Tattoos for Men – 20 Best Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoos for Men

Are you looking to get some ink but you are not sure where to begin your hunt for the best male tattoos? Don’t worry, we have got your back! We hope that our gallery and explanation of the best men’s tattoos trending today serves as your Launchpad on your inspirational journey to getting stunning and meaningful tattoos you will love to keep.

You may not know much about men’s tattoos but you may know these three facts. Tattoos are personal, they hurt and they are forever. So before you embark on your tattoo journey, you should consider going through our list of styles and inspirational images. This should help you make the right choices and not waste a good canvas. Tattoo removal is an insurmountable task as it is, we wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Considerations you need to make before getting a tattoo

Find the style and the artist- Always, the style goes with the artist. The tattoo looks good because of the artist and artist looks good because of the tattoo. You cannot separate the two. Add a personal touch- Men should also be sensual and have something unique to say about their personalities and struggle. The tattoo is a form of expression.

Decide on amount of detail- it’s up to you to decide what goes on your skin. Do not let your friends, your family or spouse decide for you, that’s setting up a ticking time bomb!

Choose size and placement – just because men are strong doesn’t mean they have to go for the biggest largest and badass tattoo in the whole universe. Small superbly crafted tatts look way better than large ones with proper placement.

It is with us that you will find a wide range of tattoos to choose from and opportunity to meet the artists who can implement them. We hope you find the man ink you are looking for.

1. Sunset Over The Sea With Palm Trees

Our first piece for Men’s tattoos is an interesting one depicting two palm trees in a diamond shape border for a picture perfect sunset over the sea. The tattoo is placed on the ankle with one of the palm trees emerging from the diamond shaped window in as 3d style. Needless to say this tattoo is for lovers of the beach and the sea as well as watching sunsets on the shoreline. This is the kind of tattoo that would usually require a larger canvas but the narrow design as implemented by this artist is perfect. As for symbolism, this tattoo is a true representation of island life and vacation by the sea. At the very least, it ca remind you of the freshness of a beach experience

Tattoos for Men

2. Ornate Lion Forearm Tattoo

The lion being the masculine and aristocratic figure that it is an irresistible totem animal for males. Associations of the Lion with King of the Jungle, The lion of Judah, Royalty, Self-confidence, Strength among other traits has made the Lion head one of the most popular animal tattoos among guys today. The mighty lion is still viewed as a symbol of law in some cultures and is respected as king of all other animals. The lion deserves the throne because of his kingly character, courage, savage protectiveness, vitality, victory, spirit, glory and overall masculinity. Even though this is a predominantly male sphere, there are women who want this tattoo badly.

Tattoos for Men

3. Felidae Forearm Tattoo

Check out this focused member of the cat family that looks just like a cute little tiger. The marks are consistent with all other tiger tattoos but instead of the usual snarl or roar, this one is paying close attention to something else in the vicinity and being indifferent to your presence as cats often do. From this perspective, you would think this is a friendly pet animal. Any member of the cat family (Felidae) makes some of the coolest tattoos that are natural. More than the optics of this piece, there is an underlying symbolism of basic instinct, ritualism, feminism, loyalty, ferocity and guardianship.

Tattoos for Men

4. Snarling Tiger Forearm

The tiger is the ultimate cat symbol of power and strength. Tigers are respected as top of the food chain predators that are swift and unforgiving. People will think twice before messing with a dude bearing a tiger tattoo. But other than making you look badass, the tiger tattoo could have inner meanings depending on your cultural and religious backgrounds. The universal interpretation of big cat tattoos is instinct, free spiritedness. Tigers in specific represent danger, vengeance or punishment, sheer power and ferocity. While these are drawn from the physical attributes of the tiger, it is often also thought of as sensual and passionate animal.

Tattoos for Men

5. Bracelet Wrist Tattoo

Forearm tattoos, now more than ever are growing in popularity by the day. Because of off-shoot stigma associated with tattoos, men are opting for simple decorative tattoos in concealable locations on the hand. This piece is one such tattoo that is easy to conceal with a long sleeved shirt or sweater. It consists of beautiful geometric patterns that print out a beautiful bracelet above the wrist. When all is said and inked, it may be very difficult to refrain from the habit of folding up your sleeves in a strict working environment or home.

Tattoos for Men

6. Designer Rose Tattoo Forearm

Roses are predominantly a female tattoo. That is why they look incredibly sexy and appealing to women when worn by men. The Beauty of this designer bouquet of flowers expresses the sweetness of life, hope and promise for the future and new beginnings. Perhaps the most relevant interpretation for a male rose tattoo is that of Tarlot where Roses represent optimism and fresh beginnings. So if you are in a position where you are looking for something fresh to add to your inks, this is the tattoo that says just that in the most visually appealing way possible.

Tattoos for Men

7. Woman With Clock Tattoo

It is often said that time is the only true currency as it is the only thing that is limited for us all. Time governs our very existence and we cannot even clearly understand it. Yet somehow we find ourselves relying on it to go about our daily lives. Time is the difference between then and now and the only thing that makes us forget. This piece depicts the lower half of a woman’s face with the index finger making the “hush” Gesture and a mechanical clock covering her forehead. The tattoo means endless love such as that of a mother to child. the placement on the lower forearm makes it beautiful and proportionate.

Tattoos for Men

8. Nautical Stars Chest Tattoo

From the ancient times, sailors relied on nautical stars for navigation on the seas. As such, it became a custom for sailors and later soldiers to tattoo nautical stars on their bodies. Soldiers at war would tattoo these stars on themselves as a symbol of guidance and protection which would eventually lead them out alive. It is usual to have nautical starts on wrists and fingers or shoulders but the placement of two large stars on the chest shown here is very appealing as well. This tattoo is a favorite for servicemen and admirers of marine and military life.

Tattoos for Men

9. Small Persian Back Tattoo

This small tattoo near the back of the neck is flavored with a unique touch of Persian calligraphy. It’s an amazing small tattoo with symmetrical “P” shapes and “a”. In the middle saucers make a lam with a red flame burning. This piece is simple and yet appears authoritative to look at. It throws the mind off balance a little bit but that is usually a good thing.

Tattoos for Men

10. Cool and Stylish Arrow Tattoo

This piece features what must be a traditional dart or arrow with extra special shapes and vectored lines. The artist chooses an ultra-realistic approach but still manages to keep it simple for a huge impact. Other than its great visuals for Arrow enthusiasts, this timeless arrow design is full of meaning. What better way to make sure that you are always headed in the right direction than with this beautiful and authentic arrow sleeve?

Tattoos for Men

11. Clock Bound Lion Tattoo

The Lion and Clock Tattoo combines two of the most popular and symbolic images for male tattoos .The lion is a symbol of good fortune, guardianship, leadership and power. As part of the Zodiac, the Leo sign is one of the most meaningful and well understood signs as well. on the other had you have a giant clock above the lion’s head and a chain around its head. This clock stands for passage of time or disregard for the same. This tattoo says you are a lion, the king and protector for all time.

Tattoos for Men

12. Her King Crown Tattoo

If you are a king then you need a crown, Period. There is no king without a castle or kingdom and if you are a master then there is your domain. Often for a king to be wise and happy they need their queen and so this is your acknowledgement that even though you are a whole bunch of things, you are her King at the end of the day. This piece takes the message home in a simple and straightforward manner and a great visual appeal and impact. Getting this tattoo has been on top of most men’s priority list for a long time because of obvious reasons.

Tattoos for Men

13. Indian Skull With Chieftain’s Headdress

Indian Skull tattoos are a perfect way to instil ferocious grandeur with ink. Somehow the skull tattoo gets respected by anyone who sees them. Perhaps it’s because it reminds us of our own mortality and the tribal imagery brings out the chieftaincy and warrior illustration. The headdress normally steals the show for these type of tattoos but does not completely take away from the universal macabre illustration of death. The colorful feathers are sure to grab the attention as they contrast with hollow eye sockets. If you are looking for a terrifying countenance, this is your bandwagon to defiant doom, catch it!

Tattoos for Men

14. 3D Eye And Surfer Tattoo

This is a surfing themed tattoo featuring a 3D human eye with a dark figure of a surfer’s image in its cornea reflection. A sign says beach closed and the waves are crazy. it’s amazing the mount of details captured by this elaborate tattoo on a small canvas space. The tattoo conveys a deeper meaning of hardcore surfing and being a daredevil in pursuit of thrilling experiences. This is for the Free-spirited and rebelliousness. It is one of the most original tattoo ideas you can use to command extra respect on the beach. This is one unorthodox creation and a feast for the eyes. Finally, here is a cool tattoo that is more than just a striking picture. Surfing enthusiasts will jump on this new wave of meaningful and rare tattoos.

Tattoos for Men

15. Compass Wonderer Tattoo

If you are a dreamer, this is the tattoo compass you have been looking for to guide you on your wonder adventure. This unique tattoo is for adventure diehards who will stop at nothing to grab an opportunity for a one way ticket to wonderland. It features an ancient styled magnetic compass with a map and the inscription that “Not all who wonder are lost”. For the meaning, we would take this last bit literary.

Tattoos for Men

16. Forest Lower Sleeve

This tattoo features a convincing forest stemming from the wrist up to the elbow on the forearm. The wrist forms a band of soil with a profile and trees longhand slender with branches are grown from it. A strange dark mist is present among the trees and thins out the distance. The meaning of this realistic piece is reconnection with nature, vitality and strength or providence from Mother Nature.

Tattoos for Men

17. Forest With Fruit

As animals, trees remind us of fruit and home. Nothing says love for Mother Nature’s providence than this lovely tattoo. On the Wrist is a band of top soil with a profile and trees of different kinds grow from it. Floating above the trees is a citrus fruit and birds flying around it. This means that trees are the givers of life and vitality to your world. It represents renewed strength and reliance of nature to accomplish goals. There is no better way to reconnect with the wild than with this unique tattoo.

Tattoos for Men

18. Arrow Compass Tattoo

The design features a creative arrow of different sizes and description running through a compass directional points. Half of the compass is also a clock with two arrow hands representing the passage of time and the value of it. For those who need guidance and a new direction in life this is the tattoo that says just that. It could stand for anything from turning over a new leaf in your life to starting a new relationship.

Tattoos for Men

19. Snake And Hand Tattoo

Snakes are both a feminine and masculine totem animal. The duality of this symbol is a fascination to watch as the same tattoo can be designed for women or men. Though not all snakes are venomous or dangerous, the creature is widely considered evil and sinful by the Christian religion. Because of these religious beliefs snakes are perceived as the devil’s creature and generally feared. However, there are cultures out there which perceive snakes as a creature of beauty, wisdom and magic. Snakes symbolize birth, renewal, magic, infinity, fertility, protection, defense, mystery, transition and sexuality. There are many more interpretations of snake tattoos making it ultimately your choice to have this inked on your body.

Tattoos for Men

20. 3D Mechanical Ripped Skin Tattoo

This 3D mechanical Ripped Skin tattoo is one of the most visually striking sleeve tattoos on our list of tattoos for men. You may wonder why ripped skin tattoos are taking the world by storm. Well, it turns out women are subconsciously falling for men with battle scars as they represent protectionism and aggression. The other element of the tattoo is the classic mechanical arm which looks all oiled up and ready to lift some serious weight. For the most part, this tattoo is an attention grabber even though it does have the bold attributes of a thick skinned individual.

Tattoos for Men

February 2, 2020