20 Amazing Wolf Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf tattoos are some of the most popular when it comes to animal themed tattoos. That is typically preferred by male enthusiast even though there are plenty of feminine wolf tattoos here as well.

Wold Tattoo Designs Extremes

Wolves can be majestic with a calm and peaceful nature but also an aggressive and ferocious side when provoked. While some perceive a wolf tattoo as rebellion from society norms and believes it is also about reconnecting with nature because wolves are truly one with nature. Fortitude and strength because wolves are able to survive the wild and protect themselves and their packs survival.

Wolf tattoos come mainly two variants,

  • Head only Wolf Tattoo
  • Full Body Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos can look absolutely gorgeous when done well with realistic outlines of black and grey. The advent of watercolors has also brought about devolution of a rainbow of colors for wolf tattoos.

Most people prefer to have this type of tattoos on biceps upper back shoulder send all other places with nobody curve and with room for detailed inking.

The size and orientation depend on the preferences of the client and also the style of the artist. The same tattoo can also be made smaller to fit the size of the canvas on different parts of the body. Daredevils can have this tattoo inked on their forearms and wrists.

However wolf tattoos look better on large canvases as they come with great detail. They are some of the most precious tattoos to have and require premeditation before allocating them the big space they need.

Wolf Tattoos Meaning

Wolf tattoos that symbolize so many things from bonds family and power and strength. There are many interpretations but we are going to discuss some of the most common ones.

A wolf could symbolize stronger bonds and family ties simply because wolves our loyal creatures to their mates and pack members. It is this closeness that makes the wolf tattoo and excellent pic for siblings. It means that people are willing to stick together and respect the pecking order for life.

The Wolfpack has an alpha which is the most dominant member of the group and stays at the back to protect the members from potential dangers lurking behind. This type of tattoo makes a great choice for a leader all guardian angel.

Wolf tattoos are also for people who have been through difficult circumstances and survived. Whether it be troubled childhood or the loss of loved one the wolf tattoo says it all. For this reason that considered a symbol of survival and fortitude. They are wild and liberated nature also makes them a great appeal for free spirits.

Far from the usual meanings of wolf tattoos HBO TV series game of thrones has lured a great number of their fans into actually liking wolves. The dire wolves are one of the most favorite creatures in the show and the wolf is the symbol of house of Stark Home to Jon Snow and Arya Stark in the story.

Check out the following top wolf tattoos for men and women for some inspiration.

1. Howling to the Moon

Alpha wolfs are known to howl to the moon in a bid to communicate with other members of their pack. When worn as a tattoo the howling wolf represents strength and free-spiritedness. This tattoo features a head-only realistic design and is best placed on the bicep with the ears right on the elbow. For those seeking a reconnection with the wild and to show their leadership and survival capabilities, the howling wolf would make a great pick for a wolf tattoo.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

2. Calm Wolf

This peace portrays the calm majestic feel of wolves. It looks straight into the eyes of the beholder which is intense. With the ears raised like that it seems like the wolf is paying attention just like a nice dog friend that you want to run your fingers through their fur. This looks beautiful on the thigh like that or you can allocate more canvas on the back or chest. This one is for those who want to say, they are calmly paying attention but they can be ferocious as well.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

3. White Wolf

This white wolf tattoo is as gorgeous as the animal itself. The white colored fur of the animal is easily blended into the background of snow covered trees in an icy neighborhood. The artist even takes it a step further to include a house with the meaning of a home and shelter with lights inside. This portrays the warmth of home in the cold wilderness and ability to camouflage. On the outer bicep, this tattoo feels three dimensional and comes alive. The presence of the wolf is majestic and is calm and watching so be careful not to rattle it.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

4. Wolf Versus Tiger

This piece depicts a fierce confrontation between a fiery black wolf on the right side of the chest and an ice cold tiger on the left. Perhaps it’s a representation of the inward battle that we all have within us with opposing ideas and versions of personality. This is one interesting tattoo to have because it’s 3D and feels like straight out of a movie with the vivid colors and all.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

5. Tribal Wolf

In every family of wolves, there is the Alpha male and female who are the leaders and the protectors of the pack. They are the only ones that breed and get to eat first at every kill. This clear black outline tattoo features the head of a dominant wolf looking up maybe at the moment before howling to the moon. This wolf is powerful.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

6. Howling Wolf and Moon

This piece captures the image of a lone white howling to the large moon in the backdrop of cone shaped trees. The design features a head-only with thick furry neck that is fluffy. Dark saucer shaped clouds are circle the moon and the scene is a beauty. It looks like this tattoo was made for the left top back it is inked on. This could mean free spirit, and will appeal most to people on a lonely path.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

7. Wolf Headdress

This epic tattoo features the face of a woman (which is photographically perfect) with red domino mask and tears of blood flowing from her eyes. she wears a grotesque of a snarling wolf with thick manes that blend into the feather decoration covering her ears and droops down to unite with the huge beaded necklaces that hang on her neck. In total, this is a masterpiece and is set apart from the usual wolf tattoos by the great number of intricate shades and dotting patterns. In many Native American cultures, wolfs are considered as spirit guides and thought to offer protection in the afterlife.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

8. Lone Wolf

Wolves can depict evil predators or loyal and ferocious fighters. This tattoo depicts a keenly watching wolf in the backdrop of cone shaped trees. Featuring a detailed head-only design, the presence of the wolf is felt as majestic and omnipresent. Anyone seeing this will be reminded that someone is calmly watching their moves. A valid tattoo to consider if you just want to say, “I am a wolf”.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

9. Cute Blue-eyed White Wolf

This piece features a pretty and innocent looking white she-wolf’s head with blue eyes and lying on a bouquet of roses. Roses and a Wolf is a classic symbol of romance and love. The roses stand for love and since wolves are also monogamous by nature, the entire tattoo stands for devotion and companionship. This goes anywhere on the body with room enough and looks perfect on the thigh.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

10. Matching Wolf Tattoos

The matching wolf tattoos features cute wolf face tattoos with tribal strokes and lines on each partner’s lower arm. The two tattoos are places such that they are clearly visible when the companions hold hands. This tattoo is a dual for the palm claws matching tattoo which features footprints instead of faces. Obviously this tattoo says loyalty, companionship and willingness to fight for each other.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

11. Half Wolf

This is another black wolf tattoo with only half of its head and neck depicted as if incomplete. It is also strangely satisfying as if it were all there, as if the rest of it is concealed inside the body. The tattooing artist uses a unique black sputter of color to fade out the image as if the ink spilled while drawing. This wolf tattoo could depict a dark force that is only partly visible and one yearn to see the rest. it is the perfect piece to create suspense and express unclear emotion.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

12. Wolf with Red Rose Tattoo

There are only a handful of tattoos that say Romantic love than a Wolf biting on red rose tattoo. Wolves are known for being monogamous and loyal to their mates and pack. The piece represents devotion that staying faithful to one companion. The wolf is also adorned with tribal feathered necklaces with intricate patterns which makes it deeply detailed. This piece is a charm on the thigh but can also present nicely on other parts of the body where there is plenty of canvas.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

13. Moonlight Howling Wolf

This piece features a lone thin furred wolf howling to the moon and caught in the moonlight. The backdrop is cone shaped pines and some rocks. It features a unique faded image of the Moon which is somewhat translucent and must be incredibly difficult to implement. Artist chose a realistic design though the wolf is in close-up to show of the intricate details in strokes of fur and dotting.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

14. Sketchy Wolf Head

This tattoo features a fierce looking masculine wolf head with an axial line that seems like a mistake. Additional strokes are misplaced on the main, and sides making the tattoo look intentionally sketchy. The eyeballs are left out making the eyes seem unnatural and fiery. This piece is a good statement for wolf enthusiasts wanting to show off their fierce persona and is best on the lower sleeve.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

15. Wolf Head

A sketched wolf head with fierce eyes is an appealing lure for most men looking express strength and freedom as well as connection to the wild. This piece consists of a simplistic sketchy wolf head with pale eyes and unkempt fur. A couple of dark strokes seem misplaced and an axial line divides the head into two symmetrical parts. The tattoo looks best on upper half sleeve.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

16. Geometric Wolf Head

Lovers of Geometric shapes will enjoy this intricate wolf head tattoo with the right half constructed with geometric shapes. Interestingly, the image is symmetrical even though it consists of two distinct drawing styles. A pyramid and dotted circle crown the top of the head. This tattoo could have as many interpretations as there are wearers but it’s surely a valuable jewel and a conversation starter.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

17. Lone Wolf in the Forest

This piece depicts a lonely wolf lurking in a forest and visible through the trees. What a way to reconnect with nature and acquire the lost freedom and strength in solitude! Beneath the partial head only wolf tattoo with trees is a dark figure of a full-body wolf howling. This tattoo should serve as a reminder of the danger that lurks about in the darkness and the freedom we once knew in the wilderness.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

18. Great Wolf Vs Warrior Tattoo

The tattoo deserves the name as it depicts a huge wolf coming facing off with a little warrior with a drawn sword. The warrior standing on a huge Rock is still no match for the size and stature of the wolf and the wolf doesn’t seem worried or snarling. This tattoo will be a appealing charm for those looking to express courage and liberation.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

19. Cool Wolf Tattoo

This is one cool wolf tattoo just as the name suggests as there is a certain harmony to the image. This blue eyed wolf looks on from a thicket and seems indifferent to the observer. This tattoo appeals to those would like to show calmness and indifference. Sometimes this is a great trait to have in a world where everyone is so concerned with everyone else’s business. Despite the cool looks this tattoo reminds the wearer and onlookers that there is an inner fight to be fought if disturbed.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

20. Rose with Geometric Wolf Head

If the Geometric Wolf head is a charm then certainly the rose and geometric wolf head tattoo takes it to the next level of romance and beauty. This lower sleeve masterpiece features a rose stem with black leaves and petals with an embedded wolf head made geometric shapes on the one half.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

Final Thoughts on Wolf Tattoos

There is no one wolf tattoo meaning that can explain why one decides one is better for them to bear for life. It is common for lovers, siblings and even father and son to get matching wolf tattoos. This is because Wolf Tattoos speak to love, trust and commitment as well as ferociousness, indifference and free-spiritedness.

February 2, 2020