CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron – Which One Good?

CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

We have all been in that tight spot where you are getting late for something because of a bad hair tool or someone else is having a bad hair day so that they are frantically running up and down the hallway instead of actually getting ready. If you are a hair loving human being, then glooming your hair each morning takes up a huge chunk of your time so that you barely have any time left to thoughtfully plan for the day ahead. Getting rid of locks each morning can seem like a fantasy rather than reality if you have not the right hair styling companion. We have done the legwork for you in pursuit of the ultimate hair machine for your hair type and if it ever come down to the CHI G2 or BaBylissPRO Pro Flat Iron then you know we have you covered for facts.

The CHI and BaBylissPRO brands are top shelf items for premium results and to achieve red-carpet worthy hair results every morning. We have done the difficult bit for you so that you get the facts as they are on the ground and make informed choice to buy or not to buy.

While CHI continues their foray into the flat iron market in direct competition with top tier brands like GHD, their Chi G2 iron is no exception to the perfection rule. It is their ceramic flat iron for gentle styling and giving you stronger and longer lasting results for hair. The iron can take a beating if you may and gives clean instant shiny and silky frizz free hair. The iron feels well balanced on the hand and comfortable for the hand and will give you smoother and faster straightening results.

We also have the new BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramics in the building and want to take it for a spin for tis best ceramic technology claims. BaByliss has released some high end commercial grade porcelain ceramic on flat irons before and we are hoping that this is no exception especially given the hyped name.

Both of these items are powerful stylers with exciting features for ease of use and lasting results. The two are from powerhouses in the hair and beauty industry and we expect nothing short of excellence from two handpicked best sellers in each range of products.

CHI G2BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic
CHI G2BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic
Professional grade flat iron with premium styling features.

Titanium infused ceramic plates for smoother glide.

Added durability.

Digital temperature reading and color code display.

Works on a variety of hair types.

Adjustable temperature settings.
Far infrared emitting ceramic plates.

Rheostat temperature dial.

Top temperature at 450 F.

High heat ceramic heater.

Longer plates for faster styling.

Negative ion boosting plates.
Premium pricing.

Has the potential to burn hair when misused.

Longer 40 second heat up time.
Does not have auto shut feature.

Single voltage iron.

CHI G2 Styling Iron

CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The G2 is a remarkable top tier product with ceramic heating and designed for comfort while using to deliver silky smooth results with lasting shine. It will be gentle on soft and sensitive hair and also includes heat settings for adjusting to your specific hair type. One of the most notable features on the G2 is the easy to read heat settings so that you can tell what temperature you are exposing your hair to with every use.

This iron is a unique upgrade with a few bursting additions to bring instant shine and volume to your hair without frizz. The upgraded titanium-infused ceramic plate design offers more durability for the plates and better heat distribution to deliver even heating across hair sections. You will love that the CHI is designed for comfort preventing the barrel from overheating while the plates get sufficiently hot to style hair.

The buttons are located far enough to prevent inadvertent pressing and actually add convenience to the use of the iron as compared to say a GHD.  This medium sized flat iron we found to be faster and easier to maneuver than larger models and yet delivered lasting results with the first touch. The plates are super smooth and do not snag at all even though it does cause a little static

The temperatures are not only visible but also color coded so that it becomes extremely easy to catch a quick glimpse of the working temperature range. Safety is paramount for premium hair tools and the designers at CHI did a commendable job with this model.

The color codes on the temperature scale for Chi G2 are incredibly easy to master with blue for thin and sensitive hair, green for medium wavy hair and the hottest band being red recommended for the toughest hair type for people with coarse and resistant hair.

The BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic

CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The fines commercial grad porcelain is what BaByliss uses for their heating of tools such as their high end dryers and flat irons. The material is acclaimed for its numerous benefits to rapid heating, heat retention and far infrared heat which reduces the optimal temperature for styling considerably. Among its many advantages over conventional heating is the ability to style at lower temperatures which is obviously less damaging to hair.

The Porcelain ceramic flat iron has been praised for its superior negative ion therapy delivery which reduces static, creates better hydration for hair leaving you with longer lasting results full of shine and volume. The ceramic heating eliminates the hot spot problem of metal plates and creates evenly distributed heating across the plates which reduces heat damage.

Negative ions on the styler are also supposed to break water molecules apart which should considerably reduce your styling time even for damp hair.


CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The Chi G2 is a dynamic professional flat iron with a sleek body and tons of upgraded tech that make hair results stand out of the crowd. It is smoother on the glide and gets sufficiently hot to get the job done from the sensitive hair types to the coarse and tough unruly hair.

The G2 sports ceramic plates infused with titanium to boost their durability and ease of gliding through hair even when slightly damp and locked. The ceramic lags slightly for heat up producing a 40 second heat up time which is not too bad given it can reach the full 425 F a few moments later.

Idling the flat iron for one hour will cause it to auto-shut which makes it last way past the warranty period of 24 months.

On the other hand, the BaByliss Porcelain flat iron was made for salons and does not come with an auto-shut feature. It is also not the best for travel because it comes with only a single voltage requiring an adapter to use abroad where the power outlets are different. That notwithstanding, the BaByliss porcelain ceramic is a handy tool that has a generous 3 year warranty which indicates that it is likely to outlive the fire spitting CHI G2.

Styling Features

CHI G2 vs BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The G2 is made to style premium hair styles and as the name suggests it is the second iteration of the CHI ceramic which includes a number of upgrades to boost shine and volume for the same smoother hair result after each use. The ceramic plates in the previous model were infused with titanium for tht effect as well as to prolong their life. The flat iron has no pull on hair and creates lasting results thanks to this innovative addition.

The BaByliss Porcelain is not made for use with we hair but will handle slightly damp hair so that you don’t have to spend too much time on the dryer after towel drying your hair. It is a gentle flat iron that is ceramic and ionic with heat controls so that you can find your preset for every kind of hair application. You can’t get it wrong with a total of 6 heating levels between 235 and 450F.

Additional Features

The G2 has color coded temperature presets which makes it easier for you to safeguard your hair from excessive heat damage. It comes with a digital LCD screen which is legible and also shows the colors so that you understand which range of presets you are using on your hair.

For the BaByliss, we have the pleasant 1” plates which makes it very well adapted for working on short hair. It allows you to get down closer to the roots without burning your scalp or fingers in the process. it is really ergonomic and feels light on the hand.


The CHI G2 is a remarkable piece of equipment that deliver on the promise of ease of use and stunning results with every hair type. It simplifies tracking of temperatures and has super accurate feedback control circuit for digital temperature control and reporting.  You can set low and medium heat for thin and sensitive hair or red for tougher species of hair.

The BaByliss Pro Porcelain is an equally capable flat iron with in salon properties and features. It has many benefits for hair and is especially suited for sensitive hair.

The bottom-line being that either of these is a powerful flat iron that can also work with every hair type.

February 16, 2021