T3 SinglePass Luxe 1 Straightening and Styling Iron Review

T3 SinglePass Luxe 1 Straightening and Styling Iron Review

You find it hard not to believe the hype when your favorite bloggers you follow on Insta and everywhere else are going on and on about this amazing new brand T3. of course the real deal is when you can get the first hand impressions with your own hair and preferences but then it would mean risking a decent amount of money to buy a potential disappointment.

If you are wondering whether to buy or not to buy the SinglePass Luxe 1” by T3 then you are in luck because we have tried it beforehand and know its ups and downs. Well, technically not our editorial team but we rely on every day users like yourself to get the most accurate and candid data about flat irons and all things beauty. If you are looking to add this styler to your hair care artillery then you need to read through this before making your purchase. You will be able at the end of this post to discern if the styler is for you and if it is worth the money.

The SinglePass LUXE is a professional straightening and styling iron by T3 a brand that promises to revolutionize the beauty and haircare industry with incredible innovations and custom crafted hair tools. The brand focuses on not only creating effective but also flashy and shiny things that are so dear to the users for the celebrity hair stylist. If you are a beauty addict like ourselves then you have everything to smile about the exterior presentation of this remarkable little device. We also like to peek under the hood just to be sure that it’s worth the buy.

Our first impression with the SinglePass LUXE would be the stunningly beautiful packaging with the device image looking so glam you can already tell that you are dealing with a high end product. It remains to be seen whether the colors stay on with the various mistreatments over a couple of years but the new item is flashy and endearing. It almost feels too fragile and expensive to drop, which is not a good thing.

So without further bamboozlement, we take a look at the design specification of this lugubrious new styler that looks like a million dollars.

Internal microchip for even temperature control.

Seals cuticle for shinier and healthier hair.

Five adjustable hair.

Two free sectioning clips.

Auto world voltage.

1 hour auto off feature.

360 degree swivel cord.

Looks and feels fragile.

Cannot preset temperature.

Complete Review of T3 SinglePass Luxe 1 Hair Straightener


T3 SinglePass Luxe 1 Straightening and Styling Iron Review

The SinglePass LUXE is a single heat professional styling tool for, as the name suggest, and fuss free one smooth pass to elevate your styling experience just gliding through hair effortlessly. We loved the versatility of the tech used for this iron which in totality transform it into a state of the art and leading edge hair tool you can rely on for professional salon results.

The heating is digitally controlled for the SinglePass LUXE making it an immensely and consistently heating element that protects against over-exposure. This is achieved through the custom blend of ceramic plates which ensure accurate heat delivery for a better shine and firm design that lasts a few working days.

The Deluxe experience is boosted for the world over with a little ingenious circuit inside that makes it adapt to the voltages you will find in power outlets at the airport and hotels around the world. Additionally, they included the auto off feature for safety and convenience and a 360 degree swivel cord which prevents snapping and entanglement.

Featuring beveled plates and a smooth contoured body, you can count on the SinglePass LUXE to deliver effortless curls without pulling on your hair.

Heating Process

T3 SinglePass Luxe 1 Straightening and Styling Iron Review

The SinglePass LUXE is capable of 260 to 4100F with increments in five stages in between. Fine tuning is not possible to catch every degree of heat in between because of the design principles of the microchip that digitally checks and controls the temperature automatically.

With five good heat levels there is not a hair type or style that you can throw at this that it will not tame and perfect with ease. An internal microchip digitally monitors the heat for exceptional sensitivity and accuracy. This T3 is a ceramic flat iron which is a good specification for hair types that are the most difficult to control and softer ones as well. Uniform heating seals the cuticle for a shiny and healthier look.

Unlike analog heaters this styler actually relies on the inbuilt chip to control the temperature checking hundreds of times per second to ensure optimal and continuous flow of heat which makes the one pass styling possible. Digital SinglePass technology promises to deliver consistent heating that protects your hair and styles perfectly without much fuss.


T3 SinglePass Luxe 1 Straightening and Styling Iron Review

Before you be shouting amen to the T3 SinglePass Luxe you surely want a hint of how well it performed with put through our rigorous test process. We do try the simple aspects of the design ourselves and we can ascertain that this device is a fast runner. It takes a short second to come to the correct temperature.

The device packs a proprietary blend of ceramic plates made of tourmaline plus digital controls for a premiere experience. A versatile flat iron that can curl straighten and wave to perfection is hard to come by in the sub two hundred price range.

This styler is more than just the extremely good news. It does not pull on frizzy hair and gives pin straight hair in the one pass.

As a warning, this styler’s one pass tech means immense heat and it will take some practice to get it right. With a lot of power comes a lot of responsibility otherwise you will ruin the one element that completes your look, hair.
Some of our testers claim to have used the T3 styler for over 4 to five years and it still works as good as new.

Hair Damage

T3 SinglePass Luxe 1 Straightening and Styling Iron Review

The SinglePass Luxe has higher heat capacity than most flat irons and in that regard makes it more dangerous for use with your hair. What you need to do is find a lower temperature at which your hair styles nicely and resist the urge to use more heat. Another factor that determines the likelihood of heat damage is the amount of time the plates are in contact with a section of your hair.

Bottom-line, if you are responsible enough to treat your hair kindly you can harness the immense heating capability of this styler without causing your hair any harm.

Battery Life

This styler unfortunately does not include an internal cell but what it lacks in ampere hours it makes up for in universal world voltage. You can style anywhere and get the same sleek results. Who needs the extra baggage of heavy lithium ion cells anyways!


This iron has two technologies that set it apart from every other straightener out there. The first one is the plates which are ceramic and tourmaline melted down and infused together giving all of the incredible benefits of tourmaline which include locking down the hair cuticle, shinier hair and styles that last longer.

The second feature that will make your buy worth the buck is the digital brain technology that sits at the apex of the iron. It maintains the temperature you set in on with high precision and refresh rates which means healthier hair styling.

What makes the SinglePass Luxe a special buy?

Actually, this iron has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. There is the tourmaline infused beveled plates, an accurate digital temperature control and sleek ergonomic design for one pass styling.

Is the SinglePass Luxe Straightening Styling Iron worth the big bucks?

The SinglePass Luxe is way up there when it comes to quality flat irons money can get you. You might want to get a cheap styler you can mistreat as you please but this is the one to get if you are a professional stylist or beauty enthusiast.

Does the SinglePass Luxe Straightening Styling Iron work on thick wavy hair?

This iron features a smaller plate size and sleek rounded design that allows you to get to the roots of voluminous hair. You might have to split your hair into more sections and luckily, they gift you two clips with your purchase.

What is the mineral infusion on the SinglePass Luxe Straightening Styling Iron do to my hair?

The tourmaline ceramic infusion is partly what makes this iron worth your money. It is proprietary tech that uses. The best heating technology to heat treat your hair while protecting it.

Is the SinglePass Luxe better for curls or straightening?

The overwhelming response we received for this product is that it is amazing at both. It curls, straightens and waves nicely leaving your hair with a sleek and sexy look.

July 29, 2020