T3 SinglePass Compact vs CONAIR Unbound Flat Iron

Size does definitely matter when it comes to finding the right flat iron that can come with on your next business or leisure expedition. Getting a cordless flat iron for that does have its perks and a fair share of downsides. So for this post we decide to include a corded and cordless flat iron of similar pedigree to our comparison just so you can see whether it is worth shelling out the extra bucks to detach from the grid.

Another consideration people often make when selecting the right travel sized flat iron is the appearance. Wherever you are headed, you want to arrive there looking glam and your heat tools better not look like they are from the Neolithic period so you need to consider how they actually look. Perhaps you want a pinch of ergonomics in there as well to produce the perfect blend of ingredients for your holy grail of flat irons.

While no single straightener in the market is good for every detail of hair and styling needs, travelers and globe trotters are especially choosy when it comes to buying their tools. For starters, they have to cut down on baggage and luggage and secondly, you want something that will function normally (not like a Bomb) when you plug into an outlet at the airport inn.

When doing a survey of top ten of the most compact and stylish flat irons in the luxury market that also do an amazing job it’s hard to avoid the T3 Single Pass compact straightener which has an impeccable reputation of doing the job well and looking cute where it matters. It easily makes the list of our top ten favorite miniature version flat iron models that look edible and also come in handy for travels and holidays abroad. The T3 cutest member comes with two variants the Rose Gold and white so that you can choose your poison.

Conair has been on our radar for the longest time and they seem to have stuttered a little in the effort to outdo the crème de la crème of this industry. There was a time they were rising through the ranks very first and unfortunately that fire has since died down. What remains dope is the Conair Unbound which is essentially a powerful cordless flat iron with titanium plates, up to four heat settings maxing out at 400F and a girly pinkish purple finish.

Gives full styling capability for a compact sized flat iron.

Portable travel size design with quick and safe storage heat cap.

Perfect for touch ups.

Quick flat iron for its small size.

Auto-world voltage for travel abroad.

1 hour auto-sleep function.

Tourmaline and ceramic 0.8” plates.

8 ft cord with swivel.

Sufficient and safe 410F temperature.


Auto-shut feature (15 minutes).

Locking mechanism, safety pouch for easy carrying.
Fixed temperature.

Too small for some users with long wavy hair.

Also expensive.
Could use a longer lasting battery.

Not sufficient time for people with long and plenty of hair.

The T3 SinglePass Compact Flat Iron

This T3 is a compact and lightweight designed piece of salon equipment featuring high end and refined technology at its best for instant gratification with results visible with every single pass per section of hair. As the name suggests, we were able to get relatively good results with this styler following the one pass rule. It glides easily and feels comfortable to handle but in practice it does feel like you need that second pass after all.

T3 SinglePass Compact Flat Iron

The overall feel of the T3 Single Pass is a high end straightener that smooths out and straightens hair giving a silky and sleek finish to the toughest of hair types and softens the toughest manes out there. It will suffice for anyone in a bit of a hurry and still manage to avoid hair breakage. One thing to love about the T3 is the smoother tourmaline plates that essentially guard your hair against traction and heat damage. We recommend using a compatible heat protectant formulation that further protects your hair from drying out and getting the frazzled appearance with burning smell.

There is a new generation of heat tools evolving that emphasize on the need to look glam without having to kill your hair first and it is the innovative giants like T3 that are spearheading that revolution. If you frequently use your flat iron and change from straight o curly hair styles, here is what you will love and what might not be too amusing about the T3 SinglePass Compact straightener.

Conair Unbound Flat Iron

This interesting product we had been eyeing for a while and when we finally received the package the air was filled with elation. The unpacking process is a total joy with a special the special heat resistant pouch with magnetic latches being the show stealer. The iron is compact and feels super lightweight by design and fits perfectly in the average hand so that you are not struggling  to get it in position for styling or reach the control button in one handed operation.

Conair Unbound Flat Iron

The flat iron has 1 inch plates and comes with 4 heat settings 280, 320, 360, 400. Which means you are free to use it on soft fragile hair or your tough and resistant hair as you please. The iron features an especially girly appearance with a purple-pinkish finish which is the main lure for most of the heads Conair was looking to tame with this little beast of a machine.

Using the Conair Unbound feels exactly like the name says, free, and the results are even more astounding. It has a temperature readout one bright LED panel which makes it easier to configure and use the iron safely. Unfortunately this iron will run out of juice after slightly more than 25 minutes of highest temperature setting starting with a full charge. In our experience with these rechargeable flat irons the batter gets slightly better with time before starting to deteriorate.

The auto shut feature is set at 15 minutes which is reasonable to save 50% of the battery in case you forget to turn it off. The bad news is that due to the small size of it, there is no way some people with long and exceptionally tough hair will go over their entire head with just this iron. In that case, it is better to have one of these around as a backup for when the power goes out at the beginning of the apocalypse or for touch ups on the move.


The Conair Unbound is notably cordless and designed for touch ups on the go paying attention to the little details in your style that make you hair look glamorous. It has 4 heat settings and an auto shut feature which makes it ideal for almost any hair type. This is the kind of styler you might want for the office desk or makeup tote when you are busy patrolling the globe. if you are forgetful you will be thankful for the safety features in the form of heat protection for storage and auto shut features that saves you another session of touchups before you have to recharge.


The styling experience on the Conair unbound on short and sensitive hair is phenomenal. It is that much easier even when you stay put not to mention you have the freedom to move about while doing it. If you can multitask this second one will save you a great deal of time and that is a walk in the park for most ladies. If you can’t do a million things at a go don’t feel bad because buying this would also mean that you don’t have to worry about cords getting twisted and tangled on your neck nearly giving you a shock that could knock your lights out.


Our favorite feature of the Conair Unbound obviously that it is cordless! It makes packing and using the iron that much easier even though it also means you have to plan and remember to recharge it before your next move.


Between the Single Compact by T3 and the Conair Unbound you have a delicate balance of power and freedom that allows you to transform your hair into a focal point and compliment for your look every day everywhere. The thing is they work best as a couple but you probably have to choose.

Depending on where you buy there is a significant $10 difference between the pricing of the Conair and SinglePass picks for today.  It would seem appear that you are getting way more features and functionality for going with the more expensive Conair Unbound and that is true because of the temperature variation feature. However, on account of having to recharge every 25 minutes it would have been better not to have the in-built battery at all for people with super long hair that usually requires longer than 20 minutes on a standard sized flat iron.

April 1, 2021