10 Beautiful Tiger Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Tiger Tattoo Designs

Tiger tattoos are now more popular than ever not just for men but also for women. Unlike many other tattoo options, tigers are slightly more than just a fashion statement. The cat is one of the top predators roaming earth and is a king of the jungle on its own merit. It is not a wonder then that the tattoo is a favorite choice to convey a clear message beyond words. Other than their sheer power and ferociousness, these cats are also mystical and sensual. So, a tiger tattoo is likely deeper than meets the eye.

Meaning of Tiger Tattoos

Tigers are one of the most sought after tattoo designs not only because it is a fearful animal but also because it earn the wearer some instant respect. A tiger personality is that of strength, stealth, ferocious fight and vengeance. Many other animals including human being are below the tiger on the food chain and our instinct from memory is to respect the animal.
It is important to note that there are many more meanings of tigers depending on the intention of the wearer and the choice of the artist. There are cute tigers and fierce tigers and there is the sinister version of a calm stalking tiger. Whichever you encounter below, be sure not show them your back or look them in the eye for they can smell fear and strike in a moment. Explore!

1. Tiger Hand

This first tiger tattoo depicts a snarling cat with all its sinister instincts burning to a maximum. The animal is a symbol of strength, aggressiveness and being high on the food chain. This ink is for you who is looking to get some respect and show people that beneath the calm friendly look is a ferocious animal instinct that is ready to pounce when attacked. If you are a vengeful person and a fighter, nothing says about your personality than this tiger hand. Despite the small area available on the hand, the artist is able to include a ton of detail for the realistic tiger image which is amazing.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

2. Snarling Tiger Forearm

When you are in need of a beautiful black tiger tattoo for men then we surely have your attention with this forearm tat. It is a Japanese themed black tiger tattoo with the cat in a snarling expression so there is nothing “nice” or sissy about it. This is a good piece to showcase your arm strength and being a king of the cats in the jungle. The tiger is even more feared than the African lion because it is top of the food chain and is an unforgiving animal.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

3. Tigress Shoulder Back

Women too get their fair share of the tiger’s revered glory which is not the reserve of men. A few women are also seen as strong, daring and fierce making them good candidates for the tigress nickname. If you know such a woman or you are that strong woman who fights aggressively for those she loves then this cute tat is you crowning jewel. As a top predator and free-spirited person, you may love danger, vengeance and punishment; nothing says these things than a tiger tattoo, even with flowers.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

4. Small White Tiger Shoulder

Tigers stand in for power and beauty, more so when it comes to white tigers which are a rare for they are born without pigment hence white fur and black stripes and deep blue eyes. This makes white tigers a favorite tattoo item among men and women of all walks of life. The white tiger tattoo is envied for its sense of power, might, passion and sensuality beyond the usual meanings of tiger tattoos. It packs some serene energy power and fearlessness which is deeply rooted in newly found spiritual awakening. Additionally, the white tiger is among the mythical creatures that guard the cardinal points and cosmic forces in our world,

Tiger Tattoo Designs

5. Geometric Water Color Tiger

There are two equally amazing ideas that set this tattoo aside from the group. It is a watercolor design and it is also a tiger made from only geometric shapes. You will have an explosion of blue and pink color to make your tiger tattoo look extra good and also get to enjoy a fierce revered animal tattoo. The water color adds a new fun to the image even though the tiger’s eyes command respect and fear to the beholder.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

6. Tiger Shoulder

This full body tiger tattoo is a great piece of genius taking advantage of the body contour on the man shoulder to bring a tiger to being. This tiger is as sinister as the animal can be and appears to be stalking prey just waiting for the right moment to pounce. The 3D rendering brought about by the contouring around the body is the real genius behind the great looks of this tiger tattoo. Apparently the artist left the animal tattoo incomplete giving it a rugged look that is intentional with errors.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

7. Tiny Tiger Head

The smallest tattoos can be the most impactful and impressionable ink options you will ever come across. That is especially true for this tiny snarling tiger head tattoo. In only one black color, this artist makes the unmistakable image of an angry tiger. Even for anyone who has not seen a tiger before, the message of danger and vengeance is very clear from this image. It may be small saving space, time and money but it packs quite the visuals compared to some other more detailed pieces.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

8. Tiger Sleeve

Next we have this fierce tiger sleeve with a realistic fur covering the entire arm. The eyes are enough to inform the onlooker that this is a fierce animal and a top predator. Tiger sleeves are a popular choice for men who want to go all the way to express their fighter spirit. Additionally the tiger tattoo could be for free spirit and independence. Whichever meaning you are choosing to go for, this tattoo will require a master artist to pull off. The style is super realistic and will take time to implement if you are going for real ink.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

9. Stalking Tiger

The snarling tiger head may be one of the top choices for a cat tattoo but some artist and enthusiasts like to go an extra mile for a full bodied tiger. For that you obviously need more canvas to work with and that is readily available on the back. This tiger back Tattoo is one of the most fearful cat tattoos you can have and it is also a serene sight for cat lovers. It is a suitable description for a ferocious and calm personality warning onlookers not to be fooled by the polite looks. This cat is realistic and the artist did a remarkable job fitting it onto the body contour.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

10. Geometric Tiger And Tigress Designs

This is a unique piece even for a geometric tattoo design. It features a larger blue snarling tiger shape and a smaller yellowish and pink feminine shape of a tigress. The contrast of the two animal faces is clear not only from the color choices but also the expression on their faces. Diamond shapes add glamour to the two tigers.

Tiger Tattoo Designs


Tiger Tattoo Design Ideas

April 28, 2020