Dura CHI vs CHI G2 Flat Iron – Which CHI Does More?

At the beginning of each day most of us just want smooth strands and silky beachy waves from time to time. Depending on who you are and your hair type their range of products and her tools that you can use to achieve healthy and lasting results. Flatirons I’ve generally had a bad reputation as one of the key requirements for the dried sizzled and frizzy disaster of hair recipe. This is only true if you are using cheap flat irons or decisively misusing a powerful iron. There is another side to the story or at least it can be if you’re using the right products from the right manufacturers in the right way. CHI is one of those authoritative makers of flat irons and their dura and G2 series could make a world of a difference when it comes to producing smooth strands without scorching out your hair.

Today we are going to pitch the dura CHI iron against that sibling the G2 which can be used like considerate as the gold standard for ceramic flat irons. We have scoured online resources and physically test at the flatirons to bring you the best of information about the price points features and performance of this to flatirons so that you can have an easier time making your purchase decision. So whether you are considering a short leash budget or you are ready to shell out the big bucks for premium salon grade flat irons read the following decide which CHI is good.

Dura CHI Flat IronCHI G2 Flat Iron
Ergonomic body with slim handle.

Longer 4-inch plates.

Titanium infused ceramic plates.

Touch controlled input for temperature controls.

New locking mechanism for safety.

Power button on the side of the handle.
11 feet of professional cord.
Auto shut feature.

Precise temperature controls and measurement.

110V/240V dual voltage operation.

Quick present with mode button.

Adjustable temperature settings.

Better protection for hair.
Also expensive.

No auto shut features.
Pricey even for a CHI ceramic.

The original may not have auto shut feature.

Boring design.

Dura CHI Flat Iron

Dura CHI vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

This is a high-end device that they use at the backstage of Miss Universe by celebrity stylists and in top-tier salons around the world. It is perfect for people with long hair and saves a ton of time thanks to the extended plate length extending to a massive for inches. This means you can work on wider sections of hair.

It sports a touchscreen control which makes it easy to alter the temperature but also locks in your required styling temperature so that you do not inadvertently crank up the heat causing irreparable damage.

The dura CHI is that titanium infused styling iron with an ultra-modern sleek and beautiful design with a conveniently slim handle four ergonomic grip. The design is impeccably light and intuitive creating comfort and efficiency so that there is almost no learning curve even for first timers.

As with other CHI straightness we expect a dependable and durable products that will take a beating even under the hands of grueling hairstylist whose demand could peak for hours.

CHI G2 Flat Iron

Dura CHI vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

CHI G2 is a professional ceramic styling iron from CHI a brand owned by a Houston-based company known for its innovative next-generation stylers. Features a mod button which helps with the presets temperatures and a digital color-coded LCD screen that helps Mark the temperature range at which the iron is operating at any given time. It also sports ceramic heating technology which brings it up to speed in under 40 seconds for the max temperature of 425 degrees Celsius. It is worth noting that the CHI G2 we reach the lowest temperature bands in only 30 seconds which is impressive for ceramic flat iron.

To show their confidence in their products the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty sound effects provided you acquire the genuine product from an authorized dealer.

This flat iron is dual voltage and travel friendly giving the same results across the globe. There are a few destinations where the power converter is necessary.

Additional features of these patches included at the moment which comes in handy and prevents marks on benches.


Dura CHI vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The beauty with choosing a brand like CHI is that there is something for everyone in their age fleet of heating tools. What’s the trend moves towards more beauty than beast in high-temperature styling the true hardcore heat enthusiast still has a place to run to for some super crazy heat. Then there is the dura CHI styling iron with its extended plates and layered silicone protection underneath for shock absorption and added durability? You can’t go wrong with a CHI iron that has touch screen controls so that there is no such thing as hitting the wrong button.

The Dura is a more sophisticated styler with redefined durability and more precise engineering finish. It has the same titanium infusion as the G2 but features more internal upgrades to justify its higher price point. We had to assume there is a fundamental design difference hidden from the user that makes the G2 any different than the Dura because from the first glance they are one and the same.


Dura CHI vs CHI G2 Flat Iron

The G2 is an improved version of the ceramic only plated flat iron that offers the user more comfort in gliding through hair and looking in features. The titanium infusion also makes the plates more durable and warp resistant. This flat iron is not one of the chic designs from CHI but it makes up it has ceramic heating which offers instant recovery and high thermal capacity to make curling and straightening a uniform exercise from the roots to the tips.


The CHI G2 can be compared to most high end models that are decluttered yet highly functional. It stacks up pretty well against items from the GHD family even though it costs only a fraction of their normal price. The temperature controls are a key benefit of this model because the GHD models may feel too hot to handle and yet there is no way to change the preset temperature even if you feel like it’s broken and overshooting.


If you have tried other styles for a long time then you will appreciate the budget friendliness of the CHI ceramic straighteners and the range of variants to choose from. The items we have here today are both luxury products but the pricing point says otherwise. Other brands promptly package lesser products nicely and market them for nearly twice as much as these CHIs are going for.

We loved the long cordage on both of these and a lot of our reviewers do as well because despite the storage hiccups, the cord actually does play a central role in user experience. For salon proprietors, there no room for products that do not come with a fully sized

Ultimately the decision to buy either of these might come down to the plat composition and price points. The Dura is a pricier straightener but it is not very gamut so you should be able to fetch it for under $250. The budget G2 options remains a solid investment you will likely not regret for years to come.

March 1, 2021