DryBar Tress Press vs GHD Gold Flat Iron – Which one is Better?

It’s hard to make a list of top ten favorites in the hair tool category with crisscrossing the T3 and GHD brands. People wonder whether hot hair tools damage hair and the answer is yes, the key thing is to find a heat tool that will do minimal damage to hair. You do not want to scorch your hair into submission but rather have an awesome hair day and still have your hair color and luster to enjoy next summer. When you are talking about flat irons that save your hair from damage then you cannot skip these two. Today we measure the DryBar Tress Press against the “gold standard for all flat irons” the GHD Gold.

Both of these flat irons are better and more versatile than any ordinary tool you can pick up at your local store for dirt cheap. They not only get the job done sooner but also spare you untold agony of burn fingers or worse. With either of these products you should be able to steer clear of excessive texturizing, curling and hair drying all for the benefit of your hair health.

We hope you will get to pick between the Drybar and GHD options from this comparison review and the one you pick be easily absorbed in your daily routine. The right flat iron can quickly become the magic wand in your hair kit arsenal that you just can’t live without. While life is busy at times, a flat iron is one the things that could make it easier and more enjoyable every second of your waking life.

DryBar Tress PressGHD Gold Flat Iron
DryBar Tress PressGHD Gold Flat Iron
Floating plate technology.

A professional length nine-foot cord.

1” plates for flexible styling.

Titanium plated technology for cuticle sealing and shine.

Infrared technology for low heat styling.

Heats up to 450F.

Auto-shut feature.
Lightweight design at only 274g.

Professional cord length with 2.7m.

Heat resistant rubber plate guard.

Simplicity and ease of use.

Stunning results on all hair types.

Ergonomic design safe for hair and hands.

Dual zone technology.
Paint on barrel comes off easily after a few uses.
No safety lock or carry case.
Temperature is fixed.

The Tress Press Digital Styling Iron – Drybar

Tress Press Digital Styling Iron

This Drybar is your ultimate choices for flat iron when you are looking to enjoy the best of both worlds with titanium plates and ionic heating technology. This unique blend of properties on the plates guarantees sleek and shiny results that last. It also gets you ready faster and saves useful minutes which adds up to many hours saved annually. If you are the kind of person who simply refuse to buy expensive hair tools because honestly not all of them are worth the bucks then you will be proven wrong by choosing either of these two products.

Yes, investing a little more in a blow dryer or straightener does have a huge impact on the manageability of your hair and could mean the world when it comes to keeping your beautiful and vibrant for every occasion. Whether you hair is stubborn and thick or is moderate and styles with no much elbow grease, you will enjoy the perks of the revolutionizing tech employed in the DryBar Tress Press. It is the perfect tool when you want to create beautiful locks to guard jealously and also is precise enough to handle flyaway baby hairs.

Customers who used the Tress Press swore that their hair had grown a bunch since they first started using it. The secret is to always be sensitive about how you treat your hair with heat tools and really reduce the chances of damage and a quality iron like this could really help with that.

Additional Features

The Tress press features a number of special features apart from the titanium plates that also contribute to the shiny smooth and quick styles whether waves curls or straight. For instance, it has floating plates support which makes contact with hair firm and snag free for effective heat transfer with minimal damage. The barrel is rounded for curls and it also comes with an automatic shut-off safety feature that turns it off when left idle for an hour.

GHD Gold Review

GHD Gold Flat Iron

As stated above, the GHD brand and specifically, its Gold styler can be used as the yardstick for all other flat irons that seek admission into the premium flat iron category. Rather than sheer bias towards the brand, we have facts to back up the claim and thousands of users who are satisfied with the brand since its inception in 2001. The Brand GHD has been consistent and provided users very high quality results

The GHD Gold is a middle ground in the company’s product lineup falling between the old and the fancy new. It came after the classic IV Styler and was succeeded by the fancy Platinum Plus styler. Of all the stylers that were made in this powerhouse, the Gold is one of the most straightforward and reliable result that last longer than with many other tools.

All GHDs are simplified in that they only work at one temperature which is ideal for all hair types and safe for all styling needs. This lack of options to tweak the temperatures GHD argues is an advantage to the user who gets to have optimal results without endangering their hair. It is great for all users including children who are likely to harm their hair with excessive heat unknowingly.

When you press the power button to wake the device up it will give a beep and flash the Led to show that it is working and a second beep and solid LED a short while later to indicate readiness to engage. The flat iron also features a rounded barrel for curling and has slightly elongated plats to make it easier to handle more hair at a go.

The tips are cooler so that you can move your fingers to the very end to provide extra pressure when needed.

Additional Features

The GHD Gold flat iron also introduces dual zone technology which makes use of two heat sensors on each plate to ensure that the same constant temperature is maintained between both plates.


DryBar Tress Press vs GHD Gold Flat Iron

The GHD Gold Styler has not strayed too far from the previous models from the maker. This is typical of the maker who do not seem too radical with their new designs but instead seek to improve the inner workings of each new styler to make it better and more appealing to the user in terms of quality of results.

There are several iteration of the styler or limited editions if you may but the base model is an all-black finished beauty with a silver circular logo on the hinge. It has a mild contrast with the sparkling grey ceramic plates that are about 9cm long.

The body of the Tress Press remains moderately warm for the better part of your styling session so you don’t have to suffer excessively even without a heat glove. The adjustable heat setting is welcome for the extremes of hair and the plates are ideal for short hair maneuvers.

Styling Features

DryBar Tress Press vs GHD Gold Flat Iron

The GHD Gold is hands down the fastest heat up time you will find in any flat iron which gets  ready in under 20 seconds with the closes rival being the Cloud Nine Original which will take close to 25 seconds. GHD itself specifies 25 seconds but you can confirm that the actual timing is much less.

The DryBar Tress Press is designed to straighten and curl with equal measure. As the name suggests, it is specially made for extra pressure where needed and snag free styling all the way. It takes only one or two passes to get pin straight hair from recently wet or plaited hair and you do not need to press too hard to get even results

Our Verdict

It is difficult to choose either of these flat Irons for anyone without taking into consideration their preferences and hair type.

The GHD is the elder product with a reputation that comes to the fore. They are simple and effective and that is why for the millions of customers loyal to the brand, the choice is out of question. Incidentally, GHDs are really gentle on hair and give amazingly good results on all hair types and require moderate experience to operate like a pro. So for the safety factor we give this one to the GHD gold styler.

The Dyrbar Tress Press is also one of those favorite travel hair tools that can save you big time when you are on a business trip or need a quick fix on the go. It is equipped with universal voltage and works like a charm abroad. It is also super-fast to heat up and is easily manageable for carry when hot with a heat guard included. It also handles nicely and gives you greater flexibility than with the rigid GHD platform. The rounded edges mean you can use this for absolutely any hairstyle without a snag.

January 15, 2021