10 Beautiful Mermaid Halloween Makeup Ideas

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Mermaids are some beautiful, feminine and mystical beings and while their existence is debatable they elicit the same sensual and magical touch as is best suited for Halloween. They feature upper body woman and lower body fish and are known to be irresistibly beautiful undersea animals.

Are Mermaids Even Real?

It’s amazing how there is commonality in the description of a being that no one alive can prove that they have seen even though they probably don’t exist. But if it looks like a mermaid then for the sake of Halloween then it’s a mermaid. Perhaps it’s the love for things that glitter and mystical being that lures us to fall in love with these lovely creations. Whichever the case being a mermaid for Halloween never gets old.

Features Every Mermaid Must Have

Because mermaids are such glam and perfect creatures, there is no room for error when recreating the unmistakable looks. The mermaid makeup frenzy has been going on for what seems to have been forever but there are basics that don’t change. For instance, all mermaids have scales that glitter. At the same time, it does not limit your freedom as an artist to explore the color palette you love the most. You can also choose to add some pearls and shells among other features to customize your mermaid look.

These are the two feature of mermaid makeup that set them aside from other Halloween looks in the carnival. Incidentally, you need fishnets of a smaller size to create the scales pattern on the body. By covering the skin with the net and applying successive layers of makeup and glitter, you leave out the areas masked by the net material creating a scale pattern.

Here are some cool mermaids’ looks to inspire your next awesome submarine look.

1. Pretty Mermaid

We couldn’t think of a better way to start this list of explosive mermaid looks that will makeup everyone slightly or extremely jealous this Halloween depending on how much they love or dislike you. This look combines beauty and magic with the blend of scales and pearls. The beautiful purple eyes and scales make this a gorgeous pick for a mermaid makeup look you can accessorize with starfish in addition to the pearls if you like.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

2. Half Mermaid Illusion

Illusions have been the real deal when it comes to creating impressionable Halloween looks and artists have developed all sorts of them because they are simply lovely or they are good at playing tricks on our minds. This particular half-face Mermaid Halloween makeup will have all minds twisted because it looks like there are mermaid scales under her skin. The ripped-off skin should add to the fear factor of the whole thing and blood is in line with the expectations of Halloween makeup.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

3. Neon Dragon Mermaid

We are not saying it is difficult but this is perhaps the most radiant glow in the dark mermaid makeup that will turn you into a disco ball by night. It is simple mermazing makeup that does not require much of the pearls and other sea-themed accessories to make you the focal point in the room. This pattern was most likely created using the net technique and it should consume at least a ton of glitter. You may vary the color scheme to your liking obviously.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

4. Pretty Ad Magical Mermaid

If you are in here for a cute irresistible mermaid makeup idea then you should love this. it is simple as they come but does have a sophistication of sorts. The artist decided to keep the scales and hues at the sides and minimal for the sake of preserving inherent beauty and finished off the look with clear diamond accessories. The final look is priceless.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

5. Ripped Skin Mermaid

Next up we have one more mermaid trick up our sleeves with this gory and cute makeup featuring a ripped skin scar revealing mermaid inside. For some reason, scars are sexy perhaps because they symbolize the fight spirit and defensiveness. When you want to look cute and sexy but also don’t want to forget the first rule of mermaid makeup (don’t forget the scales) then this is the look you go for.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

6. Pink Mermaid

Next, absorb this stunning beauty of Halloween mermaid makeup that simply perfects the art. Here we have a flawless full face and neck pattern of scales and forehead accessories neatly done in pink. If you totally love girly pink then this is the mermaid look you are going to find irresistible. The additional diamond crest on her eyes and lip make this an extremely beautiful look to go with and we know what color of hairband to go with. Also, an excellent excuse to paint your eyebrows pin as you have always wanted.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

7. Unique Mermaid

Just when you think you have seen them all, we dazzle you with this amazingly or should we say “mermazing” look. A big part of this look involves the additional accessories for the ear and forehead. The work with green glitter also stands out from the usual scales drawn with netting. The seashells are a huge plus but that also means you will need a ton of cosmetic glue and stay wary of touching your face to keep the makeup intact. Not so trick-or-treat friendly but still a glamorous way to make an entrance.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

8. Starfish Mermaid

Think of this look as when mermaid befriends a starfish. Nailing this look will require a mermaid makeup kit and the starfish, obviously. A well-pigmented eye shadow and netting technique of drawing scales is not optional either. It looks like some put in their quality minutes in doing this one right. On top of looking fishy, this look also gives her a sultry feminine glow that is hard to resist.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

9. Galactic Mermaid

This alien mermaid makeup takes up the grown-up version of Lisa Frank. Of course, the key to unlocking your next level of mermaid makeup is in embracing the glitter and learning to live in the limelight at least for the better part of the Halloween night. To be a cosmic accepted mermaid then you have to be starry-eyed and use a handful of extra-pigmented products and most importantly, more glitter. And when you want to look really out of this earth, then it if in order to add bright golden starfish and moons on the cheeks and forehead.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

10. Misty Mermaid Makeup And Costume

This last idea is best suited for you when you need ideas for both makeup and costume relating to mermaids. For this look, the artist chose a detailed and integrated makeup and costume look. Again if you are not going for easy this year this is a worthy challenge that will reward you with your most attractive Halloween look yet. You want to keep the scales to an irreducible minimum this time and instead focus on making your hair an ecosystem of reeds and sea creatures.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Ideas

March 5, 2020