Sultra Bombshell Curl, Wave and Straight Iron Review

Sultra Bombshell Curl, Wave and Straight Iron Review

Previously known as The seductress curl, the Sultra bombshell is a straightening and curling flat iron showcasing advanced ceramic heating technology and ionic infusion for improved hair protection word on the street is that this is the machine to go with if you’re looking for even heat distribution for soft and long lasting curls and waves as well as bone straight hairstyles. You’d only three temperature settings this hair tool is specially adapted for thin and sensitive normal or thick hair. The three heat setting can be viewed as a blessing or a curse depending on how much you like to tweak your temperatures. On the one hand its lights you adjust accordingly if you were in a dilemma as to which temperature is right for your hair type and porosity. Sometimes taking away the number of options actually increases productivity.

The sutra brand is a dream come true for many hair enthusiasts. Thick and coarse hair will usually present problem with straightening because it tends to curl and wave naturally. Sutra is a brand that was created to take on the most stubborn of all hair types and helped tame the untamable. Here finally is a brand that promises to give you the freedom to wear your hair here the way you like it regardless of the weather all time you have at your disposal.

But before you jump to buy the sultra bombshell we would like to discuss its form and function to give you an overview and detailed insight of what you are about to buy. Is it a reliable styling iron that will give you a style which is going to last for days or one that you will regret on the first day of use? It may look elegant and hot but it is the shiny sleek hairdos and the longevity of the results but really define a good flat iron.


Complete Review of Sultra Bombshell Curl, Wave and Straight Iron


Sultra Bombshell Curl, Wave and Straight Iron Review

The sultra bombshell is designed to be a versatile hair styling tool because girls and women do not like to wear their hair the same way every day of the week. Besides we all have different hair types and porosity and the weather at your place is different from the weather at ours. One day you want to wear luscious curl and the next you’re in the mood for sleek shiny hair.

The bombshell does this by ensuring even distribution of heat across the plates creating the list hit damage based results on each individual use. This technology helps the bombshell to work on color treated dry or damaged hair without actually tarnishing or worsening the look on the hair.

This flat iron also packs the same single-pass technology claim that you kindly other high-end devices of similar order. It has flexible heating plates with high gloss coating which ensures smooth gliding through hair without tagging and breaking.

Even though a bit of a cliché, the bombshell also comes to the swivel cord of ample length allowing you to work comfortably you’re getting yourself tangled with the cabling.

Other notable specs of this Seattle is the lightweight design the compact body for the one inch sized plated flat iron. It weighs about 1.5 pounds which feels light and comfortable on hand.

Heating Process

Sultra Bombshell Curl, Wave and Straight Iron Review

The sultra bombshell as only three heat settings at 370, 380, and 400 degrees which greatly oversimplifies the selection process. These temperatures are supposed to be optimum and we’ll help you avoid accidentally burning your hair. It seems absurd that the makers of this tool will claim the tire styling tool can be good for protecting your hair with us will know that heat damage is a thing. Even so, not all those tools are the same. Our testers confessed to having an easier time choosing temperatures and avoiding that whole situation when you feeling guilty about cranking up the heat. For some reason it’s easier to just put it in full blast than to increment in small steps.


Sultra Bombshell Curl, Wave and Straight Iron Review

You are keen to validate the claims made by sutra in trying to sell this flat iron then you will focus on features and performance. We measured on its appearance, the advanced ceramic heating technology, its functionality and practicality as well as temperature adjustment to give the overall impression of its value not forgetting the free accessories.

The bombshell Curl is just one of the high quality hair tools from sultra a well-renowned hair care brand. We know them for their simple and sleek designs. This particular flat iron comes with a big s logo at the very tip accompanied by gorgeous flower design that is etched on the non-slip rubber hand pad. It passed our aesthetics test, it’s gorgeous!

Ceramic are perhaps the best suited for sensitive hair and that is evident in the ability of this air tool to deliver salon results without taking a toll on hair. The number one cause of heat damage is an even heating a problem which is eliminated by ceramic heating.

Our tests confirmed that the temperature readings on this particular flat iron work correct to the best of our accuracy. The fast and efficient heating means savings in energy bills why the one pass technology saves you valuable time.

Hair Damage

Sultra Bombshell Curl, Wave and Straight Iron Review

The bombshell plates are covered with a glass which improves the smoothness of the ceramic eliminating any chances of tugging and snagging both of which lead to traction alopecia.

Ceramic plates are really gentle on hair and will hardly cause any heat damage when used correctly. This is improved by the ThermaTru technology to ensure equal and efficient distribution. We wouldn’t advise on using the highest heat setting on this device unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Battery Life

The sultra bombshell does not contain an internal cell but makes up for this deficiency with an ample cord length to operate with freedom as though it were cordless.


The sultra bombshell flat iron is a good choice for anyone with thick hair and if you do not like to have way too many hits settings on your iron. We thought that it is a carefully designed product and after careful research an actual tests we found that you do get some value for your money with this purchase. However we did not like the fact that you cannot adjust the temperature to every desired fine tuning. This gives off a cheapish appearance and definitely not the best of ceramics you can get as it is coated.

How to curl with the bombshell?

To get nice and tight durable curls on this iron you will need to partition your hair into at least four sections from front to back an ear to ear. You can then take orizontal sections of hair and position the iron near the route with the S facing up. You will clamp your hair gently and begin to move the iron away from your head. To get an even color will turn or rotate your iron 180 degrees so that now the S faces down then slowly move iron towards the tips.

How to wave with this flat iron?

To wear with a bombshell again divide your hair in four sections from front to back and ear to ear and start with the lower back section. Taking a horizontal section of hair you will position it in the a.m. with the S facing up and the tip near the roots. The wave requires a 360-degree stone upwards and then gliding the iron down slowly in a rocking and rolling motion all the way down to the ends.

How to straighten with the bombshell flat iron?

You are cheap in straight hair with this seductress what you need to do in partition your hair into four sections using clips. You can send take a horizontal section of hair about 1 inch and position the iron near the roots before gently clamping and gliding the iron away and down to the end.

What free gifts do I get with this purchase?

This purchase comes with a free I don’t pads and a glove which can be a big help because the iron does get kind of hot after several minutes of operation.

August 20, 2020