10 Appealing Couple Tattoo Designs to Express Bond

Matching tattoos are a very appealing and fun way to express bonds between friends, lovers, and family. It is always nice to see a couple walking down the street hand in hand and with matching tattoos, it is enviable. The most popular trends are matching words or connected images that don’t necessarily have to be identical. The best tattoos for couples complement each other. The goal is to use different images or words and show how perfect and complete your look when by each other’s side.

What If We Break Up?

What? It’s a legitimate question! You may not be comfortable with it but it needed to be asked.

When you have just gotten in a relationship you want to shout their name so that the whole world knows how much you love each other. Sadly, a good number of couples do not make it to the end and it’s not uncommon for people to break up months or years down the line. It’s the sad truth that we must confront when seeking to ink permanently on skin. Such a tattoo could be a sore reminder of what you have lost and what could have been.
Enough problems, the solution to this problem is to simply get a tattoo you love having. That way even if you lose each other you will not regret that it was your partner’s idea and you don’t even like the damn thing.

When Is The Right Time To Get Couple Tattoos?

When you are a match made in heaven and you are quite sure that you want something for life and that matching shirts and bracelets are no longer enough. You know now, it’s time to declare in permanent body art as a symbol for your undying love and support for one another. But other than just the bond, it is a dope fashion statement.

Couple tattoos. Enjoy!

1. Matching Avocado Tattoos

If you are looking for a simple tattoo that brings in the meaning of love and codependency without having to go big on flowers then you can use this lovely avocado pair. Or maybe you love the taste and look of the avocado fruit. Whichever the case, getting a matching avocado tattoo with your lover, friend or sibling symbolizes your shared inner warmth. Avocados are hard on the outside and softer on the inside. That the avocado is cut into two means that you are equal and complete one another even though different as evident in the seed left on one half.

Couple Tattoo Designs

2. Cardiovascular Event With A Date Stamp

How better to celebrate when your hearts started beating for each other than with a heartbeat wave and date? This tattoo will not need an explanation as the details are all there to be admired by whoever. Always better to go for a simple tattoo when you want to pack quite the punch with meaning and this tattoo obeys that simple rule. Both partners get the same tattoo which means you are both equal in all matters concerning your relationship.

Couple Tattoo Designs

3. Her One, His Only

How about this for simple writing matching the couple’s tattoo. This two words sentence drives home the most important message first. No sooner do you get to meet them and shake their hand than you are likely to realize that they are someone else’s? The man gets a bolder firm font while the girl gets her way with this sexy girly font. The wordings are slightly different yet they mean the same thing and therefore this tattoo emphasizes that the couple embraces their differences and roles as man and woman in love.

Couple Tattoo Designs

4. Matching Diamonds

Couple tattoos are cute, and you know what else is irresistibly cute? Diamonds! This is one of the most valuable gems and one that holds a lot of meaning. This is one of those couple’s tattoos that look complete even without the other and you are unlikely to regret them even if you break up. The image features two matching diamonds with letters L and R indicated on either side.

Couple Tattoo Designs

5. Hold Me, Guide Me

We all need that one person who will either steer us in the right direction or ground us in times of storm. If you have found the one then it is time to make it official with these two complementing tattoos. One depicts a ship’s anchor which means the partner can steady them when they are navigating the stormy angry sea waves of life. The other is the ship’s steering wheel or help which lets the captain or helmsman steer the ship in the best direction to sail. The symbolism of this tattoo is overbearing.

Couple Tattoo Designs

6. One Life One Love

This king and queen crown tattoo also have a supporting message for their love life of oneness. The crowns are very cute and the message is also inked in chic italics. If you and your partner are looking to declare your love for one another in permanent ink then this is a good choice. If you think of her or him as a queen or king then this is the image that will drive the point home. While there is no shortage of matching couple tattoo ideas, this is one of the most preferred and easily understood tattoos out there.

Couple Tattoo Designs

7. Year

When you want to be creative with your matching tattoos perhaps it’s not a bad idea to include a calculated mismatch. This tattoo includes the year of birth in a typewriter font style. It could be the year of birth or some other important date to remember, we don’t know for sure but it does seem like it. You might like that this is a tiny tattoo that barely shows and may, therefore, be easily concealed in the strict stereotypical work environment.

Couple Tattoo Designs

8. Lion-Ess

This piece consists of two complementary half-lion heads one male and one female with arrows. The images are styled much the same way except one is a Lion and the other a lioness. With the forearm placement, couples can flaunt this cool tattoo together walking hand in hand. A lion is a king as we all know and there is something about the ferocity and vengeance of a lioness that is sexy. She makes the kill and lets him have the first share while his powerful roar and powerful paws keep intruders at bay. Together they are invincible.

Couple Tattoo Designs

9. Matching Shapes

This tattoo depicts two matching outlines that take after wire art. It is a simple and abstract design with a minimalistic approach. The two are not only perfectly identical but also each one of them is symmetrical about the central axis parallel to the hand. There is sophistication in simple ideas and this tattoo will prove just that.

Couple Tattoo Designs

10. Matching Roses

Roses are always a favorite when it comes to romantic themed tattoos. This list would not be complete without a matching roses tattoo. The realistic piece uses black only to create two identical roses for the man and woman’s wrist in the same placement. The roses have blossomed representing love and there are leafy stems for vitality and growth. Thorns are for thoughtlessness and defense against external aggressors.

Couple Tattoo Designs

Couple Tattoo Design Ideas

March 16, 2020