Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush Review

Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush Review

The brush crush is the top-selling heat tool combining the structure of a flat iron and a paddle brush. Today we are going to investigate how easy it is to achieve a freeze free look in the easy one step styling session.

If you think flat irons are making your hair too flat and you don’t fancy juggling a blow dryer and round brush either, can you adjust the perfect candidate for considering the DryBar brush crush.

It’s always nice to have a small compact sized heat tool that you can have around 4 trips or at the place of work so that you can smooth out your kings and ways without having to pop into a salon.

It has been touted as the quickest way to achieve smooth straight and healthcare all at once if you want to take advantage of a heated brush.

This product encompasses bionic technology making it great and healthy for all hair types. It has advanced adjustable temperature settings doing up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and also capability for lower heat styling if you’re dealing with soft and sensitive or fragile damaged hair.

DryBar presents this hairbrush as for dry here and one pass styling. We are working to examine the claims for added shape and volume as well as its effectiveness for creating an impeccable blowout in minutes.

Dry bar is the leading hair tool maker with an entire line of products dedicated to creating the perfect blowout. We were yet to review this brush crush straightening brush and see if it was the let down or it lives up to their name.

This neighbor has some pretty impressive features such as the outer shirt and antifreeze that promises sailed cuticle and tons of shine. They really get your hopes high when you buy this one and so he wanted to try it out for you before you find out by risking your money.


Complete Review of Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush


Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush Review

This hair brush is made with the needs of every hair lover to straighten on the go. It is that savior you need for an office emergency and also the carry-on for that camping or business trip you have been planning. Many of the people who tested this product for use say they never really thought much of a paddle brush until they met the DryBar Brush Crush. It combines the heat of DryBar’s flat iron heating systems with the structure of a paddle brush which allows more contact area with hair to smooth out every knot.

Heated brushes have a shortcoming of not being able to get enough leverage to apply pressure on hair because it’s not pressing against anything. This paddle brush overcomes this challenge by using a special crisscross pattern which is able to straighten hair without pulling on it.

In case you forget to turn off the brush in your rush hour then it is no worries because it will do that for you after 60 minutes. This adds to the life of the heating elements and also saves you time or a house depending on whether you eventually remember or not.

Heating Process

Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush Review

This brush packs the best of DryBar’s heating and ion therapy technology including the Ionic booster that has been applauded for its ability to add a healthy shine with actual negative ion hydration.


Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush Review

This brush creates such a smooth and frizz-free outcome that you will love it for your hair and join the whole community of beauty enthusiasts online who have a serious crush on this brush. It is quick and effortless making it ideal for emergencies to recreate that glamorous salon look even on your worst hair days.

People with naturally curly and bouncy hair will have the hardest time straightening their hair with flat irons. That is because the devices are almost absolute and neither allow the hair any free play nor can they glide through tangled hair like the brush can. If you are one of the above then you are lucky because we have got the mother of all travel sized heated brushes You give her 20 minutes tops and she will give you the smoothest shine at no cost to your hair count.

We found that this brush works well for all hair types and that it has temperature control means you get to fine tune it to your hair type. It is able to deliver a whopping 450 F just like the flat iron would and is even more effective in the lower temperature segments for sensitive hair.

Hair Damage

Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush Review

This brush is designed to work with dry and basically detangled hair so that you do not damage it. You will also hold the sections of hair you want to impact outwards to ensure better control and not burn your scalp. You can even produce subtle waves on this brush by gently twisting it in the desired direction.

You need to bear in mind that the Brush Crush was created for ultimate blowout and the concept behind it is simple. The maker leaves you with so much freedom to explore what else you can do on this heat tool. The beauty in buying from a reputable brand like DryBar is that they have focused on a simple niche and made a whole line of hair care products around it.

Battery Life

This little brush does not come with an inbuilt battery and will require to be hooked to a power source to heat up. Unlike a flat iron, you can still use this without power as an ordinary hair brush and it will still get some work done.


This is the best seller heat tool combining the heat of a flat iron with the structural effectiveness of a paddle brush to give easy one step styling. It’s quick and effective for straight hair and you can get creative with waves and curls too. It gets sufficiently hot but also offers you adjustable temperatures to protect your hair. In light of these findings we recommend the Brush Crush by DryBar for everyone in need of a heat tool that is easy to work.

How to use the Brush Crush Hairstyling brush?

To use the brush you will need to turn it on and allow time for it to heat up. You will comb your hair in sections from roots to ends holding the end of each section outwards to help the brush straighten. You can bevel under at the ends and repeat as needed to achieve silky smooth and straight hair.

Can this brush do what a flat iron can?

Yes, this brush will straighten hair with relatively good results. It is not as effective for lack of pressure but it is faster and takes no toll on hair.

What hair type goes well with the Drybar Brush Crush?

The Brush Crush was developed for all hair types and anyone who has the need for a heated brush styler. It does not work exactly like a puddle brush but there you can use it as one when not plugged in.

Is this product worth the money?

If you are looking for an easier and quicker way of styling your hair then the Brush Crush will be a worthy investment for you. It is not a replacement for just the flat iron but relieves you of the need to juggle multiple styling tools.

Can I use hair products with this brush?

Yes, DryBar recommends that you use their heat protective mist which is designed to work with the brush for better results.

August 20, 2020