BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic vs Hot Tools Black Gold Flat Iron

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic vs Hot Tools Black Gold Flat Iron

Are you looking to buy a powerful new hair flat iron and you cannot bring yourself to decide between the BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic flat iron and the Hot tools Black Gold styler? Well, you are in luck straightener wars will do a thorough job at comparing these two. We take out and try these tools for our amusement and because someone has to do it on your behalf so you can save your time to focus on what matters the most to you. For our team of reviewers and the brave volunteers we try these flat irons on hair is very important and we just can’t get enough of this fun.

When you are out buying a flat iron or any other product for your hair and beauty, brand is very important. BaByliss Pro and Hot Tools constitute the hot stuff when it comes to flat irons. It is however prudent to check your objectives and priorities again before deciding on a flat iron that is best customizable to your individual needs. There is a plethora of digital modern stylers out there and it is a nightmare just trying to sort through them all.

So whether you stumbled across this pair by accident or you have used a proven scientific formula to eliminate a thousand other similar products, you are lucky to have made it this far because these flat irons are actually very comparable for pricing and performance. We hope that by reading this you will get a clearer picture of what product is better for you. Even if you don’t end up buying any of these, we will be glad to have saved you some money, time and the agony of hair loss.

BaByliss Porcelain CeramicHot Tools Professional
BaByliss Porcelain CeramicHot Tools Professional
Improved heat distribution with high-grade Porcelain.

Far infrared head for low temperature styling and negative ions.

Extended length of ceramic plates.

Rheostat temperature control up to 450 degrees.

Instant heat recovery quick wake up.

Powerful ceramic heater.

Longer plates with various sizes for wider section styling.
Proprietary Black Gold styling surface for even heat.

Two hour auto-sleep feature.

Soft Touch finish for firm grip on styler.

Pulse Technology with accurate LCD read out.

Variety of styles with rounded plate edges.

4 “long plates for faster styling.

Dual voltage.

Super lightweight design could have a negative effect on handling.
Wider plates make it difficult to curl hair.

Not easy to clean.

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The BaByliss Pro’s Porcelain Ceramic flat iron is a best seller in its home group and also a favorite ceramic flat irons that has been a rival for serious top of the line products like the CHI original. It is built for accuracy featuring ultra-thin 1” plates and a moderate to light body for optimal handling. This is one of those surefire irons regardless of your age, hair color or previous experience with flat irons. It does not even respect the track record of your OG flat iron so if you haven’t had any luck finding a good match for your hair this might just as well be your first functional flat iron.

One thing we love about a brand like BaByliss is how they try and be inclusive so that you get the same power packed in different size cartridges. There is the 1.5” and even the 2” if you would like to try it out for size. We would only recommend checking out the two if you have like super crazy long hair and usually need a miracle to get it done in under 30 minutes.

As a market leader for hair styling tools, BaByliss is the epitome of excellence, revolution and inventions that make a difference. Under their care you hair will flourish thanks to efficient, safe and powerful performance on the part of the Porcelain plates. Here are some advantages of choosing the advanced porcelain technology and you assurance that it is a top notch product you are considering to buy.

The Hot Tools Professional Rose Gold Flat Iron

The Hot Tools Professional Rose Gold Flat Iron

It’s either the BaByliss or this amazing alternative metal styler including Black Gold technology by Hot Tools. You may wonder if this is for you and the answer is in the details of its inner workings and our professional take on the features and performance as tested by us outside of lab conditions.

The Hot Tools set of tools is some of the best variants in the market today if you are looking not just to straighten your hair but add a fair share of glam and wow effect. It just happens to be the next favorite thing after BaByliss ceramic irons. You can straighten all hair types with this flat iron and it takes a shorter while than with some of the cheap kind.

It handles nicely around curves with all the heat you need at the instant when you need it. This is also elegant depending on the beholder even though it is no match for the esteemed BaByliss masterpiece. The Hot Tools offer is just that, a tool. It might not be fancy named or anything and may set you back quite the hefty penny but at the end of the day, it runs smoothly and delivers on the promise. Nothing like a tool that does its job so you have enough time to get to yours!


The Porcelain ceramic flat iron by BaByliss is made with some of the finest commercial porcelain ceramic integrated into heating surfaces. The advantage of this material is generation of enough infrared wavelength of heat and generating far infrared heat which is far less damaging than conventional heating. The Infrared heat works on hair strands from inside out and thus requires less of it to effect change in orientation of hair strands.

The celebrity class call the Hot tools Black Gold as their desert island because it can do everything for your hair routine. The styler contains 24K gold and titanium in its ceramic plates with ceramic heating making it the next best thing for both worlds. They included the proprietary Micro-Shine finish which gives attention to each individual strand of hair.


The porcelain plates also eliminate hot spots being ceramic and also generate quite the stream of negative ions which are beneficial to your hair for results and healthier vibrancy. They reduce static caused by friction which barely exists on the superior finished plates and hair and are very useful in splitting apart water particles which decreases time spent drying and styling your hair and ensure styles you put stay on for longer.

The Black Gold finish on the Hot Tools 1.25” styler makes all the difference for smooth gliding through hair and corrosion resistance. it uses 24K gold combined with titanium to achieve a ultra-smooth styling surface that has zero hot spots and leaves hair with shiny smooth effect almost effortlessly.


The Porcelain Ceramic also gives you better control over your hair’s health thanks to the far infrared heat which reduces the temperature you need to work with for effective results. It will do a better job because of this feature than your average ceramic flat iron even if it does have the same claims. The proof is in the results you get with the Iron which is healthier looking and revitalized shining hair.

Hot Tools have developed a groundbreaking new technology called Special Pulse which gets their heating tools primed faster and ensures that they stay live and ready with instant recovery. a big chunk of styling results depends on the ability of your iron to keep the temperatures constant at the value you left them. A constant readout might not be representative of the situation on the plates and only by trying this out and enthusiast reviewing techniques that we are able to conclude it works like they said it would.


The BaByliss Pro Porcelain 1” is a phenomenal ceramic flat iron and will be worth your money if you want a reliable and inexpensive flat iron from the lucrative brand for under $100. The same goes for the slightly more expensive but comparable Hot Tools Black Gold 1.25” which offers a whole range of benefits for hair as well.

That leaves us with a tie for price and performance and so the only way to choose between these two is to take a closer look at the materials. They both have ceramic heating but neither of the plates are purely ceramic. Although technically Porcelain is a specialized form of ceramic.

The Hot tools product offers metal infusion and this could interfere with the known properties of ceramics for heating which are gentleness on hair and infrared heat. This would in turn depend on the purity of the materials added to the ceramic and so yes, the BaByliss is the safer choice and The Hot Tools we recommend for someone with a little more experience with flat irons.

BaByliss Porcelain CeramicHot Tools Professional
March 24, 2021