GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer Review

We can’t talk about hair dryers and fail to mention GHD the leading business in the hair styling scene for over two decades now. There are GHDs for everyone and everyone find their own perks in using of their esteemed tools but we have come to love the simplicity and efficacy of their designs in every day applications. You will find some of the most thoughtful designs in their gorgeous and feature rich array of products which is something smaller competitors can only dream about. The power of GHDs has been handed down from one generation of beauty to another and the relentless efforts by research and development teams at the UK Company have ensured its continued success come rain come sunshine.

The GHD Professional Performance hair dryer is their salon issue for elite hair dressers and a culmination of GHD ingenuity and quality. The GHD has become a symbol of the best quality available technology for hair and beauty and top salons still recommend their safe and reliable tech as the best money can buy. The product we are obsessed with today is the Air professional dryer which is a high performance dryer with faster styling time and a revolutionary new piece of engineering to deliver life changing hair results at the touch of a button.

There are rivals to GHD technology which are selling for much more and claim much more features and intricate details but the GHD wheelhouse is all about quality builds and simplicity of the design. They are easier to use and the technology barely changes over the years because it was effective then and still works today. People who like to be safe and invest their money for the long term prefer British technology and ingenuity and spend money on GHDs.


  • Industrial ionic generator included.
  • Salon Strength AC Motor: for more powerful, faster drying.
  • Advanced Ionic Technology: for reduced frizz and smoother, shinier hair.
  • Ergonomic design: for effortless styling whether you’re right or left handed.
  • Includes 2 concentrator nozzles.
  • Cool shot button.
  • Diffuser adapter ring.


  • Comes with only one nozzle.
  • Slightly heavier than the Dyson supersonic.
  • Buttons can be stiff to press at first.

GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer


GHD exists so that everyone can have a Good Hair Day every day without having to strain. Unless you are a celebrity with like your own makeup crew, you are not at the luxury of appearing in a salon every other day. That does warrant keeping your mane in a shabby state. GHD offers you the latest in hair technology and which allows you stylize your hair from the comfort of your home and get high end salon results in virtually a flash.

GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer

The GHD Air launched with its new attractive and stylish design which packs some revolutionary cutting edge solutions to previous flaws and offering users new styling options and faster drying times without trading off healthy hair. It has been around for nearly a decade and still rivals the new kids on the block easily with its reliable durable features with consistency of results.

The GHD represents the best of the hair revolution time and there is not much in the way of lightweight or super-fast air streams and it not very compact for its price range. At first glance these bulky features can seem like a huge disadvantage of the Air but they work with you to your advantage. The design produces a stable and well balanced build which also gives GHD its classic appearance.

It has a barrel that does not feel as heavy as it is because of the counterbalanced weight in the handle. Further, the dryer feels much lighter in use because of the stream of air which flies through it.

The most appealing feature of the GHD is the sheer simplicity with which it operates and the straightforwardness of the design in general. It houses a heavy duty 2100W motor but does not feel like it at all.


The buttons for heat settings on the Air model are out of the way so you do not accidentally turn off the motor while styling. The heat is sufficient on this dryer and the 2100 W motor ensures that it does not just sit and destroy the components of the dryer but instead shoots through hair creating suction for water molecules which lifts and whisks them away. Other than the heating process, the GHD was first to introduce the cold shot button which releases a burst of cold air to make styles that you have perfected lock on and stay on for longer. The button is also neatly tucked away from reach of careless fingers when maneuvering the styler.


GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer

GHD is not known for its flexibility in settings and customization for different hair types but the cool feature about the Air Bair dryer is that at least they tried. It lags the competition in number of claimed features and is still considerably more costly than some of these but on the plus side it is more reliable and will outlive almost anything else on its price range.

The GHD kit also comes with only one nozzle for attachments whereas offers like the Dyson dryers will come with at least two. They sell these separately even though somehow this separation does not account for a considerable saving when opting for the GHD.

Buying the GHD is mostly based on faith that the technology will fit your hair and we would recommend this for people who have average hair types and have had success with other GHD products.

The GHD Air dryer is pretty average for he frizz and static reduction properties because the results we got was that it failed to impress ordinary store bought dryers. Yes, the results we got were somewhat better than with the latter but not dramatically better. Perhaps the benefits of buying the GHD which is much pricier will be felt in the financial savings of having to replace the device every few weeks.


A lot of the lighter and more sophisticated dryers fall short on their promises and will not function nearly as good as they claim but not the GHD Air which is able to style rather than just dry hair every time. GHDs are better for maintaining healthy hair and results over prolonged periods of use. The styling time on the GHD is also a respectable four and half minutes and even though Dysons challenge that easily, there are a ton of other equally priced products which will not achieve as much.


The GHD Air Professional Performance hair dryer is not the cool new kid on the block but it still has a following for the simple reason that it works. It does an adequate job of removing frizz and gives somewhat lively results. People love GHDs because they live forever and it is no exception with this one. It is quite an expensive investment at first but it will be worth it in the long run.

This dryer is a little bit faster than the competition including the Dyson Supersonic which is significant because the latter has quite a huge following too. It is the quietest GHD we have tried so far and so you know that at least you will enjoy your peace of mind or lively conversation when styling.

For a dryer that has not evolved in a decade, the GHD Air was and remains a marvel of engineering holding its own in an increasingly flooded market with cheap knock offs left right and center. If you get the original, you will not regret using this champ.

What is the GHD Air Professional Performance Dryer?

The GHD Air is a high performing and one of the earliest evolved hair dryers in the market with over a decade in service with an incredible performance record.

Who is this hair dryer best for?

This is a good deal for those looking to buy a simple and functional classic hair dryer with functional features and a durable make but don’t mind the additional weight and lack of special effects.

Does GHD Air work on thick curly and frizzy hair?

GHD does not brag about it too much but their anti-frizz features work on most models and the Air is no exception. It is effective for soft to moderate hair types and does pretty well for thick unruly types as well.

What is the coolest feature of the GHD Air dryer?

That would be the laid back classic feel of every feature of the tool. It feels functional and lighter than it weighs and has that reassuring look and feel of a genuine GHD. You just have to sit back and trust the process and you have superior results without trading off health and growth for your strands.

Does the GHD Air use a brushless DC motor drive? What is the advantage?

No, the GHD Air uses an AC motor which is effective for power saving.

May 9, 2021