T3 Lucea 1 Professional Straightening & Styling Flat Iron Review

The Lucea 1 Professional Straightening & Styling Flat Iron is a T3 styling iron showcasing the revolutionizing HeatIQ Technology for professional grade thermal tools and advanced precision anti-frizz technology. T3 Promises one pass styling and smooth temperature control with the smart microchip tech to deliver accurate heat to hair with actively sensing elements. With 9 heat settings and incredible precision, this flat iron is a serious contender for the superior flat iron category with various benefits for hair.

The Lucea digital ceramic flat iron with fine-tuned 9 adjustable heat settings and a cool sleek design for light weight handling. It does not feel like its tugging on hair thanks to the super smooth 1” plats and ceramic smooth surfaces. The plates feel ideal and once you see it and actually get to try it in person, it is easy to feel like everyone needs one of these in their hair life. Just the same, this is definitely not for everyone. Stick with us for an in-depth analysis of what it can and cannot do so that you decide for yourself if this is what you are paying for r not.

Auto-world voltage makes this a safe travel companion that does not add to your list of to do and buy but instead reduces your hassles in a foreign stay. It also comes with auto shut feature for when you find yourself guessing whether you forgot to turn it off or not. Again pretty basic stuff but still very important for the safety in operation of the device outside of the developer’s lab.

Here is our candid review of the specs and performance of the Lucea 1” Professional Straightening styling iron as we found it.


Complete Review of T3 Lucea 1 Professional Flat Iron


T3 Lucea 1 Professional Straightening & Styling Flat Iron Review

T3 is a powerhouse when it comes to the design and development of heat tools and stems from a culture of innovation and the latest in science and engineering. Their designs are based on pure science and ingenious innovations based on actual research. Further, the company promises never to disappoint in looks as they have some of the best looking stylers in the online market today. But aside from the killer looks, we wanted to feel the different components under Lucea’s hood kick in as we tried out the styler for everyday salon use.

To summarize, it has these insanely good specs for its price here including 9 heat settings, digital temperature control with smart microchip technology and touted T3 CeraSync heaters. These heaters are supposed to sync the heat across both plates so that you get even heating on both sides for pin straight hair.

It has slightly elongated plates and PrecionControl hinge which should help fit in more hair and thus cut down on styling time considerably. To top it all off, a 3600 swivel cord makes this a professional grade styler for salon use when you are jumping all over the place.

The T3 nature of this styler is unmistakable as it has the same inspiring and intriguing design that is driven by passion and guided by the latest in science and innovation. Is it the ultimate styling tool though? Here goes the performance of the Lucea as we observed.

Heating Process

If you have been relying on a mediocre flat iron to styler your hair, you will know what you have been missing in premium salon results from the comfort of your home or hotel room. It is a bit frustrating for having no clear markings but once you engage the manual you get to know where what goes. CeraSync is the mark of quality heaters that actively take part in measurement and redistribution of heat across the plates for an even result. The T3 Rapid Heat IQ technology is also felt when the iron is use bring in that fast recovery for the next stroke.


T3 Lucea 1 Professional Straightening & Styling Flat Iron Review

If you are just bored with the results you are getting with your current styler or you have been spending countless hours browsing the web in search of a replacement for your cheap or pricey flat iron that died on you then you have stumbled upon a good candidate. If you spend a considerable amount of time researching the latest beauty trends you will have no doubt come across the brand T3.

The Lucea 1” is actually a pretty hardy design for short hair and can whip up some rather surprising curls and waves out of such hair. The plates are sleek ceramic with a rosegold finish and the body is double insulated so that you do not have to be a heat sink to handle the hot iron for long. You will certainly not need your pair of heat protective gloves so that saves you a bit more cash as well.

This is one of those perfect hits for a lot of people that we generally recommend for first time buyers. We like that it has fine increments for the temperature so that you can start low then work your way up to the correct styling temperature for your hair.

We found that the Lucea will heat up super-fast and gives you that instant gratification every time. This usually contributes a lot to user experience because fifteen seconds in waiting can feel like a small eternity loop.

Hair Damage

T3 Lucea 1 Professional Straightening & Styling Flat Iron Review

We would recommend the fourth heat setting if you have short and sensitive hair of medium fullness. No styler out there will not come with the capacity to burn your hair unless it’s broken and does not really heat up. You have to give it to T3 for an innovative design that lets you style comfortably. If you do use this styler the right way then you will love the smoother and silkier look and feel of your hair. It is a one pass give or take depending on how bad your hair setup is. You might have to make a couple of passes to get it the right amount of straight for warm weather.

Battery Life

The Lucea does not come with an internal battery power source. You do have to hook it up to a power source but the good news is that it also comes with auto-world voltage so you can take it everywhere and get the same good results.


If you thought that a flat iron can’t hold a curl then this beauty will change your mind. It can be a source of instant gratification and though it is not that easy to operate, it will slowly win your trust and be the envy of all your friends and workmates for the coolest hairstyles ever. The overwhelming response we got for the Lucea was the noticeable softer and more voluminous appearance of hair with much body.

How to set the preferred temperature on the Lucea Professional styling Iron?

First turn on the device by pressing and releasing the power button. You can then double click the power button to enter temperature selection mode and continue tapping through to select your desired temperature. The light will now stop blinking letting you know that the styler is ready to use.

How to straighten with the Lucea Professions flat iron?

When you are ready to style you will need to turn on your device a few moments to allow it to heat up. You can ensure that your hair is dry and detangled then section with clips. Take a section of your hair about 1” thick and gently clamp on the styler near the roots. Move slowly towards the ends. Repeat this on all sections until hair is done.

What are the CeraSync heaters?

The CeraSync heaters are a new heating element technology that heats up evenly and distributes the heat on hair by actively synchronizing the temperature of the two plates. This will avoid hot points and the possibility of scorching your hair.

Does this iron get very hot?

The styler delivers high heat while reducing the heat on the body with advanced insulation. You can now style at the professional grade heat without having to wear a heat glove which comes in handy for most other models.

August 19, 2020