FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer Review

FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer

FoxyBae is way up there with GHD and Bio Ionic when it comes to hair tools that make a difference. If your interest is to get that foxy look in virtually no time then you are welcome to try that Blomance Hair Dryer by FoxyBae with us today as we check out the cutting edge features that make it such a big deal in leading forums.

One thing we love about FoxyBae tools is that they always seem to leave hair feeling healthy and hydrated which something every hair owner desires. Salon proprietors know that FoxyBae is a relatively inexpensive luxury brand that provides top notch solutions that match many customer requirements.

We get it, going to the salon is quite a hassle even though there is the motivation of the whisky and gossip and sometimes you just don’t have the time to waste on a blowout and yet you desperately need one. With our in depth review, we are sure to link you to the best suited hair dryer for your needs so you can look glam without ever having to step inside a salon.

Among the top trending tools by the mega and exclusive brand FoxyBae is the mini travel and the Blomance professional hair dryer. These tools have aroused interest in our readership and so we had no choice but to do a detailed in person review of this dryer in order to satisfy your curiosity and ours. We do just this and we sure hope to always do it well so that you are left without a doubt in your mind that you are getting the very best from us and from the tools in which you invest because of our reviews.


  • Classic design with elegant finish.
  • An impressive 1875W motor.
  • Decent temperature and speed combination.
  • Gentle and efficient hair dryer.
  • Reasonable pricing for luxury category.
  • Well balanced weight.


  • MSRP pricing could be steep.
  • Quite heavy weighing about 3.5 lb.
  • The motor is not very impressive for power and speed.

FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer


The Blomance hair dryer is a luxury product with luxe rose gold finish and all the perks of a high end salon equipment with. This cutting edge new solution guarantees stunning results each and every time you use with durable results to last an entire working day.

FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer

The titanium and tourmaline minerals included in the design are an awesome source of negative ions which explains in part the impressive track record on this dryer. With some of these dryers you have to sacrifice volume for shine and that is not the case with our subject under review.

The Blomance also packs a respectable 1875W heavy duty AC motor which is part of the reason why people might find the pricing a bit steep. The Motor will cut your average styling time with cheap models in half and give you time to tend to the other aspects of your look that complete your awesomeness and make you look appealing for every occasion.

The styling options on the Blomance allow for all hair types with the radiant and healthy hair being the common factor. When you are done taming your hair then you want to solidify the results and make your styles last long then you will appreciate the power of the cold shot button. Your hair will get exactly what it needs with the three variable settings you can choose for speed and temperature.

The Blomance is also pretty laid back and falls in the traditional category though the rose gold makes it less boring. It is a heavy piece which some people like for stability when blowing but this is a big disadvantage for salon experts who have to hold this for longer.


FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer

The heating process of the Blomance is made for reduced drying out effect and more of moisture controlled radiant results. Healthy hair stays hydrated and not hot and frazzled. You have three speeds to choose from according to the sensitivity of your hair and your preferred styles and so you have royalty to feed your hair on. The powerful motor ensures fast moving air and even distribution of heat to dry hair very evenly. You can depend on this dryer for healthy results every time even though their salon worthiness was not exactly bewildering.


FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer

The FoxyBae Blomance dryer is a hyped version with more reach for features over the mini travel dryer from the same maker. When you receive the package you can’t help but notice how well packaged it is with very beautiful box that you want to keep around.

It is bulky but all that mass means it moves that much more air and has lower recoil velocity which makes super light dryers difficult to handle. It does a good job of removing frizz where it exist and almost lives up to its promise of complete elimination. The Blomance simply does what the GHDs do but does it a turd better so that it joins the list of models that are stealing heads from the archaic GHD Air model.

The usage experience we got from the Blomance is that of a luxury dryer that can also work from home during lockdown. It incorporates negative ion technology which partly responsible for the static and frizz free tresses and faster drying. You have less fly-aways than with your regular dryer. We tested this against the GHD Air Professional styler and it was definitely a turd better than the mainstream dryer which has been around and basically remained the same for the better part of a decade.

Like the GHD, Blomance also emulates the Cold Shot feature which is useful for cooling hair to further seal the cuticle and improve shine as well as durability of styles achieved.

This would easily be our little secret because it is such a happy little luxury but luck for you we love to share. You too can get a custom experience and show out with a stunning blowout every time regardless of how much time you have got at your disposal or your hair type.


This styler is ionic in nature and uses tourmaline parts to generate the good streams of negative ions for a therapeutic effect on hair. This dryer heats hair from inside out and also splits water molecules so that they are dispersed fasters and disposed in the constant stream of air. This means faster drying which also results in less heat exposure and risk of drying out or fraying under the heat. This dryer will not cause your hair much damage but it will might also prove ineffective for curly thick and unruly hair types.


You might have been drawn to the Blomance hair dryer because of its black and rose gold features. You should expect a pretty traditional hair dryer comparable to the GHD Air model which has hit for nearly a decade. The vent, filter and cold shot buttons are loveable features of the dryer and the gold streaks on the body make it less boring to look at. It is an all-round solution for beautiful hair and results and will likely meet your expectations.

Most families will want a model that is not too powerful so as to safeguard the little ones and this goes well for those who have handed down soft hair traits to their lovely babies.

Basically if you need an upper middle grade blow dryer then this is your cue. If you don’t have steel hair then this dryer will suffice for all your blowout requirements.

What is the FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer Ultralight Speed Dryer Review?

This is a high end professional hair dryer with a lightweight design and record drying time thanks to the mineral infusion of negative ions, a patented technology by FoxyBae.

Who is this hair dryer best for?

This is certainly an exclusive and the price is reflective of that. FoxyBae targets every person who wants to break away from the crowd of mediocre results and enter the luxury styling arena.

Does Blomance Dryer work on thick curly and frizzy hair?

Yes, this Dryer is quite impressive for all hair types and does a remarkable job with frizzy hair. it effectively reduces styling time which limits exposure to heat and promotes healthier results.

What is the best feature of the FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer?

The Blomance is less boring than your average traditional heavy blow dryer unit because of the black and rose gold finish which looks stunningly beautiful.

What motor does the Blomance Dryer use? What is the advantage?

The 1875W motor used in the Blomance is impressive for results but is not exactly mind blowing (pun intended). You will get decent results from this motor and we have had reports that it is durable and dependable as well.

May 9, 2021