10 Inspirational Watercolor Tattoo Design Ideas

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

Water color tattoos are the next best thing to getting a free form artist to work on your body as a canvas. Unlike conventional tattoos, they use less black and lack a defined edge. Then there is the explosion of colors that makes the impression that the artist dripped ink colored ink on the surface. The mistakes are very well intentioned and they very well define how good a watercolor tattoo is perceived. If you love the messy chic tattooing style then there is not turning back. Let’s dive right in and discover some fun watercolor tattoo pieces that will surely spark your imagination for the perfect piece for you.

Some watercolor designs have a black outline while others completely lack a defined edge. The earlier rely on a light black outline to compose the image because some images like some you are about to see below would prove rather difficult to achieve without such. Also, not all water color tattoos make use of the full spectrum of colors as some only include a few splashes of color.

Do watercolor Tattoos age well?

There are concerns among tattoo enthusiast that the lack of defined edges makes watercolor tattoos deteriorate greatly with age. But contrary to that opinion, not all water color tattoos and indeed not just water color tattoos have the ability to look like a blob of ink ten years down the line. If well done and depending on the artist of choices you can have your watercolor design for a lifetime looking glamorous for every occasion and milestone. Further, you can have your tattoo retouched every couple of years and care for it protecting from sunlight just as you would any other tattoo.

But when you are eyeing a gorgeous watercolor tattoo, there is nothing likely to stop you in your tracks. We recommend you take a look at the following inspirational pieces.

1. Lotus Flower Design

We start off our list of colorful tattoos with this girly and sweet looking lotus flower which has many girls going crazy. This flower design is a insanely popular tattoo choices among women not only for its staggering beauty but also because of the circumstances of tis birth and development. This plant is exceptional in bringing forth gorgeous flowers despite the muddy pools in which it wallows. This means for a girl that even when they are surrounded by a highly polluted world and environment they can still be the best version of themselves and shed all the negative energy.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

2. 3D Fish

Another fun tattoo you might want to consider for a watercolor piece is this fishy ink. Fish have deferring significance as tattoos depending on who you ask from which corner of the world. Some common interpretations include persistence, patience, power, good luck and prosperity. Fish are used as a symbol for providence and overcoming adversity and has varying cultural importance across communities of the world. Whichever your conviction and if you like the idea of a colorful fish on your arm then you should total have this inked.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

3. Small Flower Tattoo

When people talk about flower tattoos then roses are the most likely suspect coming into focus in our minds. However, there is no shortage of nice and sensual flower choices for tiny and chic tattoos for girls and women. Especially with the whole spectrum of colors unfolding before your eyes for watercolor tattoos an artist can impress you with a flower just like this. Each tattoo is best assumed to be unique in meaning to the wearer but this tiny watercolor tattoo can be had for pure aesthetics.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

4. Stunning Watercolor Design

If you are looking for something truly bursting with colors then this watercolor tattoo should be a bit too much for the competition. This is extraordinary both as a free form art and a tattoo. The explosion of color is a new trend in water color design that has produces some breathtaking pieces. This artist chooses to decorate with gorgeous flowers and a splash of vibrant colors making a creative and wonderful idea.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

5. Tree Painting

One aspect that you will find exciting about watercolor tattoos is how they take after free form paintings. Trees are a deeply symbolic choice of tattoo object and are thought as long-lasting and resilient. Trees are also a source of food and shelter offering shade and important building material and even manure to replenish growth when they outlive their usefulness. It is enough to summarize a tree as the symbol of life. This tree is artistic and lush and will surely remind you of life and rebirth.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

6. Poppy Flower

The poppy flower is a deep and sensual flower that has for a long time been used to signify sleep or death. In ancient Rome, the poppy flower was used to mean beauty, fertility and supernatural. It also meant wealth and prosperity. In Chinese legends the same flower represents love and loyalty. So you can use this back tattoo in memory of someone who you lost and you can still use it to represent love and passion just like a rose.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

7. Watercolor Elephant

Elephants are some of the largest mammals we have roaming the earth and indeed the largest on land. For a long time elephants have been a symbol of prosperity, and good luck. They are also powerful and strong force of nature to reckon with and stand for dignity and longevity. In the herd, adult elephants are sensitive, wise and stable offering guidance and protection for the rest of the younger population. And for this social aspect people often use elephant tattoos to symbolize loyalty and companionship.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

8. Atomic Universe

Universe tattoo enthusiasts will also find atoms relatable and equally beautiful. We have been able to study distant worlds thousands of light years away but actually there is much else closer home that we do not yet understand. The mystery of atomic structures is far from basic because down to that microscopic level these particles we are all made off do not obey the usual laws. As such atom tattoos are an indication of free will and liberty. This colored tattoo is elaborate with additional color shades to make the atom look magical.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

9. Water Color Pedant

Check out this one of kind watercolor for back tattoo choices showcasing a handmade pedant with string art and feathers attached. The image has a raw appearance even though the artist does not shy away from using black for a majority of the piece. The fiery orange adds special effects in the background and is contrasted with the smoky blue hue at the top of the piece.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

10. Compass Shoulder Watercolor Tattoo For Men

This compass with map ink is the watercolor rendition for those adventure seekers and globe trotters who just can resist the allure of travel and discovery. The star compass design is based on the North Star which for thousands of years helped sailors to maintain their course out in the scary seas. This image is therefore a symbol of hope for those seeking guidance and direction. In today’s Uber easy living this compass tattoo serves more of a spiritual guidance role helping your to find your true north.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs


Watercolor Tattoo Design Ideas

May 4, 2020