Croc Classic Black Titanium 1.5” Flat Iron Review

The croc classic black titanium 1.5″is a salon grades flat iron for those who’d like to style like pros with accurate and fine-tuned digital control. This is a best seller among professional hair stylist that was so love by home users as well. If the typical 1-inch styler is not enough for you than this one under which is definitely what you need to style faster on the move.

Smooth titanium plates are supposed to be effortless especially when backed by gentle ceramic heating technology. If you don’t prefer a GHD which takes away your ability to control the heat and does it for you then you may love this fully digital customizable heater with 17 different temperature settings.

It starts at 208 F and tops out at 450 F which is sufficient for any kind of coarse hair.

If you are a professional looking for a flat iron that will do stunningly well for keratin treatments then things are marketed as the number one products recommended for you. Before you go losing clients make it our business to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying before you decide to commit your money and reputation.

It is supposed to be a one pass styler that serves precious time and with ample features for salon use the efficacy and convenience are the utmost priority.

Croc is a relatively well-known brand for its predominantly technologically advanced and economic professional-grade hair styling tools. They give you and parallels value for money and they sell throughout the world. The brand is supposed to be committed to providing excellent styling tools for home users and hair stylists who need to impress their patrons in salons every day. As we researched this styler we expected it to be a comprehensive and flexible flat iron that was capable of delivering professionally stylized hair.


Complete Review of Croc Classic Black Titanium 1.5” Flat Iron


Croc Classic Black Titanium 1.5'' Flat Iron Review

The croc classic Nano titanium straightener is the state of the earth flat iron designs to rebound your hair and utilize and bring back the shine and vibrancy of your healthy natural hair with a ton of shine. With this flat iron you have 25 different heat settings to choose from and so you cannot go wrong with the temperature you prefer for your hair type and Style.

There are many reasons why the croc is one of the go-to brands when buying a flat iron. First of all this is one of a kind flat iron with an unusual shape and specification which means you get to explore your individual beauty on your own terms. The shape is beautiful on its own terms and will surely stand out in any makeup bag contest. It is made for the maximum grip and comfort when styling so you don’t ever get occupational injuries because of using a flat iron too long.

For the makers of this product, safety of the user was clearly the foremost agenda and functionality was also way up there. They built in an infrared feature which allows you to keep the flat iron at a lower temperature and achieve the same styling results if not better than high heat styling. that is why the croc classic black titanium 1.5” flat iron it’s more than just the heat tool but an amicable solution for styling your hair and taking a good care of it.

Heating Process

Croc Classic Black Titanium 1.5'' Flat Iron Review

The temperature control on the croc classic is smooth with 10 degree increments all the way up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is almost impossible not to locate a sweet spot in the spectrum of heat where your hair gets the most out of a flatiron.


Croc Classic Black Titanium 1.5'' Flat Iron Review

Nicknamed the ‘desert island’, this rare flat iron is suitable for use by both professional hairdressers and also for personal use including those who travel a lot. The black titanium technology is some of the most efficient styling surfaces we have ever witnessed and provides amazing results in a short duration of styling.

Some of our testers already had this styler for like a small eternity and they said its durability was impeccable just as the longevity of the styles you get from it. It is a nice and compact health flat iron that is safe for your hair except you don’t have to use to use it on consecutive days giving your hair even more time to revitalize.

This iron features and nanotechnology of black titanium which ensures that your hair is sterilized free of odor frizz and stays well hydrated. The beauty of a croc is in that you not only get to style your hair but also keep it conditioned and well hydrated. This unusual design might be what you’ve been looking for in order to bring back the vitality and health in your hair.

Battery Life

This product does not come with its own power source. You have to plug it in to use it. It’s a good thing they made sure to include a dual voltage adapter in its circuitry making it suitable for travel around the world. They included an auto shot feature in case you forget and leave it unattended and still plugged in. This fail safe is important because it prolongs the life span of the device and also ensures that you do not burn your countertops or the entire building.


The CROC Classic Black Titanium is a 1.5” plated flat iron that has the ability to change how you style your hair from the instant you turn it on. Just holding it in your hand feels like you have got the real deal and more value than you paid for. It is an ergonomically designed flat iron that will stand out and one that you will enjoy having for a long time to come. This iron is suited for beginner and intermediate users and even for salon use. It is a larger sized flat iron with ample plate width to cover some serious ground quickly but it does not feel as bulky as some flat irons in its price range and category. Overall, this is a good bargain!

Is the CROC Classic Black Titanium 1.5” durable?

Yes, it depends on how well you maintain your flat iron. It you take good care of it you will have it for a long time and not need to replace it.

Is this product worth the money?

Out of 200 reviews the CROC Classic flat iron received an average 4.3 out of 5 stars for verified customers on an independent platform. Out of these, 70% of the customers gave it a fives tar rating.

What do I do to solve the Croc Computer error message?

If you are not dealing with a faulty product then it should be really easy to reset the CROC flat iron. You will need to switch off your power supply at the wall and unplug the device then wait ten second. Next, you press and hold the high button for 5 seconds and then release and repress the power on button to turn it on. Your flat iron should be reset and ready to be programmed.

What is the best CROC flat iron?

The Croc Classic Black Titanium 1.5” Flat Iron is a salon quality flat iron with the features you will need for all hair types and especially hard to style hair. You can use this flat iron to achieve salon results at home.

Is titanium good for black hair?

If you have black hair that is also unyielding and difficult to style then you will enjoy the platinum plated CROC styler because it is made with such hair in mind.

August 20, 2020