CHI G2 vs GHD Gold Flat Iron – Which One is Good?

CHI G2 vs GHD Gold Flat Iron

When you decide that you have suffered enough with cheap metal plate straighteners or if you are one of the lucky few who inherited the wisdom that money can buy happiness you know it just sizzles down to either CHI or GHD. Not to say the Cloud Nine is not way up there but sometimes it helps to just simplify stuff to near zero. So today we are comparing CHI G2 to the gold standard of all flat irons on earth the GHD Gold styler. If you look into the Gold you will realize reason we claim it is measuring stick for other straighteners in the market. It is both modest and sophisticated sitting right in the middle of old and new on the GHD spectrum of flat irons.

We have also picked a worthy opponent from an equally famous brand by a Houston based manufacturer with some blazing options and reasonable pricing. CHI and GHD could not be any further apart as it seems their design philosophies are quite different. So in this post we are comparing north to west and there be very little overlap of ideas. Diversity is our middle name and we scour the ends of the web and ship the most hilarious finds to our labs just to get you ready with facts before you shell out your hard earned geld.

So dear old timers and followers of he tried and tested wisdom, here are more reasons to love and upgrade your CHI or GHD with another one of these amazing gadgets that will take your hair to the next level of growth and luster. People literary scratch their heads and wish they had read this before they went out to lose money and hair.

GHD Gold Flat IronCHI G2 Flat Iron
Predictive technology for personalized hairstyling.

Makes excellent curls.

Smart and elegant look and feel.

Styling time is precise, roughly 20 minutes.

It can be handled with ease.

25 seconds Heat up time.

Lighter than the Classic Hair straightener.
Titanium Infused plating.

Mode button for presets.

color coded temperature settings.

Quick 40 second heat up.

2 year warranty.

Dual voltage operation.

Professional grad swivel cord.
It is expensive compared to classic.

Has a learning curve that is you have to learn to use it first before you can get used to it.

Has one heating level of 185°c.
Takes longer to heat up.

Weighs 2.2 pounds which is a little on the heavy side.

GHD Gold Flat Iron

GHD Gold Flat Iron

The GHD Gold Styler is an awesome styler because of the sheer time and effort that GHD threw into it. It took five years in development during which its team of scientists and hair experts must have run millions of simulations. With these top tier products you expect a product that has been proven to handle all sorts of mistreatment including every day uses stresses like dropping the iron while it’s in operation.

GHD has made a remarkable improvement since the IV and now the Gold boasts of 70% less hair damage compared to your ordinary run-off-the-mill flat iron. GHD even claims that the styler can sense the strength of your hair such that it adjusts the power to a lower setting when it comes across a weak section of hair. What we know to be awesome about the styler however are the awesome smooth plates with flexible mounts allowing you to get a better grip on your sections with less damage.

The GHD Gold Flat irons has ceramic plating which also have rounded edges and a barrel with the same rounded shape for easy curls and beachy waves. These two features work together nicely giving you awesome waving and curling experiences and flexibility that your store-bought cheap flat irons will not afford. The styler surprisingly weighs only 400 grams which makes it easy to handle for hours if you are working on patrons in a hair salon.

Heating is a key consideration when choosing the appropriate flat iron for your needs and the Gold is a top choice for many. Ceramic plates and the sensitive 250 times a second tests to autocorrect helps the flat iron stay on course and treat your hair to ideal heat. You can expect even heating for ceramic coated plates and stellar results every time.

GHD has good pricing as the price includes a GHD styler, a heat resistant guard, and also free delivery upon making a purchase and it also has a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

CHI G2 Flat Iron

CHI G2 Flat Iron

The second generation CHI is the next big thing in hair and beauty and has been making a roar ever since it was released into the market. It has since evolved into a staple for hair stylists and enthusiasts with a dynamic and reliable upgraded performance. The enhanced design is attractive to both salon owners and privateers looking to achieve salon grade results at home. You know it’s a CHI right from the box thanks to the simple elegance in the black finish.

A key notable feature of the styler is the LCD display which follows a color code for the temperatures so you are always able to tell where the heat is at. There is a blue zone which the friendliest, a green zone for intermediate heat and a red zone for the highest heat band up to 425F.

The Chi G2 comes with the improved ceramic plating now infused with platinum for better heat and corrosion resistance and smoother glide over hair. The longer plates enable users to get larger sections of hair done at a time. The dynamic design of the G2 guarantees users of all hair types with smooth and protected hair with styles locking in for longer through any weather.


CHI G2 vs GHD Gold Flat Iron

It is a well-liked fact that the G2 is an exceptional product even by CHI standards. It is measurably equal to the Gold by GHD standards and even though the two are inherently different it is harder to tell the results apart. Both will handle all kinds of kink and curl or a blend of both in hair and will work well with dyed hair as well.

There is a sharp contrast in design between the two makes with the obvious being the ability to tweak temperatures on the G2 which will remain fantasy for GHD users the world over. On the flip side, the G2 could sink the titanic with heat damage because you have the full power in your hands. ‘

The GHD Gold enjoys a more laid back feel compared to the CHI G2 and also the younger siblings like the fancy GHD Platinum Plus. It is right there in terms of ergonomics and performance to the extent that some loyalist salons will not dare pick up another straightener. Better safe than sorry.


CHI G2 vs GHD Gold Flat Iron

Neither of the plates on these irons will snag on hair which is might unpleasant. Thanks to the precision high value metal finishes on the plates, the stylers we have here today come highly recommended for damp hair as their offer smooth glide and extra protection for hair.

If there were a scale for increasing hair damage then the CHI would unfortunately be way up higher than the GHD because of the irresponsible behavior exhibited by some of the users. Balancing freedom and responsibility is much harder than you might think.


Another great feature of the Gold is the automatic sleep mode which turns the hair straighteners off if they are left unused for 30 minutes. That and they boast a long, 2.7 meter cord and its swivel, too, just to make use a lot easier.

Equally, the Chi G2 is a well thought out design which is a joy to have and will change your hair routine for better in many ways. If you have owned a cheaper brand flat iron for the longest time you can remember, then getting this will be a tremendous upgrade for your liking.


Even though we had a huge crush on the brand CHI from the start, our anonymous testers confirmed our hypothesis that The Gold is the middle ground between the classic original and the fancy new Platinum Plus gold. GHD gold came to improve on the classic and make it more competitive with cloud Nine and other upcoming flat irons.

In a battle of two equally capable flat irons only hair would suffer and so we decided to have different people test these for us. There is almost no contest because the products are so different in specs and pricing but only comparable in quality of output. You get what you pay for and in the end GHD users will get a better ROI for their sizeable investment.

We love the gentleness and tender touch of CHI ionic flat irons even for people with no prior experience with flat irons. Don’t get it twisted, flat irons can be pretty damaging when used the wrong way. That’s not going to be you though, is it?

February 28, 2021