Croc Rose Gold Nano Titanium vs Bio Ionic Gold Pro Flat Iron

If you use a flat iron almost daily then you understand first-hand the potential damage it can do and the need for choosing the right one otherwise you have already suffered the consequences. It is with this in mind that we put forth some of the world’s most gentle flat irons and made comparison post about them just so you know which one of them is better for you individually.

As you consider buying hair tools that will completely change your life it is also prudent to think about other factors apart from your hair and all the fun stuff you can do with it. For instance, whether or not you get wrist strains from using your hair tool has also to do with the user experience you get with a particular product. While there is no way of knowing what a product feels like without owning one, we are here to test out the CROC and BIO Ionic just so that you don’t have to.

This CROC USA flat iron has been favorited by many as an awesome shaped product with an ergonomic handle and comfortable product with. There are certainly tons of products to consider for digital stylers but CROC went the extra mile to design a special handle that makes it more comfortable to work with for longer periods and repeatedly without strain.

 The Bio Ionic Gold offer is no lesser deal by any chance. On the contrary, you have a hard time resisting the charms of this evolutional one pass styling technology that promise to give your excellent salon worthy hair anywhere in minutes. The company has been keep on their development strategy and their pitch is styling in half the time your ordinary flat irons will take. So again if you use this solution more regularly, this could save you a lot of time and effort and you will look even more glamourous.

CROC Rose Gold Nano Titanium Flat IronBio Ionic Gold Pro Flat iron
CROC Rose Gold NanoBio Ionic Gold Pro
Ergonomic design for handle with thumb grip.

Elegant classic series appearance.

Digital temperature settings.

Dual voltage power supply.

Natural ceramic plates for gentle touch on hair with hydration.

Accurate one pass styling.

Well balanced humidity free styles.

40 minutes auto-shut feature.
24 K Gold Plates are elegant and effective for heat distribution.

Ceramic mineral complex heating for moisture infusion and conditioning.

Bio Ceramic heater that locks in styles for longevity of results.

Digital temperature controls up to 450F.

Superior shine and condition.

1 year warranty.

Dual voltage support.
Wider plates not ideal for close styling.

Short and limited warranty.

Limited settings.

CROC Rose Gold Nano Titanium Flat Iron

CROC Rose Gold Nano Titanium Flat Iron

The CROC brand is distinctive for developing somewhat bizarre flat irons for their external outlook. The handle is supposed to be ergonomic enough compared to your ordinary sleek flat iron that has no thumb grips or bumps protruding. Our team admitted to being skeptical at first when they encountered this interesting development but it has been an absolute pleasure to have and to test these flat irons by CROC. They feel way lighter and less likely to fall and that kind of confidence in the handling could actually quicken the pace of styling a little bit. Additionally, the skin on these baby crocs is so thick you barely feel the heat through the handle.

Other than the comfort and safety issue, the Rose Gold by Croc is also a well capable heater with up to the regular 450F and we were able to ascertain that it gets sufficiently hot for any hair type. The lower end of the temperature scale begins at 280 which cool enough for those with fragile hair. On the other hand if you would like to apply keratin treatments at super high temperatures, the CROC makes this seem easy.

The iron packs Gold Nano Titanium plates which measure 1.25” across and has that conservative look of a classic series that makes it all the more attractive.

It’s hard to discern what the downfall of this could be but here are some of what we liked and what is not so great with this iron.

Bio Ionic Gold Pro Flat iron

Bio Ionic Gold Pro Flat iron

The Bio Ionic brand is an undisputed top tier brand in the beauty and hair care industry with a numerous offering of flat irons and heat tools that effect real change on our daily routines. Their stylers are known for employing break-through technology that reduces the need for higher temperature styling and hence less damage to hair. We have tried a number of their products before and the Gold Pro is no different. It will basically cut your styling time in half and double your wow effect with the final results in case you are upgrading from a cheap metal flat iron.

Here is a cute and affordable digital straightener that is under $100 and can still provide that glam and shine for celebrity level styling on any occasion and in a matter of minutes. The brand Ionic offers unmatched technology with numerous patents to their name to secure that amazing result that drives theirs sales through the roof.

Bi Ionic is one of the brands in this industry that makes products which are designed to meet everyone’s needs and deliver optimal perfection of results with no toll on hair’s health.


The CROC Rose Gold Nano model is a well-crafted piece of salon equipment with all the features a professional needs to get their job done to perfection. It is ready for high temperature as well as low end styling and is also ready for travelers with the dual voltage feature. They built this one for combat and it lasts forever as reported by you. This product is also one of the most ergonomic flat irons you can find out there which means that you will get so much more than healthier shinier hair out of it. You realize there are more elements to user and ownership experience than just the fun of getting your hair done faster. What about the pain on wrists and shoulders that come with handling a poorly balanced load for 20 minutes every day? If you consider such small details you will be glad CROC invented this new design just for your relief.

One thing you will love about Bio Ionic flat irons is the ergonomics of each specific design. The make use of statistics to design a product that feels right for most hands and remains comfortable and convenient to use repeatedly or for longer durations. You will feel like the Gold Pro was built just for your hand and that is what you want in a flat iron you might enjoy owning and using often.


If you decide to go for the CROC Rose Gold straightener, you will love the extra wide 1.25” plates for speed when quickly going over your head and it certainly saves time on the one pass accurate styling features. The Nano titanium layer on the plates comes in handy for smooth gliding through hair and effective heat distribution. Thanks to a well capable heater and great choice of premium and high grade materials, the CROC prides itself in quick wake up time and instant heat recovery when on the job.

You might also like to know that Bio Ionic flat irons are generally flexible and meet the varied requirements of salon experts and women around the world. It is one of the most compatible heat tools for all hair types so that one can tweak the heat to customize for their hair type and styling preferences.


Perhaps it’s already clear the CROC brand is all about the extra mile, with added benefits to ordinary purchases. It even has a ventilation system which helps it keep cool when operating for a long time. If you have a hair tool that your hands enjoy using then chances are that you will do a better healthier and more professional job on your hair each time. If you own a salon then you should really consider the health of your experts and buy these comfortable tools for prolonged use. The liberation you get for buying this design is your extra bonus!

The added advantage of buying Bio Ionic is of course the rapid heat up time. They have an arsenal of some of the fastest waking flat irons in the market today and that comes in handy because a minute feels like a small eternity when you are in a hurry. Prompt heat up to the required temperature is an ideal feature for a flat iron you expect to use on the move.


As far as pricing goes, the CROC USA Rose Gold Nano Titanium cost the same as the Bio Ionic Gold Pro Flat Iron and so the decision should be purely on other preferences and not the cost.

We will not tell you which of these two items to take home today. That is entirely up to you because you know your preferences and not you understand the differences between them. Perhaps you would like to go with the CROC for its ergonomics and classic appearance or choose Bio Ionic for its versatility and dependability for all situations, the choice is yours.

CROC Rose GoldBio Ionic Gold
March 22, 2021