Top 15 Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

The major goal with a square face shape is to soften the powerful jawline. Avoid harsh bobs, especially those that sit at chin length with straight heavy bangs, as they will draw attention to your jawline and make you seem square.

Is it true that I have a square face?

First and foremost, let’s make certain that this tutorial is appropriate for you. Your forehead, cheeks, and jaw will all be the same width if you have a square facial shape, which is defined by a stronger, more angular jawline.

When you look at your face straight in the eyes, the sides of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline curvature should create an imagined square. Tah-dah!

1. Peek-a-Boo Highlights and Long Bangs

Highlights are a terrific technique to add texture to your hair. Give it a go! It will completely transform your hairstyle. Looking for a technique to change up your hair color while keeping it healthy and shiny? Peek a boo highlights, on the other hand, are the solution to your prayers. This entertaining style changes your ‘do without inflicting damage or split ends by adding some color without the necessity for the prior all-over bleach.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

2. Bangs for Square Face

Shaggy bob with point cut bangs will give your face a wonderful frame! Bangs may be a great and functional addition to a square face. Bangs are adorable, lovely, and always fashionable. Every year, the world obsesses over at least one bangs hairstyle. But, at the end of the day, the ideal option is to choose a hairstyle that complements your face shape and preferences.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

3. Flattering graduated bob

Try a graduated bob that softens the edges and has a pleasing impression when hair falls just below the chin. You may also go for soft bangs and a graduated bob, which will work for any hair texture and length.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

4. Simple high Pixie

Get a pixie if you want to keep your hair maintenance to a minimum. Make that pixie high if you want to make your square face look more oval. Short layers above the ear level produce this beautiful haircut, but the top is left long enough for high style. Starting with roughly 5 inches is a good place to start. This basic hi pixie is perfect for delicate haired girls. It’s simple to make and requires practically no upkeep. All you have to do now is keep brushing it. However, a sloppy appearance will suffice. The square characteristics will be softened in either situation.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

5. Short Bob With Side-Swept Fringe

For 2022, a light, casual style that won’t burden your hair down is enjoyable and elegant. For a more daring look, add some strong streaks throughout. Apply a little amount of shine serum (about the size of a nickel) and blow dry straight with a paddle brush. Curl or straighten the ends and shape the bangs to one side with a curling iron or straightener.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

6. Tousled bob

Long bobs, as long as they’re soft and layered, look fantastic on a square face. A sharp, blunt bob that hits just at your chin is best avoided; it will simply highlight your jaw, giving you a boxy look. The long bob is ideal for someone with the square face of actress Keira Knightley. This cut elongates her face while yet maintaining a lovely edge.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

7. Medium straight blunt bob

Nothing can match the volumetric magnifying impact of a side-parted straight lob. It turns out that a precisely leveled one-length cut divided to one side is adequate to attract attention away from some prominent facial features by highlighting the burst of volume. Keep your hair at a moderate length, as a bulky twist is difficult to produce on longer manes. All you’ll need for styling is a round brush and a nozzle!

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

8. Choppy waves

The “beautiful shag,” which leans toward mussed-up texture but maintains the layers in hair longer so they’re simpler to style, is a great example of how you can make gentle variations on the trends by scaling them back. The concept of unseen layers is quite useful for a gentler approach. Your hair may have layers, but you don’t want them to seem clumpy or ledged.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

9. Waves

This is another super-long hairstyle that is perfect for folks who don’t want layers. You’ll obtain a beautiful and uncomplicated all-time style with its side swept bangs and tapering layers that frame your face. After towel drying your hair, apply a mild style mousse. Blow dry your bangs in the direction they normally fall, then dry the rest of your hair until the moisture is mostly gone. Then, using a big round brush, dry the rest of the hair to give it a little, smooth bend.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

10. Pastel Short Hair for Square Face

Waves transform a square face shape by adding the appropriate softness. Choose a lighter hue, such as light pinks, and you’ll be sure to turn heads! Curl your bangs to one side and give a tiny bend to the ends with a big barrel curling iron (always curl to the side which they naturally fall). For added grip, use a small finishing spray while keeping the flow and movement.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

11. Pixie with swept bangs

This pixie is another stunning heart-shaped facial haircut that may be worn all year. Long angled bangs with a deep side part adorn the front. Get a pixie cut with an undercut and lengthy front and crown layers. Then, as said before, go really light, like a clean platinum blonde. With the layers left free, this heart-shaped facial hair cut may be styled with small pomp or even a fauxhawk.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

12. Short Pixie cut for thin hair

Many short haircuts appear to be designed specifically for fine hair. The fact is that although bobs and lobs give thin hair form, jagged pixies give your hair the thickness it lacks. Also, front cuts that are longer hold the weight in one area, making the rest of the body appear larger.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

13. Sassy Pixie Cut

Short pixie cuts are sassy and striking, and they can be styled in a variety of ways. They’re not only edgy; they also come with a slew of additional perks. When it comes to sporting a pixie cut, self-assurance is important. This famous hairdo is one of the most adventurous and expressive on the market. If your hairstyle needs a makeover and you want to add something unique to your mane, this blonde style can be the ideal option for you.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

14. Shaggy Bob in Platinum Blonde

Simply changing your hair color and opting for short haircuts will give you a new, pleasing look. The shaggy bob is a popular haircut, and the platinum blonde hue only adds to its beauty! Want to go from a platinum blonde bob to a platinum blonde bob in one night? This blonde bob version will appeal to women who want stylish, shorter haircuts.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

15. Keira Knightley Messy Bob Hair

The hair is smooth and untamed, with a dark blonde tint and a bob haircut. The ends or finishes are rough. This is one of the most popular women’s hairstyles these days. This messy bob haircut is incredibly stylish and perfect for a casual look. Keira Knightley looked stunning with this haircut, which is tailored to her face shape. The hair is wavy at the ends and straight at the base. The length is medium, ending just above the shoulder blades.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces


Some girls and women are aware of their facial shape, while others are unsure. Make sure you have a square face shape before looking at hairstyles for square faces. Take a full-length portrait of oneself without smiling. To define the contours of your face, print the photo and draw lines around it. The length of a square-faced girl’s face is nearly equal to the breadth of her face. Furthermore, cheekbones and jaw angles are visible in such faces. So, if you have a square face, consider yourself lucky! Even as they become older, women with square features are highly attractive. A pleasing hairdo may also bring out their innate beauty.

December 30, 2021