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GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

If you’re joining the fight for sleeker smooth and shiny healthier looking hair can you definitely booked the right ticket as today we are plugging in the gold professional styling iron. In this review we check out the much acclaimed duos on technology that offers premium performance and next-generation heat-sensing technology across the two plates. This GHD is your root to tip solution heating heavenly at 365 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal styling and heat protection. This new GHD also features a quicker 25-second wake up time as sleek design and most importantly a killer look.

Today we find out why in a test conducted by GHD themselves, 100 consumers out of the sample size of 130 would agree that the GHD gold was so much better than the original gold styler when it came to sleeker smoother and shinier hair without losing volume and causing split ends.

We’ll start with the basic features and then get down to the science facts it can be a bit boring and then you will have our take on the purchase is it worth the $199?

  • Create smooth and sleek styles.
  • Makes your hair look healthier.
  • Quick and snug free styling.
  • Enhanced shine using the GHD heat protectant spray.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Universal voltage.
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Effortless professional styling with advanced ceramic heat technology.
  • Salon results that last.
  • Beautiful rose gold plates.
  • Hefty Price tag.
  • Single heat setting.
  • No safety lock.
  • No carry case.
  • Does not operate cordless (no internal cell).
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Complete Review of GHD Gold Professional


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

As you can expect from a company like GHD the packaging is absolutely stunning and you just can’t wait to pop it right open. But first will look up some of the specs that are written on the outside so we can charge this good book by its cover. One of the first selling points that you come across is the dual zone technology. As we have stated earlier this actually means that the flat iron contains two heat sensing elements in each of the plates as opposed to just one. This means that you get a more consistent hit across the plates which results in straighter and smoother hair with consistent and durable results.

The next feature about the design this gold styler is the smoke control floating plates which ensure that your styling is consistent whether you’re straightening on curling. These plates the company claims to help your flat iron glide through your hair without freeze giving you a quick salon look that lasts. A lot of these cheaper flat irons will give you that tag and it’s never welcome in any styling session.

This GHD has many others also comes with universal voltage which is a really cool feature if you’re going to be traveling a lot. Since it cannot go cordless this is an indispensable feature if you plan on using it abroad. If you’re wondering this means you can get the same results anywhere around the world as long as you can plug into the grid.

This iron also has that cool sleep mode feature that lets you be a little bit careless about the state you leave your flat iron in after styling your hair. A countless number of times with me find ourselves having to rush back to the room because you forgot to turn off flat irons and we are afraid that might cause a fire but not with this latest technology. After 30 minutes of non-use lapses the device will automatically switch itself off and it’s simply amazing.


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

The gold professional styling iron as the rapid heating ceramic heater that text only an impressive 25 seconds to heat her up. When you turn the device on it gives you a happy chime and an equally melodious acknowledgement that it’s up to speed when the heating cycle is complete. Bringing up there what’s the correct temperature feels like an instant just about the time you need to divide your hair into several sections.

The dual zone technology influencing the heating process kicks in once the plates are at exactly 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Two sensors are obviously better than one but it’s the quality and quickness of response of the system that makes it awesome rather than the quantity of senses. Artist is good watch for ghd’s ability to curl straighten and wave hair but just gliding through without causing heat damage. It’s one of the perks ovulating GHD take away your temperature control in that saving your from yourself.


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

And now for the fact that you’ve all been waiting for, how well did the GHD gold styler do for the various testers with different hairstyles and texture? First off all our testers agreed with the first proposition that this styler can glide through hair with no problem at all. We all hate it 1 flat irons tag or no hair ruining extensions and causing traction damage and hair loss, don’t we?

For the most with a GHD gold which was capable of standard curls and straight hairstyles with an impeccable fuss-free experience. The rounded borrow and floating plates technology helps this GHB just glide through her making styling really easy.

On average it took testers about 10 minutes to completely get their hair done correctly. Another the likeable about the styler is that it gives you the perfect heating condition to style your hair without getting it too hot. With this device you will never feel like you can’t run your fingers through your hair immediately because it is too hot.


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

Continuing the one heat setting conversation, ghd’s will not come with variable temperature and they don’t make them with heating capability higher than 185 degrees Fahrenheit. GHD claims to have tested rigorously improvement that all if not most hair types will give to exactly this temperature and anything above will only result in excessive heat damage.

We found this claim to be true because even those who didn’t like the results they got with their new flatiron they still agreed that this device cost way less tagging and heat damage.


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

Gold professional styling iron is a remarkable device with stunning results but unfortunately it cannot go cordless. Even though it features that remarkable universal voltage it will be totaled if the power is out. You would need an AC inverter to plug it into your car if you are going camping off the grid. Other than that it provides ample length of a swivel cord which allows to do your twists and turns with many more interruptions.


A genuine take on the GHD gold styler would be, it is a snug freestyling solution for everyday use that will transform yours to happier hair days. Despite the hefty Price tag the styling tool did perform slightly better than some ions that cost a fraction of its price. We found it to be quicker and give the user smoother and nicer locks that could stand humidity. However some of the testers we used for this product agreed that the single heating was not ideal for their hair type.

For these reasons the gold professional styling iron not ideal for everyone, you have to decide what you want to prioritize before buying this iron.


We continually check thousands of questions consumers from around the world have about the products to review and try to answer them. Below are some more questions from you about the GHD gold.

What is the GHD gold?

The GHD gold is a professional styling iron that promises optimum styling with a single temperature setting and smooth gold plates that slide through hair with versatile professional styling results and enhanced shine.

Which hair types is it good for?

• Carly
• Wavy
• Straight
• coiled and tightly coiled

Can I use my gold styler with other products?

Yes the GHD gold series allows for use with other products. However you do not want to use sticky products as they can eventually accumulate on your styler and also in your hair which can cause problems while styling and damage to the device. Use the recommended GHD heat protectant spray and other hair care products designed to work with a flat iron.

What is the dual zone technology?

Dual-zone means that the GHD gold has two next-generation heat sensors installed across each plate for better temperature control.

What gifts are included with this purchase?

This product comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and the price includes a plate guard for safer storage.

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