CHI G2 vs GHD Platinum Flat Iron – Fancy or Functional?

This post will delve into the fundamental differences between the CHI G2 model and the fancier GHD Platinum straightener that has GHD enthusiasts going crazy with excitement. Is Good Hair Day just another fancy name for a luxury brand that is aimed at the wealthy but provides way less than it claims? Today we have an opportunity to see how a modestly priced ceramic flat iron from CHI stacks up against the giant of a name GHD Platinum.

The GHD Platinum has been hugely a white elephant with an obscene price tag and yet many do not shy away from it for the brand loyalty and obviously the performance of the product itself. It’s not just the name though, this game changer has a mind of its own featuring “intelligent plates” which can adjust the temperature to the speed of styling so that there is no difference when you go slowly or fast. Seriously, how cool is that? While this suggests GHD has moved on from the fallacy that one temperature fits all, it is a welcome thought that the temperature is internally varied to suit your hair type and speed of delivery.

The second iteration of the CHI ceramic comes beefed with titanium infusion for the ceramic plates and is not to be underestimated because it is also a magic worker for hair of all descriptions. It derives its super powers from one of the rarest metals on the planet and by effect acquires a similar metallic character with the platinum coated GHD.  Before we set them ablaze let’s examine the individuality of each of these stylers as claimed on their official websites and on packaging labels.

CHI G2GHD Gold Platinum
CHI G2GHD Gold Platinum
Faster heat up time under 40 seconds.

Outer casing stays comfortable after long use.

Smoother plates for upgraded version.

Silky straight hair in minutes.

Can adjust temperature according to user requirements.

Lightweight intuitive design.

Ample cord length.

More affordable than the GHD Platinum.

Mode button to go back to previous settings.
Ultra-zone predictive technology.

Wishbones hinge for perfect plate alignment.

Floating plates technology.

Intelligent plates.

Safe single temperature for beginners and kids.

Gentle on all hair types.
Some users dislike the cord for difficulty in storage.

Not easier on the eyes compared to the GHD Platinum.

Resets itself constantly when idling which can be annoying.
Cannot adjust temperatures.

Premium pricing.

May require more than one pass to style effectively.

CHI G2 Flat Iron

CHI G2 vs GHD Platinum Flat Iron

The CHI G2 is a solid investment if you are looking for a reliable mid-sized and budget friendly purchase that will help care for your hair. It is not selective for hair types because it has an optimal plate width for all lengths and could adjust to your individual temperature requirements very easily. It comes with quick presents but you can also set your custom temperatures outside below these parameters. Drawing a 40 W power packet every second, the G2 is a powerful heat tool that gets ready in under a minute and stays hot for as long as it’s plugged in and in use. The updated version will sleep after an hour of inactivity and also comes with 1 inch and 1/1/4 inch offerings to ensure maximum safety and comfort while styling.

The G2 is oved for the digital temperature control with display that also uses a color code to indicate three levels of the preset hotness. The three modes are toggled with a mode button but are not the only possible heat settings for this versatile two in one hair tool.

Ceramic heating is impeccable for even distribution and efficiency of heat with infrared heating. The metal titanium infusion makes the plates especially hard and durable while also increasing the smoothness which is essential for no pull styling. Traction damage over the edges of plates is one of the most destructive crisis facing cheap flat iron owners but on these premium models it is almost non-existent.

GHD Gold Platinum Flat Iron

CHI G2 vs GHD Platinum Flat Iron

The Platinum is leaps and bounds better than the original GHD styler. The company has spent hundreds of thousands of man hours perhaps millions in developing ever more capable flat irons without having to dial up the heat all the way. The answer may ne nigh with the new intelligent plate technology that can detect the speed of relative motion between the hair and the plates and a quick thinking sensor that actuates the heater to ensure even heating. In other words, this styler can follow your lead and work at your pace because your speed is critical to the styling process.

It is only logical that the quick thinking sensor built into the fancy GHD will change the temperature in accordance to speed to effectively lock in styles in just one pass. This means you can style without giving much thought to your pace because the styler is smart and fast enough to catch up.

These advanced features and the reduction of set up time makes sure the GHD loyalist emerges from the room first and the quick runs through hair are effective than repetitive brushing with cheap irons which exposes hair to heat damage and breakage. The temperature feedback control system solves all of these problems in one go including the frizz and static that develops with constant rubbing.

The reason people have remained loyal to GHD all these years is the promise of healthy hair for always which they have experienced with earlier GHDs. Though not completely damage free as claimed, the GHD family shows consistent results with less damage even with more frequent users. This is thanks to the single heat setting which does not allow users to misuse the iron as with other flat irons but this is also its Achilles heel.


CHI G2 vs GHD Platinum Flat Iron

We loved the LCD screen and color coding on the G2 styler which make it easier to read and adjust the temperature on the device for optimal styling to preference. It is an innovative improvement of the earlier version which did not have an auto shut feature for safety. CHI would make claims like the styler is meant for salon use and did not require the feature but eventually after consideration of customer sentiment they have updated all their ceramic flat iron range with the sleep mode feature.

The plates on the G2 are extremely smooth and hard resisting corrosion and allowing smooth glide through of hair sections even with a little zealous pressure. The plates are lined with silicone layers underneath to ensure are well cushioned and remain faithfully parallel.

The GHD Platinum is also an epitome of ingenious design and high quality material choice to replace physical heat. If you are looking to buy a high end device with premium features for protecting your hair and are not shy to part with a heftier sum then the GHD is your better option. It offers some groundbreaking technology that guarantees healthier results for all and we expect at least half of the claims to be true, in which case the Styler would be totally worth the big bucks.


CHI G2 vs GHD Platinum Flat Iron

Both of these straighteners pack innovative and efficient exclusive features especially with the heating systems that deliver sufficient heat for all hair textures without the damaging effects. Safety is the underlying design principle for both CHI and GHD and they have both proposed different but equally effective solutions. This is the advantage of competition in the hair and beauty industry along with a drop in prices for the same quality a concept that GHD does not seem to pay attention to at all.


The Platinum and titanium names sound fancy and bring out the aspect of getting more bang for your bang when you buy the respective products. We are glad to report that the words are not merely fancy marketing jargon as the effects of the added metals can be felt and seen during actual styling. Pick any of these flat irons and if you are upgrading from an inferior product those around you might start to notice that you have done something different with your hair.


Both of these irons have very thoughtful and functional designs but are inherently different. The GHD will do better for the average user and if you are tempted to use your straightener every day or several times a day. The intelligent temperature adjustment will take away your freedom to crank it up and in turn give you healthy and brilliant hair for a long time to come.

On the other hand, a little more freedom is welcome both financially and in degrees. You can choose the G2 if you think you might have to change the temperature to a lower or higher setting than 365F.

March 1, 2021