Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron Review

We have tried the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron I case you are looking to buy it for a hair tool to add to your artillery. In this review, we will be answering all your questions like, is it worth the bucks? Is it better than other styling options in the same price range? We will also be throwing in our verdict based on observations made by our ardent reviewers who actually tried the product for a few weeks.

We are all about quality hair care and an authority on flat irons as we have not reviewed a small number in the past. We are all lovers of hair and our entire team would jump at the opportunity to review a high end product like the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron. Obviously, we do not have enough heads to review all the products out there but we always rely on the candid reviews we receive from our testers around the globe. It is everyday users like yourself who often give the most unbiased data about any particular hair tool and information you can trust.

Complete Review of Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron


Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron Review

The 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron is unique for its natural touch of volcanic minerals which are supposed to emit some negative ions that drive in moisture into hair stands. This little hair style is praised to its ability to keep hair hydrated and conditioned throughout the day. It also has that unique vibrating plate’s technology that makes hair smoothing faster and more efficient even with thicker volumes of hair.

The Micro-hydration feature of the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron is the strongest selling point in terms of its design. As for the ergonomics, the sleek and rounded body of the device helps with smoother strokes from the roots to the ends without breakages.

This flat iron also feature bio ceramic heaters which are way faster than ordinary elements in delivering faster more consistent heating. This rivals the most expensive items in the same category with the ability to heat consistently. Every manufacturer claims their heating is the best and we will see in a bit how the 10x Pro does in terms of heating performance.

Safety is also considered in the design of this piece with the 1hr auto shut feature. A bit longer than most other devices and a con for that matter.

Heating Process

Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron Review

The 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron features proprietary heating technology with digital controller. It is capable of delivering a constant 450F which is sufficient for tougher hair types. This is thanks to the ceramic heating technology with multiple points of heat. The device can deliver constant and even heating to the plates with feedback control.

The 10X is super quick to heat up and the vibration makes it easy to straighten hair that is looking wet and get all the parts easily. The vibration does kind of give this flat iron its unfair advantage over cheaper options with better heating elements.

The heating is just right for softer and silkier hair as well as tougher more reluctant hair to style. Our testers vouch for the tech not to split and break hair due to burning. It is nice that the mineral infusion does not make the plates less potent in terms of heat delivery to hair and getting it super ultra-straight or curly. The heat is good for subtle waves, full on rounded curls and straight styling.


Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron Review

This is the part where we received overwhelmingly good replies about the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron. It is one of those hair styling tools you can swear by and rely on entirely for all your domestic and travel needs. Once you have it, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first of sixth flat iron, you will find to be a life saver and a necessity. If you decide to bite the bullet and spend the hefty price tag on this device, you might just be our next good review.
This iron does super-fast heat-ups and does an excellent job for straightening and curling. It does feel somewhat fragile given its high price and you might feel anxious at the thought of accidentally dropping it but that’s just about it.

Unlike some cheaper options with a lager plate size, you might have to split your hair into more sections but just one to two strokes does the trick. In the end you just might be able to get all your hair done in just under ten minutes or a quarter of an hour max. There are certainly cheaper flat irons but this one is pricier for the exclusive user experience.

Hair Damage

Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron Review

The 10x Pro is a high end device and even though it delivers an immense amount of heat every second it is in contact with your hair, it is definitely a safe iron to use on fragile hair. It has to do with the vibrating plates and accurate digital temperature control. There are many flat irons that can do just as good a job on straighter hair for only half the price tag on it but the extent of hair damage with time makes most irons unreliable.

Battery Life

Before wandering to the world of ampere hours and battery lives, it is worth noting that this flat iron has dual voltage adaptability for 120V and 220V outlets in case you will be travelling a lot. It also comes with a soft swivel cord which eliminates the need to have a full charge for your journey. That you can just leave the device plugged in and charging at all times also helps. You need about ten minutes to make your hair with this tool and that gives you some good mileage with three maybe four uses on a full charge.

Our testers have had this for a few months on average and it does not seem like the battery life is a big concern. Obviously if you have tougher fuller hair you are likely to need plugging in sooner for running at the highest temperature. In practical use, you will not need to worry about the battery life because you can use it while plugged in or use the stand so it is always all juiced up and ready to go when you are.


The 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron is one of the best flat irons we have reviewed and has some pretty cool features like the vibrating plates and volcanic mineral infusion. Technical jargon aside, this device offers a nice touch in the morning on the go and recreates that wavy, frizzy hair with a professional salon allure. This is the way purchase to make if you are looking for a high end and dependable flat iron that gives your hair shine and volume. The high price will be a turn off for many but we still highly recommend this flat iron.

Faster 10 min styling with vibrating plates.
Natural volcanic mineral infusion for constant heat and micro-hydration.
Ultimate shine and volume companion.
Rounded and tapered design for root to end styling.
Digital temperature control.
BioCeramic heaters.
Ergonomic sleek design.
Dual voltage 220 and 120 V ac.
Auto shut feature.
Confident purchase with 5 years warranty.
Looks and feels fragile.
Cannot preset temperature so you have to do it manually each time.
What makes the 10x Pro a special buy?

Actually, this iron has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. There is the volcanic mineral infused vibrating plates, an accurate digital temperature control and sleek ergonomic design for two pass styling.

Is the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron worth the big bucks?

Well, the answer is yes, the 10x Pro is way up there when it comes to quality flat irons money can get you. Just the same, if you spend way over your budget, it may cause you not to enjoy your new gadget. Many people seem to enjoy something cheaper that they can mistreat as they please without worrying about the cost of replacement.

Does the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron work on thick wavy hair?

This iron features a smaller plate size and sleek rounded design that allows you to get to the roots of voluminous hair. You might have to split your hair into more sections but yes, the plate size is perfect for curling and straightening a decent amount of hair. Shine and volume, thanks to the quick vibrating feature.

What is the mineral infusion on the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron do to my hair?

The volcanic mineral infusion is partly what makes this iron worth your money. It is proprietary tech that uses negative ions to insert water molecules into your hair strands keeping hair styled, hydrated and conditioned after use.

Is the 10x Pro better for curls or straightening?

The overwhelming response we received for this product is that it is amazing at both. It curls, straightens and waves nicely leaving your hair with a sleek and sexy look.

July 26, 2020