10 Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas and Look

Unique Halloween Makeup

It’s time to dust off that cape and cauldron because it’s almost Halloween again! That or you can default to sheer creativity because it is that time of the year when it is permissive to adorn yourself with extreme ghoulish and sometimes glamorous.

Easy and original Halloween looks

With your schedule overflowing with work and family activities it is not unlikely that you will find yourself having only minutes or hours to come up with something or Halloween is ruined for you and your loved ones. Luckily for you, we have some unique suggestion for you that should not take you forever so that you can avoid attending as a cat person for the thirteenth time in a row.

Some people want gory and creepy and take the fear factor of their subjects to great lengths. Others want to look cute and fetching. So which one are you? Regardless, you will be pleased to know that we have done the legwork for you so you don’t have to strain for inspiration. So be ready to steal the show at your high-end or low-key party and carnival.

These are some of the most distinguished looks to ever set foot in a Halloween gathering. Of course you can add your own twist to any look just to sign it as your own one of a kind phenomenon.

1. Cute Broken Doll

Don’t you just love this pink doll, it’s rather unfortunate that someone dropped an axe on its cheek but that’s just about the twist we needed to make it a Halloween doll. Jokes aside, this is one fun look that you can experiment with your friends as your build up to this year’s event. The doll makeup might be the easy part but getting the realistic cracks there with crisp black will be the real challenge. But Hey, its creative Halloween so why not, this should be fun to try and replicate!

Unique Halloween Makeup

2. Fun Poetic Color

Why choose a color palette for your Halloween makeup this year when you have the entire rainbow spectrum at your disposal? Try this fun and creative explosion of poetic colors makeup look for Halloween. This is ideal for creative persons with a liking for art because it might not be as easy as it seems. It’s definitely abstract so that you are sure that no one in the world will be going to Halloween looking like you. And when others are stocking on black face paint you might want to carry the whole shelve.

Unique Halloween Makeup

3. Half Face Pumpkin

Where is the fun in Halloween without a little spookiness? If you are not yet sure what you want to be this year, set a pumpkin look as your default theme. This half- face pumpkin look will exceed your expectation for a fun and creepy look that will also showcase your creativity. If you are participating in a Halloween costume contest then you know that a simple recognizable look will serve you better.

Unique Halloween Makeup

4. Sugar Skull Glitter

This beautiful sugar skull is a blend of beauty and horror in equal proportions. The opulence of golden glitter meets the skull look of death and making this a formidable Halloween look like no other. This is a simple Halloween makeup look that draws its inspiration from Mexico carnival styled skull makeups. Try this pretty and dead skeleton makeup today and let us know how it fairs at your upcoming carnival.

Unique Halloween Makeup

5. Easy Scary Clown

In honor of one of the creepiest Halloween looks we cannot refuse to feature an easy and aloof clown look. It’s a fun way to practice your Halloween looks for the evening because this clown look takes only a couple of touches and it still scares people stiff. With this look you are the master of your own look because with you can go scary or soft by changing the expression on your face. Go as a clown and you will not be trusted by any adult in the room. They will be watching out for you all evening.

Unique Halloween Makeup

6. Pretty Broken Doll

Next we have yet another beautiful doll that had an unfortunate crash into a wall and now reveals the inner person. The 3D effect creates the illusion that the inner real person has a smaller face than the outer doll and we all fall for it. This kind of rendering is not easy as it may seem. Ghost stories are pretty scary but the broken doll one is frightening. This doll is your ticket to explore your creativity and three dimensional thinking. If you love a good doll makeup challenge this holiday, go for it! The fun is in trying out as many looks as you can and then settling on the perfect one.

Unique Halloween Makeup

7. Pumpkin Half- Face

Nothing says Halloween than a jack-o-lantern. Pumpkin spiced lattes are the merry introduction to the creepiest holiday of the year. Being a pumpkin this year calls for creativity not to be the cliche it has always been. This half-face pumpkin makeup will surely throw them off balance as stunning and creepy as well. Show up at your low-key Halloween gathering or carnival and give them that creepy Jack-o-lantern grin and you will definitely cause some people’s hair to stand up.

Unique Halloween Makeup

8. Pretty Zombie Makeup

This year you can skip out on all the ghost and bloody makeup tutorials and choose to attend the party from the world of the dead as this pretty zombie. This colorfully fearful zombie is such as delight to recreate and will inspire even more twist along the way to make it sexier or even scarier if you are going for gore. This pretty zombie is the boundary between cute ad fun and horror makeup. The decay and the pools of color like that make the hairs at the back of our heads stand up but for what it’s worth she still looks pretty.

Unique Halloween Makeup

9. Crying Egg Yolks

Wow check out this cool Halloween look that you can have with only orange and yellow face paint to spare. It would appear that this beautiful lady is shedding tears of egg yolks flowing down her eyes. The look is simple, easy to replicate and glam without losing the Halloween allure. A touch of the magic also went to the eye area with the blend of yellow and red eyeshadow that is some of the most unique attention grabbing eye makeup we have seen so far.

Unique Halloween Makeup

10. Pantomime Makeup

Do you have kids coming to your Halloween party? If so, you may choose to go as a pantomime, kids love them and adults will sure love to bring back those nostalgic memories. Besides, everyone appreciates a good laugh even on the freaky night of the dead. The pantomime idea is perfect for a modern carnival too because creepy clown makeup is always in short supply. Try this and entertain your friends and loved ones at your party this year, happiness is short supply and being a mime artist will be fantastic on Halloween night.

Unique Halloween Makeup

Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas

March 14, 2020