Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

If you’re looking for a hair dryer that is engineered for extreme air conditions and protecting her from extreme heat damage then the Dyson supersonic is your go to dryer to reduce scream and fly away by up to 61% while increasing shine and smoothness.

We will be the first to admit that the $400 price tag on a hair dryer runs pretty gamut even for Dyson. You might wonder why you would like to invest such a hefty amount of money except the dryer appears to work just fine. You may have learnt about the Dyson hair dryer from your hairstylist or favorite celebrity and gotten intrigued. Fast forward today and you’re here to find out the truth about Dyson supersonic because you need as much information to help you make the right purchase decision. This is you then don’t worry because we’ve got your back. If you are just in the market for a new hair dryer and came across the Dyson supersonic with all its hype and glory in online forums then you will love this post. We present to you are honest review of the Dyson hair dryer including pros and cons our experience of its performance out in the streets outside of lab conditions and we also answer frequently asked questions regarding the Dyson supersonic at the end of this post.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

Dyson created a fast drying small yet powerful digital motor and combined it with the famous air multiplier technology to produce a high velocity jet of precisely controlled air for optimum fast drying and precision styling.

It includes a range of attachments that are designed for the effective styling of different hair types and style preferences. Hair professionals particularly love this product because of its versatility of use as well as comfort while handling several clients. It features a lightweight design that is also well balanced turning convention on its head by putting the motor in the handle which offsets the balance in the dryer’s weight and shape.

The design incorporates magnetic attachments that help users to quickly and easily adjust

Unlike many cheap hair dryers in the market today. We wanted to see if the new magnetic attachment edition was a big plus for the consumer or it will take away from the Dyson experience.

Further, if you are looking for a dryer that will not make too much noise or drive you crazy then the Dyson supersonic doesn’t sound like it. However despite the name Dyson has this hair dryer acoustically tuned so that it produces inaudible frequencies of sound so that your hair drying session does not leave you with ringing ears.

The Dyson supersonic also features negative ion technology which reduces static and frizz in hair. Negative ions push water molecules into the hair strands keeping it not only dry but also internally hydrated and moisturized. This prevents excessive drying of hair which can lead to breakage.

There is no doubt that Dyson went the extra mile while designing this hair dryer. We were keen to examine some of its key features including the heating elements and its performance out in the Streets. All this and more insights coming up next so don’t go anywhere.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

The Dyson supersonic has precise and speed heating settings delivering a fast drying and styling effect whether you prefer regular drying or gentle drying with a constant flow of cool consistent air streams.

Dyson’s heat-shield technology is featured for this hair dryer which ensures that all surfaces and attachments for the hair tool remain cool even when used for a long time. This is especially useful for professional hair stylists and generally anybody looking for close-up styling.

Dyson uses extreme heat damage prevention in the form of intelligent heat controls that measures the air temperature exiting the tool over 40 times every second. If you want to prevent your hair from extreme heat damage then Dyson promises to be the go-to tools manufacturer for your makeup bag.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

This Dyson hair dryer consists of a styling concentrator which creates a thin high velocity blade of air that is perfect for close-up styling and smoothing with surgical precision. It concentrates the heat and drying effect of the machine getting small sections of hair done faster and soon covering the whole head.

Dyson also uses a diffuser for the dispersion of air around your curls and to simulate natural drying which is frizz free. A lot of the cheap hair dryers feel unnatural and uncomfortable for you and your hair but not the Dyson supersonic.

Hair smoothing nozzle feature is also engineered for streamlined and controlled airflow which helps create a natural and healthy finish.

If your hair styling expertise is moderate and you put yourself somewhere between beginner and expert then this hair dryer is for you because it helps you rethink blow drying and the need for visiting a salon for that.

We found that the Dyson hair dryer dries hair incredibly fast compared to ordinary hair dryers and took a total of 12 minutes compared to the 20-minute average for most other dryers we have tried in this category. It is a favorite among the team and also for professionals who checked it for us.

With this dryer you can choose to use an attachment like the styling nozzle for close-up styling or use the dryer without an attachment for rough dry when your hair is wet and just out of the shower.

This hair tool is super lightweight so your makeup bag is not weighing you down for your flights and so that your arm does not get tired while drying. It helps that it is super silent so that you can hold a conversation with your mate while drying or getting ready for some occasion.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

We felt that the Dyson is properly designed with clever and intelligent features to protect all hair types. So you if you want a classy hair dryer for your salon that you can use for several clients this is the go-to brand for best value for money equipment.

Patron safety is the number one priority for every hair salon entice enhancer to you in a beautiful package. It comes recommended for high safety standards and design consideration of ergonomics in many of their tools and this dryer is no exception.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

The Dyson supersonic does not come with an internal cell and will work only with plug in mode. However if you are looking for salon grad equipment and working on many clients consecutively or your blowout takes twice as long as that of your friends then you will appreciate the lightweight design with a perfect power cord length.


If ever there was a hair dryer that was worth $400 but still worth it, it is the Dyson Supersonic. Majority of our reviewers said they would buy this again absolutely and anytime someone asks for a recommendation for a top notch quick dryer that is easy to use, the supersonic one comes up. It is much quieter and more efficient that most other dryers we have tested previously and motor placement changes the ease of handling making it virtually weightless.

Why should I buy the Dyson hair Dryer?

Almost anyone can be a good candidate for this dryer because it is made for versatility of use. Many people will only opt to use one or two attachment for their preferred style and no attachment for a general dry. We recommend this product if you are already facing challenges when drying your hair.

Where to find the Dyson hair Dryer?

Ulta carries the genuine product with all official offers run by the company for the best price. You can also consider EBay for pristine condition when looking for refurbished Dyson hair dryers.

Is this a good hair dryer for curly hair?

Dyson has all sorts of attachments for your dryer which adapt it for different hair types. The gentle air dryer makes easy getting a natural dry on curly hair. Other attachments for curly hair are the diffuser and wide tooth comb specifically designed for curly hair.

Can I use it abroad?

This hair dryer is not universal voltage adaptive and you might have to use power converter against recommendations of the manufacturer. You can technically use the machine in countries with similar power supplies to the one where you bought it but this voids your warranty.

Does it work on fine thin hair?

If you have thin and sensitive hair then the power of the Dyson motor might sound scary. For those with fine but lots of hair, you can use the lowest speed to keep your curls. It is really sensitive to changes in output temperature and has better safety than ordinary hair dryers.

February 21, 2021