuss the features and compare them for you. This will make it very easy to choose a styler that is perfectly suited for you.

GHD Gold Flat IronGHD Original Iv Styler
GHD GoldGHD Original Iv Styler
It has a short heat-up time of 25 seconds.

Has a universal voltage so that you can use it wherever you are in the world.

Automatically shuts off after it not being in use for more than thirty minutes.

Has a 2-year warranty.

Has a design that is easy to handle.
Does your hair fast and it last longer till the next hair wash.
Has original ghd ceramic heat technology that gives your hair a professional look.

Takes thirty seconds to heat up.

Has an automatic sleep mode.

It is very easy to use.

Styles your hair with one glide.
Has no case to store it.

Has no safety lock.

Temperature settings are not flexible.
It does not have temperature control.

Require a heat mat so that you can place on it since you cannot put on your table alone.

GHD Gold Flat Iron

GHD Gold Flat Iron

Ghd Gold styler claims to have a pretty fast heat-up time of 25 seconds, this will save you time when you are in a hurry.

Ghd Gold has a dual-zone technology, instead of one heat sensor it has two sensors on each plate so that it can monitor the heat of the plates to prevent it from going beyond the optimum temperature. It heats to 185oC such that any lower temperature will compromise the quality of your hair and higher temperature will overheat your hair thus damaging it.

Gold has a barrel that is rounded at the edges this ensures that you will achieve full sculpted beautiful curls with the shortest time and with ease.

Ghd Gold has smooth, contoured floating plates that glide through your hair giving it a sleek finished look without any frizz. This avoids the instances of having very tight curls.

Gold has a safety feature of shutting off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use and has a heat resistant plastic plate guard which you can put the styler after use and even carry it with you wherever you go. The good thing about Gold is that it has a universal voltage so you can style your hair at home or abroad.

The price of Gold comes with a ghd gold® styler and has a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

The ghd original styler came into existence ten to fifteen years ago and is cheaper when compared to the rest of Ghds stylers.

This Ghd flat styler flat iron has a ceramic heat technology and floating ceramic plates that style your hair giving a snag-free finished look. The floating plates give you control over styling and are suitable for all hair types and length. Ghd original styler has a good factor in that you cannot feel the heat outside the plates so you do not get burnt while styling your hair.

Ghd IV has a round barrel that will create full and bouncy curls. It has a prime temperature of 185oC such that any lower or higher temperature will have negative effects on your hair. Ghd original automatically shuts off after thirty minutes of its non-use thus when you forget to shut it off you will not be at any risk.

Ghd IV has a universal voltage meaning that you can still maintain good hair day, every day in any place in the world. The original Ghd offers a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee and its price includes a ghd classic styler.


GHD Gold Vs GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

Ghd Gold has an all-black sleek design with the silver circular logo of GHD at the hinge. It has sparkling grey plates that are 9cm long and 2.5 cm wide. Has a bleep and a LED light around the start button that flash to confirm that the styler has been switched on, the second bleep and LED indicates that the styler has reached the set temperature.

On the other hand, Ghd IV has a mantle black finish with gold plates and the circular ghd logo is on the hinge. It has on and off button and a LED just after the golden plates. Ghd IV is very light in weight so much that if you are using it for long it will not strain your wrist. The plates do not fully shut which can take time to get used to.

Styling Features

GHD Gold Vs GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron

Ghd Gold glides through your hairstyling without any snag giving very impressive straight hair with a maximum of two passes of the iron. Its two sensors on each plate will ensure that there is a consistent even heat passed through your hair throughout the styling time.

GHD original IV styler uses the ceramic heat technology to style your hair at an optimum temperature of 185oC ensuring that hair shines and gives a long-lasting straight hair finish until the next time you wash it without causing damage to it. When styling you have to curve the styler at the ends to straighten your hair from the root to the tip.

Additional Features

GHD Gold Vs GHD Original Iv Styler Flat Iron


The gold styler comes with a heat resistant rubber plate guard to put on the tips of the plates after use and you can then carry your styler without any worries. It also has a 2.7 meters swivel cord that will allow you to style your hair easily so that you do not get agitated with the length of the cord getting in your way of styling.

 Ghd IV styler has a long cord of 2.7 m just like the Gold styler which makes it easy to use. It has limited colours.


Both the stylers have long cords which makes it easy to style your hair.

Ghd gold has a dual-zone technology with two heat sensors, unlike the original ghd styler that has one heat sensor. This is a very food feature since it monitors the heat of the plates making sure that they do not exceed the optimum temperature thus protecting your hair from heat damage. Whereas Ghd IV has old ghd ceramic technology with floating plates that promise that your hair will have a snag-free feel and look.

Ghd comes with a protective rubber heat resistant plate guard in which you can place tour styler after use and even carry it wherever you go. On the contrary, the original Ghd does not have one.

They both have an optimum temperature of 185oC and any higher or lower temperature have detrimental effects on the health of your hair and quality of style. Ghd gold and the original Ghd both have universal voltage so that you can look good in any place in the world.

Safety of a device is of great importance; the two devices assures of safety as they have auto shut off mode after some time of inactivity.

Pick out the best device depending on your hair length and type to avoid taking a styler that will affect your hair negatively. Ghd gold claims to be ideal for thick wavy hair while the original Ghd is perfect for all hair types and length. If you intend to use the styler daily then buying a hair styler will be the best decision.

GHD Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Good Hair Day and Bio Ionic are very big names when it comes to hair styling products and tools. GHD has a goal of making your hair look and feel good every day. When it comes to the aspect of making decisions about our hairstyles, we have all made a lot of bad decisions severally,  but with hair straightening, you will never go amiss with it.

GHD and Bio Ionic brings out varieties of flat ions which are readily available out there in the market. In this time and age, there are varieties of flat irons and it can really be cumbersome to decide which to take with you. We are going to make this an easy task for you by reviewing two flat irons of different companies. This piece has the aim of talking about the properties of these flat irons, their merits, demerits and then compare them to make it easy for you to choose.

GHD Platinum PlusBio Ionic 10x Flat Iron
GHD Platinum PlusBio Ionic 10x Flat Iron
Has a heat resistant plate guard.

It has an auto shut off mode of 30 seconds.

Has a wishbone hinge that allows for perfect plate alignment.

Has an ultra-zone predictive technology.

It takes 25 seconds to heat up.

Create 20% shinier hair.
Shuts off automatically if it is idle for long.

Has an ergonomic soft-touch handle.

It has a peak temperature of 440°F with a screen to monitor.

Equipped with ceramic plates permeated with natural volcanic minerals that seal hair with moisture.
Has non-flexible heat settings.

It is expensive compared to old GHDs.
Not suitable for all hair types.

It is expensive.

GHD Platinum Flat Iron

GHD Platinum Flat Iron

Platinum plus has won many awards with its unique ultra-zone predictive technology. Its predictive is very impressive in that it can monitor the heat of the plate over 250 times per second. Ghd heats your hair depending on the strength of your hair and the speed of styling then it releases heat accordingly. This promises hair damage less by 70% and 20% increased shine. Platinum plus has an optimal temperature of 185°C and has a sensor that floats on each plate so that you can be confident that your hair will not be styled with too much heat.

Ghd Platinum plus has unique wishbone hinge for ease of handling and also to avoid catching your hair thus giving you control over styling. It has a flat button that flash red LED once the straightener is hot enough to be used. Platinum plus take 25 seconds to heat up and has a safety feature of shutting down automatically after thirty minutes of it not being used saving you the trouble of worrying about it being switched off.

Ghd is with a universal voltage so that you can not be limited to one place since you can use it at any place you are in the world. It has 3 years manufacturer’s guarantee and its authenticity is guaranteed. The price of Platinum Plus includes ghd platinum plus styler and a heat resistant plate guard.

Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Bio Ionic 10x has an advanced natural ionic technology and infused natural volcanic minerals.  They emit negative ions that introduce moisture deep into your hair thus ensuring that your hair stays hydrated and conditioned.

Bio Ionic flat ion has one-inch vibrating plates that style your hair smoothly in under ten minutes as it claims that it does not tug or pull your hair while styling. It has rounded tips that presses and wiggles on hair to ensure that it applies the same pressure from the root to the tip.

10x flat iron is made of BioCeramic MCH heater that gives off gives off far-infrared heat that dries your hair from the inside thus lesser time of straightening your hair which in turn reduces heat damage. Bio Ionic 10x has an optimum temperature of 440°F with it being displayed on the screen. The temperature can be controlled digitally.

When it comes to safety, Bio Ionic automatically shuts off after one hour of non-use, so when you forget to shut it off you will be assured of safety. It has a dual voltage of 120V to 220V. Bio Ionic has a 5-year warranty from the manufacturers.


GHD Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

GHD has a sleek design with round barrels that are rounder than other GHD flat has wishbone hinges that make it easy to clamp hair thus doing your hair in the shortest time possible. Ghd Platinum comes in a range of colours black, white, pink, blue and many more. Its design will make you be confident about it and show it off on your working table.

 On the other hand, Bio Ionic 10x is a black in colour and curved edges with its brand label placed near the rounded tips. It has a handle that is soft to touch and easy to handle. The screen that shows the temperature is located at the inner part of the iron to avoid accidentally clicking on it while it is still at use. On the Bio Ionic website,  offers a personalized service that allows you to personalize your straightener once you have made a purchase.

Styling Features

GHD Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Ghd Platinum Plus styles your hair at an optimum temperature of 185oC while heat is monitored by the heat sensors so that the power is adjusted depending on the thickness of hair or the power of styling accordingly. That is, it predicts what your hair needs and meets those need perfectly without compromising the quality and health of hair.

Bio ionic 10x uses the sonic vibration technology to press and wiggle on your hair with even pressure from the root to the tip at an optimum temperature of 440oF while using its natural volcanic minerals and the companies own mineral complex to seal hair with moisture. This ensures that hair is moisturized and conditioned at all times. BioCeramic technology also ensures that the styling heat is even to keep hair from heat damage.

Additional Features

GHD Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron

Ghd Platinum Plus comes with a heat resistant protective plate guard that enables you to carry with you the styler wherever you want. It also has a 9 ft swivel cord which is very convenient for styling. On the contrary, Bio Ionic comes with black heat protective gloves to protect your hands from heat while styling it. It also comes with a 9ft cord and an ergonomic soft-touch handle.


It is really frustrating to buy a hair straightener and find it not fitting your hair type or just not doing the job well. Having read and analyzed the features of each flat iron, you can then be sure to choose the best one of the two to suit your hair type and needs without compromising quality.

Platinum Plus looks like other regular straighteners, when you put it into consideration,  you may find yourself not purchasing it but once you take it you will never regret as it justifies its price with their superior end results. Ghd promises 70% stronger hair and 20% shinier with two times colour protection which was proven by our experts to be very true.  Its ultra-zone predictive technology is what makes it expensive.

Bio Ionic natural volcanic minerals are really alluring since it promises to add moisture to your hair thus keeping it moisturized. This makes it a catch because everyone wants their hair moist at all time. It is ideal for those with straight to wavy hair while GHD is recommended for super thick hair.

Bio Ionic has a longer warranty when compared to Platinum plus as it offers a 5-year warranty and the flat ion can be replaced if it has any problems while GHD offers a 3-year warranty.

Good hair day and T3 are both award-winning brands in the hair products and tools industry. They are both designed with innovative technology so that they can do wonders to your hair. Good Hair Day is set out to make every day a good hair day with their high technology stylers. Since their venture into the beauty industry in the year 2001, they have been releasing stylers after stylers with high innovation.

T3 is a part technology company and part beauty industry that ventured into beauty in the year 2003. They aim at reducing guesswork and maximize your time while giving you the best results.

The two brands both promise to give you the best results without compromising the health of your hair. We are going to discuss the features of these two flat irons and compare them so that you can be able to choose the best one that suit you best.

Ghd Platinum PlusT3 Singlepass Luxe Flat Iron
Ghd Platinum PlusT3 Singlepass Luxe Flat Iron
It has a universal voltage so it can be used in any place in the world.

Automatically shuts off when it is not in use for more than thirty minutes.

It heats up pretty fast at about 25 seconds.

Has a 3-year warranty.

Has a predictive technology.

Purchased with a heat resistant protective plate guard.
It has an auto world voltage.

Small in size making it easy to use and carry around.

It can be used to create curls and waves.

Has a two-year warranty.

They give a thirty days return.

Packaged with a heat resistant mat.
It is expensive when compared to T3 singlepass flat iron.

Has one heat settings.
It has only one heat settings like the Ghd.

GHD Platinum Plus

Ghd Platinum Plus

Ghd Platinum plus features an ultra-zone with predictive technology. Predictive technology will monitor the speed of your styling and the type of your hair then it will adjust the heat accordingly. If your hair is thick then it will adjust the heat to fit perfectly that kind of hair.

Platinum plus has ceramic floating plates that use ceramic heat technology to style your hair. Ceramic plates will ensure that your hair is styled with even temperature consistently from the tip to the root thus avoiding exposing your hair to too much heat. The floating plates make curling and making waves very easy. It has an optimum temperature of 185oC such that any temperature lower than that will sacrifice the quality of your style and too much heat will damage it.

The heat of the plates is monitored with the heat sensors floating on each plate. The heat sensors are so intelligently designed in that they monitor the heat of the plates over 250 times in a second. This means that your hair will always be done in the best temperature suited for your hair. Ghd promises 70% stronger hair with 20% more shine giving your hair a beautiful smooth finish.

Ghd has a wishbone hinge which is very important for perfect plate alignment. When plates are aligned perfectly it will give you control over your styling process. It has a heat resistant protective plate guard that you can place your styler after you are done with it and carry it away with you to any place.

Platinum plus has a safety feature of automatically shutting off after thirty minutes of it being inactive. Ghd has a universal voltage which does not limit it to one place but you can use it anywhere around the world. The price of Ghd includes the ghd platinum plus styler and heat resistant plate guard. It also has a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

T3 Singlepass Luxe Flat Iron

T3 Singlepass Luxe Flat Iron

T3 singlepass luxe is very popular among celebrity hairstylists and beauty addicts. It has five heat settings that range from 260 -410°F. This allows for flexibility in temperature settings with a singlepass for any hair type. It heats up pretty quick so that if you are in a hurry and need to do your hair you can get it done quickly.

T3 has ceramic plates that will create lustrous and results that will last long till your next wash. The plates are also infused with tourmaline. Tourmaline ions reduce static, eliminates frizz and makes your hair to shine more while maintaining hair moisture and reducing hair damage. You can then gently style your hair.

Singlepass luxe flat iron has a universal voltage. This device contains a special electronic circuit that converts the voltage automatically for world usage. This means that you can use your styler in any country and the styler will adapt to that country’s voltage.

It has an internal microchip that will remember your heat settings any time you will be styling. T3 promises versatile styling with their device. It is packaged with a heat resistant mat that will clean and protect the flat iron. It also adds professional alligator clips which you will use to pack your hair.

T3 has a style edge design. This features bevelled plates and a contoured body that will glide freely on your hair giving it a sleek and frizz-free finish. It automatically shuts off after one hour of its non-use to give you peace of mind while styling and not to worry when you forget to shut it off.

This styler has a two-year warranty and if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it within thirty days from the date you bought it.


GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Singlepass Luxe

Platinum plus has wishbone hinge that makes the opening of the plates easy and bouncy. It has a LED and bleep that gives off a signal that the styler is ready to be used. It gives off a red LED and two bleeps to show that the styler has heated up to the set temperature and is ready to be used. The power button is found on the inside of the shaft.

Singlepass Luxe have plates that are designed to be bevelled with contoured edges

Styling Features

GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Singlepass Luxe

Ghd platinum plus has ceramic floating plates that heat up pretty fast so that is can style our hair using the shortest time possible without sacrificing the quality of style and the health of your hair. The ceramic plate and the predictive technology will ensure that your hair is done at the temperature suited for your hair type evenly and consistently from the root to the ends. It also features an advanced, precision milled, floating plates that give your hair a high spec gloss finish using less effort.

T3 singlepass luxe flat iron style your hair with ceramic plates infused with tourmaline. Tourmaline is a rich natural source of negative ions will close and smooth your hair cuticle and protects it from far-infrared heat which penetrates it from within. The results of this will be faster styling with no frizz and less damage to your hair.

Additional Features

GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Singlepass Luxe

Ghd has a heat resistant protective plate that is bought with the styler to protect the plates after use. It also has a 9 ft cord that is long enough to avoid it getting in your way during the styling session. The long cord will avoid awkward positions to position yourself before a mirror while styling your hair.

On the other hand, T3 has a 360 degrees 9 ft professional swivel cord that avoids the cord from getting tangled twisted while styling your hair. It has a 38W wattage. It is packed with a heat resistant mat.


Ghd platinum plus is expensive when compared to T3. This will be the best option if you are styling your hair daily and not constrained by your budget.

Ghd has a heat resistant protective plate to put your flat iron after use while T3 singlepass luxe flat iron has a heat resistant mat that is used to place the styler on the work table after use.

Platinum plus has ceramic floating plates whereas singlepass luxe has ceramic plates infused with tourmaline.

Ghd platinum has one temperature setting with the optimum temperature being 185°C. On the contrary T3 singlepass has five temperature settings with the optimum temperature being 440° F.

The health of your hair should always be put first when looking for hair styling products and tools. You should buy a product that gives your hair a sleek and beautiful finish without compromising the health of your hair.

GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Lucea Flat Iron

Hair is an epitome of beauty, and to maintain that beauty you have to use good hair products and styles. Good hair day is a well-known hair products and tools manufacturers that ventured into the beauty industry in the year 2001with the aim of making every day a good hair day with their next-generation technology devices.

T3 is a part tech and part beauty company that is set out to reinvent hair industry by inventing new kinds of hair tools. Their technology is forward and fast, it is designed to give high-end results for every woman out there. Their main aim is to minimize guesswork always, maximize time and give reliable beautiful results while protecting the health and shine of your hair.

The two brands are one of the best in the hair industry, they produce high technology products that are competitive in the market. Choosing between the two of them can be really challenging as they both have good features that promise good quality style and healthy hair. We are going to try to discuss their features and compare them to make your work easier.

GHD Platinum PlusT3 Lucea Flat Iron
GHD Platinum PlusT3 Lucea Flat Iron
Has an auto-off mode.

Has a heat-up time of 25 seconds.

Feature an ultra-zone predictive technology.

Has a universal voltage so that it can be used anywhere in the world.

Promises 70% less hair damage and 20% more shine.
Has a voltage of 100V-240V.

Gives you a two-year warranty
Free return within thirty days from the dated the purchase was made.

Has a thermotouch technology for insulation against heat.

It is very light in weight.

Has an auto-off mode.

Long 360 degrees swivel cord.
It is expensive.

The heat settings are not flexible.

It needs a plug.

GHD Platinum Plus

GHD Platinum Plus

Platinum plus was released in the year 2018. It is well known for its ultra-zone with predictive technology that takes hair styling to another level. Predictive technology will monitor your styling speed and the type of hair then it will adjust the heat of the plates accordingly, thus ensuring that your hair is done at an even temperature from the root to the tip.

Ghd has a wishbone hinge. This hinge is for perfect plate alignment so that you can have more control over styling. It also has advanced, precision-milled floating plates that will straighten, curl or wave your hair with ease while giving it a high spec gloss finish.

Platinum plus is very safe to use and gives you a peace of mind because it has an auto shut off mode of 30 minutes of non-use. It also has a universal voltage so that you can carry with you your style and styler wherever you go in the world.

Ghd platinum price includes a ghd platinum plus styler ad a heat resistant plate guard. It has a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee and the product authenticity is guaranteed by the manufacturers.

T3 Lucea Flat Iron

T3 Lucea Flat Iron

T3 feature a nine-heat setting that is found on the outside of the flat iron. These heat settings deliver an optimum heat for every hairstyle preventing your hair from being exposed to too much heat. It has settings also that allows you to input your hair length, colour treatment or the texture of your hair. The length settings have three settings long, medium and short. Colour treatment can be on or off and the texture of hair has three settings either fine, medium or coarse.

Lucea flat iron features a T3 rapid heat technology IQ. This is a smart microchip that monitors the heat fluctuation to ensure that the temperature used on your hair is consistent throughout the styling session. It also has heaters that rapidly distribute heat across each of the plates for faster styling with precise heat and give your hair a beautiful finish.

T3 Lucea has a feature of precision control hinge that ensures that you apply optimal arm tension and plate pressure to increase your control of the flat iron. It also has a style edge design that straightens, curls or waves your hair smoothly with a single pass giving your hair a snag-free finish.

Lucea flat iron features a thermotouch technology that offers superior insulation thus making sure that you do not get burnt during your styling process because your comfort during styling is key. It has a ceragloss ceramic plates that style your hair at an optimum temperature with shiny and smooth results.

T3 flat iron has an auto-off mode that shuts off automatically after one hour of it being idle. It has an auto world voltage of 100V-240v so that you cannot be limited to one place. It has a 2-year warranty and you can return the flat iron within thirty days from the day you made the purchase. Lucea has free shipping for any purchase made over 50 US dollars.


GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Lucea Flat Iron

Platinum plus has wishbone hinges that make opening and closing of the plates easy and bouncy. It also has floating plates that make styling your hair easy. Platinum has a LED and bleep that will let you know when the styler is ready to be used.  The flick switch is located on the inside of the shaft which makes it easy to use with one hand.

T3 has a sleek and beautiful design with white plates that will make you want to show it off on your dressing table. It is white in colour with rose gold encased wand that illuminates when you turn it on. Its circular rose gold logo is on the hinges and has a start button, temperature settings and hair settings on the front side.

Styling Features

GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Lucea Flat Iron

Ghd platinum plus hair styler style your hair using the ultra-zone with predictive technology that adapts to the heat that is needed by your hair at an optimum temperature of 185oC. The temperature is monitored by sensors in the plates ensuring that your hair is styled at an even and consistent temperature. This will give your hair a smooth and consistent outlook with 70% stronger hair and 20% more shine. The heat is monitored over 250 times per second and adjusts the heat accordingly to suit your hair texture.

T3 Lucea flat iron uses the ceragloss ceramic plates that are long to style your hair at the set temperature consistently throughout the styling procedure to give your hair a snag-free style, all you have to do is to pass the flat iron through your hair once. You can change the temperature setting with one click of the button. Once you have entered the initial setting, it will remember the next time you use and will automatically heat up the plates to that temperature.

Additional Features

GHD Platinum Plus Vs T3 Lucea Flat Iron

Ghd platinum plus is purchased with a [protective heat resistant plate so that you can carry your styler wherever you go and still style your hair without any troubles. It has a swivel cord of 9 ft in length to make it easy to use.

Lucea weighs 14.2 oz which is very light making it effortless to use. It has a 9ft swivel cord with a 360o to prevent the cord from being tangled or twisted while being used. T3 Lucea includes a diagnostic video via QR code that assists you to determine your hair texture.


Both Ghd and T3 produce devices that have competing features. When buying hairstyler you should know your hair texture and type as they cumulatively affect the health of your hair. The health of your hair should be your priority as temperature affects hair differently.

Platinum plus comes with one temperature settings which cannot be adjusted while T3 has flexible temperature settings.

Ghd Platinum plus is expensive when compared to T3, you can buy Ghd when you are not constrained with your budget and willing to make an investment on the style of your hair.

They both have a safety feature of automatically shutting off when it is not in use for a long time thus allowing you to style your hair with a peace of mind. They also have a universal voltage to style your hair anywhere you are in the world.

Dyson Corrale VS GHD Gold Hair Straightener

Hair straightening is the new sense of fashion that every woman has to have at the comfort of her home. Gone are the days when we had to go to the salon just to look good. The modern woman is just too busy and needs to look gorgeous on the fly. Bad hair days are now increasingly a thing of the past with the new generation of heat tools that designed for use at home, on the go and in the work environment. There are several companies offering hair straighteners and Dyson and GHD seem to be some of the most prosperous ones in the online market arena. Today we take you for a personalized experience of the battle of two titans, the GHD Gold and Dyson Corrale.

In this post, we sought to compare the two famous straighteners and their unique extensions versus the price to help you choose the best one for your needs and budget. This review is candid and fair as we are not endorsed by any brand and claims we make hinge on our fair opinion of the two as experienced.

Dyson CorraleGHD Gold
Dyson CorraleGHD Gold
Cordless and gives 30 minutes run time on battery.

Three heat settings.

OLED screen.

Measures the temperature of the plates 100 times a second.

Shuts off after 10 minutes.

Simple break proof magnetically attached cord and docking station to display your straightener.
Shiny and smooth hair with just a couple of passes.

Shorter styling time typically under 20 minutes.

Luxurious look and feel.

Easy to handle design.

Curls very well.

Rapid heat up.

Durable straightener.

Smart controls and technology.

Higher heat range can damage hair.
Also expensive compare to regular hair straighteners.

Not similar to older GHD models, has a learning curve.

Provides a single heating level.

Iron plates are unevenly hot which can damage hair.

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

There is so much to love about the Dyson Corrale straightener, let’s see if it justifies the high price point.

The most notable feature of this straightener is portability with an internal battery and ease of attaching and detaching from the power outlet. You can have this with the docking station so that you can attach the magnetically coupled power cord to the docking station instead of directly to the Dyson on display. The charger is 360 degree rotating at the point of connection and so it does not fray the wires, detaching is also as easy as pulling it apart.

The battery on this straightener can last you a couple of styling sessions and it takes roughly an hour and ten minutes to charge it fully. With some residual power from your last charge however, it will need less than 40 minutes because in that time, it reaches 90% of full capacity.

The auto shut feature also makes this a good straightener to keep because you don’t have to worry about burning down the house because you were in a hurry to get to work. Additionally, it has a sectioned plate system which makes it flexible bending to accommodate the shape of hair applying enough pressure for even styling and reducing breakage.

GHD Gold Hair Straightener

GHD Gold Hair Straightener

If GHD is the “gold standard” of premium hair straighteners then o GHD Gold would be the standard for all GHDs. It is a comfortable product sitting in the middle of the GHD lineup between the Classic IV and the pricier Platinum+.

It prides itself in a rapid 25 second heat up and delivers sleek and smooth results with healthier hair than your regular store-bought flat-iron. This Iron is a straightforward and reliable tool with plenty of hype thrown in for a good measure.

The Dual zone feature that ensures that the plates are evenly heated for this iron with ideal temperature set at 185 degrees Celsius or 365 F being the only possible temperature. The temperature cannot be changed and so you can expect GHD to live up to its consistent and protective nature.

The GHD Gold Flat Iron features a rounded barrel which allows it to act as curling iron. Curls easily slide over the rounded barrel and styling experience is snug free thanks to the beveled plates. It is a super lightweight device compared to the Dyson Corrale and makes hair feel silky something every woman wants.

An overwhelming majority of our testers said that their hair looked healthier and they were getting complements when they started using this heat tool with styles reportedly lasting longer. About 90% said they were not looking forward to trading it in for something else.

Here are some of what it offers and what we didn’t like.


Dyson Corrale VS GHD Gold Hair Straightener

Dyson being the heavier of the two devices also the shorter item with a precise feeling to its clear outlines. The cordless operation is a big win for this tool just as are the manganese plates which give it a considerably better look than GHD gold. The Dyson feels smaller and sturdier than the GHD with their wishbone jointing and this ought to give it the competitive edge for close-up styling.

On the other hand, the GHD Gold is a lighter option and therefore the easier to handle without straining the wrist. Salon professionals will prefer the GHD because cordless operation is not a priority compared to ease of use over long periods. The longer plates makes sure you can take leaps and get to the finish line before the Dyson for an easy win.

Styling Features

Dyson Corrale VS GHD Gold Hair Straightener

We will give this race to the Dyson for two reasons. First, it can deliver new styles without causing damage to hair. The Dyson Corrale is a masterpiece of engineering without a bulk of instruments under the hood.

Second, the Dyson Corrale also has that unbeatable flexing manganese alloy plate that saves hair from traction and still exerts enough pressure for even styling. When you are doing larger sections for every pass, the Dyson will get you there faster and safer than its competitor.

GHD Gold does not go down without a fight as it also features unidirectional floating plates. Floating plates may be no match for flexing ones but at least you know that your hair is also well protected from tagging and snagging goes.

Additional Features

Dyson Corrale VS GHD Gold Hair Straightener

While the GHD comes with a protective heat guard for safe keeping and use on the go, the Dyson has a lock feature that allows you to secure the plates in a parallel place for storage and packing.

Both stylers have auto-shut feature so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to disconnect.

The Dyson also features their stylish heat-resistant pouch which you can also use as a heat mat to protect your counters.


Both of these Flat irons are phenomenal and in all truth, each one of them deserves the top spot for something. It is no wonder we pitched them against each other for this episode of a battle for heads by the titans. GHD being a powerhouse for hair tools and Dyson a worthy opponent, this feels like the hardest verdict to deliver but nonetheless we will try.

Without fear or favor, the Dyson Corrale features better innovation and will produce better styles on the go. It has pretty advanced features and looks futuristic and sophisticated. It is a styler you want to display on your desk at work and the docking station makes that a solid plan (at your own peril) so go for it. The additional weight is good for handling if you don’t plan on using this for too long at a time.

On the other side, GHD have fielded a really capable candidate and we will give it a A+ for good effort. It is excellent for salon use and looks ordinary but gives you extraordinarily good results. Basing our decision on price, the GHD would win because frankly there is no noticeable difference in the results between these two if you do it well. They are both well designed for protection and durability

Regardless of which of these two devices you end up buying, you will gladly learn of the massive support base available online for both brands and amazing customer service. Depending on your best store of choice, you can also get proper warranty coverage and free returns as a cushion to fall back on.

So if you are short on cash then the GHD is your smart choice. The Dyson looks and works well and is well justified for its high price. Both of these feature some incredible heaters and sensors and easy controls so there is almost no learning curve to getting amazing results.

Dyson Corrale VS BaByliss Pro 9000 Hair Straightener

It is the turn of a new decade and people of the 21st century are becoming increasingly self-aware in every aspect of their lives. Beauty and health are some of these areas where new awareness is taking root and hair cannot be apart from beauty. Good looking hair is now a thing for everyone and not just holly heartthrobs.

The Price of Freedom with Cordless Hair Straighteners

We were the most skeptical about on the go heat tools because frankly it seems like a miracle they would even run that hot for five minutes without depleting the battery reserves. They are supposed to be heavy and need charging like every two seconds. If you are thinking, “oh yes! Someone finally gets me”, then you might reconsider after reading this review as we did upon uncovering the facts on the ground. This device is a reeducation program and not just a comparison of two amazing flat irons that go cordless. Hopefully this helps you change your mind and go cordless much to your delight.

Dyson and Babyliss Pro are Luxury Brands

While everyone is focused on looking good, there has been a massive trend in manufacturing to create ever more sophisticated hair tools. There is now a galaxy of them out there and for someone who knows best, you stick to the crème de la crème.

Speaking of the top tier hair tools there are no superior brands than our contenders here today, Dyson and BaBylissPRO. Well, at least for arguments sake all good things hairdo are represented in this combination review. Our post today will compare the BaByliss Pro 9000 in to the much hyped Dyson the Corrale model.

While you are in the business of looking good, you know that we are your best hub on the web for checking what’s new and what’s hot or who wears what hair. This post should help you choose between these two amazing flat irons according to your hair type, styling preferences or even your budget.

Dyson CorraleBaByliss Pro 9000
Dyson CorraleBaByliss Pro 9000
Cordless and gives 30 minutes run time on battery.

Three heat settings.

OLED screen.

Measures the temperature of the plates 100 times a second.

Shuts off after 10 minutes.

Simple break proof magnetically attached cord and docking station to display your straightener.
Superb quality.

Gorgeous styler to own and display.

Constant power throughout the runtime.

Gets smoother results than some corded tools.

Glides through hair with zero breakage.

Sleek and ergonomic design for easy travel.

You can move to the mirror and leave the socket outlet.

Ideal for quick touch ups on the go.

Delivers 30 minutes at full power.

Beautiful packaging.

Higher heat range can damage hair.
3 hr charging time not ideal.
High cost.

30 minutes may not be enough for those who are slow and have lots of hair.

Slightly heavier than a GHD.

Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale

Are you fearful of owning a hair straightener because they seem like a pair of scissors that also gets hot? While it is true people lose a lot of hair on cheap models you might have to reconsider the basis of your fear when it comes to these luxury brands. You get what you pay for applies here fair and square and the hefty $500 tag on the Dyson in some stores is fairly justified.  The following is hardly gibberish that sales people use because this UK manufacturer means business. Yeah, it’s made in the UK, you can expect it to be that much more costly because of it.

The first loved feature of the Dyson Corrale is the cordless operation. It runs in this mode for a good 30 minutes or more which is ample time to do your hair twice. We know that battery packs recover when stored in flight mode so it is likely you can squeeze in a few more passes to fix  your hair a third time after a full two styling sessions.

You will also love the magnetic charger which swivels 360 degrees at the attachment and easily disengages making the cable break proof. It also has an optional docking station that makes it a cool tool to display on your counter as it charges. The Dyson is a gorgeous piece to have and will be one of those that you will want to store visibly for much of its life which also seems infinite.

It will take you about half an hour to bring the straightener to half-full and about 40 minutes more to get if fully charged. With half of the battery power you can do a full head straightening and curling session on the fly.

The Dyson Corrale also has an auto-shut feature that puts it in sleep mode after 10 minutes of neglect. This not only good for safety of your home but also a strong pro for its longevity.

BaByliss Pro 9000

BaByliss Pro 9000

On first impression, we were pleasantly surprised to find the 9000 to be super sleek and lightweight. The lithium cells make you rethink the meaning of rechargeable electronics you can use on the go. Given that you probably have to carry around a lot of cables already, it is nice to have something you can walk around the house while still using to do your hair!

What’s more, this flat iron comes with a heat protective bag and cover and a safety lock feature so that you know it’s safe to carry around and won’t start a fire in your bag (It is entirely possible).

Going cordless with your styling is a blissful feeling that you didn’t know you were missing until you got it.

Now let’s quickly weigh up the pros and cons of owning the BaBylissPRO 9000 shaken with a few pinches of hype for good measure.

Depending on how you look at it, most of these cons are not deal breakers. There are way more benefits to owning this than the downside.


Dyson Corrale VS BaByliss Pro 9000 Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale are impressive with a natural luster and shine that cheap store bought stock flat irons cannot afford you. Interestingly, the Dyson flexes to allow hair to pass between the plates without tagging and snagging at it. There is no other straightener in the market that we know about that can do this. When you think about this feature, it is much better than the flexing of plates.

BaBylissPRO 9000 introduces the Lithium Ion battery, a marvel of engineering. It is has found its application in the latest portable hair tools after electric cars such as the world renowned Tesla. While the tech may be struggling with rechargeable cars, the power needed for efficient heaters inside the 9000 is much lower than you would require to move a car 70 miles!

Styling Features

Dyson Corrale VS BaByliss Pro 9000 Hair Straightener

Both stylers will give you smooth a sleek hair and are extremely heat sensitive so as to give you nothing but protection and premium salon grade results.

BaBylissPRO 9000 features their groundbreaking Micro Heating Matrix technology which boost the performance and designed for cordless heating. It is powered by lithium ion battery and provides instant heat recovery which ensures smooth lasting results.

 Dyson Corrale welcomes you to flexing plates technology, one that accommodates the shape of your hair preventing snagging and yet providing enough pressure to style effectively with a single pass. It has special extra controls that also help to tame its power and style for your hair type with less damage.

Additional Features

Dyson Corrale VS BaByliss Pro 9000 Hair Straightener

Additional and functional features is the name of the game and Dyson are pretty good at it. You will notice that their styler has a secret (not so secret) off button you can use to push put your iron in flight mode. This saves the battery and also makes it safer for carry on.

The BaBylissPRO will not stay down its stunning packaging that you want to keep forever. It is also equipped with a free sleek casing to slip in your tote bag for travel.

Our Verdict

Dyson Corrale is an amazing product and there is no worthy rival more than the BaBylissPRO 9000. Both items feel precise and safe to use for your hair whether it’s thick and unruly or thin and sensitive or anything in between. As far as cordless operation is concerned, this review has been comparing apples for apples and we have provided you the most candid details.

The price tag on both flat irons is also hefty so it is perhaps best to base your choice on something else. The Dyson is definitely heavier and sturdier of the two but charges faster than the 9000. On the other hand, the 9000 promises easier handling, and sleek results for slightly less expenditure. What you end up buying should be based on what you can afford and which of these appeals to you the most.

At this juncture we have a tie, we cannot favor any, and there are points for Dyson and points for BaBylissPRO. Happy shopping!

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic vs Ultra-Thin Flat Iron

In this post we finally get to toy with some of the best flat irons from BaByliss Pro side by side. Their Ultra-thin Flat iron has been making rounds on all the right platforms and making much noise to deserve your attention as a buyer. There is no way of expressing the obvious level of stiff competition that is to be expected when we match up two contestants from the same powerhouse. We could start our review by saying that BaByliss Pro is world class maker with some premium all-time best sellers in every category but you probably already know that so we should just get down to it.

The Pro Nano is the larger flat iron with extra-long titanium plates measuring about 1.5 inches even though there is a thinner and wider release measuring 1 inch and 2 inches respectively. We love that BaByliss Pro is the kind of product that not only makes the most wonderful designs for hair tools but also gives you variety so that you are having the time of your life with each purchase. You can pick according to your hair type which is the whole idea of running way from the one size fits all attitude of GHDs and embracing your newly found freedoms with a flat iron that takes into consideration your notorious or extra sensitive hair.

Women with coarse hair are usually twice more likely to find something else because their hair just won’t bulge. This brand is your go to when you are having trouble getting the silk smooth results advertised with the fancy new stylers that do not spit enough heat but find some gibberish tech to make up for it. Also if your hair gets all frizzy and curly naturally then perhaps you haven’t used titanium plates from BaByliss Pro before. This will now be in the past with the cute and sleek blue flatiron with five inches long plates and a beautifully crafted body.

Pay attention to the following comparison or skip ahead to our verdict to get some final thoughts on why the titanium plated irons we are discussing today are what you need when you don’t really want to dial the heat all the way but still want perfect styling at home.

Titanium IonicTitanium-Plated Ultra-Thin
Titanium IonicTitanium-Plated Ultra-Thin
Ceramic heater, instant heat-up & recovery.

LED temperature settings.

Digital ionic technology emits millions of negative ions.

Ryton housing resists ultra-high heat.

Great for straightening and curling.

5 inch long plates.

450F max heat.

1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 inch plate width.

Lon technology.

Lightweight design.

Slim ergonomic design.
Lightweight and super smooth iron allows you to straighten more hair faster.

Ultra-smooth titanium plates conduct ultra-high heat and resist corrosion.

Ceramic heater provides instant heat & recovery.

50 heat settings - up to 450 degrees.

Slim design and ultra-lightweight for maximum comfort.

5" extended plates for faster straightening.

Heat-resistant ryton housing.

Thin maneuverable plates.

High heat retention.

Instant heat recovery.

Quick heat up time.

Versatile in use.

Durable make with 4 year warranty.

Can scorch hair when misused.
May take longer than wider plated flat irons.

Can scorch hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron

The wonder product that has every new owner stunned has been the talk of online hair care and beauty enthusiast’s talks online for quite a while now. It has received all kinds of glory some of which is out of proportion and much of it also true. You do get better heat evenness and penetration thanks to the premium contact technology and this hugely benefits people with thicker hair or if you are fond of using larger sections of hair to finish your routine early.

While getting out of the house earlier every morning is something we all desire, perhaps not frying your hair in the process is the one thing at the back of our minds. This is less likely to happen with the superb technology used with these BaBylissPRO flat irons and they still boost your styling speed saving you some much needed time every morning. You will not be late for work or show up looking terrible because you used an inferior hair tool.

This flat iron is designed to be thin and easy to handle with ergonomic grip for comfort when handling including for hair stylist who have to work with heat tools for longer than the average user. It is the flat iron with a clean and elegant design that lets you make your hair straight and shiny before making beautiful curls and waves to last the full day without changing tools.

Styling Features

The titanium coat on the plate is aircraft grade which prevents wear and tear or being eaten away by chemicals. You don’t have to worry about hair catching or pulling on the plates thanks to the micron thin ultra-smooth plating that coats the plates. Additionally, the high heat retained in the plates mean that you can afford to keep.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Flat Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Flat Iron

This is yet another masterpiece of engineering from the BaBylissPRO powerhouse with superb ultra-thin plated heating surfaces which means you do not have to worry about snagging and tagging as you style along. I features specially designed plates with optimal width to cover enough sections of hair to get your whole head covered in no time. You can get more than the usual one inch sections of hair in the styler and the heat will still penetrate deeper into the strands thanks to the special heating technology.

This is one of those powerful styler that does not look all that powerful from the aesthetics but has the potential to effect real heat and proper styling and could also wreak some serious havoc. We recommend going slow on the new styler and starting with the lowest heat setting possible and working your way up to the optimal styling temperature for your hair type.

You will love that the styler gives you sleek hair results and has versatility of use for various styles and hair types. This plates can handle any amount of hair and perhaps it takes slightly longer than with wider plates but it also depends on your speed and precision. Thick plates don’t always finish first depending on other factors like hair type and experience. If you are looking for a flat iron to do touch ups on your flyaway baby hairs or wig then the thin flat iron will be your magic wand.

Styling Features

These plates are ideally sized for clamping on hair close to the scalp to allow for bottom to top styling. Close maneuver styling can be quite tricky on some models because of the risk of getting some serious burns on scalp and fingers. Pick you section carefully so that you only need to position your styler once and do a single pass for perfect results. There is nothing wrong with going over the same section twice to rectify mistakes you may have made.


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic vs Ultra-Thin Flat Iron

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic is the latest breakthrough in ionic technology for hair styling featuring ultra-smooth titanium plates and a sturdy ryton housing that is capable of immense heat absorption to protect users and the equipment. The result is a flat iron whose plates remain faithful parallel under high heat and pressure and one that can deliver pin-straight hair with well-balanced volume and shine.

The designers added a micron thin layer of aircraft grade titanium over the plates to make them extremely good conductors of heat, physically and chemically sound and scratch and corrosion resistant. The smooth surfaces will give you a smoother glide through hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin features a ultra-smooth plate design that allows high heat conduction and smoother glide through hair sections. The plates are equally heat and corrosion resistant making it an ideal choices for durable salon equipment. It employs ceramic heating technology which supplies instant heat up to 450 degrees and offers maximum comfort when handling even closer to the roots and scalp.

Our Verdict

These two products may have emerged from the same factory but they have some key differences in technical specifications that make each styler better adapted for a specific target group of users. They have both received their fair share of criticism and praise online by people with all hair types and it’s impressive to see that BaBylissPRO always manages to win over some hearts and heads even when buyers buy the wrong product for lack of information. Nearly all users had something positive to say about their purchase.

The Ionic flat iron is more popular for the efficiency and ease of use. Both are durable whether you want for home or salon use.

After reading the above comparison we hope you are able to tell apart the two and can make the right purchase decision according to your budget and hair needs. Whichever you choose, the duo is some of the best hair straighteners you can buy online today and completely transform your hair routine.