10 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

Creative Halloween Makeup

It’s always time to choose your Halloween costume yet surprisingly we always end up panicking towards the last days. This year, break the cycle of cat woman and being the seventh animated character to walk into the room or carnival dressed as a witch, or cat woman superhero. This year, you can take things to a whole ‘nother level with these customizable looks that creative and interesting to practice. You can always add your own personal taste to any look so you don’t end up with a textbook look for Halloween. Who knows maybe next year we will be featuring your look in our list of top ten most creative Halloween looks.

Why Ditch The Classics?

It is very tempting to show up with the classic witch look and there is nothing wrong with it but where is the fun and exploration that comes riding on the Halloween spirit? If you are lucky to have the time you should craft your costume yourself and try some tricky makeup options because in life it is these little things that add up to happiness. It is not uncommon for adults to find themselves so absorbed in planning for the freaky commercial holiday and forgetting what it is all about that’s family and community as well as ample time to look inside of ourselves.

Gore Meets Creative

These looks we picked for most creative and didn’t especially go for more teeth so to speak. You can take yours to another level of gore depending on how far you want to go. As you probably already know, the Halloween costume complements the makeup. Without one, the other struggles but luckily, with good enough makeup you can get away with a casual costume.

Inspiration For Halloween Makeup

Our creative Halloween makeup ideas list and images are meant to inspire makeup artists, Halloween mystery enthusiasts, and pretty much anyone in need of a Halloween look that stands out at their upcoming Halloween carnival. Each piece requires a different level of makeup skills and so do not be quick to judge a look by first glance. That said, none of the following is extremely difficult and some you can even whip up last minute with a high degree of success. Enjoy;

1. Gangster Clown

If you are inevitably going to be clown for Halloween then you might want to consider this gangster clown. She is creative adding that waveform just below the eyes that makes appear as if she has another level to her face. It cannot be a clown makeup without the conspicuous dot on the nose and while typically red, there is no reason why you can use black colors for your clown makeup.

Creative Halloween Makeup

2. Three-Eyed Doll

In second place is this beautiful green monster in the form of a doll with a weir mouth makeup. Her face looks like real plastic and those tiny pupils are equally unnatural. The jawbones are emphasized by a sharp boundary of color shades. The focal point of this creative look is, of course, the giant eye. The band of fluorescent colors on the neck make this doll an interesting sight to eyeball in the dark and when you shine a light on it.

Creative Halloween Makeup

3. Pumpkin Half Face

This pumpkin inspired makeup is not like anything you’ve likely ever seen done with a similar themed makeup. Checkout the melting look that spells creepiness and fright with the metal clips holding up the skin like that. The illusion looks realistic and it doesn’t seem like it’s an easy one to pull off, but that is exactly what qualified the look for this list of creative Halloween looks.

Creative Halloween Makeup

4. Melting Face

We are all excited about the fall and especially Halloween but the first thing that comes to mind when we think Halloween makeup might not be a melting face. The truth is this is a very simple yet tricky look to achieve. It combines a black pumpkin look on the right side of the face with a melting face dripping downwards in a realistic melt. The melt is as easy as mixing a gel wit matted loose powder to create a sticky mixture that can emulate the drips.

Creative Halloween Makeup

5. Pretty Cracked Doll

If you want to be a doll this Halloween, then why not add an interesting twist to the look with these gorgeous cracks. When you are going with this plastic look then you must ensure that everyone know how fragile you are. She looks very beautiful and perfect except that a bad kid decided to kick in her face. These cracks are what capture the attention to this look and are truly a work of art. This Freak Night, embrace your flaws because they are what make you truly beautiful and worthwhile.

Creative Halloween Makeup

6. Half Face Mask

Next, we have this creative map-like mask that covers large parts of the left side of the face as if to reveal underlying layers of skin. Images on the patch clearly match the design printed on her dress. We reckon you could have anything printed on there too. For a camera trick, you would like to paint the area where you want your images green and the boundaries in red for blood. Then you will proceed to use green screen tech to impose an image over the green area. One cannot fail to notice the white eye, one of the freakiest phenomena in Halloween makeup.

Creative Halloween Makeup

7. Christmas Elf Halloween

Wow, for the love of Christmas! This is the best creative Christmas themed Halloween makeup we’ve seen. It features green eyelids, rosy cheeks, and shiny foundation. some of the best Christmas looks ae bewildering and that’s exactly the effect you want with your next creative Halloween look. Many interesting and magical things happen here but you cannot fail to notice the third eye element and the lights. Talk about creepy and cute all blended into one delicious Halloween look that makes the air taste like the merriest time of year, Christmas.

Creative Halloween Makeup

8. Twisted Witch

Check out this unique twisted face witch makeup that is simply scary. With the weird eyes and misplaced lips. The cartoon character themed face paint has an allure to it though and it’s not all gory and everything. The rotated cartoon face seems more menacing than the real face and it seems like much fun to play around with people’s mind. When you are looking for low key yet unsettling look that will have no match at your party, this is one that no one else might have thought about.

Creative Halloween Makeup

9. Blond Skull

Wow. She looks trendy in her lower face skull paint and glam eye makeup. The subtle way to look half dead and half gorgeous is the most confusing for our brains to process correctly. You cannot fail to notice the matching hand accessories painted in the same black and white scheme. Might be you want to wear blond hair if you desire the exact same look as in picture. You will have the excuse to wear your casual dress to the party because the whole point in this look is to be glamorous.

Creative Halloween Makeup

10. Awesome Skull

This is what might happen if the dead took their time behind the mirror to put on some makeup before coming back to haunt the living on All Hallows night. We present for your consideration this awesome skull makeup that is different from what you have seen before. The eyes receive a subtle makeup yet she is still dead as a dodo. Of course, this makeup makes it permissible for you to use your black leather jacket as your Halloween costume. If you are choosing to be a skull, become a stylish one.

Creative Halloween Makeup

Creative Halloween Makeup

March 7, 2020