10 Beautiful Animal Halloween Makeup Ideas

Let’s face it, we are all animals! Deep down in our DNA is that basic animal instinct also buried deeply in our subconscious? Even with the Uber comforts of modern lifestyle, we have no forgotten the bazillion years we spent in the wild having to fend of predators and fight for our food. It is no wonder we find animal Halloween makeup so fascinating. It channels out the animal in us and resonates with our very core.

Are animal Halloween looks difficult?

Evolution aside, animal Halloween looks are some of the simplest and scary costumes you can choose to prowl this Halloween carnival with ferocity or be a ready meal for the predators. Most people will instinctively go for animal looks when they are out of time because with just a few stitched animal ears and scanty makeup you can be some animal and keep us guessing.

How to achieve realistic animal makeup

This year, join us to do things a little differently with these realistic more than basic animal looks that will drop jaws at any part or festival. Rather than procrastinate, examine some of these top animal looks you can have for Halloween and start putting together the look piece by piece item by item.

We hope you find the inspiration you are looking for. Feel free to combine looks or modify something and do let us know how it goes. With any luck it is you we will be featuring next!

1. Half Face Tiger

You may no longer be in middle school but you can bring back the nostalgia with this Halloween by indulging in the whimsical color drenched art of animal inspired half-face makeup. This tiger makeup look is the inspiration you need to find the perfect feline makeup that you will need to prowl your carnival this fall. A tiger is ferocious unforgiving top of the food chain predator but also a beautiful animal to behold. There are only so many feline themed Halloween makeups you can choose from and this tiger makeup beats them hands down.

Animal Halloween Makeup

2. Giraffe

If you are looking to jumble things up a little this year so you are not a monotonous cat woman every year, this giraffe is the idea you are looking for. There are enough reasons why you should be the smartest most informed animal in the bush this Halloween. Firstly his giraffe look is definitely cooler than a lot of other cliche looks and for the photo session you will likely be the focal point. Second and the best part is that you do not need any extra-ordinary makeup items to accomplish the easy look or to take it off.

Animal Halloween Makeup

3. Deer

Deer is one of those Halloween costumes that do not get old. Although incredible easy if you want it to be, deer makeup can also carry a ton of intricate details on the face and costume as well. This Halloween run with this deer makeup and make sure that you’re the damn cutest one ever. At least the food chain will be complete with all the gory predators surely coming to your party. The meek deer makeup is most attractive and easier than all the gory predator people do every time.

Animal Halloween Makeup

4. Easy Deer Makeup

Because there are so many options we wanted to feature more than one on our list of insanely cute animal inspired Halloween makeup. This deer makeup we chose for the ease with which you can get it. With only a pale beige pencil for the freckles, black eyeliner and white eyeshadow you already own most of what is required for the look. There are only a handful of Halloween makeup looks that can look good without a complimentary costume and the deer makeup happens to be one of them.

Animal Halloween Makeup

5. Cute Lion

This easy and cute lion face paint Halloween look can take your cat person Halloween appearance to the next level this year. Quirky cat costumes are always a pleasant sight to behold at every carnival. Because of the bazillion years we spent in the savannah in the course of evolution human beings have a basic instinct to respect predators like lion and the other large cats. This lion look doesn’t take too much time and is suitable for all ages, that’s what makes it an even more suitable candidate for this list of the best animal Halloween makeups.

Animal Halloween Makeup

6. Cheetah

When you want to prowl the Halloween carnival lurking in the shadows savannah style, there is no choice that can match the fastest animal on land. The cheetah is a fascinating animal with an interesting dot work that is deceivingly attractive. Because you need some inspiration for cheetah makeup this Halloween, this lady looks glam and ferocious too and that is enough reason to get cat makeover.

Animal Halloween Makeup

7. Fox Face Makeup

When you are looking for cunning look this Halloween that your loved ones will be genuinely surprised to see you wear then the fox is such an idea. You will have fun with friends putting this creative look together and a fox costume shouldn’t be hard to find at a store near you even though it’s not absolutely necessary. If you are feeling like creating a simple imitation of a costume you can just whip up some felt ears and wear them of your head and you will pass for a real fox.

Animal Halloween Makeup

8. Elegant Giraffe

There is something about this giraffe that channels the inner sense of fashion and beauty. There are enough rabbits, foxes, deer and lions at your party already then this is excellent choice for a browser. How about being the tallest animal in the room and let them know of your foresight and vision. This beautiful and clever giraffe will outsmart every other animal in the jungle because you can see trouble from a far. Giraffes are cute all but they also have a powerful kick and stride when it comes down to self-defense.

Animal Halloween Makeup

9. Mermaid Makeup

Everyone wants to be a mermaid someday but what about a fish? Try this submarine look and amaze yourself with your own creativity. This fish look is done so well that no one has doubt what she is supposed to be. Do not be surprised if you are the only fish swimming in the giant pond that is your party or carnival. And while everyone is busy becoming the most ferocious animal in the room, you will likely stand out when you show up as a fish.

Animal Halloween Makeup

10. Cute Fox

If you are going to be a cunning fox then you will also need to be an irresistibly cute one to accomplish your heinous missions. If you have made up your mind that you don’t want to be the seventh feline animal to enter the party then the fox is a cunning idea. Despite the super star look, this fox makeup idea shouldn’t be so difficult for you and your makeup aides! With only basic makeup items and a couple of trials on, you should be able to surpass the beauty of this sample.

Animal Halloween Makeup

Animal Halloween Makeup Ideas

March 4, 2020