10 Types of Beautiful Family Tattoo Designs

Family Tattoo Designs

Family really is everything that matters in all of our lives. It is they that are the closest to you in your earliest days and the moments before you leave this earth. No one wants to be alone during these landmark events their lives. If you are looking for an acceptable and meaningful family tattoo images then you have come to the right blog. These ten top family tattoos are packed with emotion and love for the deeper connection that you have with your skin.

So if family always comes first for you, then you should consider having one of these stunning works of art. You can choose them for their aesthetics but you should also remember that they will be judged for their meaning. It is not enough to get an awesome looking tattoo but to get it with someone who is family to you. Save your “I love you” for another occasion, right now could be the time to etch permanently on skin that you are family, because family is forever.

Family is real, and so tattoos representing the family tend to be packed with realism. It is seldom a lettering tattoo and totem animals are frequently used. A herd of elephants with two adults and calves is a typical example of a good family tattoo.

The meaning of family themed tattoo styles is pretty obvious but it could be a biological family or another association. The interpretation could also vary depending on the person wearing it and their relationship with their family. It signifies closeness with both the living and the dead and only people that are considered family.

Men also have the chance to show their softer side with family tattoo though it used to be a predominantly female tattoo genre.

1. Elephant Family

Family Tattoo Designs

This back tattoo is the sketch of the elephant family in the wild. There are three siblings and two parents. The two adults stand on both side and the calves in the middle perhaps to ward off any imminent danger. This elephant family is a model for the ideal human family and has deeper meaning for the wearer. If you feel like your family deserves a bigger canvas than a wrist tattoo or something, this should suffice.

2. Love Quadrant

Family Tattoo Designs

If you are feeling like revisiting some phasor diagrams or the unit circle in math then you can get this matching tattoo for couples with your loved one. It has the axis and one initial per quadrant then the fourth quadrant is always a heart. This is also a good pick for a family tattoo for those with two or three siblings. This is a discreet tattoo whose meaning is only the reserve of the wearer.

3. Elephant Procession

Family Tattoo Designs

This forearm or leg tattoo shows a procession of elephants lead by the female and a chain of calves then at the back a giant male. Incidentally elephant’s only have one calf at a time and twins are rare making this tattoo concept slightly erratic. However, Elephants are the ideal social animal after humans. They live in large families and look after the little ones and the elderly as a team. The ability of an elder female to guide the herd to safety and pasture is amazing. These giants roam the forests and never forget a path they once took.

4. Child With Balloons

Family Tattoo Designs

The formative age of a child’s life is the most influential on their character as adults. This image is a watercolor tattoo with a burst of color and depicting a little girl tagging along her balloons and butterfly kites. A closer look reveals that the girl also has a rose on the other hand and is wearing her mom’s shoes which are a bit too big for her. This signifies how a daughter has to be like her mom and those are surely big shoes to fill.

5. Mother With Daughters

Family Tattoo Designs

This next piece shows a mother, two daughters and a little dog sitting on an imaginary bench made of lettering. Nothing compares to the delicate relationship a mother’s has with her daughters. It is one of friendship, love and understanding but also not always the ideal case scenario. To celebrate your mom or daughters, it would make her proud to get this for a matching tattoo. A little change to include or exclude one sister would be nice too.

6. Family Chest Photo

Family Tattoo Designs

This majestic huge chest tattoo is a picture of a family at the beach. Birds’ are flying the horizon and the evening sun shines. It has such realistic allures that you cease to think of it as a tattoo for a moment. The real task is finding an artist who can pull this off for real without having to use the stickers for fake tattoos. The shading is very delicate and considerate of the body contour making the image rest naturally against the man’s chest.

7. Family and Home

Family Tattoo Designs

Mom and Dad are the pillars of the family and shield the children from the hazards of the world around then while providing for them. This shadow image shows a man, woman figures with hands stretched out in a clever way to make a roof over two smaller figures presumably a little girl and her elder brother. This symbolizes the way parents provide shelter and protection for their children. This is more than just a tattoo but also a photography idea you can borrow for your next photo op. but if you do decide to etch on your skin then it’s even more awesome as a tattoo.

8. Family With Birds Tattoo

Family Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is family with four birds flying off. It says what it is all about and then adds a symbol as old as time, birds signifying freedom and pursuit of something greater and better. Birds fly at high potential and are envied by all creatures without capability for flight. These creatures represent the pursuit of happiness and walking the walk to reach freedom and independence. If your family is your wings to fly then this is the appropriate family tattoo that says just that.

9. Mom and Dad Beach Tattoo

Family Tattoo Designs

If you have early memories of mom and dad on days out on the beach then you should not let that perfect memory fade away just like that. Get it inked in permanent ink so you will not allow it to slip away from you what a wonderful childhood your parent afforded you. The goal is to pay it forward to your children because there is nothing that can measure the love you have for your offspring than actual time spent with them.

10. Mama Bear Tattoo

Family Tattoo Designs

What’s more endearing than a mother’s love? Toddlers can feel the love of a mother from the first embrace after birth. It must be so throughout the animal kingdom as this mama bear seems to curdle her little one. This tattoo says it all that family is the most important thing and the only thing after all. Further, a mother’s love is the best and unwavering for they comforted you when you were most vulnerable and afraid.


Family Tattoo Design Ideas

June 27, 2020