Dyson Corrale vs Bio Ionic Graphene MX – Which One You Should Buy?

Dyson Corrale vs Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Straightening has become essential in this day and age in the beauty industry and most people spend a lot of money in the beauty parlor to style and also get a straight look. With new straighteners in the market, there will be no need of going to beauty parlors or even spending a lot of money on beauty experts. Hair can be done at the comfort of your home using these straighteners as they offer a wide range of styles. This can be done using the shortest time possible without compromising the health of the hair while giving it a professional look.

If you buy a hair straightener then you will be able to create different styles at the comfort of your home because the straightener will give you complete control over styling your hair.

When choosing the best hair straightener, it is a cumbersome process since there are a lot of factors to consider. In this article, we will make your work easier by discussing and comparing the design and styling features of the two best straighteners in the market.

Dyson is a UK-based company that launched its first supersonic hairdryer in the year 2016. They released a Dyson Airwraper in 2018 then followed it with a Dyson Corrale. Dyson ventured into seven-year research with an investment of thirty-two million US dollars, their end product was a cordless Dyson Corrale which got popular upon its release to the market.

Bio Ionic was founded by a hairstylist and is a professional choice for styling tools. Bio Ionic offers a wide variety of hairdryers, flat irons, styling irons, curling irons, curling wands, hairbrushes, and accessories. Flat irons of Bio Ionic include OnePass styling Iron, Graphene MX styler, and 10X Styling Iron and Gold Pro Flat Iron. Graphene MX styler is new in the market.

Dyson CorraleBio Ionic Graphene MX
Dyson CorraleBio Ionic Graphene MX
Designed with an OLED screen that allows you to look at the temperature of the device.

It has a universal voltage.

Shuts off automatically after ten minutes of inactivity as mentioned above.

Cord-free, it can be used with the cord cut.

Has three heat ranges convenient for all hair types.

Measures the heat of the plates a hundred times in a second to give it an even heat.
Has a universal voltage.

Has a maximum temperature of 385°F.

Automated shut off after thirty minutes of inactivity is detected.

Has a swivel cord.

Hair damage is reduced by 58%.
It is expensive compared to Bio Ionic Graphene MX.

Temperature settings are not flexible which may damage your hair.
Expensive when compared to other straighteners.

Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale

Corrale is designed in such a way that it is different from other traditional flat irons because of its flexing plates. These plates clamp a lot of hair at a go thus avoiding flyways. It is cord-free, you can use it without its cord making it easy to style the hair at the back of your head without having the cord getting in the way. This also does away with an oddly placed outlet just to get in front of a mirror while styling your hair.

Dyson comes with three temperature ranges of 330° F,365°F, and 410°F. You can set the temperature of the straightener depending on the strength of your hair. It is also equipped with an integrated sensor that makes certain that set temperature is not surpassed thus giving you control over your styling.

Corrale automatically shuts off following ten minutes of inactivity to guarantee the safety of the device and energy saving. It has an airplane mode that can allow you to detach the internal battery from the gadget. Dyson takes seventy minutes to charge and you can use it to style your hair for thirty minutes without interventions.

Dyson Corrale comes with a safety lock for storage and a universal voltage that is TSA approved, you can use it in any country without having any troubles. It weighs 560g and the weight is evenly distributed so that you do not have to worry about it straining your wrist. Its weight also gives the advantage of not feeling the heat emanating from the plates.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Graphene MX is incorporated with graphene the world’s most efficient ion mobilizer, it is a hundred times stronger than steel and conducts heat ten times better than copper or steel. Graphene ions ensure that the plates heat fast and evenly thus making certain that your hair is done at the lowest temperature possible. It claims to lessen hair damage by 68%.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX is proprietary to the ceramic mineral complex to add moisture to your hair and also seal your cuticle. It has a one-inch plate and round barrel that creates amazing curls and waves. Graphene MX heats up speedily and consistently so that it can distribute heat evenly from the root of your hair to the tip.

Graphene MX has a maximum temperature of 385°F, and if the device is inactive for more than thirty minutes it automatically shuts off so you do not have to bother with shutting it off. Bio Ionic has a five-year warranty.


Dyson Corrale vs Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Both of these machines have amazing hardware and smart features to back up their price points. Let’s see which one is more justifiable for its price.

Dyson Corrale

Corrale is the latest Dysons straightener which was released to the market in the year 2018. It is cord-free to let you use it for thirty minutes to style your hair without any interruptions. The good thing about is that when your battery is low and you are in a rush, you can still plug it into the wall like other plug-in straighteners It is produced in two colours purple and grey. Dyson comes with a cord of 2.92 meters in length and weighs 560g. It has flexible plates and three heat ranges that can be set according to the strength of your hair.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Graphene MX has graphene-infused plates, that distribute heat evenly in the plates and ensures that your hair is done at lower temperatures. It has a ceramic mineral complex that adds moisture to your hair. Graphene MX has one-inch plates and round barrels to create curls and waves. Its maximum temperature is 385°F.

Styling Features

Dyson Corrale vs Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Corrale has flexing manganese copper alloys plates clamps a lot of hair at a go thus avoiding hair being left out and your hair done with 50% less damage. The three heat ranges are set to suit the hair type and it has a sensor that ensures that when you set the temperature it is not exceeded. For instance, you can set low temperatures if you have thin hair and you do not have to worry about the temperature being surpassed. This device can then be employed to create different styles and varieties of curls and waves.

Graphene MX takes advantage of the heat-conducting properties of graphene to do hair at low temperatures with a few strokes. This allows you to create the hair looks you love time and time again without compromising the health of your hair.

Additional Features

Dyson Corrale vs Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Dyson Corrale comes with a lock button that allows you to keep it closed, so you can carry it with you in your bag or suitcase while travelling. It has a multi-purpose storage pouch which you can use to store the straightener or use as a heat mat. Corrale comes with a charging dock where you can place your straightener.

Graphene MX has a Bio ceramic MCH heater to distribute heat evenly, a wattage rating of 3.8 and a weight of 9 oz with the cord excluded. It has a cord length of 9 ft and far-infrared heat.

Final Verdict

Hairstyling products and tools are found readily in the market nowadays, but a lot of people end up buying those that do not suit their hair type thus ending up damaging their hair. Dyson Corrale is slightly higher in price than Bio Ionic Graphene MX, the cordless feature of Dyson is what makes it expensive. You should consider buying Dyson Corrale if you straighten your hair regularly and have hair damage since it promises 50% less hair damage, then it will be worth your every penny.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX enables you to style your hair with consistent heat in one stroke from roots to ends. Healthy heat implies that there will be less damage to your hair, so you can create the looks you love severally.

When buying hair products, you have to be very cautious, do not buy a product just because you like it but always put the health of your hair into consideration first. The features of hairstyling products are what dictates the price of that product.

Each of these two stylers is amazing for a different hair group, we hope you already found your favorite of the two. In truth, no matter which one you buy you are going to miss out on a few benefits of the other.

January 17, 2021