Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima 3000 vs Ionic Flat Iron – Which One is Good?

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima 3000 vs Ionic Flat Iron

We all know and appreciate the beauty of a well-designed hair styling tool that is protective of hair but also offering the best potential in healthy results for shine and volume. Long gone are the days when you had to squeeze in a salon session in your busy schedule to get salon grade styles and lasting results for heat treatments. With just a small portable arsenal of hair dryer, straightener, clipper trimmer and a few other hair care tools and products, you can get ready for that speech without ever leaving the comfort of your bedroom or hotel room.

BaByliss is the top dog for hair tools that are equipped with the latest tech and also an acute fashion sense giving users a special confidence when using to deliver salon quality results. It is within this array of amazing hair care tools and products that we find our two contestants for this review. You can expect no bias and a candid explanation of the qualities of each styler to better understand its ups and downs.

We want you to buy the better BaByliss for your hair type and budget. Both stylers have similar characteristics for hair straightening, curling and come with the similar Heating technology. It is hard to get a winner for elegance and external beauty so we will have to delve deeper and examine under the hood. The wide range of technical specifications between these two products stands as testimony that BaByliss is innovative and goes beyond repackaging the same old tech in new shells and calling it differently.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima 3000BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima 3000BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic
1 inch solid ceramic plate.

Two in one with both curling and straightening.

Sensors on plates to balance heat.

Come with a heat glove.

Heat proof storage pouch.

Ultra-smooth titanium plates conduct ultra-high heat and resist corrosion.

Ceramic heater, instant heat-up & recovery.

LED temperature settings – up to 450F.

Digital ionic technology emits millions of negative ions.

Ryton housing resists ultra-high heat.

Limited 4-year manufacturer’s warranty.

5 inch long plates.

Available in various sizes.

Ion multiplier technology.

Floating titanium plates.

Stainless steel housing.

Rapid heating and recovery.

50 heat settings.

Two in one with straightening and curling capabilities.

High temperatures of 465F.
Some customers claim it turns-off automatically while in use.Needs to grip carefully because of its ultra-thin design.

Not cheap.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima 3000

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima 3000

The two last words in this name are perhaps the whole difference that makes this flat iron stand apart from the crowd.  The Nano Titanium plates are excellent for shiny, smooth and beautiful results giving your hair a fair dose of negative ions for a positive effect. High ion concentration gives the plates a superior finish and results last longer. Further, the ion therapy leaves hair moisturized and healthy compared to other technologies.

The 1 and 1/4th inch plates are ideal for working on nearly all hair lengths and thicknesses and will do well with fine to coarse hair. The styler also features some special internal science utilizing full-wave tech to maintain a sustainable high heat and instant recovery when plates lose heat to hair. A steel support ensures that the plates remain parallel at all times and the whole construction is hardy and corrosion resistant.

The flat iron heats up under a mere 30 seconds and can do both straight and curl which further cuts down on your total styling time. On this model, you can do the straightening with better accuracy than curling but it will still make do when you are on the move and have no time for a proper curling routine.

From the outside the Pro Nano could appear like an ordinary flat iron but the internal mechanisms make it what you could call an unprecedented invention. It offers ample pate width and unsurprisingly even temperature across the entire plate surface. Titanium plates are an excellent shot at getting that smooth shine and creamy texture we desire for hair.

You will find this model to be very light and of ample length so it fits in your hand well and also gets more hair done with every stroke. If you use this seldom, your hair should be just healthy enough with negligible damaging effects.

The maker has their own heat protection formula they recommend with their products and when you use this you are sure to transform any head with frizzy and dull hair to straight and smooth hair with desirable texture and rapid growth.

Additional features

Curling and waving is such an important part of morning routines that we cannot fully describe this flat iron without evaluating its ability to do them. Nearly 75% of users who used this to curl were satisfied with the results and said they lasted a full day or more.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron

This flat iron is one of BaByliss best sellers of all time with praises from all ends of the globe by customers who are fully satisfied and ecstatic about the new possibilities this device has opened up for them. The Flat iron delivers Salon results to customers from the comfort of their own homes and nothing beats the eases of use that this flat iron brings. It also comes with the 1 Inch, 2 inch and 1.5 inch plates giving you variety of sizes to choose from. While a longer and larger plate size is difficult to hadle near the roots, it is also a great way to take great strides with longer hair.

All the three sizes are incredibly easy to handle and make the styling process that much easier compared to other models. The plate length is at an impressive 5 inches which allows you to feed wider sections of hair and helps get the job done faster. Every bit of the machine is an innovative solution to the heat problem and ensures high heat retention and recover as well as capability to handle high heat while protecting fingers.

The heat capacity of the flat iron goes to a max of 465 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps it super accurate to protect your hair because anything above this can scorch hair. Luckily you don’t have to go this high with titanium plates to achieve beautiful styles locked in for the day. The device has 50 heat settings which gives you absolute control over the amount of heat you are applying to your hair. This is one of the features that drives users crazy with obsession for their flat irons.

Additional features

This flat iron can be used on your hair as well as wigs which makes it an ideal choice for salon professionals who also do different wigs and hair types. 70 percent of customers who bought this product were fully satisfied with the performance and gave it a 5 star rating.


Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima 3000 vs Ionic Flat Iron

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima 3000 is the ideal pick for a straightening iron that can take your hair to unprecedented heights in beauty and health. It is made from the best materials and offers premium features and cutting edge features to redefine excellence for flat irons. A marvel of engineering and ergonomic design, this flat iron has been the favorite of many renowned hair professionals ever since it came out.

This model also makes use of ion multiplier technology to ensure neat and shiny results with better hydration for individual strands. Air craft grade titanium is used in this flat iron wit high purity for high heat retention and recovery. The plates are very smooth for gliding through hair and the superior ion therapy results in smoother shinier and more durable beauty results thanks to the combination of unsurpassed technologies.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron is the major breakthrough in plating technology with ultra-smooth titanium plates and a ryton housing that is also capable of sustaining very high heat values without bulging.  The result is a very light weight and balanced flat iron that feels right on the palm. It creates pin straight hair almost effortlessly and gives your hair a natural shine and volume.

It is faster and gives superior results to many marketed flat irons today and because it’s from BaBylissPRO you are assured of great customer support and a boatload of information online from many forums.

Styling Features

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima 3000 vs Ionic Flat Iron

Prima 3000 features a clean stainless steel housing which is a strong material preventing warping under heat and pressure combined with the 8 point floating plate mechanism which ensures perfect plate alignment at all times. Styling pressure is ideal for snag free experience and provides instant start and recovery at temperatures up to 465F.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron contains a micron thick layer of titanium etched on metal substrate to create super smooth surface that does not corrode ever. The materials are excellent at heat distribution and offer smoother glide through hair for faster snag free styling.

Our Verdict

We recommend both of these flat irons as they are both from BaBylissPRO which is reputable for selling high grade salon equipment. We have worked with their products and know for a fact that they are capable of salon results from the comfort and convenience of home. You can choose the one that best pleases you according to the features and also one that matches with your hair needs based on your hair type and styling preferences.

January 17, 2021