10 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Are you considering adding a butterfly tattoo to your collection of favorite tattoos you must-have? If so then you have come to the right blog and the specific page. Welcome to inspiring ideas about butterflies and tattoos that will leave you sparkling with creativity and energy. We have all manner of butterfly ink lined up below so you can pick an idea and run with it. If you are unsure of what kind of ink you want to go under your skin then after reading this you will consider putting a butterfly in there.

What Is The Meaning Of Butterfly Tattoos?

Butterflies are beautiful, to begin with, and it almost doesn’t matter what we think they mean, we have to like them. Perhaps it’s the bright colors and contours or maybe it’s because they have what we don’t have wings. Whichever the case, butterflies are still enviable creatures because they get to travel and live out their lives looking glam and seeing places and perhaps reaching their dreams.

Symbolically butterflies represent freedom, transformation, and femininity. Women love butterfly tattoos because they accentuate their makeup and natural beauty when used strategically. They are some of the most attractive creatures and will draw eyes straight to that specific body part.

Butterflies also stand for a lightness of heart and a gentle-spirited person. They are the epitome of natural radiant beauty and are versatile and alluring tattoos and miniature tattoos to have on. Further, a butterfly represents more than physical beauty because it is also an inner spiritual beauty enhancer. They speak for inner beauty, growth and human transformation.

Butterfly Tattoo Placement Options

Ideally, you can have your butterfly inked wherever you like. Again, butterflies are some of the most versatile images and will work like a charm regardless of placement. Just the same, many artists and tattoo enthusiasts prefer having these beauties on the chest, forearm, neck and lower back or shoulder. When you want a miniature version, the wrist is a good placement.

Temporary Butterfly Tattoos

When you are just starting on this journey, you want to be as tentative as possible before getting in some trouble with permanent inks. What you think is cool today might be outdone by something fresh. That is why people will prefer to go with a temporary version of the same tattoo to sort of taking for a spin and get some other people’s opinion.

So you can join the bandwagon in pursuit of the best Butterfly tattoo right away without having to worry about the long term. Besides, trying something different with permanent ink is never the best idea. You might not like the results and it is not easy to just scrape it off.
Here are some of our top picks for this category, feel free to chase them.

1. Black Butterfly

This bold black bold and black butterfly hand tattoo is beautiful and makes one of our favorite and stylish female butterfly designs ever. Simply black Butterfly designs have their sexy allure and this one is packed with intricate detailing. The shading is intense and delicate at the same time. It might take a small eternity but in the end, you emerge with a coveted piece.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

2. Half Floral Butterfly

In second place we have this special dreamy butterfly tattoo that is half flowers. We need not highlight the obvious as this theme is extremely cute. People want deeper meaning in almost every tattoo. The life of a girl a butterfly and a flower have a likeness. Beauty and transformation and purity. This piece joins two if not three symbols of beauty and brings a sense of harmony and calmness of a different kind. You can always choose a flower that you like better and find out if your artist is up to the task.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

3. Color 3D Butterfly

Wow! Check out this cool 3D butterfly tattoo that is so realistic you just want to catch it! It is picture-perfect and the artist chose to bring it to life with rendering and true to life colors without a single flaw. They even included the shadow just as though it were there. If you are thinking of a colored butterfly tattoo that is simply gorgeous then you can start thinking about other possible placements for this marvel. Just talk to an artist first and find out if they can match the clarity. Purple butterflies stand for rebirth.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

4. Quote Three Butterflies

How about you get these three little butterflies and an inspirational quote in their midst? We may not be in a position to control every situation in our lives but we reserve the choice on how to react to it. This tattoo has an intense meaning but it is also a gorgeous piece of art to have inked on your side like shown. The message is crystal clear and this ink won’t leave a doubt as to what you want to say.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

5. Multicolor Shoulder

Shoulders are not the obvious place on the body where you would normally think to get some ink, they make a perfect canvas for some of the cutest feminine tattoos. Both men and women can get shoulder tattoos and they look superb from all angles. This tattoo is an example of an exceptionally beautiful and creative butterfly tattoo featuring multicolor various size butterflies. The design is simple and attractive and can be easily concealed or flaunted when needed due to the location.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

6. Unique Butterfly Design

Next, we have this insanely gorgeous design that combines a beautiful butterfly design with some intricate dotting creating beautiful jewelry. Every wing of the beautiful creature is made up of repeating patterns and shades and the back or bottom of the image seems to be melting as if the ink used flows easily.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

7. Hyper-Realistic Back

This piece is made to come alive by keen attention to lifelike details so that we are convinced the butterflies are real. The choice of black white ad orange colors is also a brilliant one because it makes the images more vivid and sharp.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

8. Tiny Wrist

Miniature tattoos are always some of the cutest. They may not include the most number of details but they pack quite the punch when it comes to making first impressions. This black little gem is an exception to that rule, it is tiny but also comes with a detailed description of the imperfect beauty of the butterfly.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

9. Geometric Back

This next piece is a gorgeous black butterfly trapped in some geometric shape. The figure helps to emphasize the triangular shape of beauty. All constructions seem to be symmetrical and centered somewhere in the heart of the main drawing. The butterfly itself includes intricate shading and patterns that will take quite some skill to accomplish.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

10. Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are becoming ever more popular among tattoos enthusiasts and butterflies are some of the most beautiful designs to implement with the ink. Easily transform your skin into colorful butterflies with this unique style of inking. These butterflies inspire fun and creativity. The mistakes are deliberate and leave room for imagination.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoo Design Ideas

March 15, 2020