Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review

The Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight speed dryer is a cool new release by Bio Ionic that has been doing rounds on online shopping platforms with much hype for its exclusive features and immense power that guarantees dry and hydrated hair for every hair type. It gives hair a conditioning and shine that can hardly be paralleled using the best dryers out there. A likeable feature of the dryer is the Eco drive motor that gets the job done in a couple of minutes and still saves energy.

The device comes with an impressive compact design that speaks of fashion and still looks very comfortable to hold typical of Bio Ionic products. As can be expected, the volcanic inspired speed dryer comes with dark themed color and eye-catching packaging you just don’t want to throw away.

For those who are sensitive about their carbon footprint then all the more reason to love this dryer and we set out to investigate the zero emissions claim by the manufacturer on this device. This our honest assessment of the 10X pro as was shipped to us and according to feedback from experts who tested this on clients for us.

Fernando Romero created Bio Ionic to stand out among the beauty and hair industry tool makers and their previous hair tools have been a good testimony of that. This hair dryer uses a complex Nanolonic mineral to break down water molecule which speeds up the drying process and helps keep hair hydrated and healthy.

Lasts longer than many hair dryers.

Patented mineral infusion technology.

Quieter motor and blades.

Faster drying under 10 minutes.

Micro-hydration removes the need for further styling with flat irons.

Extremely lightweight at 500 grams or 1.1 pounds.
Common heat and air speed control dials.


Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review

This dryer has a unique EcoDrive motor which is patented by Bio Ionic that provides immense power with a minimal weight. This makes the machine very light and easy to maneuver without straining the wrist. When transitioning from a heavier dryer like the T3, it may take some time to get used to the light weight operation of the 10X Pro.

Natural volcanic minerals are used in the dryer to provide a complex infusion of goodness for your hair. The minerals equip the dryer with negative ions that split water molecules dispersing them faster and also forcing them into hair strands for maximum hydration. This feature, the makers claim enables faster styling and longevity of results even on humid days.

Micro-hydration is a benefit of the mineral infusion that fosters ultimate shine and condition even without the need for flat iron styling. Unlike most hair tools, you do not have to sacrifice volume for greater shine with the powerful stream of the 10X Pro.

It also features an ample 9ft cord which swivels to allow easy styling with no tangling. It weighs less that pound and produces a more powerful jet than heavier motors. You can expect this to have quite some recoil when hitting your head and that takes some time to get accustomed to.

When you are concerned for your planet then Zero emissions is a priority when buying your gadgets. This tool saves the planet by consuming up to 75% less energy than traditional hair dryers but also does not emit ozone, carbon micro-particles or EMF.


Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review

The famed Bio Ionic heaters using natural rock and minerals and other proprietary innovations simple change how the industry perceived heat treatments. If you feel that you have to change how you approach your hair routine then you know it is perhaps time you invested in a high end toy for your hair from this world renowned brand. People who required at least 20 minutes to do their hair now take under 7 minutes for a perfect blowout. Additionally, you do not always have to use your straightener as you can apply some natural conditioner right away after your shampoo.


Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review

We did take the Bio Ionic 10X Pro for a spin and examined the results versus what the nice influencer lady said on YouTube. We always strive to capture actual reactions from users as they are conveyed to us and find the median sentiment.

Firstly, the 10X Pro is a serious piece of equipment with some intense user experience to be enjoyed. It leaves hair looking smooth and healthy because it does not cause dry and flaky results. More importantly, it protects your scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Not having to blow hot air over your scalp for 20 minutes can make a world of a difference.

The effect of the volcanic mineral infusion is clearly visible in better shine and volume leaving hair looking healthier than with other devices. There are a good range of products on the market claiming the same effect and carry an onboard ion generator but the 10X Pro uses natural rock to produce the negative ions.

We could not ascertain claims that negative ions boost your daytime energy. It goes something like negative ions are good for your body entering your bloodstream from the air streams of this dryer and boost your serotonin levels giving your positive vibes and thereby boosting your mood and energy levels.


Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review

The beauty of choosing to go with an expensive yet reliable maker and Brand like Bio Ionic is the peace of mind you have when trying this out for the first week on your hair. When you see your hair stylist next, usually you will not say a thing waiting to see if they note the difference and sure enough they complement and say you must have changed something. You are probably skeptical about the Ion powered heating technology bits because it sound like sales gibberish but you may simply buy for the trustworthy brand and discover that it works as advertised much to your amusement.


In short, the Bio Ionic 10X Pro is better than advertised. It helps drying hair and micro-hydration. If you want the next level of power and still not scald your scalp then this is the go to technology for amazing results blissfully. It is more powerful than any previous models and gets work done faster saving energy and time. With zero emissions, you can enjoy cleaner indoor air quality during and after your hair routine. This is a perfect gift for a friend who just had a baby and wants to child proof the house because it is also quieter than anything else out there. It is not the cheapest hair dryer out here not even by a long shot but it is one that will outlast three or four dryers and there is an impressive 10 year warranty on the motor to back up the claims.

What is the Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer Review?

This is a high end professional hair dryer with a lightweight design and record drying time thanks to the volcanic mineral infusion of negative ions, a patented technology by Bio Ionic.

Who is this hair dryer best for?

This is certainly an exclusive deal because it is quite expensive. But the stellar performance and 10 year warranty make this a good deal for anyone willing to part with $220 and get perfect hair and healthy scalp in return.

Does 10X Pro work on thick curly and frizzy hair?

If you have the above kinds of hair then you are likely struggling to get your hair dry after shampoo if you have a cheap dryer. The 10X will be perfect for you and will cut down on strain and time when you need to blow dry your hair.

What is the volcanic part of the Bio Ionic 10X Pro?

The makers of this dryer used the Volcanic MX, a proprietary formula of volcanic rock minerals to enhance hair treatment with sealing of cuticle and superior styling to shine.

Does the 10X Pro use a brushless motor drive? What is the advantage?

Yes, because of the brushless motor design used for this dryer, about 75% less energy is required to drive the same output compared to ordinary brushed motors. It is more sophisticated and with less wearing of parts hence the longevity of motor.

Bio Ionic 10X Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer
February 22, 2021