Aquage Silk vs CHI Deep Brilliance Black Titanium Flat Iron

Aquage Silk vs CHI Deep Brilliance Black Titanium Flat Iron

If you have had zero success with flat irons then you might just be lucky for today we are looking at two worthwhile products that have worked for people with persistent cowlicks and who could previously manage only limited success with creating a blowout with wow factor. We decided to put one of the most favorited CHI flat irons up against the Aquage silk to see just what the two are made out of for results and hair health. If you have the curliest hair in the world then maybe this dual could tackle it much to your amazement. To find out which one is your better option, read the similarities and differences below.

You might not have come across the Aquage Silk or any of the range of revolutionary new products by the maker which are inspired by AlgaePlex Marine Botanicals a brand that pledges to protect, preserve and nurture and smoothen every strand of hair on your scalp. This is a leading new brand that has excellent innovations for high end salon worthy results within minutes from the comfort of your dressing table.

On the other hand you have the popular brand CHI which is midlevel for pricing but an absolute winner for premium grade styling and getting every strand of hair covered. The CHI Brilliance is one of their finest titanium plated flat irons that is also reasonably priced and has received much hype for performance out in the streets. In short this review will shed some light on your path to choosing a high end flat iron and a worthy investment you might actually enjoy owning.

Aquage Silk Flat IronChi Deep Brilliance
Aquage SilkCHI Deep Brilliance
Proprietary new silk complex formula for plates.

Straightens and curls hair.

Healthier stronger hair with repeated use.

Produces smooth frizz-free hair.

Gives hair a more natural look.

High strength materials for durable flat iron.
1″ Black Titanium Plates.

11 ft. of professional grade cord.

1hr auto shut feature.

Good for textured hair types.

Dual voltage operation.

Max temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

LED temperature display.

Limited 2 Year Warranty.
Not made of silk.

Unproven material combination for durability.
No internal battery.

Also kind of Expensive CHI Deep Brilliance.

Aquage Silk Flat Iron

Aquage Silk Flat Iron

The Silk straightener by Aquage is a cutting edge new innovation by the company which operates under two brands with the Aquage being the vegan brand which does not contain any animal derived products. They have a straightener, blow dryer and curling wand to their name and their hair tools are supposed to safeguard and strengthen your hair to prevent breakages and fly-aways.

Aquage has been striving to cut a notch for itself in the hair and beauty industry and the culmination of their success is marked by the release of this cool new straightener and perhaps the only one to ever use its material combination to achieve meaningful hair styling results.

You may wonder, “Are the plates on the Aquage Silk straightener made of silk?” Not really! The flat iron features Silicone plates. The make is light weight and works like a charm as far as heat efficiency and safeguards for your hair are concerned. We all desire a tool that can be used for more than one use and the Silk is such an advanced tool that qualifies as camping gear. The versatile design makes it ideal for many styles and achieve sleek straight hair as well as curls on the smooth rounded edges.

Chi Deep Brilliance Black Titanium Hairstyling Iron

Chi Deep Brilliance Black Titanium Hairstyling Iron

The CHI Deep Brilliance Black Titanium 1” Hairstyling Iron is a stunningly beautiful ceramic straightener with a titanium finish and that beautiful purple finish that gives its name meaning. It is a sensational pick for an expert hair stylist and for the individual DYI hair enthusiast because it runs almost as beautifully as it looks. It has those CHI smooth plates that we love to glide through the thickest unruly manes and emerge with a quick win for styles that stay on for longer.

Yet the name and elegance are not the only two reasons you should consider the Brilliance straightener by CHI. It is also one of the moderately priced flat irons from the maker under $150 and that right there is a promise for good value for money. It’s a versatile piece and an excellent bargain for salon enthusiasts looking to upgrade their salon equipment and give patrons a treat for their cash. This product coughs out professional grade results that are at par with luxury branded and obscenely expensive flat irons.

The CHI deep brilliance is a straightener that makes the difference with thick wavy and curly textured hair. It is creates a safe space to try out new styles all the while knowing that there are mechanisms in place to protect your hair from tension and heat damage. We loved the styling time on this iron because it is easier to handle and hardly ever requires a second pass to effect real results.


The Aquage designs are a bit out of this world and it’s difficult to say “silk complex blended fiberglass with silicone and Teflon” for your hair. All we know is that this formula feels great on hair and definitely qualifies to be on your top two list of best flat irons to buy this season. Just think of it like a ceramic plated flat iron on steroids so we don’t lose hair over sciency stuff.

On the other hand we have a mid-range ceramic heated CHI flat iron that is designed with ergonomics and economics at the finger tips giving an advantage of other equipotential flat irons in the market. It smooths and glides easily through hair and gets the job done sooner and with less hassle. The plate material of choice here is the Black titanium which promises heat distribution and instant recovery as well as good outlook for your ageing flat iron.

The design, being a CHI, obviously incorporates several safety features not the least of which is a 1 hour auto-shut feature as a failsafe for when you forget to unplug the iron. It is also dual voltage and travel ready even though this likely interferes with the 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


The Silk is designed to make frizz free hair and create flawless finished looks for pros. It is a money and time saver thanks to its efficient and portable design that helps you do your thing from the farthest ends of the world. We have had the privilege to try a few Aquage products and they always give you a sense of professional touch and seem to foster stronger hair emphasizing volume and shine.

The CHI will manage an easy 450F and maintain the constant temperature for high heat treatments including keratin. It has professional features not the least of which is the 11 ft. of cord which makes it a bit difficult to store but comes in handy when you have to work on another person’s head.


The Aquage Silk smoothens and straightens a balancing act that gives you both reduced heat damage and boost for your hair strength thanks to their complex plate formula. No other flat iron has a silk complex blended fiberglass with silicone and a pinch Teflon thrown in for a heat proof seal.

The CHI Brilliance can be had from Ulta to gain the free bonus of the Deep Brilliance Shine Serum Light Weight Leave-In treatment. This should give you a taste of the results you can achieve with CHI line of products working together with your hairs natural resilience.


So now we come down to deciding between Aquage and CHI based on the products we have discussed and that is where it gets tough. On the one hand you have many positive claims from Aquage which we have no way to verify except with a lengthy scientifically guided study and on the other you have a reliable brand that has stood the test of time and proven an impeccable record. Of course you go for the CHI unless this did not work for you and you want to go out there and try new stuff.

The pricing is also similar on these two items and so it will not make any difference of your budget unless you have to return the purchase or replace it in just a few months. The Silk smoothing technology on the Aquage one seems to work just fine but we know nothing of the long term effects. CHI on the other hand we love and trust.

But don’t just take our word for it, perhaps you have an experience of your own you would like to share with our readership, fell free to do so down below.

Aquage SilkCHI Deep Brilliance
March 24, 2021