NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The struggle is real and very much on with bad hair days and if you are on this page then you might be wondering if the mega x hair straightener is the ultimate hair styler flat iron that you put your bad hair days forever in the past! With improved mega hex you can reach fastest tiling speeds with more strands of hair for every stroke.

In this review we sought to verify the word on the street does a new improved flat iron was capable of easy silky sleek hair and cutting down the styling time by half welder bring the results. We relied on more than 100 cases from around the globe with different natural hair types and texture and multi-use styling needs to see if this new gadget could help you achieve a great rain of salon quality hairstyles as the manufacturer claims.

NuMe is a Hi-Tech company that comprises of 90% women founded by Sabrina Maren of Schwetzingen Germany. As a leading woman innovator and an entrepreneur Sabrina must be all too familiar with the daily struggles that women around the world go through to get their hair ready for their working and rest day. For longer than a decade with the powerhouse hairstyle true innovator has continued to push the bar higher on styling stool design using only the purest and best ceramic, titanium, tourmaline and other revolutionary materials to produce cutting-edge flat irons hair dryers that are faster and more efficient. It is company that promises to be as unique as you are and to honor the individuality of your preferences. We now take a look at their masterpiece flat iron to find out what’s under the hood and if it’s were there flashy black matte finish.

Larger floating plates.

Integrated far Infrared heat strip.

Digital temperature display.

Ion booster for hydration.

Versatile tool for variety of salon quality styles.
Not cordless.

Not a cheap flat Iron.

Complete Review of NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

Is flat iron is made with 100% tourmaline ceramic plates and also features and negative ion booster and infrared light strip. These three features are perhaps the strongest selling points of the NuMe Mega hair straightener.

The Megastar X is the hyper version of the award winning Megastar styler featuring eve larger plates at close to two inches (1.75). The plates are made with the floating feature to ensure fuss free styling and curving to allow hair to glide through easily. Additional features include the far infrared heat strip for smooth control and the legible digital temperature display. The X version is also fitted with the integrated ion booster on the base for generation of negative ions.

Thar same solid ceramic plates infused with tourmaline provide even heat distribution and also reduces the static on hair which dramatically decreases the amount of hair damage even for the most damage brown hair types. The Megastar reduces frizz for dry hair types which in turn reduces the amount of traction damage. If your hair is mostly devoid of moisture and you’re prioritizing many more hair damage and a slick finish then you might just love the tourmaline flat iron. This is primarily because tourmaline inserts extra negative ions which are supposed to put water molecules the hair strands causing hydration.

The specific tourmaline flat iron is perfect for those with coarse and thick or long hair that also pack some volume because it has improved wider and longer plates so you can get more hair done per stroke. Ceramic heating combines top conducting elements like tourmaline and titanium to form a top secret compound that makes it possible to heat evenly and rapidly as required.


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The heating on the Megastar X is the smoothest we have seen in a budget styler and its price tag puts its way up there with the luxury brands. Ceramic heating is some of the best heat delivery systems out there in the market today and this one has the upper hand for temperature regulation.

The Megastar X has temperature adjustment in the range of 190 F to a whooping 450F. On the Celsius scale that is 60 to 230 C. It also features wider plates which means heating larger amounts of hair per section per stroke. The plates are a solid tourmaline ceramic and not coated, layered or anything like that. This means quality heating and reliable thermal performance.

Its design features make the Megastar X a superior flat iron delivering a whopping 26 watts which can tame the most elusive hair types. If you are wondering if the kin of heat could destroy it if left unattended, certainly yes. But NuMe also included the automatic shut off safety feature for when you forget to unplug it.


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The first impression you get when unboxing the megastar X is the massive size of the plates. Thanks to the sheer size and immense heat delivery with a responsive feedback control for the heat, the iron makes can deliver on the promise to straighten a decent amount of hair with a single pass. You do not have to crank it all the way up as a setting of about 340F will do the trick for most hair types. We would not recommend this flat iron for damp hair or any other flat iron for that matter.

One thing you will love about this cool styler is that you can cut literary your hair down the middle and style only two sections thanks to the enormous plates.

When you are looking for an intermediate flat iron that will last you longer than most other brand then it makes sense to pay top dollar for a reputable brand like Nume. The Megastar X never disappoints for longevity of the product and the styling results regardless of the weather. Our testers noted how it does not look or feel fragile so they found it easier to mistreat the iron. It surely endured a lot of abuse and irresponsibility even more than we were told but none of them actually broke down so that’s a plus.


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The enormous heat of the Megastar X is certainly a blessing or curse depending on how well you use it. If you know your hair and master your patience and styling motion, this NuMe is a first class and super easy model to work with. However, we hardly recommend this for rookies as the higher temperature ranges can easily cook your hair. That said, with correct use, your hair could come out soft and silky smooth and you will love yourself more for making the right purchase decision in the near future.


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The Megastar does work on all hair types and is especially effective for coarse and curly hair where other straighteners just won’t deliver. Just the same, the device lacks an internal cell. NuMe makes up for this with the Dual Voltage capability which makes it possible to style in most cities around the World.


Our final verdict on the Megastar X NuMe and whether to buy or not to buy depends on what you want it for. If you are buying this as your first Iron then we do not recommend as this is a burn hazard. Incorrect and irresponsible use of the heat dial will leave you hairless with the immense power of the styler. For seasoned stylers however, this is a professional and high end tool you cannot underestimate for its results and versatility.

Is the NuMe Megastar X dual voltage?

Yes, the mega star x is a dual voltage flat iron which means that you can get the same sleek results anywhere you are in the world. The only challenge with this type of adaptor deserving to get the correct plug for the country or airport you’re at.

Can this be used to curl hair as well?

Yes, NuMe USA commence the use of all their straightness including the megastar x to curl hair. It features the appropriate rounded barrel that allows for caring of hair by turning it.

Is this flat iron set at one temperature if not what is the highest temperature it will go?

The NuMe Megastar X has a top temperature of 450F or 230 C and can be adjusted downwards to 190F and 60 C respectively.

Can this be used on damp hair?

We would not recommend using this styler or any other flat iron on damp hair as the devices are designed to work on water free hair. It is not to say that hair should be devoid of any moisture. Far from it, you can use good heat protectant sprays and any good number of nonstick hair products.

Are the plates tourmaline ceramic solid or plated?

This Iron contains 100% tourmaline ceramic plates and is not just coated or layered with the material. The material and the led strip generate negative ions that help reduce frizz by sealing in the moisture.

July 28, 2020