10 Traditional Tattoos Designs That Look Good with Age

Traditional Tattoos Designs

Captain Cook and his crew are often cited as the initiators of the Traditional America Tattoo trend. There is evidence of tattoos long before his voyage but then history chooses to remember him and his crew as the people whose contributions first mattered. The story of the American tattoo is one characterized by wars and strife and spread through the movement of soldiers and sailors who took part in these wars.

Sailors were the missionaries on whose backs the style of inking rode across the high seas to new lands and soon spread to every corner of the civilized world. Some of those whose names are remembered include Sailor Jerry, Lyle Tuttle, Don Ed Hardy, Mildred Hull and Bert Grimm.

Who to Spot a Traditional Tattoo

These tattoos are known for bold black lines that etch out the image clearly. They are often about ship out at sea, an eagle, rose encrusted anchors and such like objects. Clearly the nation has over the years perfected an art form with a life of its own and unlike anything seen in any other part of the world.

What to Get For a Traditional Tattoo

You may be anxious what specific traditional tattoo will meet your personal needs and preferences. Thankfully traditional tattoos are a broad category featuring tons of items and themes to choose from so there is a tat for everyone. From sailor Jerry tattoos to nautical stars, ships and anchors it’s impossible not to find something that resonates with you in this interesting place.

Perhaps the real reason the American Traditional Tattoo is so popular is that old school is the new cool and they stick to specific color palettes which generate some of the most vivid and stunning tattoos that also look good with age.

1. Neo Traditional Woman

Neo traditional woman tattoos have been melting the hearts of women and male tattoo enthusiasts for centuries. This work is quite realistic and requires a masterful craft of clear lines and working with solid colors. Traditional is a whole different kettle of fish from realism and their combination almost always produces a transformational tattoo image. This Mona Lisa of tattoos is inspired by femininity in general and wishes to express the thoughts and feelings of women everywhere.

Traditional Tattoos Designs

2. Traditional Flower Tattoo

When you love spring time and want to spread cheer across the seasons then this is an excellent choice for a conservative tattoo. While there are thousands of orchids to choose from, this flower design will be unique to you and fits your specifics. The only qualification you need for this is to instantly fall in love with it. The use of color enhances the beauty and clarity of this image making it a lovable candidate for anyone seeking traditional tats.

Traditional Tattoos Designs

3. Eagle Sleeve Tattoo Men

Other than being touted as an illuminati symbol, this eagle neo traditional tattoo is a remarkable male tattoo expressing strength and power. The eagle with its might claws, lightning speed, telescopic sight and high flying ability is a powerful bird that commands the top of its food chain. This tattoo shows the mighty eagle in action going in for a kill. The use of red and yellow adds fire to the already badass eagle tattoo.

Traditional Tattoos Designs

4. Girl With Horns Tattoo Neck

This next piece is an attractive piece with an aura of mystery and danger. This is depicted by a woman’s figure that is naked and facing away save for the long curvy hair. Closer inspection reveals two tiny horns attached to the woman’s head which is a curious addition. Some people fell that this woman with horns might represent death and danger or destruction but there are the daring kinds who get to show their enthusiasm by getting the tattoo regardless.

Traditional Tattoos Designs

5. Multicolor Owl Tattoo

Owl is not the first animal that comes to mind when you think animal inspired animal tattoos which is why you should probably go with this one. It’s pretty badass because the owl with its large eyes can be a terrifying predatory bird and unlike the ferocious lions and tigers or the slithery snakes, the owl is a cerebral character. The animal is thought to be intelligent and knowledgeable. It adds an element of mystery not to mention an unwavering focus and calmness.

Traditional Tattoos Designs

6. Native Tribal Woman with Headdress

You cannot refute the timeless grace and strong presence felt when you look at the image of a Native American woman’s face with the headdress. The headdress tattoo is itself a symbol of power and honor. The addition of owl eyes adds a layer of mystery and knowledge. Her poker face depicts a strong and ferocious woman. This tattoo is the embodiment of the strength, beauty and courage of the traditional woman.

Traditional Tattoos Designs

7. Papa Floral Guitar

This “dad tattoo” is a guitar with floral decorations. The forearm placement is ideal for a man ink that is gorgeous for flaunting easily. The Walk the line guitar is a neo traditional guitar tattoo that is also quite popular over the years. The details of the image seem clearly planned and a delicate font for PAPA makes this tattoo about a rocking dad.

Traditional Tattoos Designs

8. Fire Dragon

The dragon is a revered mystical creature in Asian traditions and symbolizes wisdom and strength. On the other hand, fire is a symbol of creation and rebirth. For instance, the phoenix is said to rise from its ashes according to another folk legend from another part of the world. Dragons are able to reincarnate in this same manner and can create or destroy with fire. The flaming hot tattoo represents a toughness, individualism and strong character. It is mostly requested because of its optics and the way it makes a man’s muscles look good though.

Traditional Tattoos Designs

9. Neo Traditional Snake and Heart Tattoo

The snake is arguably the most misunderstood, feared and disgusting animal for many people around the world. Only a few tribes of the world found use for snakes as sacred animals with deeper meaning or perhaps a meal to offer. The snake is a symbol of transformation of eternity itself and any person who wears a snake tattoo is a force to reckon with. This particular tattoo honors the traditional rendering of the tattoo form while also exciting the modern spirit.

Traditional Tattoos Designs

10. American Traditional Boxer

Professional boxers are an inspiration for many Americans and have been for centuries now. The love for boxing seems to have waned with the years into the new century and this fighting figure motif is an encouragement to remember the great boxers of all time. The boxer has tattoos too which adds detail to the image. The lower sleeve tattoo is colorful and gorgeous when worn by underneath exquisite attire.

Traditional Tattoos Designs


Traditional Tattoos Designs

June 12, 2020