CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron – Which One You Should Buy?

CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

CHI G2 and CHI Lava have been locked in a sibling rivalry that we would love to iron out once and for all.

We all have had our fair share of disappointments with hair care products and especially heating tools. Some of us have had a greater price to pay than others and luckily for the rest of us we can learn from their mistakes thanks to the far pervading reach of the web.

And the old wisdom dictates to stick to the tested and tried flat irons in order to be sure of good results without tremendous loss of income and hair. It is such logic that has lead us to comparing two best sellers from CHI family which is a reputable global leader for curling and straightening flat irons.

In a battle of two equally capable flat irons only hair would suffer and so we decided to have different people test these for us. There may therefore be some discontinuities in findings but nothing that we could not round off to the nearest decimal without losing accuracy.

While users today are looking for a way to shorten their hair routine time the CHI family has the most answers and continues to innovate. We love the gentleness and tender touch of CHI ionic flat irons even for people with no prior experience with flat irons. Don’t get it twisted, flat irons can be pretty damaging when used the wrong way. Our comparison today touches on two of the most lenient flat irons to buy for beginners and yet powerful enough for commercial salon business.

CHI Lava Flat IronCHI G2 Flat Iron
Volcanic mineral infusion for healthier heat and hair shine.
Lower and higher temperature settings with fine tuning 200-4500F.
Temperature lock feature.
60 minutes auto-shut feature.
Rapid heat up.
Lightweight feature rich design.
Ergonomic cord and body.
4” extended plates for faster styling.
Reputable brand, buy with confidence.
Titanium Infused plating.
Mode button for presets.
Color coded temperature settings.
Quick 40 second heat up.
2 year warranty.
Dual voltage operation.
Professional grad swivel cord.
Not cheap.
Made in China, if you dislike.
Not cordless.
Takes longer to heat up.
Weighs 2.2 pounds which is a little on the heavy side.

CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The CHI Lava is naturally at home in the CHI family because of their reputation for using innovation and borrowing from Mother Nature’s bounty to revitalize hair and produce exceptionally shiny and healthy results. It is not the first time that a flat iron has been named after some volcanic rock or activity but it might as well be the very first flat iron in the market to look and act the part. Lava is one of the hottest compounds you can find on the face of the earth and it is simply nerve wracking to take that kind of heat to your hair.

Well, we don’t think CHI had to dig that deep into the earth’s belly to get their hot new Lava but the same volcanic goodness can be infused into hair for desired effects. They claim that the mineral infusions of Lava creates smoother plates and hair results without the damaging effects of hot points on metal plates.

Key among the selling points of the Chi Lava is the ability to glide effortlessly through hair of all types and lower temperature styling without compromise on quality of locked in styles. The cocktail of minerals used on the plates of the Lava is a top secret formula which gives hair the silky smoothness and shine retaining and increasing volume.


CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The second generation CHI is the next big thing in hair and beauty and has been making a roar ever since it was released into the market. It has since evolved into a staple for hair stylists and enthusiasts with a dynamic and reliable upgraded performance. The enhanced design is attractive to both salon owners and privateers looking to achieve salon grade results at home. You know it’s a CHI right from the box thanks to the simple elegance in the black finish.

A key notable feature of the styler is the LCD display which follows a color code for the temperatures so you are always able to tell where the heat is at. There is a blue zone which the friendliest, a green zone for intermediate heat and a red zone for the highest heat band up to 425F.

The Chi G2 comes with the improved ceramic plating now infused with platinum for better heat and corrosion resistance and smoother glide over hair. The longer plates enable users to get larger sections of hair done at a time. The dynamic design of the G2 guarantees users of all hair types with smooth and protected hair with styles locking in for longer through any weather.


CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The G2 is a straightening and curling iron that is made for all kinds of kinky and curly hair but is also gentle enough for the most sensitive hair types. The versatility of use of use of this tool makes it ideal for salon equipment where you can adjust according to patron’s hair type.

The CHI Lava features a lightweight design with a plate length for easy styling and with quality salon results. The mineral infusion is supposed to strengthen your hair and produces ions hat stimulate better hydration for a healthier and shinier look. We were curious to prove this lower heat styling claim because not everything it says on the box is actually going to happen in real life as we have come to accept.


CHI Lava vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The BaByliss Porcelain has premium industrial grad porcelain in deposited in the plates and that is its special styling feature. The material is proven to produce far infrared heat which reduces the actual styling temperature required to produce good results.

The cool thing to love about the healthy heat of this CHI is the small increments of 10 degrees from a lowly 200 to a furious 450F for those with type one hair and sisal extensions, no kidding they do exist somewhere!


Most of our users would agree that the CHI Lava Ceramic is a gentle styler that gives you’re the opportunity to style without harming your hair. It would be very irresponsible to your hair on such a sophisticated device that takes every opportunity to save your precious strands. It is precisely the moment you complete your first section of hair that you appreciate the high-quality straightener that actually straightens and with no burnt smells or tugging on your hair.

Equally, the Chi G2 is a well thought out design which is a joy to have and will change your hair routine for better in many ways. If you have owned a cheaper brand flat iron for the longest time you can remember, then getting this will be a tremendous upgrade for your liking.


Even though we had a huge crush on the brand CHI from the start, our anonymous testers confirmed our hypothesis that the CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron achieves great results for minimal hassle and little to no hair damage. You will love the fact that you can fine tune your temperature in baby steps until you get the desired results. If you are like the people who tried this for us, you will get your hair shiny and frizz-free even if you usually can’t get even your edges straight with your regular iron. For first time buyers and if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for her birthday, the CHI Lava is fantastic!

The CHI G2 straightener is a worthy adversary for the Lava when you consider the styling time and gentleness on your hair. In just 20 minutes you can get your hair done regardless of length and severity of locks. You can use this on dyed hair and all types of hair because there is a preset for everyone.

Whichever you choose to take home, the CHI family guarantees you high quality and durability in genuine products. You get ample warranty coverage and are assured of tons of support.

February 20, 2021