Tyme Iron Pro All-In-One Styling Tool Review

Tyme Iron Pro All-In-One Styling Tool Review

Here is a Flat Iron that will challenge your concept of styling with a straightener and start with the basics. It features an extraordinary mechanical and aesthetic design that is actually patented and promises to cut your styling time in half for all other stylers you choose. So rather than clamp one plate over the other as in traditional stylers on plate extends over the other to the side with open. This changes the procedure for curling and straightening hair quite a bit.

It also single handedly gets the job done without the need for some fancy attachments. With five heating levels topping out at 400 degree Fahrenheit, this Tyme styler is also a hot piece of iron to contend with.

So, is it really worth it relearning your styling technique for this flat iron? In this review, we look at the unique features of this special styling iron and what it has to offer in terms of performance outside of the spectacular lab results. Here in the real world we had it mistreated and used with lots of mistakes and tested it our as you the newbie or intermediate user would have it.

This styler features a new design that could potentially have some benefits for sectioning and setting your hair without burning fingers and hair tips. Since not all that is new is better than the good old wishbone hinge, we were curious to find out how well this change was received. It is a flashy new iron and we were just dying to see how well it did. Is it worth the top dollar we had paid of it or is it too alien and appealing to be true. Although at first impressions we had to give it to Tyme for making something that was aloof.

Here are the specs and performance record for the pricey straightener with a difference. We will evaluate its performance, where it came up short and where it did well just so you get to make a more informed purchase decision than we did.

Useful for most hair types.

Create custom styles.

Easier safer curling with the iron.

Curls stay on longer.

Faster heat transfer with titanium plates.
Difficult to master.

Does not glide smoothly through hair.

Can be frustrating in more ways than one during the learning period.

Using the styler the “correct” way doesn’t work here.

Complete Review of Tyme Iron Pro


Tyme Iron Pro All-In-One Styling Tool Review

This iron has not only the unusual mechanics to it but also five heating modes at 300 to 400 degrees with intervals of 250F so you can get your custom temperature right every time. The patented angled design is perhaps the most peculiar thing about this make and we were very eager to test it out ourselves to see if it was as effective as it was made out to be.

BY design the Tyme iron looks much the same with other straighteners when shut but the exterior is also completely rounded rather than flat ish as with some designs. The second design deviation is the rounded lip that makes the closing and opening motion a bit weird. So rather than clamping together and flushing the plates extend sideways so you can see your hair and the rear plate when starting to heat.

Tyme proclaims their new device is designed with every hair type fullness and length in mind. It is the ideal curling and straightening iron that solves the usability problems of most modern stylers. The custom design also gives professionals an edge when it comes to creating their own custom waves and curls around one quick and handy tool.

Heating Process

Tyme Iron Pro All-In-One Styling Tool Review

This tool has impressive heating with a range of 300- 4000F over 25 degree intervals. That makes 5 heating levels altogether. The heat up time is less than impressive at 55 seconds but that should not be a big deal if you learn to turn it on well in advance. Just waiting for that full minute to pass can feel like a small eternity and you can feel let down. On the plus side, you will not be dealing with barbequed fingers and will complete your hair styling sooner anyways.


Tyme Iron Pro All-In-One Styling Tool Review

A flat iron is an in between step for smoothing frizzy hair after blowout and traditionally curling has not been easy. You have to master the learning curve and proficient use of the tool without causing damage to your hair. It is also not easy to repeat your precise steps and amount of rotation for your different hair sections when you are just beginning. The biggest problem is burn hair tips and fingers.

This is where the Tyme flat Iron becomes a game changer. It is a well thought out design that makes travel and styling on the rush easy. The only downside is that you have to relearn the whole process of straightening. Once you lose some inertia and actually get to try the thing, you will not think about your previous straighteners.

The idea is to place your hair where you can see it on the flush side before closing in on it. When you do this, straightening becomes super easy provided you get your correct heat setting for hair type and condition. When it comes to curling, this iron will have the upper hand because it has a dedicated lip and the round barrel.

Hair Damage

Tyme Iron Pro All-In-One Styling Tool Review

Does one of the buzziest Flat Iron online going to deliver? We literary held our breath for the moment the feedback came on the radical styling iron we had just put out there. This styling iron has been making frenzy ever since it hit the market leaving every maker out there dumbfounded. It does not matter if you are not handy with a flat iron for curls because this is not your regular flat irons construction. Just the same, we have to caution that this is not as smooth as advertised and it will take some reeducation. At first attempt you are likely to end up with pieces of hair that have been primped, twirled and everything in between.


Tyme after Tyme you will find this tool an invaluable asset for curling your hair after straightening. You just have to master the technique first and you are good to go. The trick is to take hair within the tongs and “vroom” it backwards. It works like a charm. Even though most hype around beauty products online is totally faked and deceptive, this Iron is legit good and worth a trial. Way to go for a unique new styler that will be envied by all your sisters, that is after you pay through the nose for the cool looking device.

Is the angled design better than traditional jaws?

The unique patented design works as far as we have tested it but the maker does not insist much on it. Most flat irons in the market feature the traditional alligator clip design with a hinge that allows then to shut and open flushed. This design is difficult to learn but it works well afterwards.

What is the Temperature memory iron?

This means that when you preset your optimal styling temperature, the tool remembers this custom setting for the next time you will style. This saves you the irritation of having to manually set the temperature every time and the possibility of making a mistake that could cost you hair.

What hair types are best suited for this styler?

This iron is probably not the best buy for people with fine soft hair. It has metal infused plates which can get a bit too hot for some hair types. It works best on curly and coarse hair where you get to play around with 5 heat settings.

How to use the Tyme Iron Pro?

Many people are curious how some people seem to get good results with this styler while others have extremely awful experiences with the same tool. The secret is to watch the instructional video on the product page. Once you understand the process and try it out once or twice tentatively then you can style your hair in no more than ten minutes tops.

What is included in the purchase?

This styler comes with a free heat sleeve and a ton of support with one-on-one styling session to understand how it works.

July 31, 2020